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June 15, 2018



I'd call this 'Fade into Night' for the blues that appear after the sun goes down.

Thanks for the chance to win this beauty!




Thanks ladies! Don't forget to leave your comments on the contest page on Ravelry, as I'm not the one hosting the contest, just linking to the contest page.


I MUST HAVE that Yarn. I don’t care about winning Yarn but I’d call it September Evening since it’s the color of sapphires (September birthstone) &, as Jan said, looks like the sky during late twilight.


I hope this will become a permanent part of your repertoire.


Thanks, Donna! I think you're right!


Helix Nebula
I thought it looked like colors from deep space so I did a little internet poking around and discovered a photo on the NASA website of the Helix Nebula. Please Google it. The colors in this yarn is the colors of this Nebula.

Sarah R

I also like Nebula - it was the first word that sprang to mind. Galaxy would also work well.

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