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June 26, 2018


Amy Obukuro

Difficult choice! But if a choice must be made... Fortaleza, Sand Bank and Cirrus Grey. I'm thinking the Danzig shawl for the first two and the new Joji wrap for the grey:-))

Evelyn Baxter

Kris is my favorite, I have knit socks for years and now expanding to shawls which I think this would look fab. ,love this yarn u have very nice colors.

Ashley W

Cirrus Grey, Indonesia and Polar Moon! I would have to give some thought to a pattern though... off to read other comments!

Georgia Green

722 Fortaleza, 412 Teal Feather, and 093 Fucsia are the three that I choose to use for a color-blended summer wrap. Thanks for the giveaway! ☺️🍀💞

Patsy Coats

Sand Bank, Cirrus Gray, and Frank Ochre

Kathy Turnzo

I like Indonesia, Maltese Blue and Citrus Gray! Such pretty colors!

Renee Sawyer

I would pick 2 skeins of Indonesia with 1 skein of Matisse Blue for the shawl listed below which is on Ravelry. My knitting guild is hoping to do a KAL.


I like Polar Morn, Kris and Flavia. I just want to admire them in my stash until inspiration hits...

Corinna Ferro

Indonesia, teal feather, and polar mom would be my picks for an Oscillate shawl!

Caitlin A

Thank you for asking for three, because I couldn't have narrowed it down to just one! I love Cirrus Gray, Polar Morn, and Kris.

Christina Reber

Live all of them!! A fadey shaw would be lovely


Polar Morn, Matisse Blue and Flavia are my favorites!

Antonia Jensen

The yarn color Flavia would make a beautiful shawl by Joji Lococatelli!!

amy g

Indonesia, Matisse Blue and Polar Morn. The Indonesia is a must for socks for my mom - it will match the vest I am knitting her perfectly! Maybe the other two for some two color socks or shawlette/scarf. hmmmm - the possibilities are endless. Thank you!


Ooh, those multis are incredible! I still think I'd have to go with Cyan, Fucia, and Frank Ochre, and make something big and bright.


I love working with Malabrigo, and would have to go with Cirrus Gray, Polar Morn, and Kris. I don't know if I have thanked you before, but i really appreciate the effort you put in to take new pictures each time you get new yarn in stock! I have had several experiences of ordering yarn that looked nothing like what I actually received. So THANK YOU again!!!


Kris, Teal feather, and Flavia. Perhaps for a three color shawl or cowl or possibly in a fade type sweater.

Lynn B.

They are all so pretty. I think Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia would be my pick. Thinking a shawl.

Susan Carter

Polar Morn, Cirrus Gray and Frank Ochre in colorwork something!

Sue ardleigh

I love them all but but woul love to work with the Frank Ochre , Cirrus grey NdTeal feather to do a shawl o even asweater


Fortaleza, teal feather and flavia <3

Mandy Byrd

I love Cirrus Gray, Flavia and Kriss


Kris, Teal Feather, and Flavia would blend beautifully in a lacy shawl!


I think diana, light love and kris


I love the look of Water Green, Lotus Lot 2, and velvet Grape together. I have been wanting to try brioche knitting and I think these colours would work great.

Niki vogler

Flavia, Teal Feather, and Kris would make a stunning Free Your Fade!

Anne Marie

Frank Ochre is my #1. Also Sand Bank and Cirrus Gray.


I would work on a shawl with the following colors: Teal Feather, Flavia and Violeta Afri

Emily M

Indonesia, Matisse Blue, and Frank Ochre are all so gorgeous!

Amanda Z

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'd make with them but Fucsia, Cian, and Matisse Blue are some of the most beautiful yarn colors I've seen!


I'd love to put Polar Morn, Teal Feather and Frank Ochre into some kind of a shawl project together.


Cian, cirrus gray & polar morn


Cirrus Gray, Flavia and Kris

Nicole Bell

oooh- they are all sooo pretty but top three would be Cirrus Gray, Frank Ochre and Polar Morn!
These would definitely get me through summer sock knitting!


Indonesia, Matisse and Cian would make an awesome little tee or shrug.

Sarah R

No idea on the project, maybe a Timely Cardigan...I like the look of Solis, Persia, and Indonesia. And Whales.


Lettuce, Frank Ochre and cereza


Kris, Flavia and Tailfeather! Definitely a shawl but not sure what pattern. The colors are beautiful

Marilyn Fenton

Kris, Teal Feather and Polar Morn would make a gorgeous 3 color cashmere shawl (Joji Locatelli's)
wahoomerryf on Rav

Deb Miller

Fortaleza, Teal Feather and Mastise Blue

Andrea Brooks

I'd use Cirrus Gray, Flavia and Polar Morn - I think I would make a sweater using pointillism style color change to create an ombre look

mary cronk

i like the look of water green, kris, and flavia but if I was buying them I would call the shop and ask for a visual opinion first. Your pictures are the best I have ever seen for an online shop, but I still don't trust my eyes on the screen alone.

Wish you were local to me!


Instead of three different colors I would love three of one color, OCHRE, to make a Boxy. Thanks for the opportunity. Love Malabrigo💕

Joanna Mull

Hmmm Definitely Flavia. i'm so in love with that colorway. And teal feather and hmmm. Polar Morn. I'm not usually a girl who gushes over tonals or neutrals ;) but I like these.

As for a project, hmmm, I'm not sure other than the Flavia and Teal Feather need to be chunked together, in a shawl of some sort. I've been wanting to try brioche and I think those two together would be amazing. And the Polar morn--I just want a bas lacey textured scarf in a plainer tonal, and that grey is to die for!


I think all 3 in cirrus grey would make a lovely tee!


Polar Mom, Cirrus gray and Frank Ochre!

Nicole S

Of the new ones? Kris, Teal Feather, and Cirrus Gray would be my top choices. They're all so pretty!

I don't know whether I'd combine them or use them for single-colour projects.


Cirrus Gray, Fuschia and Sand Bank are the ones calling my name. No defined project yet but they will fill the hope stash.

Heather A.

I’d love to pair the Polar Morn and Teal Feather up in a two color wrap, and I think the Matisse Blue would make a stunning cowl!

Linda V

I LOVE all the colors, particularly 723 Indonesia, 722 Fortaleza and 683 Cian. They would be gorgeous in some sort of Casapinka shawl or cowl

Anne Sexton

Kris, Teal Feather, and Flavia would make a lovely gradient for a Nurmilintu Wrap!

jenn h

I would absolutely love Flavia! Ive been wanting to knit a granito by joji for ages and that would be lovely!

susan konczal

I would use Kris ,cirrus gray and flavia together. Problably some type of wrap. Not sure yet but I'm sure I would find an appropriate pattern. They just look really awesone together


Aguas, Primavera and Dewberry. Soooo beautiful, all of them!


Cirrus gray, fortelezza and polar morn. Not sure what I would knit yet.. they would need to be drooled over until I found the perfect pattern! :-)


I love Kris, Matisse Blue, and Cirrus Gray!


Polar Morn, Cirrus Gray. and Whales Road


I am currently knitting a Find Your Fade, and have Free Your Fade in my queue (but no stash yarn for it yet!). I would love to use Indonesia, Kris, and Flavia. Wow!

Carolyn Zewe

Indonesia, Matisse Blue, and Cirrus Grey. I would use them for a shawl.


Cian, Kris, and Polar Morn.

Laura Knoke

Fortaleza, Teal Feather and Cian for creating matching socks for my teal-loving sister and her toddler. Her entire wedding was teal!


Polar Morn, Matisse Blue and Cian would make a stunning combo in the goldfish shawl.


Polar Mom, Teal Feather and Flavia.


Indonesia, Kris and Flavia!

Teresa C

Matisse Blue. It’s Bigger on the Inside.

Cindy h.

I think maybe a stephen west shawl in Cian, Frank orchre, cirrus gray

April R.

All very beautiful. Top 3 for me include Indonesia, Fortaleza, and Kris.


Polar Morn, Teal Feather and Frank Ochre...though it was hard to pick 3 as they are all gorgeous!


Oh how lovely! For me, Matisse Blue, Cirrus Gray, and Indonesia are all fantastic!

Scarlet Costello

Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia. I’m not sure yet but maybe The Shift.


All in Polar Morn - I have a scarf that is just begging to be in gray!


My favorites are Teal Feather, Indonesia, and Fortaleza! I would certainly use these in a Reyna shawl or socks!!

Cindy Smith

I like Fortelezia just for fun, but Kris and Teal Feather would be lively in a two color fade shawl.


Polar Morn, Matisse Blue, and Cian!

Clare Gieck

Polar morn, Matisse blue, and flavia.


Polar morn, teal feather, & Frank ochre...whoppee

Jenny Freed

Fortaleza, Indonesia, and Kris. I like making mittens.

Clare Gieck

Polar morn, flavia, and teal feather.


All 3 in Flavia please.

Norma Smith

Cirus Grey, Flavia and Cian. Two of these for a shawl and one for socks. Lovely contest.


I love all of these, but my three choices are Kris, Flavia, and Sandbank.

I've got some Sandbank on Rios and it is lovely! Thank you for posting these new Sock colorways. :)

Barbara Belden

Indonesia,teal feather and clan ,I am known for entrelac work and those are gorgeous in a shawl .

Sally BC

Indonesia, Teal Feather and Matisse Blue - for an undetermined item for a friend who spent a year in Indonesia - maybe the Goldfish Memory??

Karen N.

Indonesia, Flavia, and cyan. They’ll all make outstanding socks!

Beverly Davis

Flavia, Teal Feather and Kris are my choices. I think I would make a shawl, maybe one of Melanie Berg’s designs or Andrea Mowry’s.

Lauri Logsdon

Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful yarn. I just started knitting socks using a Vanilla Sock pattern. I will probably just stick to a basic pattern since I am so new to knitting. The three colorways I would order are:
Polar Morn

sue swartz herr

I keep adding them to my cart to see what I think would look nice in cardigans for my little grandsons, either color-blocked or striped or both. They both love yellow, so Frank Ochre or Ochre. Mommy loves green, so Fresco y Sec. Daddy loves brown so Alcaucil. Brighter versions of the three colors would also be just too cute.

Jane Page

I love them all! Picking 3 of them are Indonesia, Flavia, and Cian. Thank you!

Martha W

Indonesia, Teal feather, cirrus grey. Very hard to choose, they are all gorgeous!! And I would use this yarn for weaving. Thank you!!!

Anne Yampanis

Frank Orchre, Polar Moon and Sand Bank!

Deb Adams

Indonesia, Matisse Blue and Fucsia.

Marilyn  Hutchens

I love Malabrigo!!! These colors are awesome. My favorites are Kris, Teal Feather and Indonesia.


All three Teal feather, definitely. For A lacey sweater. All the colors are beautiful though.

Karen  Ellis

So hard to choose but Kris, Flavia and Matisse blue are my favorites.


Flavia, Teal Feather and Kris makes a nice fade!

Sarah Michael

OMG! The Matisse Blue reminds me of the DMC 995. That was a color I used frequently while cross stitching. Paired with Fuchsia or Frank Ochre would make a "festive" pair of socks.


Kris,Teal Feather, Flavia. For shawl.... maybe Impressionist.... my daughter’s name is Kristin 💛

Brynn Riordan

I’m getting ready to cast on my Magnum Sockus project: 12 pairs at once! My custom-made 240” Louet Kollage Square needle has arrived, my patterns are chosen, and I’ll be finishing up my one-of-a-kind SOCKcase this Saturday! All that remains is choosing JUST the right yarn for my patterns!

I think “Spider Socks” will be perfect in Cirrus Gray.
“Spot Check” would be amazing in Indonesia and Teal Feather!
But I love Kris so much, too!!!! Heck! I love them all!


Oh!! So pretty!

Flavia, Kris, and Teal Feather would be a gorgeous fade type of cowl of necky goodness.

Rose Gurley

All so gorgeous! If I win (!), getting 3 skeins of Flavia would be my top choice. So that I have enough to make a pretty Joji shawl. (If you prefer giving 3 different colors, I'd love 1 skein each of Flavia, Kris and Polar Morn.) With fingers crossed, I will now click "Post." Thanks for the chance to win!

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