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June 26, 2018


Janet Duff

Kris, Teal Feather, and Flavia are my choices. Would love to make a shawl or sweater.


Sand bank, Flavius and kris. And I’d make socks!

Alex wang

Indonesia, Fortaleza, and frank ochre.

Pam McGinty

Polar Morn, Fortaleza, and Kris to make a Wingspan shawl. All of these colors are BEAUTIFUL!

Anna Bing

Polar morn, cirrus gray, and Flavia for a constelatte

Jacqueline Taylor

Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia! Beautiful colors. Maybe make another Dotted Rays!

Christine Walker

Polar Morn, Flavia and Indonesia. I just started making socks so I would make more! Gorgeous.

Tamara Holloway

Frank Ochre! I would make a giant version of Alix's Prayer Shawl!


Fortaleza, Indonesia and Flavia—so beautiful!


I love them ALL!
Fucsia, Cian & Matisse... wow,
(Teal Feather & Kris would make a great woven log cabin scarf, add Sandbank to knit the leftover yarn into socks or shawl or scarf!)

Debra Facciolo

Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh! I love Malabrigo yarn! Indonesia, Kris and Teal Feather are my favs.

Janet Godshalk

If I were to win three I would probably knit a shawl. This yarn is way to pretty to hide in a pair of shoes. Love Flavia , Indonesia and Kris

Rose Birchall

Fuschia, Indonesia and Polar Morn. Socks, fingerless mitts and cowl.


I don't have sweater quantity of any fingering weight and think a tonal might night not require alternating skeins so....Teal Feather
and I'll buy a fourth skein to have enough


Matisse Blue, Teal Feather, and Cian, I think, to make something oceany.

Emily Chandler

Indonesia, Fortaleza, and teal feather

Alene Sternlieb

Flavia, Cris, and Sand Bank would make fabulous projects!


Polar Morn, Cirrus Gray, and Azules


Indonesia and Cirrus Grey for a wrap. Fortaleza for socks.


Sand bank is my choice for a sweater or vest.

Brenda Souders

Kriss, teal feather and polar moon for multi color
shawl or poncho


So many beautiful colorways - Indonesia, Matisse blue, etc. - but if I had to choose it'd be the Cirrus Gray I'm swooning over for either a custom swing tank/tee or a Henley style bodysuit. Funnily enough I one had a Cirrus car in a silvery gray.


Polar Morn, Forteleza, and Teal Feather would be my choices to maybe knit a Stephen West design.

Amy C

Polar morn, cirrus grey and frank ochre - and they’d make a gorgeous 3 color cashmere cowl or stunning socks.


Indonesia as a contrast , flavia for a shawl, and teal feather, maybe in a cardigan.

Diane N

Cirrus gray, Flavia (swoon), Indonesia.


Ochre, Eggplant, and Terracotta.

Shayla Callicutt

I love Matisse blue, can, and polar morn. I'm glad there are more tonals available on this base.


Indonesia and Teal Feather for something brioche, and Frank Ochre for pretty patterned socks :) Thank you for the giveaway!


I would love Indonesia for a Copilot Cowl. Teal Feather and Kris would be stunning for Stella by Janina Kallio.

Jennifer Cameron

Easy decision because I can’t stop drooling: Indonesia, Forteleza(sp?) and sand bank.

Sandra Sprouse

Polar Morn, Fortaleza, and Matisse Blue... no specific project in mind, but they are certainly beautiful!


I love Teal Feather, Kris and Fortaleza!


Indonesia, Fucsia, and Frank Ochre! It would make an awesome brioche Fade, or something with slipped stitches!


Forteleza, Polar Moon and Indonesia

Rachel R.

Polar Morn is a long time favorite, Kris is super-fun, and Teal Feather is just gorgeous! I would make three different mini shawls!


Flavia, Indiecita, and Indonesia
I'd love to make a Gloamin Tide - the new KAL from Ysolda!

Lorie Konopka

Matisse Blue, Cirrus Gray and Sand Bank, and I'm thinking my boys need new socks!!! Maybe Blueberry Waffle socks, an old but great pattern!


722 Fortaleza; 412 Teal Feather; 415 Matisse Blue. I have a number of 3 color patterns in my library and I'm sure these will be quite nice together or with the addition of more colors! Malabrigo is super yarn!


Indonesia, Kris & Matisse Blue would make a wonderful round drapey sweater.


I love the frank ochre, sand bank, and Flavia. I have just started making socks so would love to experiment with fancier patterns.


Indonesia, teal feather and flavia


Cirrus gray, fuscia and sand bank - would make socks for Christmas gifts!


Kris, Fucsia, and Cirrus Gray. I would want to do fractal dangers shawl with the Kris.


Polar Morn and Cirrus Gray together for a shawl, plus Indonesia for a fun pair of socks. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah Sloan

Indonesia, Kris, & Teal Feather! Not sure what project but I think Kris & Teal a feather would make a gorgeous shawl if the colors match as well in person as they do on the computer screen 😍. Thanks for the chance!

Laura Sonnee

I’ve found even more reasons to love malabrigo! The new colors are amazing.


I would like Fucsia and Polar Morn to make Joji's new sock pattern and Indonesia to make Martina Behm's Wolkig. I have already made two of them and I would love to make another.


Indonesia, Matisse Blue and Sand Bank.

Mary Chick

Love the fabulous colors in The Indonesia, Fortalexa and Kris - for socks or maybe a lively shawl💕💕


Oooh! Such a hard decision! I'm thinking Persia, Playa and Whales Road. ALL the colors are so lovely ! ~swoon~


Indonesia, polar morn, and matisse blue. Not sure what I would make. Probably a big three color shawl.

Crystal Parker

Polar morn, Kris, and real feather


Indonesia, Fortaleza, and Flavia. I’m learning socks (finally) and I would keep going with socks! I love watching how the colors play out as I knit.


Cirrus gray, fortaleza and polar morn.

Cheryl Clem

I think Kris, Flavia and Teal Feather would make a great fade!


Kris, Teal Feather, & Sand Bank; I can see those as shawls or maybe a cardigan. Love the colors!

Peggie Bouvier

Cirrus gray, flavor, kris.

Peggie Bouvier

Damn autocorrect.cirrus gray, flavia, kris.


Love Cirrus Gray, Flavia, & Cian. Actually love them all. Tomorrow my 3 favorite might be different


Love, love, love!!! I wouldn’t kick any of them out of my knitting bag... I like Polar Morn for a lightweight cardigan; Indonesia for a bright and happy shawl; and Flavia for just about anything! You have way too many temptations for me. 😛


Indonesia, Fortanesia, Teal Feather


Kris, teal feather and Flavia would make a lovely faded shawl...


Only three?!? It’s like choosing your favorite child. Caribeno, Solis, and Whales Road; but I love you too Lotus and Indonesia.

Marilyn Hunley

Sabiduria, Indonesia and Flavia with others to make a 2nd Ave wrap by Amy Miller. Beautiful!

Birgit Rosenberg

Polar Morn to knit Joji cathedral wrap


Wow - all my sort of colors except Frank Ochre - I'm going to have a hard time choosing. Fortaleza, Teal Feather and Fucsia are my favorites right this minute but that could change several times before you pick a winner!

Thanks for the opportunity


I love Indonesia, Frank Ochre, and Cirrus Grey. They are all so striking. As for what I will do with them, my intention is to create gorgeous shawlettes so that I can supplement my income and make others feel happy with a gorgeous new accessory. Currently medical complications prevent me from working a full time job :/


I love Frank Ochre, Cirrus Gray and Polar Morn, and I might combine them into a Goldfish Memory. I’m not sure there would be enough contrast but they are beautiful!

Ann Tucker

I. Love. Malabrigo.

Kris, Teal Feather, and Polar Morn, but they are all just gorgeous! I also like the bolder colors like Flavia but you said 3 so... :)

I don't know what I would make but I know I would enjoy making it!

Carrie Heckman

Indonesia, Flavia and Teal Feather for a shawl of course! 😜💕

Veronica Kettleborough

Kris, teal feather, cirrus gray would be lovely together!


I’d make a large version of Versilitude with polar Moon, Cirrus Gray, and Teal Feather. Although I really love Sand Bank ...


Ooooooh! Ummmmm if I had to pick three I'd pick Frank Ochre, Cirrus Gray, and Azules???

Arvada Trickle

I think Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia are stunning! I would make a beautiful shawl!

Paula Newman

Think my favorites are Polar Morn, Matisse Blue and Cirrus Gray. They would make a great shawl. Not sure of the pattern.


I really like all of them but since I have to pick three I would pick Forteleza, Teal Feather and Fuscia. Not sure what I would make though. 🤨

Diana Henson

Beautiful! I would pick Polar Moon, Cian & Matisse Blue.

Arvada Trickle

I think Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia are stunning! I would make a shawl from this yarn!

Ashley Coons

I love Indonesia, polar morn, and cirrus gray

D’Anna Coots

Indonesia, teal feather, and flavia. Totally a Nerida by Ambah! Gorg.

Cindy Rittmer

Kris, Cirrus Gray and Teal Feather to make a shawl. Gorgeous colors!

Heidi Fenenga

Fortaleza, Matisse Blue, Polar Morn

Dari Trout

Polar Mom. Flavia, and Cirrus Grey. They should make a beautiful three color shawl!


Sand bank, Cian, and Indonesia

Julie Jantz

Ohmigosh Malabrigo sock yarn. 😍 I don’t need more sock yarn but I think I need to get more sock yarn! One must be prepared for the apocalypse, amiright?? (Love the Indonesia color!)

Karen Hirschfeld

I would love to knit a shawl with Indonesia, Fortaleza and Matisse Blue.. This is one of my favorite knit yarns, it is light, soft and looks great.

Mary M

Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia would make an awesome fade shawl!

Sandi Lotter

They are all beautiful, but I must have Kris and Flavia. Love Malabrigo.

Wendy Chase

Velvet Grape, Chocolate, and Anivers-a to make a fade sweater.


I love Teal Feather, Kris, and Sand Bank, but I wouldn't say no to any of them! They are all so gorgeous!

Teresa Knittingdancer

Matisse Blue, Teal Feather, and Fortaleza not sure which 3 color shawl pattern I would choose.


Polar Morn, teal feather and Flavia! polar morn for Micromitra beaded sox and teal feather and flavia for mom-daughter jelly roll sox. the patterns are as spectacular as the yarn is.


Indonesia, Flavia, and Polar Morn. No idea yet what I would do with them.

Beverly J White

I think Pearl, Teal Feather and Kris for a shawl, but I don't know which pattern.

carol fun

Frank Ochre, Teal Feather and Indonesia...I'm sure I could come up with a great shawl pattern for these...or can never have too many hand knit socks!


Indonesia, Teal Feather and Fortaleza


Three skeins of cirrus gray would be my first preference, but for three separate colors I'd go for cirrus gray, kris, and polar morn


Kris, Teal Feather, and Frank Ochre would be my picks. I adore teal with a mustardy yellow, and Kris’ verdigris-like teal and copper would look really interesting with it.

I’d probably make a rectangular wrap or credscent shaped shawl with them.


Frank Ochre - Maltese Blue - Cain. All of the colors are gorgeous and it was hard to choose just 3.

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