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June 26, 2018


Colleen Grogan

Fortaleza, Teal feather and fuschia! Pretty sure I would make a shawl, probably one by Joji Locatelli:). These yarns would be inspiring to make a big lovely shawl!


Such a hard decision... all beautiful!!! The 3 I'de choose are: Fortaleza, Cirrus Gray + Teal Feather. Some sort of wrap/ shawl, perhaps a fade w/ some mosaic to blend? Hard to tell until you actually cuddle the yarn.... although your pics are great.

Jane Lebak

Indonesia, Fortalezea, and Teal Feather.

What I'd make? Socks. I'd probably use the Teal Feather on the October/November Solid Socks mystery knitalong.

Elise G

These colors!! I would work a Submarine Shawl using teal feather, flavia, and sand.

Dorianne Gutierrez

Polar morn, Matisse blue, and Cirrus gray would totally knock my socks off!

Susan Ipavec

Kris, Flavia & Cirrus Gray. I'd make 3 lovely pairs of socks with the always-gorgeous Malabrigo Sock!


Sand Bank, Fucsia, and Cian. They are gorgeous. Malabrigo is my favorite yarn.


Frank Ochre, Cirrus Gray, & Fucsia are always gorgeous!! I'm always changing my mind as to what to do with these yarns, but most likely, I'll dive into some snuggly sweater for our cool summer nights ;).

Jeri Jahns

I love Polar Morn, Indonesia, and Flavia. I would probably pair Polar Morn and Flavia with brighter variegated yarns in my stash in for shawls, and Indonesia with a tonal yarn in my stash for another shawl, but not sure which ones yet. Thanks for the chance, these are all beautiful!

Susan Kirkland

Indonesia, Flavia, and Cirrus Grey would make lovely socks! ❤️

Jenny Lin

Kris, Cirrus Gray, and Teal Feather are stunning!

Jenny Lin

Kris, Teal Feather, and Cirrus Gray are lovely!

Rhonda Fleming.

I would love to have any combination of three. I would even let you choose. I love to knit socks and shawls. I’m sure I could find a use for all.

Davida Hinton

Indonesia, Fortaleza, and Teal Feather

joyce hancock

I would love to work with cian, fortaliza, and indonesia. I would be torn between a shawl or socks.


I’d love to turn Water Green, Natural, and Frank Ochre into a Yemaya shawl by Ambah O’Brien

Patti Gibson

Polar Morn, Kris,and Teal Feather would be perfect in a find your fade project. Just love all the colors.

Dezarae McMillan

I'd love Polar Moon, Flavia, and Kris. They'd definitely go toward a faded shawl.

Mary Harting

I love Sand Bank, Frank Ochre and Cirrus Gray. I would make a cowl.


I’d totally like the polar moon, Flavia & teal feather. I think it’d be cool to do the Free Your Fade wrap/shawl with it.

Lara Killian

722 Fortaleza, 725 Kris, 724 Flavia
I'm looking for something to do the Larkspur Lace Shawl in... gorgeous colors!

Nancy J

Kris, Teal Feather, and Sand Bank...shawl (of course).


Thank you for a chance at some beautiful yarn. I would choose Polar Morn, Indonesia and Teal Feather.

Barb Johnson

Fuchsia, Indonesia, and Matisse Blue would be my favorites. I love making lace shawls with Malibrigo sock yarn.

Janice Vrana

I really love them ALL so, choosing is difficult!
PLOMO. So dreamy. I would make socks with a rhythmic pattern.
FRESCO y SEC. Celebratory and springlike. Socks—dressy or simply, happy!
ALCAUCIL. Socks with lots of texture. Or, Possibly Beth Brown-
Reinsel’s Swedish Sock Pattern

Sue Kieft

Kris, teal feather & flavia. Im thinking a pretty shawl....

Marlene B

All gorgeous but really like Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia.

Laura Nixon

Hard to choose as all their colors are to die for! I especially like Teal Feather, Clan and Fucsia. I'm thinking a Steven West design would make good use of these colors!

Mary Anne

Indonesia (my best friend from university is from there), Teal Feather, and Cirrus Gray. Gloves or fingerless mitts with Indonesia so I could look at the colors while I wear them; a hat with Teal Feather; socks with Cirrus Gray.

Debbie Glass

my favorites are#845 cirrus gray #725 kris and #412 teal feather I think these would make a lovely shawl

Jeanne Bush

I'd pick Fortaleza, Teal Feather, and Indonisia.


Fortaleza, Indonesia, and Flavia are my faves -- I would knit a sweater out of any of those colors!

Roxane Telesha

Sandbank Flavia and Indonesia are my favorite 3 colors. I would make socks for my hubby from.Sandbank using one of Nancy Bush's Heritage sock patterns. He would choose when he saw the yarn. Flavia would be a sock for me using one of Charlene Schurch's patterns from her first book and Indonesia I would use for a shawl. It is soooo gorgeous. I have thumb arthritis and can knit for hours on square needles. I do socks on square dpns 1.5 is my usual choice and wooden needles are warmer so.preferred over metal dpns.I would use a circular square wooden needle for the shawl. It would be a treasure. I hope I get picked!!! It would be a huge blessing for me. Roxane Telesha

Kathleen Haynes

Fortaleza, Indonesia and Kris call to me.

Sarah S

I would love to knit something with Indonesia, Flavia, or Cirrus Gray. All the colors are so beautiful!

Cindy Widner

Polar Morn, Sand Bank, and Matisse Blue...BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Flavia, Teal Feather, and Indonesia. Not sure what I'd make, but there is always socks!

Rhonda Shank

I would love the Fortaleza, Indonesia and flavia. Not sure that I would use all 3 together, but I would make a wrap.

Cecilia David

Such gorgeous colors.

Linda J. Wilson

Cirrus Grey, Frank Ochre, and Fuschia...For a big, wonderful shawl!


Oh my goodness, Indonesia!! I think I'd use one skein of that and to of Teal Feather to knit a Dreambird shawl. I'm making my first Dreambird right now with some handspun silk, but it won't be the last. It's such a fun pattern, I'm already looking forward to my second!

Laura Johnston

Pick 3 colors, not so easy, Kris is one, my husband said Sand bank and last is real feather.


Love the colors!


Can I pick 1) Indonesia, 2) Indonesia, and 3) Indonesia? Love it!

Also love Fortaleza and Teal feather.


Matisse Blue, Flavia, Teal Feather. I would do some kind of fade shawl. The color are beautiful!

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