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June 26, 2018


Courtney Young

The Sand Bank, Flavia, and Indonesia colorways are gorgeous! I would totally knit the Cathedral Wrap by Joji Locatelli out of the Sand Bank colorway.


Polar morn, cirrus grey & cian!


I love Fucsia, Matisse Blue, and Indonesia. I think they would’ve lively in a colorwork cowl.

Jessica Roberts

I think I would want all three (if possible) to be the Kris colorway to knit a sweater out of! Beautiful! They have my heart with with mint greens and teals!


It's hard to choose, but Indonesia, Flavia, and Kris all pop out to me. ❤

Nicole Acuna

Sand Bank, kris and Flavia are stunning!!

Tiffany Landers

I would say Cirrus grey, Indonesia and Polar Moon. Maybe to make my first brioche project. Shawl perhaps?


Cirrus grey, polar morn and matisse blue! I would probably knit a free your fade shawl by Andrea Mowry.

Laura Sexson

They all look wonderful but today Teal Feather, Polar Morn and Frank Ochre caught my eye.


I would love to make a fade shawl with Dewberry, Indonesia and Solis. I love blues and purples!

Debbie Hallamek

I love Matisse blue, Fortaleza and Indonesia. Thanks


Polar morn, fushhia and cirrus gray. A three color shawl would be lovely. But they are all beautiful. What a generous giveaway!

Brandy Ann Petrick

I think they all are pretty, but Kris, Flavia,and Teal Feather are really calling my name to make into fingerless gloves or possibly a shawl.


Polar Morn, Matisse Blue, and Teal Feather are really speaking to me. I'm not sure what I'd make...maybe a three color shawl like the Color Affection.

Dawn Taylor

Oooh so lovely. I wanna make myself a pair of knee socks 😊 My favorite colors are Indonesia, Fortaleza and Matisse Blue. Thank you 😍

Teresa McPherson

Flavia, Light Love and Polar Morn (which I first read as Polar Mom - lol!)


Flavia, Teal Feather, and Kris. Not sure what I would make with them, but maybe something fadey! So pretty.


Polar Morn, Flavia and Cirrus Grey foe a gorgeous shawl from Sock Yarn Shawls book.
Love the colors, visual candy, yum!

Audra L

All 3 in flavia would be awesome. Not sure what it would be but something shawlish. (if 3 different colors then Flavia, Polar morn, and Indonesia)

Amanda M

Cirrus gray, matisse blue, and flavia! Although they are all beautiful! It's hard to choose only 3. I'm all about the cardigans right now! I'm kinda weird and i like to make matching things for me and my baby girl lol

Luanne Garcia

Kris, Sandbank & Cian...I think they would make a beautiful shawl...just not sure which one!!! Thank you for this!!!

Cynthia Carpenter

Fortaleza, Indonesia and Cian please. I would make socks!!!

Abby M

I really want to do a Goldfish memories shawl. I would love .... Diana, Ivy and Frank Ochre

Caryn Brockton

Kris, Flavia and Teal Feather would be my choices. They would make a lovely June Afternoon shawl by Jenny F.


I'd choose 3 skeins of Kris to make Ecuador. (a sweater on Ravelry)


🙀 THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm obsessed with Stephen west lately, I think I'd use flavia, kris and polar morn on one of his shawls.

Denise White

I love the combo of Fortaleza, Kris and Teal Feather and think they would make a GORGEOUS 3 color cashmere shawl by Joji Locateli. Thanks for the preview and chance to win!!


Flavia, Teal Feather, and Cirrus Gray!!!


Polar moon, teal feather, and circus gray! I need some fingerless gloves for my freezing office!


Cian, Fuscia and Matisse Blue. I would do three separate projects, perhaps Sockhead cowls with them.


Indonesia,Indiecita, and Azules for a Free Your Fade shawl.

Erin Stone

I love the Cirrus Grey, Flavia and Fucsia. I would love to make a shawl and maybe some matching/coordinating socks.


Indonesia & Matisse blue (my favorite shade of blue!) Immediately caught my eye and you cant go wrong with a nice gray like Polar Moon. I'm thinking color work would be fun with the Polar Moon and Indonesia...

Colleen D'Allura

Indonesia, polar morn and fresco y sec! Would make a great goldfish shawl

John huey

Polar moon, Indonesia, kris. Socks! Socks! Socks!


Teal feather, Indonesia, and frank ochre are beautiful!

Kimberly Sousa

Cirrus grey, Indonesia, Fortaleza wonderful socks glorious socks


Teal Feather, Kris and Polar Morn, just beautiful, I would make a shawl.

Heather Pickard

Indonesia, Clan, and Cirrus Grey. I'd make a wrap out of it.


Cirrus gray, cian and teal feather

Sheila P

Tough one. I want them all. Kris, Teal Feather, and Polar Morn.

Kris C

Kris (my name!), Indonesia, and Cian!


Sabiduria, Fuscia, and Arco Iris B. I was going to say Fuscia Fuscia Fuscia, lol. And I’m sure it would all become socks. That’s about all I ever knit.


Frank ochre, Matisse blue, and Indonesia 😍


Dewberry, Whales, and Fortaleza are my favorite! I would mix them up and make some wild and crazy socks!


Polar Morn, Kris, and Teal Feather are beautiful. I would love to knit a spectacular shawl with these colors. Thanks, Allison. Denise


Indonesia, Matisse and Sandbank. Goldfish Memory!


I'd choose Teal Feather, Flavia, and Kris, and crochet a Raspberry Road Blanket.

Thanks for the contest!

Julianne Williams

Frank ochre, polar morn, and cirrus grey. No idea what I’d make from them, but I just love them!! Probably some sort of shawls.


Flavia, Fuschia, and Teal Feather. And I would knit socks.

MD Hellman

I’d probably want to do something fadey with Kris, Teal Feather, and Polar Mom. Unless I made a vest with Kris.


ooh, Frank Ochre, Cirrus Gray, and Polar Morn are my favorites! I'd want to knit the grellow (gray and yellow) sweater I've been wanting to knit for years.
thanks for this chance to win!

Grechen L Longfellow

Indonesia, Flavia, & Cirrus Grey. I don’t know what I’d like to make with them! A nice winter beanie... lovely, colorful shawl.

Janet Chutro

Fortaleza, teal feather & polar morn, for another Color Affection.


Hummmm......really undecided as to what to make...but Indonesia,Kris and Teal Feather have great possibilities....Thank you for the offer....

Candice Hope

I've been looking for sock yarn in a solid-ish color way to start a Breathing Space sweater. I just think it looks so flattering for my... um... curves. ;) haha!!! So I'd choose cirrus grey along with flavia.


Matisse blue, Impressionis, and Solis!


Indonesia, Fortalesa, and Flavia!


I really love the Indonesian and cirrus gray colorways. I think I would use them for a sweater or a baby blanket.

Rosalind Gibbins

Flavia, Polar Morn, Cirrus Gray - so many gorgeous colors

Wendy Hughes

Indonesia, Matisse & Flavia. The Indonesia would be so pretty as a contrast color in a colorwork sweater. The other 2 would make beautiful shawls. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ester P

I would love to make a Landscapes shawl with Cirrus Grey Frank Ochre and Sand Bank 😍😍😍


Polar Morn, Matisse Blue, and Teal Feather are really speaking to me. I'm not sure what I'd make...maybe a three color shawl like the Color Affection.

Abbye Brooks

I would choose frank ochre, cirrus grey and Indonesia!


Cirrus grey, Clan, Teal feather


I think Matisse Blue, Teal Feather, and Fortaleza would be outstanding as a pair of socks and a sockhead hat, using all three colors in a microstripe. Don't you agree?

Julie Vance

Kris Teal Feather, Flavia.

A three color cashmere cowl from Joji or a My Sisters Shawl from Cozy Up Knits.


I don’t know what I’d knit...but something with frank ochre, polar morn and cirrus grey. The blues are also gorgeous!


Kris, Teal Feather and Flavia would make a beautiful shawl.

Brenna Delosier

I would pick Teal Feather and then find a pattern that mimics peacocks. It's just so pretty.


Cirrus gray, Polar Morn, and Flavia as a fade to make a Tegna or another short sleeved sweater? Also I just really love grey.


Indonesia, Kris (my BFF’s name), and Fortaleza. Probably I’d made a shawl for my bestie!!


I think a shawl made with Teal feather, Kris, and Flavia would be Beautiful! No specific pattern in mind as of now, though.

Anna Marie

Indonesia, Kris (my daughter's name) and teal feather. I'd probably make socks!!! or sweaters for my grandsons.


I would want two of Flavia if possible and one of teal feather to be featured as the body and contrast color in a sunset highway sweater


I love teal feather, cian and fortaleza. I'd probably make socks or a cowl. Malabrigo is my absolute favorite kind of yarn ^_^


Loving Polar Morn, Flavia, and Cirrus Grey! They would make a beautiful fade!!! You’re right, lots of exclamation points needed!!!


Kris, Indonesia and Polar Morn ..... knitting Socks, of course!!


I like Polar Morn, Indonesia and Flavia.

Joyce Gravino

Kris, Teal Feather and Sandbank would make a great Goldfish shawl.

Geraldine Scott

Matisse, Indonesia, and Flavia...pretty random, no project in mind besides socks!


Polar Mon, Flavia and Teal Feather and I would knit the shawl "In the Light."


Ohhhhhh I love them. My picks would be Indonesia, Fortaleza, and Kris. And of course I’d make socks with pretty lace patterns! Swoon!

Sandy C

Kris, teal feather and Flavia. My left over sock yarn I roll into balls and display in a bird cage. Just like to look at all the colors I have used.

Amber N

I love fuscia, sand bank, and polar morn. Not sure what I would do with them yet but would be nice tonals to add to other yarns.


I think I would do two polar morn and one Matisse blue for the Siplia sweater by Caitlin Hunter! I feel like the color pop would shine like a diamond!

Kate  Greenwood

Cian, Frank Ochre & Cirrus Gray
:) :) :)

Heather Jackson

I can't just choose 3 I keep putting multiple combinations together! But if I had to choose I love the Polar Morn, Forteleza and the Matisse Blue.

Geri Heagy

I'm loving Indonesia, Kris, and Flavia!

Jolene Lathum

Love all the new colors, but would choose Cian, Matisse Blue, and Polar Morn and do my socks with all 3 doing Helix knitting

JB Pierce

Polar Morn, Flavia, and Sand Bank. Not sure what I would knot — most likely use them in conjunction with stash to do Stephen West type knitting


Hooooly cow!! Frank ochre won my heart, followed closely by Matisse Blue and teal feather. I’d probably make a shawl that stripes the first 2 colors, then uses the teal as a border. Something like NBK’s conduit, continua or surge? Or like Merricks by Whiskey Bay Woollens!


I love polar morn, Indonesia, and kris.

André Holsomback

Working with your yarn for the first time, it’s so yummy, I can’t wait to buy more, the colors are just so hard to choose from! Such a problem, I know!

Susan Miller

I love Malabrigo!!! I would choose 3 fun skeins and make another Mix and Mingle Shawl designed by Andrea Mowry. Has anyone made one? They are so fun! I would choose: Kris, Teal Feather, and Flavia for sure. Since the shawl takes one more, I would add in Frank Ochre for a pop of color! Ohhh, will have to buy even if I don't win.


Cris, Teal Feather, and Sand Bank for sure! Stunning combo for a shawl!


Love the cian, matisse blue and teal feather


I still want to make a 3 Color Cashmere Shawl but sans the cashmere. Malabrigo Sock would be perfect for this. Since you provided the link for all sock... I'm lusting for Lettuce, Impressions and Chocolate. :-) ♡

Lisa Murphy

Fuchsia, Cirrus gray, and Frank Ochre


Projects in mind for Polar Morn or Sand Bank.

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