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June 06, 2018



Hi, Allison, your post brought back those same feelings I had when my youngest went to kindergarten (even though it was many years ago), and my heart is breaking that you have to go through it now, too. I cried at first, missed her and my oldest one terribly, but finally became determined to use my "school-day" hours as efficiently as possible, so that when my kids came back to me, I was all theirs. I even stopped answering the phone when they first got home from school so that I could hear all about their day, uninterrupted through snacks and talking, until they got to work on homework.
Building little surprises into after-school snacks or whatever we had to do (music lessons, etc.) made it all the sweeter, for me and for them. Sigh. I know it can't replace those early years, but these years are so fun, too, just in a different way. Enjoy their emerging personalities, and know that you have my empathy, and I cheer for you as a mom who is so involved with her (and your husband) are the biggest influence and blessing they have!! Go Allison!!


Hi Di,
Thank you so much for your note. Admittedly, I had tears in my eyes when I took that photo of Henry eating his last mid-day cupcake two days ago. And I've been a bit of a wreck for at least a week too. It just seems like such a big change, and not a fun one! I think you're right about getting everything done during the work day so that when they come through the door I can be engaged in them and their stories. I'll take that advice to heart!

Pam Hunter

Hey Allison, what is that yarn that is being knit in the pink and black. I love it.


Hi Pam, I do believe thats a club color from 2017 that Life in the Long Grass did for us. I believe it was called Graffiti. I don't believe we have any left, but if you like how it looks knit up, you might consider one of their other beautiful colors:


My youngest goes to kindergarten this fall, too. I work from home as a writer, so I look forward to chaperoning field trips and doing stuff like that! I also get to walk them to / from the school bus. I don't know what it will be like to have the house to myself during the day. However, with all three home all day this summer, they're driving me batty!


This next stage can be even more fun. I used to volunteer for fields trips & that is more fun than you can imagine. You get to interact with other short people in addition to your own child & see how they interact with their peers. And you get to go to school assemblies - plays & musical performances which can be a real hoot. Fortunately my job allowed me to use vacation time in 15 minute increments (as long as I used at least an hour). And their school wasn’t too far away from work. So I rarely missed one. And you might actually get some time to yourself during the day.
pS. That Yarn looks a lot like the sick club LIfe in the Long Grass but it looks a bit different to me. I think I’m using that yarn for the socks I’m currently knitting & it doesn’t have such long stretches of color (looks like gray to me). The longest stretches of color are a kind of hot pink. But it could be variations between skeins. I’m really in love with this Yarn & Hedgehog Fibers. And both are dyed very close to where my grandfather was born & raised (which is a coincidence- not why I love them both).


I agree your plant looks unwell, but I love the pot it’s in. It looks like it was knit; wish I could find some like that.

Pat Hill

It's been years since we sent our youngest off to school (more than twenty) and I still remember knowing that there had been a major shift. Each phase has its joys and challenges. You could also make a mother's day by "borrowing" her little one for a trip for cupcakes or to the zoo. (We've done that, too).

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