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June 12, 2018


Susan Kuykendall

Deep End!

Geraldine Scott

So hard to choose just one! I normally go towards the reds, like Plump, but let's go totally different with Deep End! Thanks for the chance to win!


Has to be the bright fushia of GOSSIP

Elise Olsen

Deep end😍 oh please please please please 😊 I love hedgehog fibres yarn!!

Chris Pfeiffer

Wow - Gossip is fabulous! Sorbet is pretty great too!

Mary L.

I would have to pick Beach Bunny-just love it!

Susan Katz

Hawk is my fave. It’s moody and complex.

Dezarae McMillan

I am definitely loving Hawk!!


Anime! no HAWK, no DEEP END, sigh.

I guess Hawk. There is just something about it.

Sandy Ridgely

Oh, wow! Gorgeous colors! I am finally deciding I like Sorbet best.

Stella Gray

Oh boy, just one? Sorbet then...


Beach Bunny is really speaking to me!

Linda Fischer

Love beach bunny 😍😍


It’s hard to choose one. They are all fabulous. I’m going with Sorbet.


Deep End is beautiful & I am a sucker for blues!

Heather W

It’s all Gossip!

Christine klaubauf

Magpie. It’s different


Deep end! And hawk
But really, they are all lovely


That Deep End is AMAZING !

Veronica Kettleborough


Crystal Walker

My favorite is Hawk


I love so many of them. Gossip reminds me of Jelly with lots of color and added sprinkles. What could be better! 👍


So hard to decide ... Gossip has it be it.


Gossip. I love aqua


I love them all but I would have to go with Anime.


I love beach bunny! It reminds me of all the colors you see in the tide pools at the many California beaches. California is always going to be my home. I lived abroad for a year and just came back and I couldn’t be happier being back on homeland and enjoying the summer weather on my favorite beach: Laguna.

Kelli L

Anime! And Deja vu! I’d take any of them actually!

Barbara Belden

I love Anime! They are also very beautiful!




Hawk, for sure! Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

Sandra Parr

Definitely Magpie, I can see so many pieces in that glorious black and white


Anime for me.


They are all lovely but my fav is Magpie.

Kat Gatzke

Definitely Deep End. But Beach Bunny is a close second.

Martha Hayes

That Anime!!!

Theresa Rugenius

Oh my! Deja Vu jumped off the page for me! I just love the color combination!


I have to pick *one*?
As much as I love Plump and Anime....I’m going to have to say: Magpie.

Yeah, Magp—🤔.....damn, Anime is so pretty.
And Plump is just *so* LUSH.
But...OK. Magpie.

Elizabeth Belle

Plump is my current favourite, great for an autumnal knit.

Shirley sackett

Anime is calling me, deja vu, then hawke, ufo & so forth! Sorry I’m a greedy little girl!


Sorbet! Love it!


Sorbet is my choice. It will go great with a group that I have in my stash that was looking for one more skein.

ellen oliveira

Holy geeeeeez!! I came here for Deep End, but Gossip is SO gorgeous, too!


Deja Vu is definitely my favorite! 😍

Annette Poole

Deja Vu but I love them all!

Sharron Deka

Its Anime! So fun!


They are all stunning! Plump would be perfect for my next project.


Beach Bunny is calling to’s so summery and fun!

Laura H Rivero

All of them are fantastic, but if I have to choose one it would be Gossip. So many beautiful colors. :D

Jane F Braverman

I love Magpie!

Joyce Correia

Magpie for a pair of socks. Or Deep End for a shawlette. So pretty!


Gossip looks fun!

Lisa M Barrett

I really like Deep End but ultimately I choose Magpie. I've been longing for a gorgeous white/grey/black yarn and Magpie it is!

Karla Davis

I love the black white contrast of Magpie so that is my pick!


I love Beach Bunny. Have project in mind.


Beautiful colors, but I think sorbet is my favorite.


Omigosh, they are all fabulous - but I’d have to say Plump! Happy Yarniversary!!


So hard to choose but my top is deep end

Kathleen Murphy

Magpie is the most beautiful black and white yarn I have seen.


Hawk - would be the perfect color for a top I have been wanting to knit matching socks for.


I have to choose Plump. Beautiful color!

Lynn MacLeod

I love Gossip

Patti Gibson

I love Gossip!

Kathy Turnzo

Deja Vu is my favorite but they are all so pretty!

Ana María lazo

Beautiful colors! I will choose deep end :—)


Plump. But they are all fabulous.

Katrina Bergman

They are all pretty, but Anime is the prettiest!

Jennifer Carabio

Hawk!! ❤️

Amy Robertson

Hawk has an amazing color mix - beautiful!!

Deanna Sylte

All beautiful, but Deep End calls to me!

Sarah Peer

I adore gossip! It’s such a girly and gorgeous skein of yarn!!!

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