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June 12, 2018



I like them all but UFO is calling my name.

Karen Hirschfeld

I love Deep End, The color reminds me of the ocean on a hot summer day, waves crashing on the sand and swimmers in the water in bright swimming suits. It is a relaxing mellow color.

Patsy Coats

Deja Vu

G. K. Green

Deep End is gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!


Plump! I just love the pink and blue together!!


Oops the blue and pink is the Deja Vu color way. This is what I get for posting before my first cup of coffee kicks in!!! But hey it would look good with Plump in a 2 color project!


I love Deep End. Such a beautiful and complex color!


Sorbet! Is for me!


I love them all but I have to go with Deep End!

Debbie Kimball

Magpie but they are all simply gorgeous!


I love Plump but Gossip is calling my name too


Deep End is gorgeous!


Deep end

Cindy M

Love the Hawk.

Gina Murphy

Gossip wants to come to my house!

Noelle Jean

Beach Bunny!

Antonia Jensen

Gossip! I have 2 other skeins needing to pair up with Gossip to complete my Joji shawl!!!

Amanda Marek

Must. Have. Gossip!

Janine Lindstrom

Beach 🏖 Bunny 🐰 waved her paw at me. Sorbet is coming in at a close second.


I love Anime. I don’t have anything like it.


Gossip for sure. Between the aqua blue and the name, it's perfect!

Kathie Dippel

Deja Vu

jennifer delarosa

all gorgeous but gossip and anime i love the way the colors play together, hedgehog fibres are brilliant dyeists

Rita  Haby

Tough decision, but I will go with Hawk. It's a great fader.


Gossip- I just love hot pink!

Wendy Rayburg

GOSSIP for the win!

E.d. Narske

Beach bunny!

Jeanette Kerr

Love them all. Would have to pick Gossip.


Anime caught my eye first - all are gorgeous!


Deep end and Anime really speak to me !


Hard to pick, but Deep End for me!


Gossip is beautiful!


Hard to pick! Deep End or Beach Bunny 😍

Julie Marshall

Wow! I’m loving Anime!!!

Kathleen Betz

I like them all, surprise me!



Alene Sternlieb

Very difficult to choose, but Beach Bunny is beautiful


Budgie is so pretty!


Oh. I might have to dive off the DEEP END for this!!


The Magpie photo looks almost like you put a B&W filter on it, but I love Anime.


Oh my - all so delish but for just one - Deep End.

Jeanne Turner

Always drawn to blues so Deep End would be my first choice, but if someone bagged up the entire lot and dropped it in my mailbox, I wouldn’t protest!

pam woo

Deep end. Lovey new collection of colors

Kelly Schilling



All are lovely but Sorbet would be my first choice.


Hawk is my first choice.

Birgitta Sundquist

Gossip! They are all wonderful


When I saw Deep End my heart skipped a beat, so that would probably be my pick, but a really close second would be Hawk. So hard to choose!!


So many beautiful colors! But I'd have to say my fave is Deja Vu! Such a beautiful desert look.


I just love Plump! That would make a gorgeous Sweet Dreams by BooKnits!

Arvada Trickle



Oof, like so many, Deep End is calling my name!

Cindy Smith

My favorite has got to be Deja Vu, but Sorbet is a close runner up.


Deep End! But I also like Anime and Hawk!

Jean Folkerth

I love Deja Vu because I knit socks for my 81 yo brother and have trouble finding “manly” colors for him yet fun for me to knit!

Julie Thompson

Beach Bunny has my heart (with Deep End and Hawk running a very close second and third.) <3


Wow! Right away I loved Magpie.


Beach Bunny with Sorbet a close second.

Connie Caruso

Ooooh....Deep End and Gossip! But I'm a blue gal, so my first pick is Deep End! So gorgeous!

Karen Blanchard



Gossip !

Debra Domby

New Hedgehogs can be dangerous. I love them all especially Deja Vu

June Schwierjohn

Beach Bunny drew my eye!!

Nicole Bell

Deep End is so beautiful!

Elaine Boston

Beach Bunny!


They're all gorgeous. I'd have to go with Magpie, although Deep End is closely nipping on its heels!




So hard to choose! Deep End, yes please!


Deep End !!!!!

Kimberly Wiggin

Since I live right near the beach on Long Island Sound, I have to go with Beach Bunny - it's so summery and cheerful!

Jill Niemiec

Magpie is my favorite!

Hilda C

Took me awhile to decide between two but Hawk keeps calling my name.


Oh wow, these colors! I love Beach Bunny best, especially given the current summer feel to the air. But Deep End is amazing too!

Sue Murdock

Love the sorbet.

Francine W

Sorbet is beautiful


Got to be magpie!

Catherine Gilbert

Wow! So many gorgeous colors! I'd love to knit up a pair of socks in Anime--the neutral grey with pops of bright color would make for happy feet!

Susan Ipavec

Gossip is my absolute fave!

Niki Vogler

Plump is calling my name. I really like Hawk too, but Plump has the added bonus of having a great name on top of an awesome color!

Sarah R

Definitely Magpie for me...maybe teamed with something sparkly, because that's what Magpies like.

Sandy officer

I like Deja Vu.

Irene cechura

Deep End! I’ve been crazed since I saw it on Facebeek.

Jeanne Bush

After much (too much???) deliberation, I want to go with Deep End - so beautiful.

Beverly Davis

Love,love Deep End!

Elizabeth Bablitz

UFO! That yellow is the yellow I have been looking for!


I love Magpie, plump, and anime.

Nathanne Verner

Beach Bunny. It's perfect for a pattern I like to make.


I love Deja Vu!

Sharon Carling

Deep End for sure. So beautiful!


All are beautiful. I love 💕 Plump...would be a great ‘me’ birthday present.

joyce hancock

Wow wow! That Deep End is so scrumptious. Gotta love it.


Magpie but a good collection overall.


I adore Beach Bunny. I can already imagine how the socks will look.

Amy C

Gorgeous gorgeous yarn! Hawk is calling my name the loudest.


Beach Bunny! Beach Bunny!

Jénn Sands

I absolutely LOVE gossip! I never liked pink as a child but I’ve grown into it as an adult!


the Deja Vu is my favorite All of them are so pretty


Hard to choose, but I’d go with Deep End

Jacqueline Taylor

I love Deja Vu! Beautiful!


Anime please.

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