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June 12, 2018



Very difficult to choose just one. I guess I’ll say Deep End. I would love to try this yarn. ❤️


Deep End but then Beach Bunny!!! Beautiful colors as always.


As I scroll down, the next one I see is my fave, but Anime is my real fave.


Anime for sure!

Cheryll Weiner

It’s between Magpie & Deep End.... but if I had to choose just one it would be:
>>> MAGPIE <<<

Mary Anne Tucker

Sorbet is calling my name! LOVE Hedgehog yarn - knits up like cashmere- so soft.

Peggie Bouvier





I love Sorbet, but Beach Bunny comes in a close second!


LOVE them all was hard to decide on one! but I'd have to say Deja Vu!

Victoria M.

I LOVE Deep End! Something inside just stirs when I look at it. I can only imagine the musings and emotions when working with it to create something beautiful.


Deep end!!!!!!!!!

Janet Walker

Deja Vu I love the contrast of the colors, absolutely my favorite


I want Deep End.
(love Magpie, but not with my salt & pepper hair)

Della Hartley

I’m kind of digging Deep End right now.


The one that first struck me was Anime!


Deep End for sure! Happy Anniversary!

Sahenaz Pirani

Deep End.

Sue Kieft

Sorbet for sure! 💗💗💗

Cindy h.

I love anime but Deja vu is also pretty. You can't go wrong with hedge hog.

Leigh Ditto

In love with Deep End!

Charlenelou Hendrickson



Gossip!! 😍😍😍😍

Emily Chandler

Deja vu is gorgeous

georgene Thompson

Plump makes my heart pump.

Sandy C

Hard to decide between Beach Bunny and deep end. But I think deep end wins.

Samantha T

They’re all fantastic, but if I had to pick, beach bunny.


Deva vu!


I love Hawk!!


Magpie is gorgeous! 🙂




Deep End is calling me

Donna Kuehl



Sorbet if I have to pick one, but there are so many I could name. I could knit for a lifetime with all the colors I love!

Susan James

DEEP END!! It's beautiful!!

Raquel from Jc

Gossip for me! Beautiful colors, it was hard to pick just one!

Micheline Prescott

Absolutely “Deep End” . It is just calling to me — love the other colors too but Deep End is just soooooooo pretty!

Geri Heagy

Deep End is gorgeous!


Deep End is gorgeous!!


Deep end or beach bunny or gossip or anime - how could I ever pick just one?!?

Alejandra Valdivia

Gossip gossip gossip all
The way 😍😍😍

Rose Birchall

Deep End!

Kelly Albrecht

Loving Hawk...


Gossip for sure!

Jenny Freed

Deja Vu or Gossip

Linda Reynolds

Gossip please!


Beach bunny, for sure! Love!!!

Dana Snyder

Deep End 😍

Joy Dean

The deep end is gorgeous! I would love to win it!

Julie Breuninger

Love the Anime. They are all lovely - but the bright colors calling out of the gray, very special.

Marjorie Fuller

Beachbunny is my favorite new summer color!


Wow! All of the colors are wonderful! Hawk is the one I like the best. But, I like all the colors and willhave to take a look when they get to your store.


Anime is soooo pretty!


Awesome giveaway!! The Beachbunny is definitely my favorite. Love the pale green and pops of all the other colors.

JB Pierce

Hawk is simply stunning

Judy Davis

I love Deep End!!


Gossip all day long. 💕 Can not wait to see it in person.

Dana Attwood

Deep End definitely catching my eye!


I really like deep end!

Laurie Silk

Has to be Beach Bunny!

Cheryl Meier

Who doesn't love a little Gossip? Seriously, they are all beautiful :)

Mary Morgan Harris

So hard to choose! I really like Hawk :)


Any one of these yarns will make me lovely project, but I would make socks with the plump.

Morgan James

L♡VE Hedgehog Fibres ~ Deja Vu speaks to me the loudest, but they are all beautiful!

Bridgette H

Deep End is definitely my fave


Plump! My daughter's favorite color - would make a brioche cowl using this if I won!

Kat Cimino


Rachel Holmes

I love Gossip but I am really drawn to Anime!!


I think Deep End is my favorite with Magpie a close second (so hard to choose!). Thanks for the giveaway!


Tough to choose, but I think I love Anime the most!


Hawk is gorgeous! Love love love those colors!

Shelbi Hrkach

I am loving that Dena Vu

Debra Cohen

I can’t decide... I love the richness of “plump’ but I also like the quirkiness of “deep end “. Oh heck, I never win anyway...


They are all beautiful but Deep End is my favorite.


Beach Bunny!

Lugarda Cappetta

Deep End is calling me.


Deep End for sure! But magpie is a close second.

Debbie Hallamek

They are all beautiful but Sorbet is my favorite!

Wendy Chase

So hard to choose! But Deep End is different than most yarns in my stash so I would pick that one.

Mary M

The all jump off the page but plump is my favorite.


I love Gossip, all though Anime and Sorbet are calling to me too.

Alli novak

All are awesome! My favorite is beach bunny

Teresa C



Beach Bunny!

Stephanie Risotto



Gossip is amazing! Beach bunny a close second but I can’t pass up that pink!

Deb J

Anime!!! But I also love Deja Vu!!!

Teresa Knittingdancer

They all are calling my name but since I can only choose one it is Plump.


It's hard to pick just one. Right now it's between Magpie and Anime.

Liz Casciano

So hard to pick butDeep End has my heart

Lynda Yinger

Deep end!!!

Donna Glaess

All colors are beautiful, but hawk really speaks to me

 Andrea Duran

Hawk is speaking to me!

Alex wang

Anime is amazing!

Lorraine C.

Deep End - the blue hues with pops of color. That'd be an interesting knit.

Anna Marr

Deep end. It was a difficult choice they are all beautiful.


I Love "Deep End" wouldn't it be amazing with "Hawk"?


Wow! I like so many, Maybe Method?

Julie Machin

Has to be Hawk, closely followed by Deep end. They are all fab colours tho.


Such beautiful yarns! My fave is Deep End!

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