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June 19, 2018


Lucy Portland

This kit is just so very pretty. Thanks,

Twilla Steele

I will come in and buy my yarn.

Judy zuniga

Oh how I wish you would offer some sock yarns with a wee bit of elastic in them. I promise, I will buy them all!


Hi Judy, I hear you! If the mills produced them and they were available, I'd definitely test them and carry them if they were great. But they just aren't widely available. This is the one I have:
If you have suggestions on ones you like, please do email But I really don't know of them being produced predictably.
In the meantime, you might consider carrying elastic thread for the first few rows of your cuff of your socks as you knit it. It's a good solution, if you need elastic to keep your socks in place at the top.


Diana picked beautiful colors!

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