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May 17, 2018


Wendy Chase

Does it matter what kind of heel you knit with this yarn? Will it work out with any kind of heel? The photo looks like an afterthought heel and that's what I normally use. Just curious.


There are instructions included on the ball band to tell you how to knit the sock (top down I believe), but it's my understanding that it's made for a heel flap- that there is solid yarn at the part of the ball where you should start the heel and then you knit the foot for as long as you need to to get the foot size you want. If you want a shorter foot, you'd have less or no gray on the toe because you'd be stopping the foot sooner.
Then to start the second sock you'd pull out the yarn from the ball until you find the yellow strand that indicates the middle of the ball, and start knitting the second sock. Clear as mud?

Wendy Chase

Actually that's pretty clear. Thanks!

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