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May 29, 2018



I keep coming back for more Tosh Twist Light. Love my shawls using it. Just picked up some hedgehog...haven't tried it yet!


I think my miss babs estrellita from the 13th anniversary party even though I haven't even wound it yet! So beautiful to be able to choose a wild iris in person since they can be so different!

Penny Mosher

Mineville DK and Fingering have been my favorites this year.

Cheryl Clem

I recently purchased a hank of Hedgehog Fibres Teacup and I love it so much I don't know what to make with it!!! Wahhh!


Poste Striping Worsted in Wizard Bravery!

Ann Austerman

Seems like the one I’m working on is my favorite until I start the next project. Currently working on Hermiones Everyday socks using the yarn from the Valentines Day kit. Love the project bag too!

G. K. Green

Congratulations on your anniversary 🎊 Cascade Yarns, Heritage 150 Prints: 06 Sea ... That's what I would most likely order! Please enter me in the giveaway ... Thanks!

Lisa M Barrett

Unfortunately, I've been on a strict yarn diet but boy, I've been avidly watching the new dyers you've added! I would really enjoy trying Yarn Love, Walk Collection, Swift Yarns, Qing Fibre, Primrose Yarn, Life in the Long Grass, Lichen and Lace, Hue Loco, Flock Fibre & Fiddle Knits. I'd plow through $100 in about 5 min. :) Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on yet another successful year.


Though I was totally excited to see Qing in the shop, I think I have to go with the Hedgehog Fibres potluck colors! So fun, and it feels like you have scored something extra special and unique.


Wow! Happy 13th!

My favorite purchase for this (and every year) is always the one I'm about to do. Nothing is more fun than finding the next perfect yarn, especially when there is a new dyer to try. :O)

Sarah R

I haven't purchased from Simply Socks yet as the postage to NZ is high, but I love dreaming and really want to visit the store. I'd love a skein of Walk Tough Sock Offshore - the blues are beautiful.

LinDa L. Grams

The first time I came to shop, left me with the thought that if there is knitting in heaven, there are shops just like Simply Socks. It is an explosion of amazing color and fiber. I love bright colors and I am never disappointed when I shop at Simply Socks. Brands I likePoste Yarn, Madelinetosh, Algeria, just to list a few. This is my happy place! The shop workers are friendly and extremely helpful. If you can’t find a certain color, just ask.


I picked up a self-striping WYS 4-ply on Saturday that is just begging to get on some needles.

JoAnn Tipton

I love Opal yarns that I use for my new sock knitting machine. Love the great way they pattern.


My favorite purchase so far this year is definitely Poste Stripe Petra - haven't found matching heel/toe skein yet so haven't knit it up, but its in the queue!


I'm crushing on Hedgehog Fibres right now <3


I've really been enjoying knitting with the Poste yarns. Just one more stripe...


My favorite purchase was a skein of the Regia Watermelon yarn. Happy Shop Anniversary! I love shopping in person while I’m visiting family in Ft Wayne.

Kris Martino

Thanks for offering this giveaway! I have just recently started getting into sock yarn (I know, I’m very LTP😋). I don’t really make socks or shawls, so I would love to get some of the pretty speckled yarns to make a sweater as there are so many beautiful fingering patterns out there now that use a larger gauge because there’s no way I’d knit a sweater on a size 1 needle!

Barbara Ruden

MadelineTosh. Need I say more? I love knitting it.

Michelle Mccrillis

The sprinkles yarn club was wonderful, so much so that I’m in the current one. I am just a sock yarn junkie!


I haven't ordered too much in the past year, but I did get a few skeins of the BMFA Colossal when you had them, and I can't decide which is my favorite! I've also been eyeing Hedgehog Fibres and Qing Fibres..maybe I'll get some soon. Qing Cave is catching my eye today. =) Congratulations on 13 years and thank you for this opportunity!

Claudia Wittmann

My favorite purchase this year would have to be the Fleece Artist Lace yarn. Such amazing yarn to work with and the tourmaline color just spoke to me and I had to have it!


There is so much beautiful yarn that it would take forever to list what I would like the most!


I want to buy all the self striping yarn!!


Happy 13th anniversary! I’m not sure I have been purchasing the whole time you’ve been in business, but I have purchased and blogged about you and your shop. My favorite purchase this year was the Tall Skinny size Bird Leg Bag in a modern springy chevron pattern with matching mini skeins.


I just love the selection of Madelinetosh in the store and I'm fortunate enough to be able to stop by as you're my LYS. Blood Runs Cold color way in Twist Light knitted up beautifully into a Winter Cardinal shawl.

Amy Obukuro

My absolute favorite purchase so far has been the skein of Lorna's Laces Solemate in the Tokyo colorway-- so gorgeous! I collected 4 other skeins around it, and it's now being knit into a Fading Point!

Deanna Arnold

I, personally, cannot pass up Madelinetosh. I'd grab a few skeins of "Concrete" and make a shawl, or hold it double and make a cozy shrug!


I would have to say my favorite purchase was my Madelinetosh Merino Light for the Kallara knit along. My colorway was denium and a lighter blue which work well with my jeans. Thank you so much for the variety you offer and the kits you come up with. So enjoy dealing with your company. Looking forward to another 13 years!!!!

Dana Phillips

I have only recently discovered your site, but am very intrigued. I love the Poste self striping sock yarn. I’m undergoing chemo for breast cancer, so purchasing yarn will have to wait a bit, but I’ve bookmarked this site and will be back.
Dana Phillips


My favorite purchases this year are all of my Opal skeins. I love to watch the patterns unfold as I knit!


I bought it today. My first sock yarn to make a pair of socks.


Posters my favorite but I always like seeing what is new.


My favorite purchase this year is Primrose Yarn Co., Sophia in Black Magic and Bad Apple. I started the Kallara Shawl with them and love the way it looks and feels!

Becky Collins

I haven't made a purchase this year, but I REALLY want to get another one of your limited edition kits. I LOVE the one I got around Halloween last year. 😍😍😍


My guess would be some of everything!


I haven't ordered yet and won't be able to for a while. I'm just starting the second sock of my first pair - and it is going well. So I'm looking forward to buying sock yarn for gifts - hubby will probably get the first pair (after some for me as practice) so I'll look for something a bit more special than solid navy or gray but reasonably subtle - he's not a flashy guy!

Appreciate the opportunity.

Shawn S

I’ve tried to get a sip and knit kit, but I always seem to come across these after they sell out. I’m going to keep trying though!

Angeline Perdue

I'm dying to try Opal yarn (I've never even seen it in person. I'm without. lol) and the Poste Stripe yarn. Gorgeous and fun.


My favorite? Hedgehog Fibers Dk, I want to say it was typewriter for a baby sweater that had different colored owl buttons.

But usually it's the bright and wild options.


I have some poste do that I dearly love. It knits up so beautiful!


My favorite purchase was when I came in to the store with my boys and they each picked out some yarn and a project bag in order to start the process of learning to knit. Can’t wait til my mom visitsin June so we can shop in person together.

Emily Kite

I'm on disability and haven’t been able to visit yet this year, BUT, last year I got a gift certificate for you guys and actually cried, ha! I think it took me three hours in your shop to drool and pick my skeins. I’ve got some Madeline Tosh (can you believe I’ve never used it?) and of course, my never ending adoration of anything Malabrigo. I love you guys and can’t wait til I can come visit again!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I would like to try Hedgehog Fibers Sock in Down by the River colorway.


I would love to try some hedgehog pretty

Elizabeth Merkler

Minevile lace was my favorite purchase this year.


I can't be a true yarnophile; the cookies are the prettiest thing in the post lol!


We moved last December, so I haven’t purchased yarn this year! I have been appreciating what I already have! My favorite purchases have been the Poste yarn in Harry Potter Stripes! And I use my “Life is Short, Knit the Yarn” cup often! Looking forward having some of the fabulous yarns dyed by the newest dyers! Happy Anniversary!

Juanita Williams

Galaxy caught my eye colors are perfect for PNW.

Nathanne Verner

My favorite purchase was a club purchase many years ago called Great Artists. I got 6 mini skeins based on Van Gogh's Starry Night. I still haven't knit it up yet, but I love looking at the yarn imagining what I am going to make with it. I hope to buy some Qing yarn too this year.

Kimberly Schutt

I love the Addi Turbo needles I purchased. I haven’t bought any yarn this year as we are in the process of moving, but I’ve been eyeing multiple colorways from Hedgehog.

Shelbi Hrkach

I'm a bit late, but I'd purchase a bunch of Life in the Long Grass and another Miss Bans Hot shot. Last year I got the last Funny Papers color way in Hot Shot and Tarte and it's made the happiest socks!


Í really liked my Manos del Uruguay purchases (always great), but I found some new favorites in my Mineville wool Northern Lights purchase.


I would love to try some Hue Loco. Also love the Poste stripes. What's not to love about sock yarn?

Silvyn T

The black trillium in burning man is absolutely killer 😍

Samma Parcels

I've made several purchases from you over the past couple years. I got several colors of the Cascade 220 that I call my Mixers to combine with funky hand dyed skeins. Malibrigo and a wonderful Rayon skein I used in a wrap.
I want to make the trip up there from Indy one of these days ;-D

Sara Rakow

I bought some beautiful Blue Moon Fibers BFL yarn. It is awesome! Our little knitting group is planning a visit later this summer and I can’t wait!


Love your shop! Will plan a visit asap.


Karen Elgas

Hedgehog Sock yarn 😍😍😍😍


I'd love to win so I can get yarn for Christmas sweaters for me and my boys.


I've been hankering to buy some Regia Pairfect after seeing Arne and Carlos talking about it.

Nancy LeBlanc

I have bought Carlton sock yarn from you. You have the best online service. I would love to try some Hedgehog yarn to make a shawl.


I bought fresca y seca arroyo from you and made my first sweater :)


I ordered Some Hedgehog Fibers, for my Free your Fade shawl and Love it!

Michele Donner-Ramsey

Congrats on the anniversary! at this point I'd love to try any of your yarns :)

Sirikaan T.

Just found your site yesterday! So glad I did. I would purchase the Bird Leg bag, I love the bright green lining! I would love to win also so I can stash more sock yarn. Happy 13!

Ingrid H

My favorite purchase is Qing merino singles that will grow up to be a gorgeous fade!

Kandi Petersen

I have been stalking your page for a while and would love to use any of you Yarns


I did my knitting group Christmas shopping at SSYC and it was a big hit!

Christie Bowie

my favorite purchase this year is my arroyo in purple and a blue/purple mix. my trip to the store was in celebration of finally finishing my teaching degree after 8 years of work. squishing all the yarn was so fun, and I will always look at the shawl I am making as a reminder of my long journey to the degree.


Loving my Hue Loco - Outer Space Love colorway. It's so happy!

Amy Paloski

Hi I'm new to your site. I have my eye on your Walk CM Singles Piñata. What gorgeous colors!

Tawnya Johns

I would love any of the Dragonfly Djinni yarn. Such wonderful colors and textures.


My favorite is Minneville Wool, in Penguin. I am knitting it now and love the way the colors work together.

Candace Yoshimoto

Haven't ordered but I want the Halloween stitch kit.


Hi there,
I've not been to your store yet but its on my bucket list! I'd like to try some speckled yarn or a gradient yarn. Congratulations on your success!


Anything Hedgehog!!! Congratulations!!!!


I read the prompt wrong and commented - sorry!!! I have purchased some of the minneville yarns and really love their colors - I love all of the things i’ve bought! Congratulations!!

Brenda Lewis

I want to try Swift Yarn Tweed Sock. Must be a faculty-spouse thing!

Marie Netti

Love ... Love ... Love your yarn


Happy Lucky 13th Anniversary! Temptation seems to pass my way daily with all your dyers. I see some Qing in my future.

Susan Spargo

If I had the money to spend, I would stock up on some cascade heritage print and maybe some hedgehog fibers! Fingers crossed!

Sylvia Ricica

I recently bought 150 Azul Profundo,I'm excited to start a pair of socks now!!

Tosha L Whissel

Omg, I was beyond overwhelmed looking at all the sock yarns!!! I'd love to try some yarn from Blue Moon, Hedgehog, Fiddle Knits, Qing, and others. So many I love!!! I just can't afford to purchase any so I really hope I can win so I'm able to enjoy some of these beauties!!

Pam H

Just recently received 2 skeins of yarn from you. One called Fairy's being made into a cowl, the pattern is That Nice Stitch. Loving the way it's coming together. I watch your posts always!

Amber N

I would love to order some Qing Fibre and maybe sone Flexiflips.

Andrea Mundt

My favorite purchase has been the amazing yarn love cashmere blend. Its so squishy soft!!

Diane Gladstone

I have been having a ball (pun intended) with the Mineville Wool Prroject yarns I have ordered. But you also introduced me to Hedgehog Fibres, which seems to get softer and yummier every time I wash them. I've been looking at the Vesper self striping yarns. That would be a fun choice, in addition to Hedgehog Fibers and maybe some Malabrigo.


I haven't ordered this year, but I would love to order some Qing Fibre yarn. Or maybe Hedgehog yarn in the colorway Dragonfly; I've wanted that colorway forever!

JoAnne Brown

I love everything that I purchase from Simply Socks! Can't wait for the packages to arrive!

Lori Galloway

I loveee the look of your galaxy yarn!

Barbara Belden

I love all the Christmas yarns! Would love to buy them allll!

Ellen Barnett

I am especially enjoying the sock club. I never know what I will find in my mailbox but I have never been disappointed in the color or quality of the yarn.
Then the challenge of what to make with my new pretty.

Sue kern

Plymouth heritage .. my grandkids love the colors and the socks .. make 15 pairs over summer for Christmas!!


I just love all the BMFA Socks-that-rock Colossal sock yarn I bought this year. I now have lots of great colors to play with.

Mary M

My favorite purchase was a Valentine's bag and yarn. The pinks in both are beautiful. I carry it all the time. I just finished knitting Rosewater by Janina Kallio and I love it! If I could figure out how to post the picture here I would.

Mary May

Happy Anniversary! I ordered several skeins during your most recent Mineville Wool Project offering. The service was excellent and the yarn gorgeous. The skeins are destined to socks for my mother and her delight when I showed them to her was such fun! She's very knit worthy. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in such a generous giveaway. Best wishes for many more years in business!

Pauline keller

I purchased some hedgehog fibers to make the “confetti” sweater. One of your sales personnel helped me pick out the colors and I’m loving knitting it.

Pat Hough

My favorite is Poste in sock weight. Love it for socks.

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