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May 29, 2018



Can I say all my orders this year have been my favorite? If I had to choose - Blue Moon Fiber Arts: Dearly Beloved...which is strange because those aren't really my colors. I picked it for my daughter, but I may "steal" it back.

Robin L.

My favorite purchase so far has been Hedgehog Fiber Sock yarn in Damned Nation. It's gorgeous!

Lynn B

I loved the Primrose Adelaide skeins I purchased in March! Now I have my eye on the Poste Select ;)

Elizabeth Eells

I bought Sknitches yarn and it was gorgeous!

Cheryl Meier

I would love to try Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn!! I've tried to shop at your store when I've been in Fort Wayne. Unfortunately, you haven't been open when I was there. Hope I win!


LITLG dk - so beautiful!

Carol P.

My favorite purchase from Simply Socks was one of the Charan Sachar mugs, plus Hedgehog Fibrd yarn in the gorgeous Artifact color way, and some blue speckled yarns from Flock Fibre. I am planning to make an in-store visit in a couple weeks when I will be in MI for a couple weeks and can make a day trip to Simply Socks. I’m eager to see Qing Fiber yarns, WALK Collection, and and Life in the Long Grass, plus my weakness, Hedgehog Fibres yarns. Thanks for carrying such a wonderful range of yarns. You are a wonderful store.

Jane Olson

My favorite this year was Black Trillium Fibers. Hope I win! Jane


My favorite purchase of the year is the two skeins of SSYC Poste Patina Potluck single color. I was touched that Rachael put some though into selecting my yarn.


My favorite puchase this year has been the TurtlePurl self striping yarn - since I was introduced to the indie dyers from your site I found their Etsy shop and am a regular patron.

Wilma Stoy

Poste yarn, ring of fire first would be lovely socks!!

Sahenaz Pirani

My all time favorite purchase is Hedgehog Fibers. I love their colors. Looking forward to order more when I get paid.

Eileen Bator

Everything I ordered was wonderful. But my favorite is Poste Yarns Sekect Sock in The Land of Doesn’t Have to Be. Fabulous hand and gorgeous pastel color!


I like the Arne and Carlos Pairfect yarn I bought earlier this year.

Farrell DiBart

Definitely two skeins of Qing sock yarn. I have been wanting some of their yarn for ages now and was so excited to see you guys get it!


I love buying hedgehog fibers.

Karen Aguilar

Anything in hedgehog fibres

Samantha T

I think I’d get some hedgehog fibers.


My favorite purchase is actually the current sock club. I’ve participated in almost all of them & have really loved all of them. But you have really outdone yourself this time. The yarn is fantastic & the little extra goodies are nice too. The May club was just perfect. The yarn is beautiful & I love the colours & the bag is a great size & coordinates beautifully with the yarn.

Deborah Grce

Well, I adored my hank of Malabrigo sock in Caribeno, but I come to the site all the time to drool over yarns and plot and budget so that hopefully sometime soon I can wing away goodies to turn into knitted goodies!

Do I have to pick a favorite? I don't think I can!

Karla Hartzell

I am such a fanatic about buying all my sock yarn from here that its hard to say what I have NOT enjoyed adding to my stash. Hedgehog fibers...Miss babs... cyborgs craft moon, malabrigo ( GAH ) Opal and Qing!! I just love this site for sock yarn.

Rose Birchall

Always Opal. Hands down my favorite yarn for socks.

Lucy Kesler

Hmmm, this is a hard decision! Have loved all of my past purchases, but I have my eye on some Hedgehog Farms Merino Electric.


I haven’t ordered anything this year because I want not only want my first purchase to be in store, but because I need to make a dent in the fibers I have now! I absolutely love so many; there’s no way I can just pick one!

Becki Greetan

The last knit kit is my favorite! I love the mini skeins!

Linda Halvorson

YOur yarns are beautiful! And you carry Abstract Fibers yarn which is beyond yummy! Can't tell you what I would but, because your shop has way too many pretty shiny yarns!


Congrats on 13 yrs! My family & I would be over the moon if I won sock yarn. They have almost gotten enough of my hand knit socks for a weeks worth. I love knitting socks because I can easily knit them almost anywhere.

Randa Lankford

The Mad Tosh pashmina is so lovely. It's definitely what I'd purchase.


I'm a big fan of the Opal and Trekking skeins I get from you. I love how they knit up and they wear like iron!


I have not ordered this year, but I still remember two skeins of Poste yarn I got from you guys!


I think I've been buying from SSYC from when you first opened. My favorite this year was definitely the Poste striping holiday yarns. I wish you would add suggestions to the descriptions for which solid colors go with the stripes if people want to do solid heels and toes. It's always kind of a crapshoot to judge by internet pictures (for me, anyway) what will be a good match. Better yet, dye some mini skeins using the same colors from the striping yarns to buy along with them.

Sarah S

I'm a new customer and I'm curious to try out the Poste yarn!


I want to purchase some hedgehog fibres for me. I want to make myself a rainbow baby shawl.


I haven't purchased Yet...I am a brand new knitter. this is the 3rd time I have started the class - due to health issues- and I am slowly but surely advancing. I look forward to purchasing, once I am at the level to use such FABULOUS yarn. Of course If I win, that would speed up the


Really just one?! OK Opal gets the #1 nod from me.


The mega Speckles club has been my favorite yarn purchase by far this year, and we aren’t even finished yet!


I love my jolly gnomes sock kit and use this bag to transport my WIP when we fly to Dallas to visit my four year old grandson, Luke.


My favorite purchase has been Mineville yarn. I had to buy more after trying it. Love it!

Carolyn Bruns

I love my Socks That Rock. I've made socks and 2 sockhead hats. Other project in mind too. Love that yarn. I hope to visit your shop this summer.

Alissa F

I would love to try some of the hedgehog line in Goblin or Foam! There's so many other pretty ones, too!


I’m i sensed with all of the hedgehog fibers - especially the anemones and ok all of it.


I love the all the hedgehog fibers - especially anenome and all the blues 😍😍😍


I really want to get my hand on some Hue Loco Phyllis sock...can’t decide between Cutie Pie, Happy Dance, nd Funky Funky.
Happy Anniversary!


I bought tosh merino light for a brioche sweater. 💜


The best purchase so far has been some Hedgehog Ink and Juniper. I see it making up into a beautiful shawl!!!!!!


My favorite purchase this year was some Sknitches self-striping sock yarn in the exact colors I was looking for ('ello Love colorway). Love the socks I made with the yarn too!


Need Poste self striping yarn!


My favorite purchase was my Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn. I love your shop!!

Congratulations on 13 years!

Lani Emrich

I’ve been greatly enjoying the Mineville Wool Project yarn I purchased recently. I hope to see more soon! Thank you for your awesome yarn selection and Happy Anniversary!

Crystal Parker

I hate to say it's not yarn. I bought the red pompom on Saturday and love it! Lots of lovely yarn too, just haven't bought much yet.

Julie Vance

I got to come to your 12th anniversary party last year and bought my Fade yarn there. I knit it up, remembering how fun your party was. If u won, I would probably buy some yarn for a Hedgehog shawl of some sort.

Elizabeth Osborne

Just got qing. Am now in love.

Terri Kelly

FFL Sure Nile’s Tulip Festival looks yummy!

Terri Kelly

FF LP Singles Tulip Festival. Sorry about the spell check


I have not bought any yarn this year. The Regia Arne Carlos Pairfect looks awesome! Thanks!

Tami Cooke

Everything looks amazing it hard to choose!!!

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

I'm sure I've purchased something this past year but I can't remember what so I'll tell you what I'd like to buy- first off I'd LOVE to have a Find your Fade kit in purples and pinks. I also love trying yarns I've never knit with before but of the ones I have some of my favorites are Miss Babs, Malabrigo, Lornas Laces, and of course Poste yarn!


I bought some BMFA str lightweight in candy corn! Love it! What I want to buy is some Poste striping sock in the Stone Forest colorway.


I haven’t ordered yet, but when I do it will be the Mineville Wool Project yarn!

Sylvia Ricica

I bought Bluebird,so pretty made up in socks,thank you for a chance to win!


My favorite purchases this year from SSYC were two skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Blue Faced Leicester in Surfer Girl and Metaphysical Angst and a skein of Primrose Yarn Co. Helix sock in Starship Troopers!!!!


Some Hedgehog Fibers or Hue Loco is what I wish for!

Sue Kieft

My favorite is the knit kit club. It’s always even better in person than on the website! 💗💗💗💗


I love the Saldanha I recently purchased. May need some more.

Linda L.

Manos del Uruguay Alegria Sock in the Pindo colorway.

Rachel R.

It's hard for me to say no to STR (my FAVE) but I've never knit with Madelinetosh, so a gift certificate would be perfect! :)


I have been eyeing some Hedgehog and the Qing looks lovely.

Emily MacMichael

My four-year-old got to come to the store and pick out yarn for a project I was making him. He got Dragonfly Djinni in West with the Night. So much fun to be able to shop with him in your store!


I picked up some scrumptious Hedgehog on Saturday - can’t wait to see what it wants to be!!!

Susan Miller

Joining in the Sock Club this year has been my favorite! I was hesitant to pay so much up front, but haven't been disappointed at all and it has been wonderful getting a package in the mail each month. I love SSYC!!


Saldanha marine...beautiful colors!

Beth W.

I bought a lovely rainbow of colors from West Yorkshire Spinners - such vibrant colors!

Rita  Haby

I only just heard of your store about 3 weeks ago. Placed an order for 6 colors of the Fleece Artist Saldanha. I'm using one of them in my version of Nakia's Infinity Scarf. So pretty!


My favorite purchase was.... I made some awesome Regia cotton tutti frutti watermelon socks recently and I love them!!


Love the yarn you guys carry. All the pretty colors makes it hard to choose.

Barbara Brown

I love the SY Tender Sock. Love trying new sock yarns!

Jessica Roberts

SSYC is my go to source for both Malabrigo and Madelintosh! This past year I bought lots of malabrigo for a new cardgan pattern I have been designing.

Jolene Lathum

I love the Turtlepurl yarn I purchased as it reminds me of my Burberry purse that I have, and finally purchased yarn as I got a free tote also :)

Suzanne Smiley

My favorite purchase was Life in the Long Grass in the Beachgrass colorway for Joji Locatelli’s Beachgrass Socks. I’ve already knitted them and love them and the yarn!

Marilynn Shears

I’m an addicted sock knitter and drool over every yarn you carry, so many choices so little time. So I wait until you have your knit clubs and purchase the 3 month club, and wait each time to see what you picked. I’ve not been disappointed yet, knitting a pair of socks from Blue Moon, called Muddy Autumn Droplets. Can’t wait until my June squishy package arrives, what surprise will it hold?


Hedgehog DK


I think my favorite has been the Mineville Wool Project! It is such a wonderfully soft and bright yarn. I'm currently working on the Shape of Color shawl and a Bendy Arrow shawl out of Mineville that I've purchased from you.

Susan Jackson

I love the Walk Through Sock yarn

Diane White

My favorite purchase this year was Hedgehog Fiber DK I used to make my 2 year old granddaughter a hoodie sweater.


I purchased a lot this year so it's hard to pick a favorite. i would have to say the poste yarn.

Christy Herbert

I ordered three skeins of Primrose Adailade for a fade shawl. They are sooo gorgeous!


I would LOVE to order some Hedgehog Fibers singles for a shawl!


My favorite I've ordered from SSYC was Hedgehog Fibers Fools Gold. It made me fall in love with yellow. Added with Salty Tales and it made a fabulous Marley shawl.

Anne Pozerycki

I would love to try out some Poste Yarn for socks, and also Dream in Color, Smooshy w/Cashmere for a shawl pattern that a friend bought for me.

Karen G

My favorite purchase this year by far was my Hue Loco! Tweed Sock in Sucker Punch and Phyllis in Moon Rocks and Petunia. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful dyer!


Not this year, but in the last year, my favorite has to be Rachael's recommendation to buy Madelinetosh in conference call for an Old Romance sweater.

Lori Stathem

Walk tough sock in piñata is what I would choose! I’m curious to how those pretty colors would work up in a shawl. Thank you for the opportunity.


I am obsessed with Madelinetosh's Spectrum colorway. I ordered a skein just to have it around because I'd knit my other two. :)

Melissa B

I’ve done my fair share of shopping at SSYC through the years but over the past year I’ve been on a yarn diet and worked to shop my stash. But almost every month, I’ll go to the website and put a fiberstory gradient kit (or two) into my cart. Ive only knit with fiberstory once but I loved the experience so much, I dream about those kits and fave sock. I miss shopping in person. Diet discipline is more difficult when the fiber is in my hands! Congrats on your 13th anniversary.

Sherri H

I love my Lorna’s Laces Yarn. It makes beautiful socks and shawls. This is my favorite place to buy Yarn and I will buying much more in the future!


I’ve never ordered at all butidlove something beautiful for a shawl.

deborah kitts

I would love to try the Salhana lace yarn for a shawl, I primarily crochet but am learning to knit and want to buy some sock yarn for those!
Love all of your yarn, but finances are tight right now due to my husband's poor health.
Crocheting and knitting keep me sane!

Jacqueline Taylor

I love my LITLG Pretty Posy and the project bag!

Michelle Embry

I placed a number of orders last year, but have been holding back so far this year - I'm eyeing the Flock Fiber Studio Take a Hike Sock... may have to add some of that to my inventory!

Linda Sutherland

My favorite purchase this year was from your sale section. I knit socks for charity and love the Mineville Wool Project Sock Yarn. The great price on a great yarn allows me to knit more pairs than I would be able to do with regular price yarn.

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