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April 24, 2018



OH WOW!!! Lots of fun goodies, hope I can snag one!!!!

Geraldine Gilbert

What time does “tomorrow” start?

Ellen Adrian

I always need sock yarn....but I also always need coffee!!!!
Please let me know about the specials!!!

Josephine Marrero

those coffee mugs! Where?

Paulette Rattigan

Love, love, love all your sock yarns. The mugs would certainly brighten the start of my day.


Usually around 10am EST.
We will have more mug kits available this summer too- these will likely go FAST.

Frances B

I've been looking at the website for the past 25 minutes and can't find the mug set.
Has it been sold out?
Previous post said it went live at 10am?
And sold out in 20 minutes?

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