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April 02, 2018


  Sara Hettmer

I would re read and re watch The Magicians by Lev Grossman.


So many choices! I'd probably use up a day or two deciding, then would go with Downton Abbey, or maybe X-Files.


I am currently on my last day of spring break and I plan on binge watching season 4 of Sherlock :)

Karen Leonard

I’d binge watch Mad Men or Lost. Again!


If I had a week to stay home and binge and knit I would re-read Gone With the Wind for about the 20th time. I'd love to watch all the Harry Potter movies again, one right after the other.

Sue Kurtz

Why not binge tv AND read? It's a week off! I'm very behind reading would catch up on Stephen King and Anne Rice. Binge watching - rewatch GoT, finish binging Third Rock and Soap.

Amanda Guthrie

Right now I’m binge listening to the Harry Potter books through Audible while I knit! I’d probably re-watch the Downton Abbey series!


I am not stuck on a series, but could watch alot of the Food Network and DIY channel.


In the spirit of spring cleaning, I would binge the Hallmark movies on my DVR (some are still unwatched from Christmas). I am also interested in Shetland and if we had a streaming service, I would check that out.


Call the Midwife is my all time favorite, although MASH comes in a close second!

Billie Longfellow

An entire week?!?! I would read and read some more!

georgene Thompson

I'd catch up on The Crown.

Roxanna Mattherws

I would binge on the entire Terry Pratchett Discworld series on audio while I knit!

Tanya M Bankert

Criminal minds!


I’d watch the Handmaids Tale, while knitting up a cozy project


Ooh, game of thrones followed by orphan black

Diane Jespersen

I would be in my easy chair, wrapped in a blanket, 3 knitting projects by my side, watching Gilmore Girls! I know every line and I love it.


Omg these yarns are sooo beautiful!!! Thank you so very much for the opportunity!!!♥️♥️♥️🤞🤞🤞🤞


I would read. I have a list and some books on hand. First up "Clay Girl"

Michelle Roy

I’m a big binge watcher. From Mad Men to Outlander. I’m currently on the hunt for a new program....


I’m bingeing on Scandal right now and it’s aweseome! I’d also love to do a Marvel movie marathon to prepare for the upcoming new movie.

Susan James

I'd watch FIREFLY while knitting! and trying to remember the Chinese curses!! LOL!


The Crown and Narcos on Netflix! Thank you for your generous giveaways!,

Jenn H

im not much of a tv watcher but id love to listen to the lord of the rings trilogy recording as i knit! But were a homeschooling family so no such luck! 😉 were all home working anyway!


I don't watch too many TV series, but I'd love the chance to catch up on some movies that I've been meaning to watch. I'd love to reread JD Robb's "In Death" series but it's a bit tricky to read and knit at the same time, but I can watch the box and knit.

Randa Lankford

I would start Bones from the beginning.


I would binge watch Empire!

Karen Lang

I woould rewatch all episodes of Downtown Abbey with a stash of Dove dark chocolate with almonds nearby.

Marianne Griffith

I would hopefully catch up on This is Us and then listen to books on Audible!!!

Laura Beutler

I would binge watch all the Marvel movies before Infinity War comes out. I will likely do that without the vacation, but a vacation would be nice.


I love to watch Dr. Pol when knitting!

Kate Greenwood

I would re-binge Lost. Such a good show that is perfect for binging!


I would binge on watching Poldark (PBS/Masterpiece)! Thank you!


As far as I'm concerned, TV is for sports. So, this time of the year, I'd binge on baseball during the day, and hockey at night!


I would binge watch Grimm and Madam Secretary, Downton Abbey and maybe try True Blood or IZombie. If I were reading, I'd do Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series or Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar or Joust series again and Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern series or her spaceship series. Gee, I'm going to need a LOT of time off!


I would watch the entire run of Downton Abbey. I’ve seen the whole thing but in pieces and I feel like I would love it even more if I watched it back to back.

Sally A. Gilbertson

I would binge watch the Walking Dead.

Kim Mathison

I would binge watch Outlander. Already read the books but heard the show was really pretty good

JoAnn Byrne

I would watch every episode of Midsommer it.

Sara Miller

I would watch NCIS (the original, LA and New Orleans) all from the beginning again.


I'd go for all the documentaries on Nat Geo, Discovery and The History Channel. Aanything about people, history, biology, science, odd theories...


I would finish New Girl!


I would watch Frankie & Grace on Netflix.... They make me laugh!


I'm not into TV, but I would totally binge on audiobooks while knitting. I'm thinking of listening to the Harry Potter series again.

Andrea Mundt

The last time I took a week off I binge watched Downton Abbey. I loved it!!


Grey's Anatomy is my favorite binge watching show even when I only have a few hours to watch anything.

Deborah Garcia

I would binge watch Longmire all over again! Excellent show!
And the brown colors in Manos de Uraguay remind me of the western colors inthe whiw!


Stranger Things on Netflix as well as some classsic movies
Thanks for the giveaway


Miss Marple and/or Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes

Diane Campbell

I would binge watch Hallmark movies. They are all feel good movies and always have a happy ending which I love. Of course I would also be knitting socks which are my favorite things to knit!


I love that I’m not the only one who enjoys programs on the BBC, and I agree I could binge watch Midsomer Murders. Especially since there’s no commercials!

Eileen Bator

I would go back to an oldie and rewatch The West Wing for an optimistic pick me up.


I've binge watched Expanse before and intend to do so again, great show...

Rhonda Atkinson

Thank you,
I would binge watch Criminal Minds, Will and Grace, Frazier, and Blue Bloods.


I’d watch Game of Thrones.


Well I have been binge watching Doc Martin so would probably finish that up first then there's season 2 of Victoria and is the new season of Jessica Jones out yet . . .

Barbara Bergstrom

I would watch NCIS! It's my fav!! Of course, I'd knit as I watch TV!!! Thank you for the chance to win that gorgeous yarn!

Lizzy P

Scandal...except I’ve alre caught up! I’m looking forward to rewatching all of Monk again and I can always watch Psych, White Collar, or Suits over and over. I do love the shows USA puts out.

Lynda Yinger

So many on my list - the crown, rewatch the the sopranos, sons of anarchy. And what would be better w new beautiful yarn to start a project!!

Carol C

ER, currently watching on POPTv.

Jennifer Cameron

I suck ar binge watching tv. I get tired of it. But if forced to choose, probably Parenthood as I started it several months ago and haven’t even made it through season 1 yet 😂


Madmen. I started watching it and got side tracked. I loved it but would have to start all over again!!


I'm way behind in Orphan Black, so I'd binge watch that to catch up!

Lori Stathem

Gilmore Girls or Mom is what I would binge watch

Jo Anna

Lovely yarn...with the kids, I'd binge read Memoirs of a Geisha...moving on to twilight n Harry Potter series...finishing off by watching the movie version with the kids...of course Clueless n Legally Blonde would be in the mix somewhere.

Then, if I had more time on my own, I'll binge read all of Phillipa Gregory's books and watch Rome and Game of Thrones series with a glass of wine n one of my mindless knitting cowl WIP...with a few Keanu Reeves movies thrown in here n! all your colorways, they're so brilliant!❤️


Stranger things, the tudors, Game of thrones, Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple..... and knit shawls, get Chinese food..... but that’s not happening here. Instead we are gearing up for the Pacific Northwest First Robotics Championships GoTeam 2471!

Sylvia King

I listen to books on audio while knitting socks from my Simply Socks yarn stash


The Office, or Downton Abbey, or Outlander, or Parka and Rec...oh goodness I can’t decide!!!


I love to watch In the Heat Of The Night. Watching that and knitting would be wonderful.

Sheila Archey

If I had a week with nothing to do but knit and watch television, I would love every minute of it! PBS Nature, would be my choice. I love the photography that goes into making us feel we are living with nature.

Deanna Arnold

Oooooooh!! I would binge watch something royal, like Downton Abbey again (although I’m not sure I could survive Matthew’s untimely demise for the second time)....or maybe Victoria. The music, the costumes, and the accents—so soothing and refined! I would also be glued to the second season of Ozark, if it was released!


Fixer Upper, Hometown, Planet Earth, or Blue Planet! Thank you, Allison!


If it was just me at home, I'd watch CSI. We never had cable until my kids left for college and I discovered the show and love trying to figure out "who done it" - it's like a puzzle. If my husband was home with me, we'd binge on Downton Abbey - he is as big a fan of the series as I am.
If I was going to binge read, my daughter introduced me to The Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers and I love getting a glimpse at Roman history through the eyes of her Christian fiction novels, A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, As Sure as the Dawn. Historical fiction, romance, and a personal faith journey, you can read them out of order or in the order written, they each tell a good story. I'd probably alternate reading with tv binging, so I could knit while watching tv, then put the needles down and take a break to read! What a great vacation!


I think I would binge watch the Hallmark Channel. Love to watch those movies while I am knitting.


I would binge watch NCIS!

Colleen Pavlicek

The Crown! I haven't had a chance to finish this show yet. Or, maybe I would rewatch Downton Abbey.


I'd watch the new season that was just released of An Unfortunate Series of Events. The first season was amazing!


I’d rewatch all the Harry Potter movies or The Walking Fead or Game of Thrones or The Man in the High Castle or..... the list goes on and on!

Mikael Rich

Binge watching Stitchers right now but any crime show like CSI or Law and Order are my go to binge choices.


I would take it old school... Murder She Wrote, Magnum P.I., Remington Steel, or the original Macgyver.

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

I've been wanting to wait "Suits" but haven't had time to start it yet.


Midsomer Murders - with 20 seasons that’s a lot of knitting time!

Cheryl Foutch

I love to binge watch Grey's Anatomy because I can crochet and not keep my eyes on the tv, because I know the lines so well I can look up when I know something funny or heart-wrenching is going to happen!

Jessica French

I would watch reread all of the Jurassic Park set. I’m getting ready for the newest release in July! And I can easily knit while watching it!


Anne of Green Gables. Maybe I would look for the audio books.


Game of thrones


I would settle in to watch NCIC from the very beginning.


Rosemary and Thyme and Midsomer Murders.

Pennie  Nelson

Parenthood and Heartland! And multiple projects both new and WIP’s 😃😇🙃

Becki Greetan

I need to catch up on Stranger Things and would love to see what the show Santa Clarita Diet is like. I can always watch Longmire and Outlander if I catch up on the others! I can always find a show if I want to knit!


My husband and I have been binge watching "Alone" from History Channel, but myself? 'Black Sails' is the show I recently started watching. There is also a whole slew of books for me to read...


I would probably rewatch Wallander. My first colorwork sweater was from Manos. Embarrassed by my tension but still a beautiful sweater.

Barbara Rude

The Crown; love the Algeria, just knitted Rainbow Warrior using this yarn, just lovely..


Doctor Who, then possibly The Crown

Elaine Boston

I really liked the Shetland series on PBS.

Kelly Schmidt

Definitely Doctor Who...I can binge watch that anytime!

Brenda Lewis

I just acquired the entire run of the Red Green Show on DVD. Not certain I can get through all 15 seasons plus specials in one week, but it is worth trying!


I would rewatch things I own on DVD but haven't watched in a while, like Freaks and Geeks or Daria.


Supernatural is ALWAYS a good bet for me to binge watch! Binge read is Anne Rice or Susan Bliler. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Richelle Krotts

I've seen four episodes of The Crown so far, but I definitely want to finish up on that one. I just finished The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and definitely recommend it. And I can binge on Doctor Who always, even though I've seen all of them!

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