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April 02, 2018


Rabbit Zielke

I plan to binge watch the remake of Lost in Space and rewatch all the Marvel movies before I go to the theater to see Infinity Wars. I might be a retired grandmother but I can still let my geek flag fly high!


I've been binging on scandal!

Malissa Koenig

I'd knit while binge watching season 2 of The Crown. Finally!


I just started the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime and am loving it!

Kathy J Wilson

I've always wanted to watch the Outlander series so I think that would be the one I would choose!

Shawn sweeney

I'd binge watch The Gilmore Girls

Elizabeth B

Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and if there was still time left I’d watch some Parks and Rec.


Going a complete different direction. I’d rewatch the two seasons of Better Late Than Never! They made me laugh so much.


As a mom of two very littles, this question just about made me cry. The thought of a whole week off?! I don't even know what i want to read. I think i would head to the library and grab whatever caught my interest.

Sam james

I watch so many. DanTDM on you tube. Father Brown, Miss Fisher, NCIS, starting to watch marvel shows on Netflix.


Lately when I've been knitting, I've been bingeing Parks and Rec! It's so funny and easy to knit to!

Megan A-R

The Crown, or re-watch Parks and Rec for the millionth time!


Outlander and Downton Abbey!

Christin Santos

I want to kick the husband out of the house and bing watch Outlander series.

Cindy Strick

I would binge watch Big Bang Theory. The show always makes me laugh. There is too much unhappiness in the world right now. We all need to laugh more!


Since I love to read my kindle while I knit I could easily binge read Jane Austen's books. But I could binge watch the Victoria series, too.

Myra Freberg

Probably Downton Abbey and or listen to All the Harry Potter books again.

Jen M.

The crown and this is us


Project Runway, RuPaul’s DragRace, the Sopranos, True Blood, Shameless


Grays anatomy

Leah Lawrence




Gena O’Brien

I would binge watch Pride and Prejudice (BBC production) for the millionth time.


Probably massive amounts of episodes of Highlander!! Knit, watch, repeat!!


I'd probably binge watch all the Harry Potter movies (been listening to the audio books lately, and wanting to watch them again), and Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Brandi lee

Currently binge rewatching friends

Amy Young

Grey's Anatomy.


Gilmore Girls is always binge worthy, however I am currently binging on Chicago Fire - super late to the game, I only got into it a few months back and am now on Season 4 :)



Alisa M. Rosales

One of my knitting groups starting rewatching Supernatural. I need to catch up to them, and also finish the last few episodes of Sherlock.

L. Jones

A week to binge...AND many choices. Chef's Table. Now...what would I knit with my winnings?

Linda Meyer

I would binge watch Downton Abbey. I just found out about this show and it went off the air! Sigh.


Project Runwzy. The designers are all so talented.

Anne Klein

Hallmark movies!!


Narcos, because I still haven't made it through the most recent season. Or Agents of SHIELD, because I'm way behind.


Any book by Debbie Macomber or Susan Mallery that I could listen to on Audible while I knit!

Pat Stankiewicz

I’d binge watch Covert Affairs! Again! I’ve seen every episode at least once and still can’t get enough!!


Gilmore girls!


Orange is the new black or grace and Frankie

Shelly Gohr

The crown

Annie S.

I would binge watch the Great British Baking Show....again!


I think I would watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, and once I finished that I would re-read books that I've enjoyed. More Jane Austen, my knitting and spinning books,and old knitting/spinning/gardening magazines; however much I could fit in.

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