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April 02, 2018


Candice Hope

I've been stuck on two shows on Netflix lately and they are polar opposites, so it depends on my mood. We just started watching Last Man on Earth. It's so funny. And then for something more relaxing, I've been watching Chef's Table. They are hour-long documentaries on very famous/talented chefs. And it's not so much about their food as it is their life and life in general. It's really interesting. The music is fabulous, lots of classical stuff but... sometimes lots of subtitles, so if I'm knitting something easy it'll be ok. 😉


Santa Clarita Diet and The Crown!! nice combo, eh? :)


The Crown and Life in Pieces are two of our favorites right now. Perfect for knitting!!

Cindy h.

Probably downton abbey.

Colleen D'Allura

The Crown. I havent had time to finish it yet.


I'd go back and watch Game of Thrones from the beginning, because there have been so many plot twists and turns that I'm sure I've missed some important stuff in seven seasons! I'd have to pick some straightforward knitting to go with it though - wouldn't want to risk dropping stitches due to jumping at the violent bits.


If I had a week to do nothing but knit, read, and watch TV I'm positive I would have a Harry Potter marathon: movies, audio books, and actual books! I may even wear my HP-themed Poste socks ;)

Sarah trabue

Midsummer murders. So many seasons. I love all the bbc dramas.


Binge read fantast...probably reread The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Game of Thrones series!


Shetland. I love the scenery and the sweaters.

Kim Spolarich

Midsomer Murders from the beginning and Hercule Poirot!


I would watch the Star Wars movies. I haven't seen them all and I miss out on a lot of nerd talk in my circle of friends!

Tara Paine

I would (finally) start watching Game of Thrones.

Christine Clouser

NCIS -my favorite show to watch while I'm knitting.

Cathy Dayton

I need to catch up with The Americans. I’m a season or two behind! I’ve never knit with Manos it would be fun to try!


Hulu has ER! That will keep me busy for hours and hours, and If I’m sittin’, I’m knittin’!

Dawn Taylor


I would binge watch PBS anything, Father Brown n Danger Mouse on Netflix and listen to audio books by Lynn Cahoon, Monica Ferris or Jane Austen.


Clare Wilkinson

I’d watch the Australian show A Place to Call Home. And also Monk.

Mary Anne

The Crown and Downton Abbey.


I love the british shows. I'd like to see Shetland from the beginning and the Tunnel.

Claudia Hopkins

I'm a reader that loves historical fiction. My library is huge. I would pick out my favorite historical fiction novels and reread them all.


Thank you for this generous giveaway offer! I would binge watch Friends... after all, I cannot read while knitting. 😊


I'd pick a few new-to-me shows to check out, and if nothing grabbed me, rewatch The Great British Bake Off. and maybe do some baking. =)

Nikki M

I have never watched Dr Who so that’s at the top of my list. Manos del Uruguay is gorgeous yarn. A treat to knit with.


I would watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and knit away the day!

Heather Jackson

Humm watch Midsommer Murders and reread Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Pattie Cowan

I started on Supernatural a few months ago. I was going strong, but life got in the way. There are 13 seasons! Not too bad when most tv shows have 12ish episodes per season. Supernatural has 22ish per season! I better get going!


What a wonderful giveaway! I'd love to binge watch The Americans, I've heard good things

Therese Lussier

I love to watch Pioneer Woman cooking shows. They are delicious and uses what's on hand. I also love The Crown , Victoria and Dowton Abby. I <3 Manos especially in Fino. It feels so good between your fingers and always look great. Thanks for this fun contest.


I’m currently binge-watching old episodes of Roseanne. I forgot how hilarious it was and I’m getting a lot of knitting done! 😁

Anna Hensley

I'm behind and need to catch up on the newest season of X-Files!

Cathy Green

I would binge watch Downton Abby. I saw it while it was running but there are things that I’m sure I missed.


I’d binge all the Harry Potter movies to start


I’d binge watch The Big Bang Theory but I’d try to do it in order!

Pat Hill

Don't I wish that I had a week off! I would probably watch, "Call the Midwife." I haven't watched it in a good while.


The Americans, it maybe the Crown


Outlander and Supernatural. I’ve watched Supernatural through more than once, but I always love rewatching it.

Sandy C

NCIS...all 14 seasons. Just think how much knitting I can get done.

Michelle Holcombe

I have 2 seasons of Vampire Diaries to catch up on!

Kelli L

My kids are actually gone for spring break visiting their grandmother, while my husband and I stayed home to continue to work. We actually binged watched Vikings yesterday and hope to get caught up on This Is Us and maybe some Outlander. (Great books by the way!)


I would read the Mitford series by Jan Karon. Great stories.


I'd probably watch either "Criminal Minds" or "Supernatural". I'm currently re-reading the JD Robb "In Death" series, so I'd continue with that!


Wow.....a whole week! Probably would binge on Downton Abbey or Midsummer Murders, or Miss Fischer...


I'd totally binge watch Game of Thrones from the very beginning episode. I never seemed to find the time to catch up on what I'd missed, yet kept missing more. I only watched Episode 1 :( If I had no TV, I'd be happy to read the Outlander series from start to finish :)


Grey's Anatomy

Claire Robinson

All of the old episodes of E.R.


I'd watch Twin Peaks (for the 20th time).

Jennifer Carabio

I’m currently binging Six Feet Under, so I would finish that up!


I'd research all the episodes of Shades of see what I missed.


Call the Midwives and Midsomer Murders. And maybe the Barefoot Contessa.

Beth W.

The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon rocks!

Marilyn Patoprsty

I would Binge Watch the show I always loved - Mash!!

Elaine whitesel

I would probably watch ancient aliens on history channel.

Stephanie Norris

Gilmore Girls! Thanks for the pattern suggestions too.😊


Definitely Bob’s Burgers! I want to watch Game of Thrones but, I have to be so invested and watch so closely that I wouldn’t be able to knit and focus on the show. In contrast, I have seen every episode of Bob’s Burgers so many times I don’t have to watch to know what’s happening. I look forward to the day that I can knit without looking.


I haven't watched any Game of Thrones yet. I'd like to catch up so that I know what everyone is talking about!


I would binge watch game of thrones again.


Legends of Tomorrow! I'm currently watching it at lunchtime but would love to go back and binge-watch the entire thing in order. It's so much fun.


I enjoy watching shows from Masterpiece. Thanks for the contest. Hope you have an enjoyable spring break.

Lynne Marquardt

Oooh... Pick me!! I’ve got several projects in mind ❤️

Nola Banks

When I'm binge watching it usually on the discovery channel Alaska the last frontier is a favorite of mine.


I'd binge Parks & Rec because we still haven't gotten into it!!!!

Valerie Mizgalski

I'm into audio books, especially historical fiction and biography. The advantage is, I can knit and enjoy my books at the same time.!

JB Pierce

I would love thr time to catch up on YouTube vloggers like Rosianna H Rojas and Lucy Moon,among others


Chic flicks or Hallmark Channel movies

Holly Miller

I would watch grays anatomy

Karen Coldren

I would binge watch A Place to Call Home...while knitting, of course!

Nikisha Shoulders

Downton Abbey for sure! I feel like I'm missing out

Ann Austerman

The Crown for serious stuff and Grace and Frankie for good laughs!

Sarah Sloan

I would binge watch Doc Martin, again, haha! I just love that show!

Julie Vance

Call the Midwife. Love that show.

Debra Cohen

I would rewatch Outlander from the beginning. Can’t wait for the next season!!

Audra L.

The second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the newest seasons of Death in Paradise and Father Brown.


I'm knitting and trying to avoid going to the hospital

Lisa Anderson

I’m currently working thru Dr Who but have many more seasons to go.


I’m between shows but I like all the suggestions here! Maybe midsummer murders

Katy Turbeville

I haven't watched Downton Abbey in years and then a little My 600 lbs Life (on my DVR) because I have 30 episodes to catch up on. It's perfect for when I need something to listen to but don't have to pay close attention.


I’d binge watch The Man in the High Castle! Season 1 was amazing and I’ve heard season 2 doesn’t disappoint.

Christy Denton

The sockhead cowl is lovely. Would be great to knit while watching Call the Midwife or Great British Baking Show!


I would rewatch the whole Stranger Things series in hopes of speeding up the next season release!! Just finished the Alienist and digging into the book it is based on.

Julie Saletto

I need to start the second season of “One Day at a Time” on Netflix! The remake is SO GOOD!


Currently bingeing on The Great British Baking show in the evenings and weekends, if that counts 😊 (everyone is so nice it's a happy side to watch).


I would watch west world or finally get around to watching downtown abbey

Coby Hanna -Butler

I would binge The Handmaid’s Tale as the new season is coming out soon! (Apparently I’m the only one who already watched The Crown and Victoria) ;)


I want to binge on Stranger Things and Alienist while knitting my cares away!


I would binge Queen Sugar (season 2), Atlanta (season 1) and Stranger Things (seasons 1 & 2). Thanks for the giveaway!

Kandi Petersen

Justified thats my go to right now. Woukdnt know how to react to having a week off !


I am starting my spring break TODAY! I'm planning to binge Dexter and Sherlock!

Emily Chandler

Ha, I am binge-watching Downton Abbey right now!


It would have to be Las Vegas the series! Love that show!


I like tv just fine, but am nit a binge watcher. Since I have 20 books out of the library, though, I thought I'd take advantage of that option: Obsidio by Kaufman & Kristoff; We Were Eight Years in Power by Coates (the first half is excellent thus far); Sing, Unburied, Sing by Ward; Strange the Dreamer by Taylor; and Crocodile on the Sandbank by Peters.


If I had an entire week to relax, I'd probably binge Jessica Jones on Netflix. Although I don't think it would take the entire week to finish it, haha. I've been needing to re-read Harry Potter and would love to have some uninterrupted reading time for that series again.


Downton Abbey and Santa Clarita diet


Downtown Abbey for sure! I also love the folks on My Big Fat Fabulous Life!

Debbie Coy

Hallmark Movies

Shana Thornhill

I'd watch Doctor Who from the beginning!!!


Gilmore Girls


I would watch Dr. Who. I think it is something fun that could play in the background as I knit.

Fran Hartman

Oh if only we had a TV...we live on a sailboat, however I'd watch Oprah Black.

Denise Colley

I would re-watch Bates Motel!! Loved that show! Thanks for this contest and hope you're enjoying your spring break, Alison!

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