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April 06, 2018



On the deck of a cabin in the woods. Sounds perfectly peaceful!

Kelly Kulhavy

In a cozy chair by a fire with desperate housewives on.


I carry knitting everywhere I go, but I think my favorite place to knit is at home on my comfy couch, in my cozy pjs with my fur babies. I can have a snack, tea, tv or an audio book...bliss.

Lisa Dykstra

In a cottage by Lake Michigan with my knitting group!


My perfect knitting spot would be my couch, cat by my side, looking out at the snow gently falling in the woods -- not enough snow to have to shovel, just enough to be pretty -- with a cup of my favorite tea and my favorite relaxation CD playing.

(True confession: knitting in public makes me nervous, usually, because I figure I'm going to drop something important -- stitches, markers, needles, directions... something! So I always have it with me but generally don't pull it out.)


In a cabin in the woods. Fire in the fireplace and cup of coffee in nearby and dog at my feet.


I'd love to knit on a weekend retreat with fellow knitters at a cozy B&B or beach side cabin. Friends, fiber and fellowship sounds divine to me.


My favorite place to knit is my local coffee shop, so cozy and the music is great. It's such a nice atmosphere. So, if I had a dream place it would be a similar comfortable coffee shop in Europe, it a whole string of them while I travel across Europe.

T Craven

With Kate Davies in the Scottish Highlands!


Whoops! posted wrong place first. My favorite place to knit is by our fire. However, a close second would be the shores of Lake Superior.


on a cabin poch by a lake!

Aimee Kilburn

I enjoy knitting in coffee shops with my headphones on to soothing music.

Sandy officer

I knit everywhere but my favorite spot is on the golf cart visiting a new course while my husband plays a round

Karen Coats

Prince Edward Island, or wherever they filmed Anne of Green Gables, seems like the perfect place to visit and knit!

Marianne Griffith

My favorite knitting spot is with 4 friends every Wednesday. We meet and “ knit” our lives together and with yarn too! 😊


Sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of a mountain cabin.


I really enjoy knitting anywhere where I have some background noise but not overwhelming--usually this means home with the TV on or music playing! But I have been known to take my knitting with me to parties and other more bizarre locations if they don't require my full attention!


On a porch surrounded by nature. Birds, trees, feeders, etc. My dream back yard...

Dana Attwood

On the beach was nice, but every night I love to Netflix and Knit by the light of my Ottlite :)


Dream spot would be on the balcony of a cruise ship on a British Isles Cruise.


I have a knitting project with me most everywhere I go. I have gone on a long trip and I brought a number of projects with me. We were on a train and I brought one of the projects up to the vista train and knit there. When at home I love to knit on the floor of the guest room. It is just plain old comfort for me.


Cottage porch...comfy chair, overlooking the water... With my best yarny people!


At a sidewalk cafe in Paris, with a glass of wine...ahhh.


Before I picked up knitting again, we used to vacation in a cabin in Vermont. It had a porch and I would sit out there and hand stitch, listening to the brook across the street, the leaves rustling in the breeze and enjoying a cup of tea. I would love to go back there and sit, knitting away. In my dreams....

Diana Lichvarik

I have so enjoyed knitting during the numerous snowstorms we have had this winter while sitting at my dining room table, A cozy home and knitting - nothing better,


My idea of a favorite place to knit would be in a log cabin in the woods, with a wood-burning fire blazing, watching the snow falling and getting deeper by the minute, then waking up the next morning, all snowed-in and knitting again with my morning cup(s) of coffee looking at the beautiful snowy scenery. And building another fire, of course! And having some knitting friends along or just me and my husband would be wonderful, the icing on the cake!


I knit a lot of places but I think my favorite is near water. Bench or beach, but the sound of water with knitting is just great.


A cabin in the mountains...with hot coffee and a rocking chair.


Anywhere warm (I hate cold fingers while I’m knitting!) and outside enjoying nature! (Beach, cabin in the woods, anywhere!)

Esther Leek

I’m a crocheter and my perfect spot is in a cozy chair in front of a big picture window!


I really enjoy just knitting at home in my chair with my hot tea nearby and a good tv show to watch. If I can include a friend it's even better!!


I love to knit outside on the weekends at the camper...two of my favorite things!


I’d love to find a little village coffee shop in England, Ireland, Scotland, Or Iceland to sit, chat, and knit with locals. Truth be told, I’d love to live in any one of those places and become one of the locals too!!

Jen Schendel

I'd love to be knitting at a brewery or on the porch of a little cabin in the woods!


I rarely get to sit anywhere quietly - yesterday I brought my kintting to the world's most chaotic kids' playzone. while my kids ran around crazy, i plug in some headphones with a classic novel and pulled out my knitting. but ideally, anywhere calm and quiet, with a cup of tea and nature would be amazing.

Michelle Villanti

On a large covered deck overlooking the ocean where killer whales swim and jump up out of the water in full breach- close enough to where I can see them and hear the water splash. Of course- if I were sitting there with all that, I'd probably not get a ton of knitting done because I wouldn't want to take my eyes off the whales!!

Wendy Chase

On the front porch of a cabin in the woods.

Megan A-R

In a rocking chair, somewhere warm, but not hot, maybe by the ocean or beach. Or somewhere I can knit uninterrupted (which is the dream when you have a 1 year old!)

Courtney Lore

Those project pictures in Italy are awesome!! I've found knitting outside or while on vacation to be too distracting and results in a lot of dropped stitches! For me, kitting in coffee shops is my perfect place. A delicious drink and a break from my kids :)


My favorite spot is on my back deck, with a cat by my side, watching the ducks and geese. I've got lots of knitting, I just need to get a cat!

Adele D

On my front porch on a lovely day (or, for that matter, on a not-so lovely day). The porch overlooks a beautifully landscaped (by my husband) yard.

Cheryl Foutch

My ultimate place would be in a house with a huge floor to ceiling window. The house would be on a bluff overlooking an ocean, I don't care which one and I dont care if it was warm or cold. I'd be in a comfy recliner with my cat curled up in my lap and a big cup of coffee and my yarn. Sheer heaven!


As long as I'm creating a fantasy knitting spot, I'll make it at a cafe table (complete with umbrella) in the desert. With a 360 degree view of mountains, desert landcape, and the huge sky. Plus unlimited iced lemonade and tea.


I love to knit in the morning on a condo balcony overlooking the ocean before I head to the beach.


I have had the opportunity to knit in places all over the world. But the best place to knit is the local coffee shop on Wednesday and Sunday with my knitting friends.


One of my favorite places to visit is Woodstock NY...such an eclectic mix of people. I'd love to sit in the park in the summer and watch people while I knit.


Deck overlooking beach on Maui

Candice Hope

My best friend's house by her fireplace. Best place in the whole world!


I would love to visit Scotland and do a bit of knitting there. The beach is a definite favorite.

Mieka Coppinger

My usual knitting spot is beside my husband. At his bedside, in a chair in a doctors waiting room, at the park. Wherever we happen to be spending time.


I'd love to be sitting outside on a shady porch (with a mosquito screen, of course) with a glass of lemonade, listening to nothing but the sounds of nature around me

Rose Birchall

i most enjoy knitting at home.


In bright green grass by a cabin in the woods and also hearing a brook near by with kids laughing in the background. I have done this numerous times and it is so good for my soul!


I think a long train trip would be great for binge knitting.


My own perfect knitting spot is in my own living room, seated in my comfy recliner in front of the TV. The fireplace is rearby, in case I feel chilly. I have my trusty iPad at my side with my patterns at my fingertips, and Ravelry for when I need a little break from knitting. Coffee and tea are only a few steps away.

Rachel R.

My favorite place to knit is on my couch with all my dogs around me! But more exotically, I'd love to knit on the porch of a cabin in the woods!


I love to knit in my yard by the garden on a sunny spring day! Maybe today!!


It don't knit in public but I'd like to go on a knitting retreat


Sitting on a balcony on the Rue Des Ursins in Paris overlooking the Seine River. With a glass of wine close by!


I would love to knit on the deck of a secluded cabin in the mountains, enjoying the fresh, cool mountain air and listening to a babbling stream nearby...ahhh


This made my day!
It's cold and snowy outside today and I'm sitting and knitting in front of my fireplace with my pup curled up at my feet, my cat purring beside me, a cup of good coffee within reach, and an "I Love Lucy" rerun on the television. I am sooo sick of winter, but being posed with this question made me realize how lucky I am -- I'm right where I need to be. Gonna light some favorite incense and count my blessings along with my stitches.


I'm currently vacationing in my perfect knitting spot! All I need is a good chair. But anyway, I love high-altitude desert and I'm near Capitol reef having the most wonderful time and knitting the most wonderfuI shawl

Rita Redden

I carry knitting everywhere. My favorite spot is my local coffee shop/independent bookstore. A perfect blend of ambience, live music, and company of other book loving friends.

Diane Jespersen

My favorite place to knit is at our cabin we rent each summer. Three glorious weeks sitting on the deck looking at the beautiful lake, eagles, loons while knitting. No TV, radio. It's so peaceful.


I would love to be knitting on the porch of a cabin in the woods on a lake,for the weekend end with bff/knitting buddy.


Local coffee shop that has an acoustic artist performing!


I actually knit inside one of the observation lounges on our cruise to Alaska. We sat in the middle of Glacier Bay waiting and watching the calving of the glaciers as I happily knit socks!

Mary Evers

My favorite place is a cottage on Lake Michigan we rent for a week, in Holland!

Annette Poole

A friend of mine is married to a man from Italy. They have a home in a town called San Terenzo right on the sea. She said that in the afternoon, the women get together in outdoor cafe's and knit. Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!


Log cabin in the mountains, with friends, having a girl's week, fire in the fireplace and a local knitting shop near by for emergency supplies.

Kandi Petersen

My greatest wish of where i could knit would be with my Mother in heaven for a day so i could show her i finally learned. She watched me struggle with it before she passed away and would be so proud i didnt give up.

Betsie Pendarvis

My knitting goes with me everywhere, and completed projects bring me back to the places I knit them. But my favorite is in summer, on my back patio looking at the pool and surrounded by my flowers and visiting birds. Snow here, too, so can't wait!

Anne Marie

Carmel by the Sea. I miss my California roots stuck here in the midwest where it's SNOWING in APRIL!


In a comfy chair in a house in Shetland overlooking the ocean and next to a toasty peat fire!

Mary Eagen

I love sitting in my living room knitting when it's snowing outside and I have nowhere to go. My second favorite is every other week when I get together with my Stitch & Bitch friends to knit. We alternate going to each other's homes. Nothing better than friends , conversation and knitting !

Marsha Ahlander

Paris cafe


On a balcony overlooking the ocean- the natural light plus the sounds of waves crashing...pure bliss!
(Decks on the lake are fabulous too!)

Lauren B.

In Georgetown, Texas with my son and daughter-in-law sitting with me.


Every Tuesday evening a group of us knitters gather together at Biggbys to knit and chat. It is one of my favorite places to knit. Another would be on my favorite camp chair while camping during the summer.

Jenn H

I would love to sit and knit at the lake with my feet in the water while my kids napped (because lets be honest, vacations arent relaxing when you have small kids)


Right now I would say in the woods next to a nice campfire. This time of year I itch to be outdoors camping and hiking and drinking in nature!


It has to be in a rocking chair on the porch of a cabin in the early morning, with a good cup of coffee overlooking some body of water!


On a big porch with a view of a beautiful lake! And a cafe in Paris!😉

Mikael Rich

A beach side spot or a porch swing on the porch of a cabin in the mountains on vacation with my little family


I would love to have a sunroom overlooking the lake out back. I would want a chair and a half, ottoman and a blanket made from Yowza in Stars Hollow.

Andrea Mundt

Anywhere quiet!


My favorite knitting memory is when I went to a knitting camp and was sitting (and knitting) in a rocking chair on the cabin porch on a rainy day. My mind often goes there when I knit.


I would love to take my knitting and go camping up in the Oregon mountains, where i can take in all the tall trees, waterfalls, and blue skies.


My favorite place to knit is with the knitting group we formed in my apartment building. We meet in the "Garden Room" which is aground for room with a patio. It's lovely. The best thing, however, is the group itself! Although attendance fluctuates a little, we have every generation represented! And everyone learns something about and from each other. It's a real and vibrant community!

Judy Carpenter

I would get comfortable in my overstuffed chair with a cup of coffee and my yarn stash around me and my favorite project in hand...

Shawn sweeney

Anywhere and everywhere. Anytime I am knitting, I am in a perfect place!


That’s a tough one. I love knitting on my couch in my home with all my little boys’ sounds around me but, if international travel were on the table I’d say Ireland. So my perfect knitting spot would be in an Irish pub with a crackling fire and some wire-haired Pub Pup sleeping on a braided rug. My husband and I would sit side-by-side in leather chairs, him looking through one of his many magazines and I knitting something beautiful with local yarn from Life in the Long Grass.

Pam Hunter

I can truly say, without exception, that the most beautiful place to sit and knit would be an open piazza in Italy, drinking an espresso, eating a cannoli, and surrounded by some of the most beautiful sights in the world.


I go to my neighborhood Starbucks several days a week to knit and chat with other "regulars" who hang out there. I do knit at home a lot, but there are less distractions at Starbucks, and also no cats to get on my lap and add unwanted fiber to the project! The "no stray cat hairs" factor is especially advisable when knitting a gift project.


a cabin by a lake. and no neighbors.

Jolene Lathum

In a nice cozy chair up in the mountains with a fire going and music playing and watching it snow with a nice cup of coffee.

Christin Santos

I would love to knit on an Alaskan cruise, watching the beautiful scenery.


Knitting with friends in our local coffee shop is one of my favorite places for knitting.


Rome, in a cafe.


Ilove to knit on my back patio

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