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April 05, 2018



Oyster, Pansy and Ripple in DK.


Actually, my favorite place is in front of our fire. However, the shores of Lake Superior would run a close second.


Beachcomber, beach grass, and coastal


Becket, Chrysalis, and foliage!!

Karen Coats

I have been admiring the Fade cardigan projects! There are so many beautiful colors it is hard to choose!

Michelle Villanti

I need to go BACK to school - color school- this is hard! Without being able to hold them together- but Mareki, Pewter and maybe tanned or Pink

Megan A-R

Evergreen, Aquarium, Oceans Flight in singles! But they are all so pretty!


Tangerine, Rosegold, Sunkissed in Singles


Shack, Rosehip and Pink! Lovely!


Halcyon, Pansy, and Stone beautiful!


Antique, Campfire and Harvest--all on Sock, please. If I were to do a Face,I would want to start with Forest Bathing,but I would have you choose the other two for me,as I have no clue about color theory,lol--again all three in Sock.Thank you for the giveaway!


Pressed Flowers, Joyce, Forest Bathing!


Evergreen, Ocean and Barefoot in Sock!

Lauren B.

Joyce, Linen, and Meadow


It's hard to choose! Either the one you have pictured or Turf, Weathered and Barefoot. 😀

Shawn sweeney

Becket, chlorphyll, evergreen

Christin Santos

I think the colors you picked out are absolutely beautiful for a fade kit.

Judy Carpenter

My favorite fade would consist of Touchtone, Wild Rosebay and Ocean Flight.

Dezarae M

All of the choices have my head spinning!

I'd go for Nude, Sunkissed, and Tanned. Perfect combo and has me dreaming of Summer.


Joyce, Linen and Moonlit

Jennifer F

I think Nude, Meraki, and Tanned in Sock would look great together!


Forest Bathing, Garden Party and Jezabel in Sock!

sarah trabue

Ripple, meadow, and crush!

Sheri Karobonik

Damask, Nourish and barefoot for a wonderful shawl in do.


All of them!
But if I had to choose three: campfire, forest bathing and tin shed.


Black, white and grey

Geraldine Gilbert

Tide pool, Rosehip, and Oceans Flight? Really too difficult to choose.

Pennie  Nelson

Becket, Evergreen, Garden Party
Too many to choose from! Love them all!

Jen M.

Weathered, Cauldron and harvest


Aquarium, beach grass and barefoot

Caitlin A

Fortune, Moonlit, Evergreen in Sock! They're all so beautiful, though.

Teresa Higus

Parasol, Linen and Ripple would make delicious socks!


In the singles: Foliage, Chlorophyll, and Evergreen! Not my usual colors, but love all three of those, and her yarn is fantastic!

Lisa Duffin

I like ceramic, ultra and antique . Actually I would be thrilled to win any color at all!


I think Garden Party, Rosebay and Metanoia would make a lovely Fade


Cantaloupe, Tangerine Dream, and Chrysalis

Heather J

That was seriously fun!
Chrysalis,Ceramic & Evergreen


Ooooh How I love me some LITLG! Fortune, Evergreen and Crush.


I can’t imagine a more beautiful combination than the one in your photo: Rosegold, Weathered and Barefoot. 😍


I'm really into Cantaloupe, rosegold and turf on sock


Nourish, Coastal, and Nude


I am in love with Jezebel, Joyce and Moonlit!

Tabitha Burks

Harvest, Weathered, and Barefoot!

Amanda Swanson

Evergreen, Meadow and Beach Grass.

Gena O’Brien

Night, Wild Rosebay and Urban Flowers in DK! Gorgeous colors! I love your compare feature!

Lue Bond

Beachcomber, beachgrass and ceramic. Love the colors and love the names 😊


I am in love with Wild Rosebay, Parasol, and Joyce in the singles...I love knitting shawls, fingerless mitts, and pretty accessories, so these would give me even more inspiration!!


I think Beachcomber, Beachgrass, and Ceramic on Single would make a beautiful fade!

Brandi lee

Like a goldish yellow, medium grey with a blue tint so the yellow pops and then a light blue grey color

Julie Olsen

Sock: Garden Party, Tin Shed and Ocean Flight

Amy Young

Cantaloupe, Rosegold and Garden Party in Sock!


Oh man, hard to narrow it down!!
I'd probably go with Storm, Nourish, Tin Shed

Thank you!


Meadow, Moonlit and Linen in Sock would make a lovely Free Your Fade

Becky Collins

Parasol, ultra, and barfoot 😍


Not a fade but Ceramic, ocean flight and tin shed all jumped out at me


In the sock I like: Forest Bathing, Evergreen, and Fortune :)

Alisa M. Rosales

The Singles in Rosegold, Weathered and Barefoot tickle my fancy for some lacy cowls.


Aquarium, garden party and halcyon

L. Jones

Pansy, Linen, Ultra. <3

Julie Marshall

Joyce, Meadow & Moonlit! I love purples/lavenders!!

Brenda Souders



Not a fade person. So these don’t go together. But they would make amazing accessories especially for
Toddler gloves. Parasol, Urban Flowers, and Stone Collector. 💕


Forest, Evergreen, Foliage.


Barefoot, Crush and Pressed Flowers

Anne Klein

Ceramic, parasol and ripple


Lovely colors!


Aquarium, ceramic and coastal. I have never tried any of their beautiful yarns and I would be a lucky day indeed to win!


Linen, sunkissed, and velvet in sock!


Ripple, Night, Joyce!

Lisa M Barrett

Okay. Either Pewter, Tin Shed, and Touchstone or Tin Shed, Touchstone, and Joyce. I'd let you experts make the final selection. Thank you so much for the fun week! Hope you enjoyed yourself just as much.


So hard! Rosebay, rose gold and turf but they’re all so lovely


Turf, tan, rose gold Thanjs for the chance!

Robin F.

Forest Bathing, Linen, and pressed flowers (or moonlight)

Shelly Gohr

Beachgrass, oyster, and coastal.


Forest bathing, garden party and Irish black though it’s so hard to think about without holding them all in my hands in front of me


moonlit, crush, and linen...LITLG has great colors..


Ripple, Rosehip & Ocean Flight.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Barefoot, Irish Black and Tin Shed

Very nice collection making it difficult to choose just 3.


Had a hard time choosing but probably sock weight Evergreen, Crush, and Fortune.

Deb J

Aquarium, Joyce and Touchstone!!! But what a tough choice!!! I am in love with sooo many of them!! This has been such a fun week!!!


Such a difficult choice! Since I can only pick three, my choice is Touchstone, Tin Shed and Joyce in Singles. Thank you for the fun week of dreaming about yearn.

Kat Gatzke

I’m having a really hard time narrowing it down to three. It would be some combination of Linen, Moonlit, Irish Black, Meadow, and Ocean Flight.

Annie S.

They are all so beautiful! Fortune, Coastal, Evergreen!


Rosebay, Parasol & Turf

Solange Taylor

My choices would be: Joyce, Moonlit, and Meadow on sock


OK I think I've got it.... Chrysalis, Pressed Flowers, and Linen. In the DK! :D


Jezebel, Rosegold, and Wild Rosebay- all sock. I’m not good at picking colors for a fade so instead it’s just colors that speak to me separately.


Meadow, Pressed Flowers, and Forest Bathing in Sock.

Mary M

it was hard to decide with so many beautiful colors. I love Life in the Long Grass yarn. I think in DK barefoot, weathered and cauldron or in DK moonlit, pressed flowers and parasol. Thanks for the contest!


I would take any three, all colors are wonderful.


Chlorophyll, Tin Shed, and Campfire in DK


Forest Bathing, Fortune, Garden Party.

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