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April 05, 2018



Damask, crush, evergreen!!


Garden Party, Oceans Flight, Aquarium.


I just need them all 😭 Ceramic is probably my favorite, though. I would honestly just take three of that colorway and my year would be made.


Moonlit, Joyce & Linen in sock!
Pure purple yummyness ❤️


It was hard as the same colorways weren't available in the different bases, so for
Fine Sock: Turf, Rosegold, Cantelope

DK: Shack, Ceramic, Barefoot

I think I like the DK trio best...

Barbara Belden

Evergreen, damask and coastal would be my picks!!


Cauldron, Crush, Artifact
It was a hard choice since so many colorways are beautiful!!


Singles in Harvest, Rosegold, and Wild Rosebay!


Tangerine Dream, Sunkissed and Garden Party in Sock.


Moonlit, Garden Party, and Joyce sock are my favorite!

Dari Trout

Barefoot, Ceramic, Shack in DK

Coby Hanna -Butler

I would use coastal, Evergreen, and crush. I have never made a fade anything before so I would be very excited to try .


I like Forest Bathing, Garden Party and Rose Gold!

Alene Sternlieb

Linen, Meadow and Moonlit. In Dk


Evergreen, Touchstone, and Singles Shack

Kay Thompson

LOVE them all!!


Oyster, Foliage, and Coastal in Sock would make a wonderful 3 color shawl!


Halcyon, Joyce & Linen, in sock, PLEASE!

Diane Campbell

Ceramic, Ripple and Rosegold! Love them all!

Karen Murphy

Choosing 3 is tough, but I would like Beckett, Cauldron, and Irish Black in sock.

Lisa Murphy

Turf, Crush, Ripple


Campfire, Beckett, and chlorophyll

Mamie Rudd

Don't know what to say, except I love all of your yarn!

Laura Hunter

Beautiful. All are amazing.

Susan Jackson

I would go with anything that had pinks, purples and blues. Too hard to pick they are all beautiful

T Craven

Weathered, barefoot and nude!


Rosehip, Ocean Flight, And Foliage.


I haven’t jumped on the whole Fade bandwagon so my colors don’t go together but I love Cantalope, Wild Rosebay, and Barefoot. I’m mainly a sock knitter. I bought Tangerine Dream last year from you and just go into my stash and pet it, it’s so pretty.


I’m thinking Evergreen, Linen, Parasol. Wish I could see the colors IRL!


I love the colors you chose. Also came up with Cauldron, Crush and Ripple or Cauldron, Tin Shed and Oyster or Sapphire.


Linen, Pansey, and Oyster in DK!


What beautiful yarn! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Sue Kieft

Parasol, ultra & sunkissed💗💗

Lizzy P

Storm, Ocean Flight, Coastal (sock) are divine!!!

Linda L

Nourish, Urban Flower and Linen in Dk is my choice.


Coastal, Shack, and Metanoia!


Evergreeen, ceramic, oceans flight


Hard to choose just three favorites. But if I must, I'll pick Chlorophyll, Moonlit, and Tangerine Dream. Sock yarns are the best, but I'm not picky. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Sahenaz Pirani

It is really tough to choose. I like the combo you have.



Preferably in DK

But honestly they are all gorgeous!


Ripple, parasol, and pressed flowers!


Campfire, Beachgrass, and Coastal in Singles are giving me all the feels

Geri Heagy

Crush, Damask, and Pink!

Mikael Rich

Aquarium, evergreen and shack


I think Joyce, Linen and Meadow would look fantastic!


Garden Party, Fortune, Urban Flowers

Renee huffman

Beachgrass Beckett and ceramic

Fran Hartman

Northern lights: greens, purple, blues.


Rose gold, beachcomber, turf


Antique, Cantaloupe, Sunkissed. Singles. or maybe Sock.

Courtney Zentz

Ulta, Nude, and Sunkissed :)

Dana Phillips

I really like Sunkissed, Parasol and Ceramic. They would make gorgeous socks!


Ripple, Jezebel and coastal....

Diana young

I think meadow to rosehip to storm would be my fade. I like the variation of grays with hints of purple and other colors for interest


OMG! How to pick three-love them all. Rose Gold is gorgeous, so is Cantaloupe, and I do like Foliage. Gosh! I don't know-they all are nice.

Arvada Trickle

I like Rosehip, Tidepool and Sunkissed in singles! Thank you!

Tanya M Bankert

Love the Halcyon, chlorophyll and moonlit on sock!

Malene Feder

Ripple, Pressed Flowers, and Parasol

Christine Newman Aumiller

Pink, pressed flowers and linen. In anything!


Touchstone, Chlorophyl, Foliage in Sock


I've been yearning after this brand for some time!


Wild rosebay, Joyce and parasol. Not really a fade...but awesome colors!

Lynne Marquardt

Sooo many beautiful colors!! Barefoot, Oyster and Pewter


Hard choice...ceramic, parasol and ripple.

Courtney Zentz

Ceramic, Nude, and Sunkissed :)


In Sock, I like Crush, Pressed Flowers, and Ripple. 💕

Sandy C

Tin shed, pressed flower and ocean flight. For three pair of gorgeous socks.


Perhaps Joyce, moonlight and meadow.


Beautiful colors. I think I would go with your three choices on Sock, Rosegold, Weathered and Barefoot. They look great together.

georgene Thompson

Sock: antique, weathered, and sapphire. Oh, yes!

Randa Lankford

Linen, antique, and ripple

Brenda Lewis

Deep teal, silvery lavender, and Meyer lemon


Joyce, harvest, and cauldron! It is so hard to narrow it down to just a few though!

Nicole Becklinger

Joyce, garden party and cauldron!


Weathered, Barefoot and Cauldron in sock weight.

Julia Porter

I adore hedgehog fibers!

Debbie Tucker

I am not picky I love yarn!

Diane N.

Ripple, antique and nude.


Linen, Joyce & Pressed Flowers

Debbie Bither

I would love, love, love a sock yarn with pansy colors - medium pink, pink blush, and yellow!


I think a Jodi shawl would look great in Chrysalis, Cauldron, and Weathered!


Barfoot, Ripple, Linen would be awesome!

Kathie Frazier

Love this yarn and any color combination. The pinks, cream, and green would be nice.


Pink, Jezebel, and Cauldron!!!

Nancy Eckel

Sunkissed, tidepool and tanned.... lovely1

Alex wang

All the speckles! Ceramics, parasols and ripple

Beverly J White

I think I like Ripple, Pressed Flowers and Linen in the singles.

Cindy h.

I love the picture with the rose gold. Also storm, tin, and joyce

Morgan James

Aquarium, Ceramic and Tin Shack


What a fun little adventure that was! Will be looking at this brand further for fade options in the future. I would have to choose Foliage to Chrysalis and then Rose gold on either the sock or the DK. It was really hard just to pick three.

Audra L

Pewter, Pressed Flowers and Moonlit :)

Debbie Stevens

Ceramic, parasol and sun-kissed would be great

Wilma Stoy

Oh any would be great, need to knit more socks!!

Stephanie D

I love the three you featured! I love color, but when it comes down to it, I just don't wear bright stuff that much!

Mary Evers

Meadow, Joyce and Ripple!


Joyce, Moonlit, Urban Flowers

Mary Anne

Nourish, Meadow and Crush in sock.

Carol Creek

Aquarium, night, and sapphire are my favorite.

deborah kitts

metanoia, malaluka, nude

Amanda F

Three colors I think would look beautiful together and I love are Barefoot, Antique, and Irish Black <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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