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April 05, 2018



Antique, Cantaloupe, and Nude


Ripple, Pressed Flowers, and Parasol.

Jody Laake

Rose gold, Jezebel and Parasol would work just fine for me!

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

I think Joyce, Linen and Moonlit look awesome together in DK and I would love to have them!


Barefoot, Ceramic and Weathered in DK


I love Cauldron, Storm, and Ultra. So pretty!

Carolyn Zewe

Coastal, Ocean, Oyster


Chrysalis, Forest, and Pansy!

Kate Greenwood

Ceramic, Evergreen & Foliage
Thank you for the giveaway!!

Sara Hart

Tin Shed, Touchstone and Urban Flowers!


My three picks in Sick would be Barefoot, Rosegold and pretty!


In Singles, I think I would go out of my comfort zone and put together Cantaloupe, Rosegold, and Chrysalis

I'm also in love with the DK combo of Weathered, Ceramic, and Evergreen


Let's say... Joyce, Oyster, Cauldron. I think Joyce and Oyster would make a fabulous 2-color shawl for my daughter the Joyce fan, and I'd love to have socks out of the Cauldron.

Rhonda Atkinson

Chrysalis, Folage, and Costal or Harvest


Antique, Artifact and Cantaloupe

Carol P.

I like Cantalope (assuming it’s more pink than peach, but it might be more peach with the name Canatlope), Rose Gold, and Antique for a possible Fade.


Linen, moonlite, and night

Candice Hope

Apparently I can't choose one set, so here's three (all on Sock).
-linen, meadow & either greenstone or coastal
-meadow, Joyce & linen
-rose gold, sun kissed & tanned (maybe not in that order)

Lisa Smith

Barfoot, Ripple, Linen

Anne Marie

Dang! Your selection and variety of brands never ceases to AMAZE me. This is the first I've heard of LITLG. Joyce, Wild Rosebay and Rose Gold singles would be my three picks. WoW. Just WoW!

Rita K.

beachgrass, beachcomber, and costal all in singles

Wendy Chase

Antique, Barefoot and Cauldron. Not my normal color choices but I think they'd make a nice fade


I would do Tidepool, Beachgrass, and Ocean's Flight. I love all the fade patterns but have never been a shawl wearer...but this beautiful yarn is hard to resist!


Seems to be so many possibilities.
Parasol, Flowers, Ripple


Fortune, moonlit, and meadow in any of the bases would be wonderful!

Rita Redden

Joyce, Moonlit and Ripple would be lovely.


Wild rosebay, Shack and Pressed flowers are so pretty, but I'd like to choose a fade to work with for a shawl, so I'd have to choose a color scheme and build with one of those and others to coordinate with.


I don't know about a fade with these but these r my fav Wild rosebay Ripple and Paasol so pretty!


I like chlorophyll, linen, and oyster

Susan H

So hard to choose! I do love Crush, Sock Fortune and Barefoot. These 3 would be gorgeous either on their own or together!!


I love Cauldron, Campfire, and Irish Black!


Meadow, Nourish, Oyster

Julie Vance

Rosehip, Coastal, Damask

Annette Poole

I love Rosegold, Garden Party and Pressed Flowers

Marie Hanes

Antique, barefoot, and storm(or oyster)


Sock: linen, moonlit and ripple. I’m in a purple phase!

Cindy Carpenter

Tangerine dream, jezebel and chlorophyll please and thank you


Beachcomber, Beachgrass, Ceramic


Pink, Irish Black, and Tanned.

Mary Eagen

Pressed flowers, Ripple and Pewter.


Coastal, ripple, linen pretty

Anna Hensley

Fortune, Evergreen, and Joyce!

Emily Chandler

Jezebel, Rosehip, Wild Rosebay

Adele D

Jezebel, Rose Gold, Tide Pool

Laura Beutler

I can't find a color I DON'T like, so I would do as I always do, and force Rachael to choose my color combo for me. :)


After trying many combinations, I would choose your selection of Rosegold, Weathered and Barefoot.


Ultra, Coastal, and Linen.


I'm torn between two...
Beachcomber-> Cantaloupe -> Antique and
Ripple -> Moonlit -> Linen

Although the first combo would be more practical, I think my heart would go to the purples!


Forest Bathing, Parasol, Wild Rosebay.

Jeanne Bush

I'd sure like to have Fortune, Halcyon and Moonlit.


Ooo, Forest Bathing, Jezebel, and Tangerine. That yarn looks lucious.


Joyce, Moonlit, and Ripple!


Pink, Rosehip, and stone collector

Susan Kirkland

I would love to get Ceramic, Parasol and Ripple for socks. So beautiful!

Bev G

So hard to choose, but I think Singles in Ocean Flight, Aquarium and Beckett would be beautiful.


Greenstone, campfire, sapphire

Nicole S

Sapphire, Coastal, and Evergreen (not necessarily together). It's so hard to choose!

Jenn H

I would love the weathered, tin shed, and pressed flowers in sock or dk! beautiful!


I would use Singles in Storm,Evergreen and Shack.


I love Moonlit, Cantelope and Parasol - the yarn is just beautiful. I love the pictures and the sweater Caroline is wearing in the picture. They have a great story. Thanks very much, Allison. Denise

mary cronk

ripple, crush, forest bathing (light to dark)

But it is hard to pick!


Tin Shed, Irish Black, and Coastal

Berit Petersen

I love tangerine, pressed flowers and aquarium. It would be an absolute treat to win 🤞


I like your three - or Tin Shed, Touchstone and Joyce - or Jezebel, Joyce and Artifact.

Thanks for the contest!


Ripple, Parosal and Urban Flowers


Oh my! Aquarium, Ceramic, and Evergreen in DK!


Ceramic, rosehip and cauldron


Sock barefoot, meadow, and weathered


Pressed flowers, Meadow & Touchstone


Sock: Cantaloupe, Chrysalis, and Moonlit

Pam Hunter

Sock: Oceans Flight, Oyster, Nourish

Marilyn Hunley

I'd like to play with Urban Flowers, Rosegold and Wild Rosebay which I've seen in real life and it left me breathless. In sock weight. PS, I love that Compare button!

Kelly Schmidt

Pressed Flowers, Ripples, & Linen... such a hard choice!


I would choose Velvet, Harvest and Weathered in DK weight. Thanks for the giveaway!


This is really hard because I have different favorites in the different bases! But I'm going to pick Urban Flowers, Oceans Flight, and Chlorophyll.


MMmmmmmm, Touchstone, Nourish and Pressed Flowers (or Pansy) can't decide on the last one :)

Heidi Maloney

For a fade:Cauldron, Campfire, Pewter


Cauldron, Forest Bathing, and Meraki.


I love rosehip, coastal, and pink. Thanks!


Tin Shed, Storm, Irish Black

Joyce Gravino

Tidepool, Evergreen and Aquarium be a great fade.

Jolene Lathum

Ceramic, ripple, nude

Lisa Anderson

Linen, Moonlit and Meadow are my choices. These are all gorgeous!

Sylvia King

Barefoot, rose gold, and tan.

Sylvai Rzeminski



Cantaloupe, Foliage and Ocean's Flight


Pewter, barefoot, and nude in sock


Oh, I think Antique, Cantaloupe and Barefoot would be beautiful!

Karla Hartzell

Love, Love - LOVE life in the long grass!

Geraldine Scott

Aquarium, Jezebel, and Wild Rosebay...not fade colors, just love the colors individually!

Marilyn Patoprsty

Rose gold, Weathered and Barefoot. I could not come up with a better combination than you did.


Moonlight to linen to Joyce! In DK.

Karen Leonard

Ceramic, beachcomber, and beach grass singles would be yummy!

Kim Spolarich

Irish Black, Cauldren, Tin Shed


Caldron, Barefoot, and Forest Bathing... I think it'd make a beautiful fade


I just finished Tegna in ths Damask colorwwsy. Love it.
Beachgrass, Oyster & Coastal

Caroline Green

VERY difficult to decide! One combo I like is Beckett, campfire and, Barefoot. They're all beautiful.


Ceramic, Parasol and Rosegold for socks.


Turf, Jezebel and Ripple for me! Thank you!

Frances Glenn

Bathing, Evergreen, and Coastal in Sock!

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