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April 04, 2018


Chris perkins

Love Ruku and Guppy I like darker colors. But still love the Orange in Guppy.

Indyk itter

Guppy and Kimono are spectacular!!

Sam james

Method, goblin, kimono


Very hard to choose 2! But I think Parklife and Piggybank are my two!


I really like foam and Kimono!

Megan A-R

I love the iris and cereal ones! Oh, and goblin too!

Michelle Villanti

Guppy and Kimono!! A guppy IN a we all have a visual


Guppy is a festival of colors, and piggy bank is amazing too!

Jenny Sokol

Foam and piggy bank are awesome! I haven't had new yarn in over a year. :(


Guppy and Kimono!

Christin Santos

I definitely love Guppy and Iris ♡

Judy Carpenter

Bollywood and Parklife! Wow!

Diane Gladstone

My favorite socks I've ever knitted are made with Hedgehog Fibers in Pod. The new colors are great! Kimono and Guppy are shouting to me.

Cindy Strick

I love them all! My top 2 would be Goblin and Raku.

Sheri Karobonik

Park life and method in skinny. For a shawl.

Robin Jillson

Guppy and Raku, please!


Goblin and method

Geraldine Gilbert

Iris and Dijon for spring. I’m really torn between Kimono and Guppy also for brights.

Myra Freberg

I love Bollywood and Foam, for socks, but they are all so beautiful any would do. thanks.

Jen M.

All pretty, but love raku and goblin


Iris & foam

Caitlin A

Kimono and Cereal are both so lovely!


Parklife and Goblin!


Method and iris

Shelly Sargent

Iris and cereal are my choices.

Lisa Duffin

I like kimono and method . Would be over the top thrilled to win

Leah Lawrence

All so lovely, but it I have to choose only two - Method and Iris!


Method and Cereal!


Kimono and Foam! so amazing!

Gena O’Brien

I love Goblin and Raku!!!! Hedgehog 🦔 Fibers for the win!

Linda Sisson

Piggy bank and Foam. They all are gorgeous


I would have to go with Kimono and Raku in a delish sock weight I think. Ohhhhh the pretties they would make!

Brandi lee

Raku and guppy!

Pamela Dreissigacker

Raku and cereal are amazing! It was hard to choose though.

Amy Young

I love orange, so Guppy and Foam!


Method and Kimono call my name!! Thank you


Iris and Cereal would be my 2 favorites!

Nicole Bell

Juniper & Fools!!

Alisa M. Rosales

Foam and Piggybank would get me knitting for my cousins!

L. Jones

Method and Dijon (they are all lovely, was had to choose!)

Julie Marshall

Method & Kimono are fabulous! So are all the rest...very hard to choose just two!!!

Tracy English

I love these colors

Linda Meyer

Piggy Bank and Kimono are my favorites!

Brenda Souders

Goblin and kimono

Knit Potion

Ohhhhh, Goblin and Bollywood in DK would make me SO happy!!!!


Love them all,


I love them all,


Kimono and Parklife!

Anne Klein

iris and Dijon


Kimono is my choice!


For me, it's all about the foam!


Park life and cereal! So hard to choose!


Guppy and park life in sock.


Piggy bank and guppy!


Kimono! But second would be piggy bank

Shelly Gohr

Parklife and Piggy bank

Amanda Swanson

Dijon and Cereal. I'm in a yellow mood today. Must be all the daffodils in bloom.


I love the kimono and iris colorways. Loved them on insta and can’t wait to see them in the shop!

Annie Straight

They are all just gorgeous! However, my choices would be Iris and Dijon.


I really love the colours on Guppy and Raku. There are a couple others that I like, but those would have to be my faves (probably not together, though).


Raku and Parklife!

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