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April 04, 2018



Kimono and guppy

Rhonda Atkinson

Method and Kimono. Guess I'm a blues girl today! But they all look gorgeous. Thank you.


I love Goblin and Cereal! So beautiful.


I love Piggy Bank & Dijon!


Wow Hedgehog has really outdone themselves with this batch - I'm craving Goblin and Kimono!!!


Kimono and Goblin!

Rita K

The new colors are great and so hard to choose. my two favorites are Method, and Parklife.

Julie Vance

Goblin! And Kimono!


I love the bright colors in Guppy, and also the variety of shades in Kimono


Method and Bollywood.


Goblin and Cereal.


Definitely method and Guppy


Goblin and Piggy Bank :)


Method and Iris are my faves!

Lisa D.

I love Hedgehog Fibres' delicious yarn! My 2 favorites are Goblin and Method. Thanks for the giveaway!


Parklife and Piggy Bank! They remind me of spring!

Pat Hill

Just 2 favorites? (sigh)They are all beautiful. Parklife and Kimono.


I would pick Goblin and Method.


I love Goblin and Piggy Bank!


Bollywood and guppy

Diana Lichvarik

Loving the blues in Method and Kimono!

Sahenaz Pirani

My two favs are Bollywood and Cereal.


Parklife and Goblin

Kate Greenwood

Parklife and Kimono


Cereal & Goblin! Lovely


Method and Parklife

Colleen D'Allura

Guppy and kimono. So beautiful!


Piggy Bank and Kimono are just beautiful!


Cereal and Piggy Bank make me believe Spring will finally come!


Goblin and Parklife

Angela Adams

I love Goblin and Kimono!

Tabitha Burks

Kimono and Parklife are my two favs, but they are all so pretty!


Method and Kimono!


Raku and Guppy.Please and Thank you!


Kimono and Goblin, with a side of cereal

Rita Redden

Goblin and Raku. Gonna step out of my default choices of blues and purples. Beautiful yarns!


I'm drawn to Goblin and Kimono! (now I'm picturing a goblin in a kimono!)


Kimono and iris.
Such vibrant and unique colors that it's hard to pick.

Annette Poole

I love Hedgehog Fibres! Parklife and Piggy Bank are my favorites.


IRIS for spring & KIMONO for it's indigo shades.
Made my find your fade yarns from your site 2017.

Susan James

they are not my normal color choices, but I LOVE Bollywood and Guppy! Just beautiful!!


I love blues. I love the Kimono and the Raku colorways. They have blues but yet they both have vibrant colors attached to them. They are calming yet have life.

Rose Birchall

Goblin and Kimono or Iris. Final answer Goblin and Kimono.


Method and Kimono!

Thanks for the opportunity.


Hippy and Iris. Thank you!

Marilyn Hunley

Iris and Piggybank. Can't get enough of these colours.

Lucy Kesler

Ooooo, Raku and Guppy please!

Andrea Mundt

Goblin, definitely! And, Dijon!


Love Kimono and Cereal.

Sara Hart

Ooo...Iris and Dijon although I love Cereal as well. I love working with Hedgehog!


Kimono is giving me life!!

Karen Cermak

Iris and Cereal are my two favorites.


Goblin and Raku are my favorites! I think these would make the best socks EVER.


The two colors of the sock yarn I like best are Guppy and Goblin. Thanks.

Debbie Hallamek

Kimono and Foam. Thanks!

Debra Cohen

I was drawn to guppy and kimono first... but looking again I would have to add goblin to the list as a more practical choice. Do socks need to be practical? Probably not!!


Raku and Guppy.


They are all fantastic, but I'd pick Kimono and Goblin.

Adele D

Kimono and Piggy Bank

Lisa Portwood

Method and Kimono, hands down! Fingers crossed.

Carol Coombs

Dijon and Foam if I really have to choose. So many beautiful colors!


Kimono and Goblin are my must haves!


Piggy Bank & Iris!!


Kimono and Parklife.

Jennifer F

I love Goblin and Dijon. Thank you for the yarny eye candy this morning!

Geraldine Scott

Piggybank and Guppy!

Lisa W

Goblin and Kimono!


Park life and Piggy Bank!!

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

I love Method and Iris- so pretty!

Linda Stoner

Method and Guppy

Karen Murphy

They are all beautiful but Goblin and Kimono are my picks on a Sock base.


😱 goblin and cereal are so beautiful


Kimono and Parklife are gorgeous!

Deb Kellen

Guppy and Parklife.

Kelly Schmidt

Ooh...I first gravitated to Method & Dijon, so they would be my choices.


Dijon and Goblin.. Love them both!


Foam and Kimono.....but all of them are beautiful.

Dari T

Kimono and Cereal! But, truthfully, they could all become something beautiful!

Solange Taylor

Bollywood and Park Life—each a little out of my comfort zone but I love Hedgehog yarns. DK yarn is my new favorite this year but singles and sock base are great too.

Lisa Smith

That's a really hard choice! I think Parkland and Iris


Love the yarn I bought from you. Your customer care rocks

Niki Vogler

So hard to choose as they are all amazing (as is everything Hedgehog makes!), but I would have to go for Guppy and Raku out of this batch.

Marcia henderson

I would choose Method and Kimono!


I love Method and Iris. Thanks for the chance to win!

Laura Sexson

Iris,Raku and Method all look interesting.

Michelle Mccrillis

Iris and Cereal, although I could be swayed by a couple of others, too. I need a new shawl for my son’s wedding in the fall.

Courtney Lore

Cereal and goblin! Love the color name "cereal" btw 😁 I'm a sucker for yarn named after food

Jolene Lathum

I love the colors in Method and Parklife


Method and dijon are my two picks.

Berit Petersen

Method and Iris please 😀


I love Kimono and Piggy Bank!

georgene Thompson

Guppy and Dijon would brighten my day.

Karen Coats

Such a big range of gorgeous colors! I love Iris, perfect for spring. Cereal is lovely as well, despite the name.


My favorites are Method and Parklife


I love Hedgehog fibers!
Would love to win as none of our LYS sell it.
Thanks for your beautiful website and projects and chance to win.


Kimono and Foam in Sock for me.

anita legaspi

Piggybank would look great as a sweater combined with a dark color to complement.

Karen DePasquale

I am drawn towards Dijon. Love it.


KIMONO. I almost couldn't stop looking at it long enough to decide on a second colour...! But Piggy Bank is it :)


Raku and goblin are my favs.

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