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April 18, 2018



Snake - silence was golden โ€”. Arya
For sure


Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar

Ohmigod the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Marie

I love the first one. Snake looks like an amazing colorway!


Not Sorry, Neon Peach, and Cactus Flower.


I like the last one: Brick Dust, Gentle Monster and Beautiful Liar.

Arvada Trickle

I love the color combination of Translation, Beta, and Push POP!

Arvada Trickle

The combination of Foundry, Murakami and Cardinal are great colors together!

Kate Greenwood

I choose...Translation, Beta and Push Pop.
So fun!

Julie Marshall

Modern Fair Isle, Medieval, and Kitten!


Of the ones you picked it would have to be Daenerys, Artic, Astrid Grey. Of all the colors shown on the website I would have to pick Onyx, Cactus Flower and great Grey Owl.


Beautiful Liar, Dirty Panther, Heart of Glass

Cindy h.

They are all pretty but I would probably choose foundry, murakami, Cardinal.


All are great, but my favs are Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal.

Teresa Cooper

Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal


So many options. I'd go Modern Fair Isle, Coal Seam, and Deep


Has to be the combo with push pop. I love a good orange


Electric Rainbow, Fallen Cloud and Jade


Geode, Dubrovnik, and Daenerys.


I love your choice - snake, silence was golden and Arya. Stunning


I really like the colors you chose: snake silence was golden and aura


I love Electric Rainbow, Arctic, and Brass!!

Jody Laake

We have the same taste in colors! Give me Snake, Silence Was Golden and Arya please! I canโ€™t get enough of anything in neon or lime green.


Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal seems to jump out at me. Love the bright Cardinal!

Linda Sutherland

Translation, Beta and Push Pop

Debbie McPhillips

I like the ciombo that you are using! That bright pop of yellow - green!

Zoe Aron

I love the Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar combo.


So many beautiful colors! I can see about a dozen different combinations that I love...but at the moment I'm most drawn ti the dark jewel tones of Jade, Alizarin, and Chickory. I really love forest green and dark reddish purple together!

amy g

Wow - these look great. My first instinct was Daenerys, Arctic, Astrid Grey. Thank you!

Barbara Rude

Dirty Panther, Cardinal and Kitten, pattern is lovely, would love to join you.


I think brick dust, gentle monster, and beautiful liar would look excellent together for this project


Arch-Arctic-Baroque Violet


i'm on an orange/purple kick at the moment, so i'd go for Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar!!

Norma Smith

Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar

They will be lovely together.


I'm torn between Translation, Beta and Push Pop and
Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal

Jamie Albritton

Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal

Rhonda Atkinson

I would choose Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, and Beautiful Liar.


Brick dust, gentle monster, beautiful liar๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Jan Ball

SO many to choose from-

Leaning to my favorite color palette-
Glass bottom boat, Havana and Hydroponic.


i would choose the first one for sure!!!


Daenerys, Artic & Astrid Gray

Sherri Altieri

I would use,Foundry, Murakami and Cardinal. It is such a change from my favorites, teals and purples.

Cindy Smith

I love the last combo--Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar. There are so many to choose from!

Amy Hansen

Translation, Beta and Push Pop

victoria hess

Murakami,gentle monster,beta

Shan Loy

I love love love Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal

Beverly Davis

I would choose Snake, Silence Was Golden, and Arya.

Karey Marsh

I would choose: Modern and fun- Translation, Beta and Push Pop. Thanks


Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar or maybe something in dark brown used with two different blues.


I would choose Cactus Flower, Medievil, and Antler. I really appreciate you large images in the basket. It makes it much easier to compare colors to get just the right combination. Thanks for thinking of that.


Chicory, Cloud Dweller and Chicory maybe?

Cheryl Monroe

I LOVE: Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal

Linda Reynolds

Translation Push Pop and Gentle Monster but they are all lovely! Thanks!

Geraldine Scott

Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar...


I would choose Abiquiu (even though I can't pronounce it), Cousteau, and Coffee Grounds

Patti Stanczyc

Definitely Push Pop, Foundry and Gentle Monster. LOVE these colors!!


Cardinal, Deep, and Farmhouse White. Beautiful!

Thanks for the contest!


Cardinal, Rocky Mtn High and Foundry I think...yes, going with those.

Dari Trout

It was hard to choose, but I think it would be Pink Clay, Rocky Mtn High, and Faded Parka

Diana Lichvarik

Onyx, Optic and Neon Red - its black and white and red all over!


Arctic, Arch and Stormborn

So hard to choose when there are so many gorgeous colors

Patsy Coats

Daenerys, Artic, And Astrid Grey


So many great colors but I think Iโ€™d go with Plunge, Prarie Fire, and Video Baby


I'm a red girl so the Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal are my choice!!

Andrea Schneider

I love the Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal mix I'm really into the mustard colors!


I live the Translation, Beta and Push Pop!

Susan James

oooooooooh! pretty!! I'd do a Turnsile with Brick Dust, Beta and Push Pop!!

Joyce Morrow

There's nothing wrong with any of your choices, but I'm in a springtime state of mind today so the Brick Dust, Monster and Beautiful Liar are my choice.


Whitewash, Dr. Zhivagos Sky, Stovepipe

Ulrika Reinholdsson

Foundry, Murakami and Cardinal, love them so much!

Bonnye Bulla

It's hard to decide, they are all beautiful. I especially like Translation, Beta, and Push Pop.

Rita K.

It's so hard to choose but I love cloud dweller so my three choices would be leopard, cloud dweller, Kenoli. A dark gray, a silver gray and the grays and blues of cloud dweller.


I like the Daenerys, Arctic, Astrid Grey Combination!


Stovepipe, Rain Water, and Penumbra.


It has to be Foundry, Brick Dust and Push Pop. Love the Spring color ways!
Also love Beautiful Liar.


My eyes keep going to the combination of Daenerys, Arctic, and Astrid Gray.


Love the Daenerys, Arctic, Astrid Grey combo!

joyce hancock

What beautiful choices to make. I love the daenerys, arctic, and astrid grey choice the best.


I like the colors you selected, but Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, Beautiful Liar are so me!

Jackie Galasinski

Modern and Fun-Translation, Beta and Push pop. All the colors are gorgeous but these three are my favorite.


Pelican, optic and neon pink though Snake would make a good third option, too.


Love the combo of Brick Dust, Gentle Monster, and Beautiful Liar!

Michelle Lange

Dust, Monster and Liar!


I would choose Favorite Pair, Arctic, and Stormborn. Oh those would be beautiful together....

Frances barone

Brick dust, beautiful liar, and gentle monster.


Hard to choose...liar, dust, monster


Medieval, Kenobi, Joshua Tree


Daenerys, Arctic, Astrid Grey

Love it!


Daenerys, Arctic, and Astrid Grey.
Bet they will all knit up beautifully.

Anna Marr

Daenerys, artic and Astrid grey.


I like Black Dust, Gentle Monster and Liar

Colleen Pavlicek

Foundry, Murakami, Cardinal

Renee Sawyer

I would go for the group that starts with brick dust. All of the colors are so gorgeous it is hard to choose!!!

Nancy F.

Electric rainbow; Hi lo; and Joshua Tree

Marilyn Hunley

Arctic, Antler and Camomile.


Night Hawk, Worn Denim, and Death by Elocution


Translation, Chicory and Antique Moonstone

Kat Gatzke

Daenerys, Arctic, Astrid Grey is lovely!


I like Arch, Arctic, & Aura. Of the combinations above, I like the one you selected best.

Sarah R

I'd pick Pashmina Arch, Arctic, and Dr Zhivago's Sky. Moody blues and greys.


Translation, beta and push pop!

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