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March 15, 2018


Candice Hope

Awwwwww crap. Really shouldn't have clicked through to see more. I need at least 4 of those colorways.


The cashmere cowl is a great idea. I made one for myself the first part of this winter and wore it a lot. It's not very long but it's just the right thing with our cold wind blowing. Everyone needs one!


Yes Candice! You and me both! And it's so soft and the colors are so dynamic in person- even the more neutral ones are stunners.


A good simple cowl would be just the ticket for most of those colorways. I knit up a skein of Mechita into a Sockhead Cowl last fall, and then really didn't like the end product--it sat funny on my neck. So I frogged it and knit it back up into the simplest stockinette tube, grafted the ends, and I am delighted with the most cozy and warm cowl that sits nice and close to my neck. These skeins would be perfect for that sort of cowl too.

Wendy Chase

Gives me ideas for some of the pretty skeins in my stash that I don't know what to do with. Especially after watching my grandkids struggle with putting on a scarf this winter.


Oh I made one of those for me and I love it. Very warm and stays up nicely! That would make a nice gift. I think Wolkig cowl would make a nice gift also. It’s a one row pattern so fairly easy.


You all have me convinced! Simple cowl in Notebook it is! I just wound the yarn and will likely start it tonight.

Wanda Olson

This is my favorite yarn!!!!

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