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February 13, 2018


Lucy Kesler

Most memorable valentine's day was when my husband WON 3 dozen long stem roses by being the correct caller on a radio program and we took them and gave most of them away to various people, friends and relatives. It was so much fun!

Pat Hill

One year, before they all grew up and flew the coop, the kids served my husband and I a homemade fireside dinner. They put a jacket on the dog so that he could be the maitre d' and put a small table in the family room in front of the fireplace. I don't remember what they cooked but it was so sweet and loving.That I won't forget.

Deborah Grce

My most recent super awesome is my darling daughter and her boyfriend taking the time to take me down to New Orleans for my first BIG Mardi Gras Parade on 2/10/18!!! Endymion is not a parade to miss!

I am slightly disabled, my legs are not what they once were thanks to a bad fall, but they got us all set up and helped me take videos and catch fun throws n things! It was an awesome day!!

Mindy Weaver

My hubby and I don't normally celebrate Valentine's day, but this year we decided that since all of our parents have passed away, the last in 2017, that we need celebrate life in general. So, we called special friends and are meeting to start a new tradition.

Lori Vandergriff

Tomorrow my husband is getting a fancy new bottle of scotch and a can of spam - trust me, he’ll be equally thrilled with both😉👍🏻😆❤️


I just got a weighted blanket as a gift for Valentine’s Day...unconventional, but I love the sentiment behind the gift : “it’s like a hug when I’m gone” ♥️ If I wasn’t in love before, that would have done it.

Debbie Coy

We have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day after all the first year we were together he game me a card and didn’t sign it so we could use it again. Another year he gave me a flower from room service at a hotel we were staying at, and it was outside someone else’s room from their room service. I think he tries hard to come up with something really off. So this year I ordered your Valentines kit and gave it to him and said here I bought my Valentines gift for you. He laughed and thanked me for getting him off the hook.

Rhonda Cary

That's a really hard one as I've never received anything for Valentine's Day.
I'm not much for the big showy displays though - just showing me that I'm appreciated any time is fine with me. :)


We don't celebrate valentines day. My husband told me that the first one that we were together for. I'd like flowers at some point though...

Joyce Selzer

Most weekends my husband does the cooking. I really hated to cook, so I really appreciate the break!


Surprise lobster dinner waiting for me when I got home from work by my then boyfriend (now husband) back when he lived an hour away from me.


My husband bought me a beautiful glass paperweight that I was eyeing. We celebrate each other every day rather than make too big a deal out of V Day. The colors of yarn you have been showing lately are awesome!


We have had a string of terrible Valentine’s Celebrations but the hands -down winner (or loser?) was the year we went to a steak house with gift cards (and ordered accordingly to the price of the cards), we had the best meal and the best service ever. When it came time to pay the bill we realized that the gift cards were for a different restaurant chain. We paid the bill and I was glad that at the very least I had eaten half my meal of steak/scallops/baked potato so I had a lunch meal for the next day. EXCEPT that I forgot the take home containers on the table. I ran back into the restaurant right away but our table had already be cleared. Once we were home, we decided to watch a movie and then my husband disappeared for a long time. When I went looking for him, he was having a severe allergic reaction to the seafood. We joke that all I could hear was the sound for money being flushed down the toilet. That was the last Vday that we celebrated. Good thing hubby’s birthday is just a few days later and we have had much more success!

Barbara Rude

Valentine's Day is always special, when I come home from work there will be balloons, flowers, cards and a nice dinner out. Last year's balloons lasted for over 6 months, which was especially nice.


The Valentine’s Day gift that had the most impact for me was when I was in college. My future husband had to be away for a semester, and I took it hard. He sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses that Valentine’s Day. I just loved it.

Now, my favorite gift is a nice dinner out at our favorite restaurant. And he’s delivering on that this year, as well. Married 45 years and counting.....


One year my husband gave me a big bouquet.... of yarn! It was wrapped in tissue paper and spilling out of a vase just like a real bouquet of flowers. It was super sweet!


My husband and I don't do anything special for Valentine's Day. However, one year we lived close to Loveland, Colorado, and sent friends and family valentines that had the special stamp cancellation. Not a single person ever mentioned it to us.


We tend to celebrate anniversary and birthdays more, but I'm making special strawberry cupcakes for my girls and bought them some little crafty things to celebrate the day.


My funniest memory was when the kids were small and I decided to make a jello mold in a heart shaped pan. I carefully added fruit when the time was right and right before diner I wanted to plate it with whipped cream etc. I had to loosen it in a bit of hot water and as I tilted it a bit to test it the whole thing slid down into the garbage disposer! I couldn't stop laughing. Thank heaven there was also some chocolate! You can never go wrong with that!

Pam Todd

The most memorable one I did to my husband was send a singing telegram with balloons and a stuffed animal to his work. What made it great was visitors can not go past the front lobby. No one could find my husband. By the time they found him word had spread through the office that he was getting a singing telegram so the lobby was full of people to watch him getting sung to. He was so embarrassed but I loved it!

JB Pierce

Usually, my husband sends flowers. Admittedly, they can be glorious. This year, however, he’s agreed to opt for some DPNs I’ve wanted instead — a first!

Sue Kieft

Switched jobs after 25 years at the same place. It was very traumatic for me. My husband, who is NOT a flower guy, sent a gorgeous bouquet of roses to my new job on my first day💗💗💗


I am not flowers and candy kind of girl. I am pretty practical, maybe too practical lol. New beautiful facet for the kitchen. That is a present to me.


Valentine's Day is also my birthday (or maybe the order should be switched?), so the two are intertwined in ways they aren't for other people. But because of that, I've long been used to celebrating the day with a pizza party. One year, I made Valentines for all of my friends coming to supper listing things I liked about them, including one's great taste in shoes and her fondness for articles about streamlining the packing process and another's understanding of my regionalisms since he'd grown up in the same general area. They were a big hit.

Other than that, we tend to mark special holidays by mixing colored sugar with the white in the sugar bowl to make drinking hot beverages extra festive.


My kids were very young one Valentine’s Day and I had no expectations whatsoever of any alone time with my husband. My sister came over unexpectedly and not only offered to babysit my three kids but also persuaded me to go out for dinner with my husband, just the two of us. It was very unplanned and such a nice surprise that I still remember that Valentine’s Day even though my kids are all grown up now.


One year when I was in college, my mom had to work on Valentines day. My dad took my sister, my roomate and me out to a nice dinner. He also had wrapped up a lovely candle for each of us. It was so sweet and one of my favorite valentines days.

Nicole Bell

I have to say handmade valentines from my three kids. Absolutely the best!


I've never much liked Valentine's Day because of all the commercial aspects emphasizing romantic love. It makes single women feel bad. I've always emphasized it as ALL kinds of love especially family love to my offspring. My partner sent candy to my sister & a book & fruit basket to my older daughter this year & I sent 2 gallons of Garrett's popcorn to my other daughter's family. I may ask for some ChiaoGoo needles as my gift.


As far as I'm concerned, every day is Valentine's Day! Any time spent with my true companion is special.


After a recent divorce after 32 years of marriage to a narcissist, my 27 year old daughter and I live on our own. This year my daughter has gifted me some gorgeous flowers. Totally unexpected! Totally awesome! She is such a sweet person, and has helped me through these rough rebuilding times. I am very blessed!


One year, when I was going to community college and still living with my parents, they were away on a trip over Valentine's Day. All of my school friends happened to be single right then. I invited them over for a "Love Sucks" party. I made about eight different chocolate concoctions (brownies, cake, fondue, etc.), and we watched Heathers and played games. It was great fun.

My best Valentine's date was in college, too (while living away at school in Baltimore). I had once mentioned in passing an amazing Italian restaurant I'd been to with my parents as a kid. My boyfriend remembered and made reservations in December for V-day! We went there on a double date with two of our closest friends. The food was incredible! It was the most expensive meal I'd had in years. We then walked through the rain to a movie theater and saw the creepy psychological thriller "Final Analysis." The guys even sprang for a taxi back to campus instead of our usual bus, because the rain was so bad. Still one of my most memorable dates ever.

Erin Bennett

One year when my husband and I were dating I came home to my apartment to a wrapped box left at my door big bow! Nice present! Flowers delivered to my workplace next day! Once we were married he told me he won me over so he thought he was all set with surprises :)!


It may seem like a little thing, but for Valentine’s Day (we celebrated today because of work schedules) my spouse took me to a local gaming store to pick out a new set of dice for a new game I’ll be participating in soon. It meant so much to me that he knew what would make me happy, as I’m not really one for flowers and jewelry. So I’ll be making his favorite (from scratch!) cinnamon rolls for tomorrow’s breakfast to say thank you. :)

Geraldine Scott

One Valentine's when I was recuperating from major surgery, my workaholic hubby came home with a chick flick and lunch...we sat together on the sofa eating our lunch and watching the movie. That never, ever happened before and it was just sooo thoughtful of him!


I am impressed with all the thoughtful gifts above. Unfortunately, I can't think of a memorable Valentine's Day gift. But my husband is thoughtful all year long!


My most memorable Valentines Day was in 2004, the day my husband and I got married!


One fun memory of mine is when my dad came home from work with small heart boxes filled with chocolate candy. One large one for my mom and the small ones for me and my sisters. I never even thought of my dad doing something like that!

carol fun

My most memorable Valentines Days hark back to my childhood. My Dad always got me a little heart shaped box of chocolates that matched the big one he gave to my Mom... always made me feel special!


Since losing my husband, Valentine’s Day has a different meaning for me. I look back on our years good and bad with joy that I experienced that kind if love. Love is good let it fill you on Valentine’s Day and all your days.


One year my husband took the day off. He gave me diamond earrings and we had Chinese for lunch and went home and watched a movie.


We've never celebrated Valentines Day (aside from maybe stocking up on discount candy the day afterwards, if that counts :D), but in general, any gift that's given "just because" is always lovely. It proves you don't need a holiday as an excuse to feel giving!

Diane Jespersen

Our 27year Valentine tradition is to cook a special meal at home, and give each other the gift of time..... Spent with each other. A quiet evening at home. I'll typically try a new recipe to make it extra special.


We celebrate by going out to dinner-nothing fancy. We just enjoy being together. And he says nothing when I buy more yarn....and I say nothing when he buys another pair of Nike Air Pegasus.


The sweetest Valentine's Day we celebrated was the year we got married. Granted it was the 15th of Feb instead of the 14th, but we counted it. We got married in Las Vegas in 1986, when the 15th was on a Saturday of a 3-day weekend. Since it was kind of spur-of-the-moment, we had no reservations so couldn't get a room. I changed into my dress in the janitor's closet at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, where Rev. Billy Joe Duckroe did the honors. Afterward, we each used up a roll of nickels at the casino, then drove to the closest hotel with a vacancy. Spent our wedding night in Barstow, CA. Unorthodox, and totally memorable!


My husband tried hard one year for Valentines Day. He sent me a basket filled with chocolates and candies to my where I worked. It was supposed to come by UPS, I believe. It showed on his tracking that it was going to be delivered that day. It was a Friday afternoon and my job location closed at 4:00 so he came to my job and sat in his car for 2 hours waiting for UPS. Nothing ever came so he finally got a hold of the company and found out it was delayed because of the weather. I didn’t get my basket until the next week.


One Valentine's Day (20 yrs ago tomorrow) I got a proposal for marriage from my then boyfriend now husband. I was kind of surprised. We had gone out to dinner and then watched a movie and I was about to go home when he stated that he had a gift that he wanted to give me. He got the box opened it and got down on his knee. I know a lot of people get engaged on Valentine's Day but we also kind of started our relationship on Valentine's Day 4 yrs prior as I received flowers anonymously (from him) and I did not know from whom they were from for a month.

Carissa Jean Pang

My most memorable Valentine's day would have to be the one in 2015. My bf and I hadn't been together for a year yet but we were already living together. I came home from work to flowers and a hand written note. The flowers were pretty but the note was the most precious gift ever.


I have received flowers for Valentine's day that, to this day, nearly 40 years later, I still have no idea who sent them.


I met my bf 14 years ago on Valentine's Day. So while we usually try to emphasize doing special and thoughtful things throughout the year, we do try to celebrate this particularly special day. However, we usually make plans for a day other than V-Day (this year, Friday the 16th) to avoid all the craziness. Over the years, I appreciate all the efforts on the other 364 days, but he never fails to find or do something extra special this day too. I won't say no to a massage or flowers!

Jill Niemiec

I can't inspire anyone,unfortunately. The only Valentine's gift that stands out in my mind is the worst one. My husband actually bought me a velvet rose from the local carryout. It was before no smoking laws were in place so it reeked of cigarette smoke. The fake cellophane wrapping it was actually hard plastic. My 3 year old at the time thought it would be a great spear. I'll never forget that one. So happy I can look back and laugh.

Lauren B.

My husband and I have exchanged cards for so many years I cannot remember when we started with the "just a card" Valentine's Day. That being said, he goes all out on the card. Either very mushy or very ornate. I feel so special even though it is "just a card."

Debra Cohen

My son proposed to his now wife on Valentine’s Day and he wanted to really surprise her. I had gotten a charm for my Pandora bracelet and still had the box so we tied the engagement ring with a ribbon inside. She thought he had bought her a charm and was very surprised to see the ring inside.

Renee Anne

Honestly, we're not ones for Valentine's Day. We might make a fancier dinner than we'd normally eat (like maybe toss a prime rib in the oven or something) but we don't do a whole lot. We're kind of boring that way. I remember one year, we had a friend of Husband's over and we played darts. Said friend was married at the time (they're now divorced - probably should have seen that one coming if she was willing to let him go off with a friend on Valentine's Day) and we were newly married. That's probably the most memorable just in that it was something we don't normally do: we played darts and had fun with a friend. I mean, we have fun with friends but this particular friend wasn't one that was over often.


My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day so my favorite gifts are the handmade ones from my kids. :)

Candice Hope

I really can't think of anything, we've always kind of half-assed Valentines Day. I admit, though, each year I hope there'll be a surprise for me. This year we are most definitely not celebrating, but I did win a contest on Facebook today, and a free cheesecake will be delivered to my door tomorrow afternoon. So, I'll be ok. :D

Sarah Delaney

I don't think I have ever gotten super crazy Valentine's Day gifts. I know one year my husband (then high school boyfriend at the time got me a sheep onesie) but I wouldn't mind getting some more yarn or flannel PJs for Valentines Day...

T Craven

We were in California for a friend's wedding. It was 1986 and CA was actually having torrential flooding rains. HWY 101 had a bridge washout, so we could not get up to visit friends and family in Eureka. My husband took me to Travis AFB and we caught a hop to Hawaii for Valentine's Day!

Jodie Emerick

My parents sent me flowers to my office :)

Susie Powell

My husband knows me well. Last Valentine's Day he gave me a set of ChiaoGoo knitting needles. We spent our evening sitting in our sunroom. I was knitting with my new needles while he read his book. A perfect day.


We have never been big on Valentine’s Day gifts but my sweet husband always brings me a plant or some flowers. We try to show our love and appreciation of each other every day. Your yarn postings are always beautiful.


Most memorable Valentines Day was 2000 - busy with a toddler and 3 teens - husband brought home takeout chicken wings- nice and spicy - just how I like them. By the next morning I was in labor with son #5.


A very memorable valentines happened many years ago... my husband came home with a box of chocolates... DeBrands heart shaped solid chocolate box with twenty truffles inside. It was our 20th valentines together.


I want a chocolate extreme blizzard from dairy queen :)

Nancy J

My fave activity is making the heart cutout cookies with frosting in red, orange and purple for my grandchildren. I drag out old Vintage Valentines and love the one Dad sent Mom when they were dating, circa 1940s. It is a happy day.

Dee Johnson

As a child my Dad would give Mom a heart shaped box of chocolates...after it was empty Mom would hang it on the wall..I love Valentine's Day then and now...I have always given my husband and my children...and now my's meant to be a day you show love.

Hannah Black

Though Valentine's Day hasn't happened yet this year, it will be a tough one. My horse riding instruction husband died last Tuesday, and a dear friend of mine passed on Saturday due to brain cancer. Tomorrow I will be visiting my instructor, whom I haven't seen in about a decade, to hopefully give her comfort. She will be receiving a prayer shawl that I made her, hopefully giving her something warm to hold onto. My friends, since my friend has died, have been surrounding me with hugs, love, and humor, which is helping me not to fall apart on a daily basis. We will be having friends time tomorrow before having to go to my friend's memorial service on Thursday. I don't know how I'm going to deal, nor how his family and other friends are able to cope. All I can say is that my friends and family are now drawing closer because we are realizing that we have to take the time to love and appreciate each other.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you celebrating <3

Hannah Black

As a clarification. I didn't review this- it was my instructor's husband who passed, not my husband.

Mary M

My first baby was born on Valentine's Day. I had made a cake for my husband the night before that never got frosted and was eventually thrown out. The baby was early so he took everyone by surprise.

Cher McQuirter

My husband always gives me a bouquet of my favorite flowers...daisies and carnations. This year he got a hold of my LYS and he and the owner are putting together something for me...i can barely contain myself!!

Melissa G

We don’t really do anything special for Valentines Day. Tomorrow is also Ash Wednesday so we won’t even be doing a special dinner. But we still enjoy just hanging out together after 30 years. ❤️

Teresa Knittingdancer

My dad would have a single red rose delivered to me at work every year.
He also sent roses to my 2 sisters and my mother.

BJ King

My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. We started dating the day after. So we consider that our “real” anniversary. We always make sure to spend the day doing things we enjoy. We normally go shopping together and then we each get to pick out something we really want.


We make Valentine's Day special with an extra nice dinner!

Suzanne Smiley

We usually don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays with gifts, but 25 years ago, my husband and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day. His father was in the hospital, but his father sent him over to my house to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me.

Laura Gabler

A skein of red qiviut yarn - still looking for the perfect pattern.


Not much nowadays in the way of gifting or celebrating. When my kids were little Valentine's Day was like Christmas! It was so much fun. I only decorate now... Simple..I would like a box filled with yummy chocolate and squishy yarn though!! :)


Well my most memorable one in a bad way was when our water pipes froze in 1993! We had no water for six weeks until the ground thawed and we could get a plumber in! What I'd love is a few hours of quiet at a coffee shop with yarn, a pattern and a nice, big, hot cup of coffee!

Amanda McTavish

My DH gave me a down subscription one year that we remembered to give gifts. Which is nearly as good as teen ;)

Nancy F.

No gifts, but I traditionally serve heart shaped red ravioli for dinner.


We don't really celebrate with anything fancy....just a really good meal at home most years.


We usually go to Qdoba. They have a buy one, get one free if you kiss in line. Valentine's Day isn't a big deal to us, but never give up a chance for a free burrito!


We don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Our first Valentine's Day, before we were married, my husband sent me a card to arrive every day the week before Valentine's Day. It was sweet. Then once we were married, he declared it was a Hallmark Holiday and never celebrated it again...didn't matter how I felt about it! He's not usually home for it, so I always did a little thing with the kids, but now that they're grown I don't do anything. Wait til the grandchildren get here though!!!


One of my favorite Valentine's gifts was a set of tires for my car. We were both in grad school and hardly had any money, but my husband said that my safety while driving was worth it.


Today will be a special Valentine's Day. My husband lives out of state and I see him only once a month and my younger adult son lives across the country and I see him even less. I'll pick them both up at the airport tonight and we'll be together for tonight and a few days. ❤️


Most memorable Valentines Day was when two dozen roses showed up at my office! TWO!!! Made me feel very special!


Really my favorite memory is helping my children pick out their Valentine's cards and getting them ready for their school party. Then them bringing home their cards and treats they got that day. Simple Joys.


I love when it's the simple stuff. Someone folds all the laundry for me. Or someone cooks dinner and washes all the dishes.
It doesn't happen often but when it has, it's great.

Rhonda Atkinson

I am single and have been for 22 years. I don't celebrate Valentines Day, it is just another day. I do have dreams of a perfect Valentines Day - flowers delivered, dinner reservations at a very romantic spot, candles, music, wine, and of course chocolate. I love to dance so he would get me up to dance. A very dreamy day and evening, filled with romance and love.


For me the best Valentine surprise came six months late (or early depending on how you think about it). My birthday is today, so my husband sent me Valentine's Day flowers on August 14 so I could have a special holiday also.


My husband and I don't celebrate St. Valentine's Day with gifts. We will share each other's company at dinner. We spend the bulk of our days at work with other people, so spending time together is our gift to each other.

Lisa M Barrett

My birthday is the 13th so being we've had a celebration the day before, Valentine's Day tends towards low key. Something I've been wanting ever since I learned of them is a pair of Allbirds. Have you heard about these? Anyone that loves wool should have a pair :)

Kathy K

Every year my husband gives me a heart-shaped box of chocolates; I've always loved those fancy candy boxes and they're only available this time of year. I look forward to it every year! This year's box is all covered in red velvet. <3


A special treat would be cooking dinner together and having time to sit and enjoy the results.

Lynn Howell

That alpenglow is yummy!!! Not a big fan of V-Day here. More likely to do something on our anniversary. However I do love to look at blogs that show yummy yarn. Have I said Alpenglow is yummy?!?


I just love that my husband knows me. He knows I don't like cut flowers. So instead he bought me a flowering house plant and chocolate. He knows I always want yarn but I think he gets tired of giving me the same thing even though I never get tired of receiving yarn!

Deb J

Well, after many, many years of us not going out to dinner on Valentine's Day, my husband asked me if I'd like to go out tonight...and we are! We aren't much about celebrating the day, other than a card, and after 41 years together, well, that in itself is a celebration! But I confess, I am pretty excited! (In our house, we actually celebrate Pitchers & Catchers Report day--for spring training--more!! Smile! And this year, they are the same day!)

Linda Bazinet

The first year we were married, my husband gave me a marble rolling pin for Valentine's Day. He was worried that I might not think this was an appropriate gift (and might hit him with it) and therefore he also gave me a bottle of Blue Curacao.
28 years later, I still have the rolling pin - it has been used often over the years and looks almost new. Whenever I use it, I remember those early days of our marriage.


My sweetheart and I went bowling with friends for valentine's day. Was nice to not stress about restaurant reservations or the like


My son is 600 miles away going to college, I’d like to be able to see him for Valentine’s Day

Mary Tangen-Giger

My husband and I think everyday we have together is Valentines Day. We try to treasure each one as age advances. This morning he just held me for a long time and I gratefully snuggled in. His arms are my safe place.

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