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February 27, 2018


Debbie Coy

Teals, pinks


I love Woman From Tokyo and Fly Me To The Moon. I love the more simple colors with a little twist.

Beth Bokhart

Well it was darn near impossible, but I’ve narrowed my favorites to: Fly ME to the Moon and Into the Labyrinth. I love, Love, LOVe these and all the others.

Annette Poole

Girl from Ipanema and Viva Las Vegas


LOVE the names- except half of them gave me earworm, LOL!

I am ordering some speckles today, but I also love Seven Seas of Rhye (and the song) and Life on Mars (and the song) for tonals that would look really nice with the speckles.

Sue Kieft

Girl from ipanema & Malibu! 💗💗💗💗LOVE the colors!!

Rose Birchall

Route 66 and Legend of Glass MT.
Pretty, pretty, pretty yarn.


Candy Store and Electric Rock are my faves!


Scarborough Fair and palaces of momtezuma

JoAnne B

My faves are Girl from Ipanema and Life on Mars.But I don't think that they should be used together.

Bunny Osborne

My favorites are Malibu and Girl from Ipanimu (can’t remember if I spelled that right). Thanks for the opportunity!!


Life on Mars and London Calling ... but it was really hard to only choose two! There are soooo many beautiful colorways ... I want them all!

Thanks for the contest!

Sandy C

Route 66 and Into the labyrinth. Well actually that was almost impossible. I like tooooo many of them for someone that has a serious sock stash.

Merrill Poloian

Electric Avenue and Neon River are my favorites


Viva las Vegas + Constantinople!


Seven Seas of Rhye and Marrakesh Express! So pretty! Thank you

T Craven

Viva Las Vegas and Camelot Speckle!!❤❤


Ooh.... California sun and Kathmandu!


Hitting post before I change my mind: Alphabet Street and Castle on a Cloud.


Electric Ave Multi and Castle on a different but both so wonderful


These colors are amazing!!! My favorites are definitely Alphabet Street and Istanbul (not Constantinople)

Johnna Cook

Paisley Park and Girl from Ipanema, but they are all fantastic!


I like McArthur Park and Marrakesh Express

Coby Hanna-Butler

Oh this is so hard! I think I would pick Electric Ave Speckle and Candy Store Rock.

Debbie Hallamek

Wow! My favs are electric avenue speckle and land of confusion.


So many beautiful colors. My favorites are Seven Bridges Road and Marrakesh Express.

Karla Mellinger

Girl from Ipanema and MacArthur Park, love them!

Lynda Yinger

Bungle in the jungle and castle on a cloud


Electric Avenue and Malibu. It was a hard choice, love the names

Diane Hawkey

Gangnem Style & Camolot multi, though it was so had to choose.

Leann Demeduk

Gangnam style and neon river are two favorites - I’m drawn to the bright colors. They are all beautiful!

Colleen D'Allura

Big vountry and nightmare street. These colors are so much fun!

Bonnie Phillips

I love saturated pinks, teals and purples. Please let me win! ❤️

Elaine Titus

Camelot Speckle and Woman from Tokyo speak to me most but then they are all just fantastic colorways.

Carol creek

Glass My and calling. It was hard to just pick two. Thank you for the contest

Ann Hedington

ONLY TWO?? geez. OK, I think my top two are Bungle in the Jungle, and Electric Avenue Speckle.


They are all so pretty! I love neon river and nightmare street

Beth Hoffman

Camelot multi and Marrakesh!!! Stunningly beautiful 💕💕💕


I love both Marrakesh Express and Strawberry Fields! I like them separately or in combination with another color way. All are gorgeous!

Bonnie Phillips

My current faves are Istanbul and Misty Mountain Hop. Lots of great colors!


Alphabet Street and Werewolves is London are what I’m crushing. Way to go, SSYC ladies! Gorgeous as always 💜


Oooooh!!! Big Country and Malibu, if I have to choose just two (and that was hard!) Thank you!

Diane Campbell

Nightmare street and paisley park....LOVE them!! The colors are amazing!


Viva Las Vegas and Scarborough are my faves, I think, they're all beautiful!!

Gloria Sperry

My favorite colors are pink and blue

Laura Gabler

So many beautiful colors so hard to pick, but I’ll say Malibu and Route 66.


Hard to pick just two but Kathmandu and House of Swamp least at this minute!


Love them all but I especially like werewolves of London and.Woman from Tokyo

Michelle Wedeven

Camelot and Route 66


All are beautiful. I love Camelot Mulit and Electric Ave


Camelot multi and Girl from Ipanema

Kelli L

Ah the choices! I would be happy with any of them. I did narrow it down to Land of confusion and nightmare street speck....I think!

Jo Anna

Love all these color ways! They make me so happy just looking at them! Love MacArthur Park and Legend of the Glass Mt bc I'm thinking of a project that these yarn skeins might go well with❤️❤️


I would take any of them. I like Istanbul and Land of Doesn't

Barbara A Case

Las Vegas and MacArthur Park really like those two!!


All of them, especially Candy Store Rock and Camelot Multi. :)


Misty Mountain Hop and Castle on a Cloud - although, it was hard to choose just two! Great names, btw. I almost had to choose some of them for the names alone!

Elaine whitesel

I love teal and purple!


MacArthur Park and Castle on a Cloud

Sandy Rice

I love Route 66 and Fly Me to the Moon.


Route 66 and Werewolves of London

Eileen Bator

Just two?! Oceana and Marrakesh Express look like spring to me!

JB Pierce

Marrakesh Express, because I am susceptible to soft pinks, and California Dreaming, because I am on an orange quest for a project this summer

Luann M.

Werewolves and strawberry fields. ( All of them are pretty)

JB Pierce

Ack! That was supposed to say California Sun & Marrakesh Express. Where’s the edit function when you need it???


I love Electric Avenue Multi and Nightmare Street Multi!


it's hard to pick just two, but I love Electric Ave and Nightmare St!

LaVerne Barnes

Oh my goodness what a hard decision as they are all so beautiful! I have narrowed down my favorites to:

- Route 66 and
- Bungle In The Jungle.

Thank you!

LaVerne Barnes

Terri Brinegar

Girl from Ipanema and Misty Mountain Hop, would be my choices!

deborah kitts

I like them all!

Paisley Park
Land of Confusion
Girl from Ipanema


Legend of the Glass Mountain with Route 66. I would ask if Seven Bridges Road would look bwtter with Route 66!
Congratulations on the new yarn!

Georganne D Oldenburg

My vote would go to Oceana and Viva Las Vegas. Already have an idea one. Great colors balanced with solids to make them zing!

Deb J

My first two favorites are Viva Las Vegas and Electric Avenue fact, I immediately went off to purchase them before they ran out! Viva Las Vegas was a no brainer--given that I still, after all these years, immediately start dancin' if I hear Elvis beltin' it out!

Diane Brownstein

Burgundy and teal. Love copper too,though.

Alecia Helton

Girl from Impanema and Viva Las Vegas

Allise Vicens

MacArthur Park and viva Las Vegas. Bring back memories, song and movie!

Karen Murphy

Route 66 and Glass Mountain are my favorites but there are a lot of great colors.

Brenda Souders

Misty mountain hop and castle on a cloud are my favorites.


Route 66 and Land of Confusion! They are all lovely.


Oooh! Camelot Multi and Neon River! Thanks for the chance to win!

Becki Greetan

Paisley Park and Malibu
Win, win!!


Camelot Multi and Werewolves of London!

Veronica Kettleborough

Wow this was a hard decision to narrow it down to two skeins. I think Castle on a cloud and Misty mountain hop would be top of the list.

Candice Hope

Really? We're only picking two?! Sigh... ;) I'm feeling girly so Misty Mountain Hop and Marakesh. But I also love California Sun. Yeah. That's 3. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Martina Kerr

Rout 66 and Seven Bridges Road, thank you!


Only picking two favourites is almost impossible! These are gorgeous!! I love misty mountain hop and land of confusion. And California sun. And route 66. And Viva Las Vegas. And,,,,,, LOL


MacArthur Park and Oceana - but tough to pick just two!


Candy Store Rock and Into the Labrynth will be my first purchases!!! Can’t wait and thank you for the opportunity.


I love the Land down under and Oceana. Both gorgeous colors

Debra Cohen

I love the girl from ipanena and malibu


Just two, really!! Land of Confusion and MacArthur Park (love that song too!)


Yum: the Girl from Ipanema and Malibu! So pretty...


So hard to pick just two. The two I like best are Land of Confusion and Malibu.

Diane Smith

Girl from impanema and electric ave multi

Amanda Z

Okay, picking just two is REALLY HARD. I think I'd have to go with Oceana (because it's tranquil and happy and makes me think of the Caribbean Sea) and Castle on a Cloud (because it is soft and gentle and the colors make me think of my favorite irises).


Love so many! Electrics avenue speckle and Land of Confusion are my favorites!

Marty Begeman

Girl from Ipanema and MacArthur Park are two of many favorites! All are beautiful!


California Sun and Castle on a Cloud


Ohhh, Route 66 and London calling!


So hard to choose two favorites, but my daughter helped me pick two: Stanbul Not Const & In a Big Country.

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