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February 26, 2018



Love the socks in the first pic. My youngest had 1/2 day kindergarten last year. I started working 1 day out of the house. This year was first grade, I try to run all errands while they are at school. Breaks throw me for a loop as the kids don't want to grocery shop. Had to rip a partial leg on a second sock since my gauge tighten and I couldn't get over my heel.


My 7 and 11 year olds also love Roblox and Youtube videos of people playing it, LOL! And the Sims game. My 5 year old will start kindergarten in the fall, too! I look forward to seeing your newest in-house yarn!


My grandsons also love to watch those YouTube videos of others playing games although they're not into Minecraft so much now. I think it may be something they've outgrown. I too like that sock & I LOVE that colorway used in the Sockhead hat. Is it available in the store yet?

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