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February 02, 2018


Katherine Reed

I would chose badlands and Astrid Grey for the design!


I think I would go with Abiquiu and Esoteric. But Amber Trinket is my favorite Tosh colorway, so maybe that with a nice semi-solid like Himiko, Ink, or Resin...


Ooh! I would have loved to combine Calligraphy and Antler for a Kallara Shawl!

Instead I’m using leftovers from shawls I made last year using a couple Hedgehog Fibre purple potluck colors and House of a la Mode Lady Midnight.

Antonia Stonell

I would use Abiquiui as one of the colors, it’s stunning! I am using Rosie’s moments - Jacson’s colour for the bright colour and a grey blue locally dyed for my Kallara Shawl. Instagram BumpyCrafts for pictures 😊

Jen Cameron

I’m feeling Bronze Age and begonia. I love purple/bronze together when I do bead embroidery, but have never tried it in yarn.

As for colors, I’m using a special dyed gradient set from Black Trillium called Neverwhere (after the Neil Gaiman book!) and a Republoc of yarn speckle that I can’t remember the name of and is at home so I can’t look at it.

Colleen D'Allura

Surf and mockingjay! What a cool project.


I am not participating (so far), because I need to get some WIPs done first! If I did join in, I would love to use Holi Festival with Himiko.


About missing that stitch: stitch marker.

I would use Forager with...something. The compare feature won’t allow me to choose from different pages, so not sure what would best go with it. Something dark I think.


Gorgeous colors! I was struck by Himiko, and I think I’d combine it with Moonstone for Kallara.

Thank you for the contest!


I would use beautiful liar and dirty Panther. Beatiful pattern beautiful colors!

Amanda Swanson

I'm not currently KALing with you, but I'd make my Kallara in Blood Runs Cold and Optic because every time I wear red, I remember that I don't have a shawl to match.

Renee Sawyer

Murakami & Favorite Pair!

Nancy F.

Pool & Methanol Blue!


I would use Horoscope & Ink


I would like to see Push Pop and The Radness together

Jenny K

Maiyet and Methanol blue.


I'm literally frozen with choices.
For MadTosh sock, I'd say maybe Optic and Death by Elocution, or Found Pottery and Deep... (though I'd love a suggestion for a pairing with Forager)

For my first (?) Kallara, I might go to the stash:

But I'm still hemming and hawing....


It was difficult to choose but I'd like to knit the Kalara in Cousteau and Deep but will be using yarn from my too-big stash.


Daenerys and Calligraphy.


Electric Rainbow and Esoteric would be a beautiful combination. I am not participating as finding work is more a priority than fiber treats. Just working from my stash on other projects


I would use rainbow and heart of glass.

I am enjoying reading what others post. I am not participating because I hadn't read about it, and I mostly knit for babies. But I like that you said people could link to their project other pages for those of us not on Ravelry.


If using Tosh I would use Rainbow/Dirty Panther. I am going to use Malabrigo Sock Yarn, Pocion/Eggplant! Can't wait for it too arrive so I can get started!


I quite dismissed the thought of knitting this pattern earlier, per Ambah’s email. But your comments made it seem very fun. I think I’d like to try Broken Pottery and Ink. I LOVE all the new yarns.


I would use Foundry probably with dirty monster.
Love the Foundry !


I’m slow to get on the shawl bandwagon because I can’t decide if I would actually wear it. But seeing everyone’s beautiful projects and yarn makes me very tempted to jump in. I would really like to use Cloud Dweller, especially with a color like Deep or Esoteric.


For Tosh Sock, I love Chicory and I would pair it with a light grey like Astrid Grey.

However, I went with bolder colors and I'm using Tosh Merino Light in Electric Rainbow and Hedgehog Skinny Singles in Graphite.


Gold Lion and Great Grey Owl for a little sun in this grey winter:)

I am using Hedgehog Sock Duo in green for my Kallara.


I would choose Jade and Liquid gold. there are so many gorgeous colors. Any would make a lovely Kallara.

Lisa M Barrett

I like Cloud Dweller and a grey to match so I would ask the AWESOME SSYC staff to choose which of Kenobi/Leopard/Rain Water/Charcoal worked best. In the meantime, I've decided to use Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Better Than Tin and Poste Yarn Yak Luxe in Loch Ness if I decided to join the KAL - I already have a few too many WIPs but it looks like such a pleasant knit. Thank you for the giveaway, KAL and coupon code!


I really like the combo you chose--so I would have to choose Pixel, and probably Onyx too!

Marilyn Hunley

Don't know if I can commit to this KAL, but I am wavering on that. I've never participated in a KAL before but I really do love the pattern and I am going to make it sometime. From the Tosh colours, I would use Radness and Neon Pink. I want brightness right now and I need pink!


I would choose Moonglow and Cosmic Silver. G


I'm curious about a low contrast combination. Whiskey Barrel looks amazing in a completed garment. I would try Whiskey Barrel and Whiskers!

I choose malabrigo picion and eggplant to do Kallara

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