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January 26, 2018


Pat Hill

I love your kits! I almost never score one because I'm working when you post them. I totally understand that your intent is to sell them all as quickly as possible. Maybe one day (sigh) you'll over two windows. One morning and one evening. Happy Friday!

LeAnne Olson

Oh,... I need one. Hope I can get one snagged. How do I look it up.


Oh Pat, I do wish I could make that work, but then we would also have to work all day and then all night to man the whole event (it take a crazy amount of hours already to make these kit days happen). I do hope sometime I can have enough made that they last most of a whole day (like the mug kit from last week), and I do appreciate your request very much. Thank you for asking, and please do continue to share your requests!
LeAnne, I'll post links here on the blog on Tuesday when it goes live, plus there will be links on our homepage. Kits and clubs are always listed at this link too:
Hope this helps!

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