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January 02, 2018


Denise Walsh-Horowitz

Well an early Happy Birthday, Allison! I too, am putting myself "on the list". We have to take care of ourselves, before anything else, or it impacts everyone else. I learned it doesn't really take much time to do that. As far as knitting goes, I really wanted to make two sweaters for my husband, and more socks. He only has 26 pair, but he can always use more. My son wants socks as well as my brother, so I spent this weekend sorting yarn and putting skeins in bags for each person. I have alot of knitting to do - wish I didn't have to work. I have recently bought some knitting bags from Bird leg Bags as Vickie makes the best bags, and each person has their own bag assigned to them. Talk about OCD, but hopefully this will make things easier. Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Denise


My baby goes to kindergarten too! I am already dreading it. I feel like it is the end of "babies" all over again.... making me sad!


Lauren, you can I will have to meet for morning walks or something for the first month to cry with each other- I'm sure everyone else will think we are nuts for being sad all the time about our "babies" being gone all day. But I know it's going to be a hard change for me!

Amy Hesting

Happy Early Birthday Allison! My knitting resolutions are to knit MYSELF a sweater or three (Le Scarabee Bleu, Shusui Shrug and Breathing Space) and to finish my lovely Marley Shawl. I'm new to brioche and I'm addicted!


I've had a lot of fun plain knitting self-striping socks but they don't always go with wild leggings, so my goal is to knit more solid-colored socks in interesting designs. Also, weave more, spin more, dye more, etc. And maybe I'll clean the carpets. ;-)

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