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January 03, 2018



Yes please! I love seeing how colors mix and my queue shows my addiction to multi skein projects.

Mittens:Sidecar Mittens
Cowl: Tuck Cowl
Mini skeins: Reverb
Shawls: Laurelie, Emiliana, Bosc Pear and Slain


I'm looking for the perfect dark charcoal gray to use for a colorwork hat alongside a skein of true red TML.

This pattern:
Copying this colorway (shown on the matching mittens):

Would love to use something more a bit nicer than Cascade 220 solids. Single ply is a plus, but I don't mind mixing textures if the WPI is around the same as my tosh merino light skein.

Kelly Albrecht

Often times I feel inadequate when I need to put more than two colors together. I tend to lean on my LYS to assist with this. I see the joy they get in putting combinations together - for me it is pure panic. I tend to go with the obvious combinations (Red/Blue. Black/White etc.)

When I use the suggestions/combinations created by the LYS my projects are truly beautiful and I am very pleased with the end result.

I would love if you would share some of the combinations your team creates -

Thank you for letting me share.


Yes! Please share your color finds! Twos or threes, five colors or more - I did not get that gift of putting beautiful colors together, but I can copy if someone else does it first. Doing a Fade shawl is in my list, of. Faded sweater. Please help us color impaired and THANK YOU!


I love seeing the various combinations you come up with & id love to see what other customers come up with too.
To Keilexandra - if you're looking for a worsted weight yarn that's a bit nicer than Cascade 220, I'd suggest DIC Classy. It's a hand dyed, superwash worsted weight & the colours are amazing. I made a cowl for my daughter using it & it was so gorgeous. All her coworkers wanted one.


Yes, please! I lack confidence in my own choices when putting together skeins. Having your combinations would help so much.

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