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December 12, 2017



I credit my mom...she had to work when i was little and brought me to my grams nearly every day..gram taught me to knit!!!!!!


The music teacher in my middle school. I always chose art over music so I never had her as a teacher but for a quarter of my 7th grade year she was in charge of my lunch study. She'd sit at the front of the class supervising while knitting. I remember her huge tote and straight needles. Looking back I'm pretty sure she had been working on a sweater over those eight weeks. I fell in love with the thought of being able to make something with just a ball of yarn and needles. It was 12 years later before I picked up needles myself. Youtube taught me how to knit but I credit that teacher with sparking my interest.


One year at Christmas, my mother-in-law had brought along a knitting loom and was making hats on it, so she taught a few of us how to do it, then drove us to town to buy us our own looms. After that, I went into my LYS to buy some yarn for a loom project, when i saw all the beautiful FOs displayed around the store, and that was when i realized there was much more to knitting than all the kitschy things I had seen up until then!

Bonnie Wright

My mother taught me to knit when I was a teenager. My sisters are now my inspiration. It is fun sharing projects and getting g ideas from each other

Teresa McP

I am inspired by all the beautiful yarns!


I really don't have an inspirational person, I learned on my own after being told I was unteachable for years. But the yarn is inspiration!


I had tried to teach myself to knit several times before I caught on. The point at which I finally caught on, I was working with Lara Neel, author of Sock Architecture. She really helped me understand a lot about knitting, and is still always within a text or Facebook message for questions. I know I’m a stronger knitter because of her in-person help when I was first starting out.

Becky Gray

Friends. Very patient friends. One sat by my side and taught me how to pick up stitches on a sock. One said “what are you afraid of? It’s just yarn” when I was “afraid” of messing up cables. Lately it’s a group from all over the country that is encouraging through Instagram and Ravelry.

Nicole Acuna

My best friend of over 30 years taught me and because I have severe ADHD it took a loooong time so god bless her for her patience with me lol. I also learned a lot by watching tutorials and from doing/making mistakes but now? Knitting truly is the best therapy and stress reliever!


My mother taught me to knit, but I was having trouble with my needles, because I am left handed and I could not figure out what to do with the right needle, since I mostly moved the left needle. While we were visiting my father's cousin, her husband was watching me try to knit - he was German and use to watch his mother knit all the time - he suggested that I keep the right needle stationary, so I placed it in my stomach, to keep it still. That worked like a charm! If it wasn't for him, I am sure that I would not have become the knitter that I am today. Today, I don't use straight needles, I only use circular needles. With circular needles I don't have to worry about my right needle at all.

Trina Mechling

I credit my dad for supporting me and pushing me to keep trying new things. No, he didn't teach me to knit, I learned the basics (simple cast on, knit & purls stitch) in 7th grade arts & crafts class. My dad always told me to keep trying and learning even when I'd get discouraged.

Rhonda Atkinson

My grandmother and mother got me started knitting. I was in my early 20's and we all went to Sears where they had a knitting class. We made squares of different stitches and made a blanket. Then we made a vest. It was fun doing it with my mother and Ma Bea. I went a long period of time while having kids of not knitting but have been back at it for several years. Love having needles and yarn in my hands.


I am inspired by a dear friend. She learned from her Grandmother. She taught me his to knit about 6 years ago during an especially hard time at work. The knitting helped me take my mind off my worries and I love all the things I have knitted.

Diane Nocivelli

My grandmother and my mother were my inspirations.

Diane Nocivelli

My grandmother and my mother were my knitting inspiations.


My husband! I learned to knit as a child but didn't get seriously into it until I wanted to make him a special Christmas present. He's so appreciative of everything I make him and has a great eye for color, so he's a huge help when I'm trying to find just the perfect color yarn for a project. He especially likes hand-knitted socks, and I think he'd really like Dirty Harry if I'm lucky enough to be the winner. :-)

JoAnne B

My grandmother didn't teach me to knit but I inherited her need to keep her hands creating something. I also saw how much sewing was a part of my Mother's life. My hands need to be busy and at 10 I bugged the ladies at the knitting shop until it worked. It's portable and tidy and I can do it while I listen and talk. And it feeds my soul.


My grandmother was always knitting. She converted me when I was 9 and I've never looked back!


My inspiration is not from one but many. I browse Ravelry daily and find items that I want to knit. I try to find patterns that will deplete my stash, but somehow that doesn't work out,


My mother and grandmother taught me to knit and inspired me. I am also inspired by yarn like when I discovered Hedgehog Fibres a couple of years ago and designers like Andrea Mowery who I discovered last year.

Debra Cohen

The Christmas when I was in 6th grade one of my presents was a kit to knit a coat for Barbie. I remember it came in a cardboard canister and it was turquoise. My 6th grade teacher Mrs. Rogers was a knitter. She would let me stay in at recess and help me knit and ultimately finish this project.
I didn’t do a lot of knitting in the years that followed but there were some memorable projects like a sampler Afghan for my brother’s wedding present and baby blankets for all my nephews and niece. When my sons started wrestling and I needed projects to do during meets is when I really started knitting on a more constant level.


My inspiration comes not from one person but from the many talented knitters on Ravelry. I spend countless hours admiring the beautiful projects by so many people and keep adding projects to my favorites!


My Dad. He taught me to knit almost 50 years ago and I haven't stopped. I made him at least 1 sweater every year until he died 12 years ago. Thanks Dad!


My inspiration is my mom. She taught me to knit Christmas 2006 and I havent looked back. thank you Mom she does her own thing and I respect that.


My Mom taught me how to knit when I was a kid. I can remember knitting with little bobbbles of yarn hanging down and years later learned she was knitting argyle socks. We used to sit and knit together and I still have some pillows we knit with cables and bobbles.

Beverly Shearon

My friend Jill is my inspiration. She taught me how to do socks and I was hooked! She makes it all look so easy and doesn't make me feel like a doofus when I mess up.


I credit my friend Pam. I almost gave up until she encouraged me to keep trying.

Christine Frostenson

In addition to my sister, my first knitting teacher Crystal was a huge influence. She taught me to knit socks and was such a patient and kind teacher. I wouldn’t be knitting today without those two lovely teachers! Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!!

Kimberly Townsend

A neighbor that lived next door to us when I was a teenager. She was always knitting something for the neighborhood kids. She did all kinds of color work and I was fascinated by watching it develop as she knit.

Deborah Pogue

Just the desire to learn

Barbara Russo

I must give a little credit to my Nana who sat me down many years ago and showed me the basics. But the real credit must go to my dear friend Cathy who used to manage my favorite yarn shop. She was the best and most patient teacher ever and I learned so much from her.

Molly mcginnis

Likewise, my Grandma taught me to knit when I was in the 7th grade. I couldn't stop after that, I've been knitting ever since! I always send her pictures of projects I've made and she encourages me to keep trying new ideas. She's definitely my inspiration!

Lucy Kesler

The lady who taught me to knit 40 some years ago also taught the blind to knit. Every time I get bogged down and want to throw my current difficult knitting project in the corner and give up I remember her and remind myself that I have 2 good eyes and a reasonably good brain, certainly I can figure this out.

Alecia Helton

My knitting group.

Robin Jamerson

My daughter was my insperation. She learned to knit at college. She had to be at performances to help with any costume problems. Knitting helped pass the time. I was so jealous of her scarves. I had a good friend take the time to help me get started and with problems as I knit scarves. Then I fell in love with knitted socks! Knitting is my joy and my therapy. I fall in love with every skein of yarn. I am always amazed with the colors and texture.


There is not a single family member or friend that I can credit with my knitting obsession ... no knitting friends, nothing. I started with crochet, which I taught myself after finding a "Learn to Crochet" kit at AC Moore about 8ish years ago. I was already well into my 50s by that time. After 5-6 years, I "accidentally" found knitting podcasts on YouTube ... I decided to teach myself to knit so I could make socks. I knit my first pair of socks in January of this year and am halfway through my 22nd pair now. I am influenced/encouraged by the many crafty podcasters I subscribe to. Because of them, I want to knit ALL the things!!

Kelly Jun

I started knitting when ravelry first started. I was inspired by two sisters that knit so fast and took great photos. They were always posting new projects onto ravelry.. Neither one are active on ravelry anymore. Often wonder if they still knit - they definitely inspired me!

Annette Poole

My mother taught me to knit when I was 6 years old. She was my older sister's girl scout troop leader. I had to go along since I was so young so she taught me along with the troop. My sister never really took to knitting but I have been knitting away for over 50 years. I was able to pass along my love of knitting to her daughter. I taught her to knit socks!

Lisa Loback

I credit an amazing coworker/boss who taught me how to knit. It is great stress reliever when you work a high pressured job.


A dear friend taught me to knit about 6 years ago. She learned from her Grandma. She taught me to knit during a particularly stressful time at work. The knitting helped me get my mind off the stress and I love all of the things I have knitted.

Joyce Betz

A friend taught me to knit, have to give a lot of credit to her. But then I joined a local knitting group and we meet every Tuesday at a restaurant and have lunch and then knit. This group inspires me constantly everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful and inspirational. It is a great group, we have lost some among the years but also gained new ones and have enjoyed each and everyone of them.

Danielle Sime

I was taught by the lady standing in front of me in line for a convention 5 years ago. She was just cranking out a cowl WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING! Someday I’ll be as good as her but she had about 35 years head start so.......


My mom, and the desire to learn as much as possible!


I've got to give credit to the ladies in my knit group. I was a newbie knitter when I met them, and they've been so supportive and helped my creative drive grow, not to mention they're the best enablers. Love them <3


My mother was always knitting. I am left-handed, but learned to knit righty so she could teach me.

Jessica McConnell

The birth of my first child. I hadn’t knit or crocheted in 15 years when I became pregnant and I really wanted to make things for my baby. I’ve been at it ever since!

Deborah M

A friend at work talked me into joining a knitting group. People of all ages and stages in their knitting. My second project was a sweater and they were kind enough not to discourage me!

Shawn sweeney

My mom is definitely my biggest knitting inspiration. She not only taught me to knit, she also connected my with the wonderful women of 2 knitting guilds. They all continue to inspire me to learn and grow as a knitter.

Mary Kay Ross

My older sister taught me to knit. She thought that I should do something besides reading all the time. Have passed my knitting skills onto my daughter who constantly has a pair of socks in the works. Her skills have long ago surpassed mine. She is now my go to resource for knitting questions. And turned me on to Simply Socks!


There are two women. My Austrian host mother, Berta, taught me how to knit. A dear friend, Xenda, left me all of her knitting needles, when she passed away. I wouldn't be the knitter, or woman, I am today, were it not for the both of them.


My first job as a teenager was working retail and I would bring a craft project to work on during my lunch hour. An older German lady, Edna, and I were talking about knitting and she said that she used to knit stockings during the war (WW2). I was so captivated by the thought of knitting socks that I asked her to show me. Now this was decades ago, before beautiful sock yarns, the Internet, and published books about socks. I had to use acrylic baby yarn as it was the thinnest yarn I could find and size 3 or 4 DPNs but Edna taught me very patiently as I was a very new Knitter. I've been in love with handknit socks ever since. I still have those socks which developed a hole on the heel about the 3rd time I wore them due to the lack of density of the fabric. I compulsively collected ever sock book I could find for years but Edna was the one who ignited the spark. Thanks Edna, wherever you are!

Joyce Correia

My knitting inspiration? A sorority sister in college. She was always knitting - even in a dark movie theater. My first project was a cable cardigan. What was I thinking? Finished the project and guess what? It was too small. No one had ever mentioned guage. But it was a great experience.

Debbie Hallamek

I credit the many wonderful knitters on you tube. Couldn't have done it without them.


Kaffe Fasset. His beautiful work inspired me to be brave and try colour work. I have never looked back.


I get my knitting/ crocheting inspiration from my family. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was 5 y/o and I have been crafting for my family ever since (nearly 43 years).


It was my nonna who was always knitting. When she passed someone decided that I should get all her yarn even though I had NOT learn to knit or crochet. Since I had the yarn, and I remember the slippers that she knit so our feet would stay warm in her house while visiting, I decided it was time to learn.
At the time a place called Chix with Stix wasn't far from me and I went into learn. The woman was patient and after two lessons I knew how to purl and knit and had made my first scarf. Then I got into a sock of the month club (because of the slippers my nonna used to make) and expanded my learning.

Paula Vail

My mom; she taught me to knit, crochet, sew, cook, entertain, and much more. I am forever grateful and pass it on to other younger women whenever I am given the opportunity.


Maggie Righetti's book "Knitting in Plain English" really got me started and made me realize this was something I could do and that I wanted to. Elizabeth Zimmermann truly inspired me to keep with it. She showed me the freedom of choice with knitting. And that all those rules can be used or changed or broken as "I" saw fit. Not to be intimidated by the hard stuff. To think about what I'm knitting, not blindly following the pattern. She really gave me power with my knitting. And that I can choose easy items that I enjoy knitting if I want. "Knitter's Choice" really inspires me!


I'm the only knitter in my family, but my 7 year old son inspires me. He sees beauty in so many things! He is learning how to knit and can do the knit stitch by himself. He doesn't know how to cast on or purl yet, but we'll get there eventually!


No one in my family knits so I think I learned in a home economics class. Over the years I would occasionally knit baby blankets for presents but it wasn't until I retired that I really took an interest in knitting. I'm inspired by the patterns on Ravelry and the many knitting podcasts that show off beautiful yarn and finished objects.


I am continually inspired by memories of my mother. I grew up with "Just one more row", holding hanks while she wound balls, the soft click, click, click of knitting needles, receiving gifts such as a one-sleeved sweater with needles and yarn and an IOU, and so on. Knitting was such a part of my childhood that it only makes sense it's a part of my life as an adult.

Brenna Delosier

A friend taught me to knit and then she abandoned it. I carried on and now knit darn near anything I want.

Sandy Rice

When I was in Junior-High School our Home Economics teacher Mrs. Sherman taught us to either knit or crochet. I loved the knitting class and have been knitting ever since.


Absolutely my Mom. She has knit as long as I can remember. My childhood blanket is her first knit project, which I still cherish. It didn't occur to me even though I was crafty to ask her to show my how to knit. It wasn't until a girlfriend handed me her needles that I caught the bug. I went home that Christmas and said MOM! Teach me to knit! And I haven't stopped since!
I am SOO inspired by all the hand dyed sock yarn and beautiful yarns out there!! I want them all and the spur me on to try new things! I am really inspired by Andrea Mowry, her story of not knowing where she fit in and what she wanted to do and now she shares her beautiful creations with so many.
And Allison your GrandMother does know and I'm sure she's around watching all your successes and encouraging you. Your love for each other is so clear, and strong. That bond is still there.


There have been a couple of people over the years. I have always loved fiber- fabric and yarn- and was always trying to make something. My grandmother was a very accomplished afghan crocheter and my mom dabbled. It took me many years for crochet to click and once I got it, I craved the look you got with knitting. A friend of mine was also learning to knit and she was able to set me on the right path. From there I received the most encouragement from my dear friend Amanda, whom I met at a sewing retreat. She continues to inspire me to try different techniques and to not be afraid of cables (still have not tried cables)

Rebecca Snyder

My biggest inspiration is all of you! The knitting community (blogs, Ravelry knitting shops, etc) has expanded my knowledge base and skill set so much that I don't know if I'd still be knitting without you. I'm a self-taught knitter and when I think about my early knitting days, muddling through a pamphlet I bought at a chain craft store, I don't think I would have kept with it for over a decade nor would I be knitting socks and lace without the tremendous resource that is the on-line knitting community. I also never would have discovered the joys of hand-painted sock yarn! So thank you all so much!

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

My knitting group keeps me motivated and inspires me. I love seeing what everyone else is knitting and we love to show our FO's when we meet. They are an awesome bunch of ladies and I'm so glad I met them!


It was a friend who dyed Fiberphile Yarns. She doesn't dye any more but she started me back into buying yarn which meant that I need to get back to knitting.

Geri Heagy

I learned to knit in the 7th grade. I would ride my bike into town and meet with my dad's boss's wife for an afternoon. The first thing she taught me to knit were slippers.

Rose Birchall

My husband's Granny. She knit beautiful Christmas stockings. I never met her but she lives on through her knitting.


I was born in England in 1924 when everyone was knitting. I suppose my mother taught me to knit. I knit sweaters and, during WWII, would undo a sweater and knit the yarn into another pattern as new yarn was hard to come by. After marriage there was a lull in my knitting though I would start a sweater, get half way through it, slow down and my mother would say " Cynthia, I will finish that sweater"!! I started knitting socks about ten or fifteen years ago and haven't stopped.

Pat Hill

A friend tried to teach me to knit but I just couldn't "get it." Several years later, my daughter's 8th grade math teacher taught her how to knit and then she taught me!


I think it’s my wonderful family and friends, that inspire me to want to make something for them.


My mother taught me to knit and embroider. For that I thank her. We used to go to a lys! She recalls that if you bought the yarn they would help with the project. At some point as the neighbourhood changed they moved to the suburbs. Now the neighbourhood has changed again, not that it got bad, and I go to a different lys in my neighbourhood!


I tried knitting a brown scarf many, many years ago. It was awful and I bound it off early because I was just struggling through, row after row of brown. :S (Picking brown was probably the first downfall as I'm more of a bright colors person.) Then, one summer on a trip to the Outer Banks, I ducked in the door of an amazing knit shop with loads of yarn in lots of different colors - it was an overload of eye candy! :) I took a skein or two or three home with me and have been knitting ever since.


I think I get most of my inspiration from Instagram. But since that's so vague and contains too many knitters, dyers and designers to mention, my boys are probably the next best thing that inspires me. I love to knit them hats to match their winter coats and special requests that they have (like rainbow hats or reversible pom pom hats or school colors hats). They wear them all proudly and are definitely a bunch of knit worthy boys.


I credit my grandma for not just teaching me to knit but for teaching me to be excited about creating things. Through her example and later my aunt’s came the inspiration to make things. Cooking, sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, knitting...she was always making something for herself or someone in the family or charity. She always had lots of scraps and supplies and time to teach. Up until her dying day she was part of a sewing circle at church making stuffed animals for kids in the hospital and fancy quilted hot pads. (As a side note, all of this making happened in Ft. Wayne, IN. My brother and I spent a lot of weekends and summers at her house and the Children’s Zoo and the old fort. Which is why I have such a soft spot for Simply Sock Yarn!)

Amy Hesting

I credit my Aunt Joan...she taught me to knit on a roadtrip to Disney in 2004 and I've been knitting ever since. She loves to receive my handknit socks for her birthday & Christmas. I LOVE Dirty Harry!!!

Marianne Griffith

My sweet mother taught me to knit. One year I waited at the airport for her flight to come in from overseas so she could help me
She sufffered with progressive blindness and thought surely she could still knit because her hands knew what to do

Geraldine Scott

My Dutch grandma, Oma, came over from Holland one winter and I remember her teaching my SIL and me how to knit. I can remember her whipping up matching sweaters for my twin brother and me, as well as socks...I really need to gather the courage to knit my first sweater...perhaps for a little person in my life!

Anissa Miller

My Grandma was a knitter but never had the opportunity to teach me as she passed away before I was interested. Her being a knitter was partly why I wanted to learn and taught myself (with a lot of help from YouTube!) in my 30's! I still have items she knit and will pass them down to my daughters.


I would have to say it’s been the pidcasters and indie dyers that have inspired me. That and online shopping which makes it all available.


My grandma taught me when I was little. The inspiration would probably be the dyers and pattern writers. And and my daughter-who gets very excited about everything I knit or crochet. That’s also why she is the recipient of most of it.

Cindy h.

I learned to knit in Girl Scouts. My mother was an awesome at crochet.


I wouldn’t say it is one person. There are a couple of designers whose work that I love. Some of the people in my knitting guild have inspired me. Some of them are fabulous knitters.

Hilda Clegg

My knitting inspiration is the woman who taught me to knit -- Edith -- almost 40 years ago. At that time, she was my next-door neighbor. On Friday nights I would go to her home, watch "Dallas" and learn the art of knitting. What great memories I have of that time. I'm also inspired by the ladies in my knitting group who share their knowledge freely.


It all started with embroidering stamped pillowcases from my grandmother. I've always created things but knitting didn't happen until my late 30s when, on a whim, I bought a 'learn to knit' class in a charity silent auction!

Kelly Pettijohn

I credit a family friend for getting me started at a very young age for teaching me to knit. I have picked it up and put it away many times through the years. Now a quilting buddy started me knitting again a couple of years ago and now I'm even trying sweaters.


I think I learned in Girl Scouts a LONG time ago. I've always enjoyed different types of needlework like cross stitch, needlepoint, hardanger, blackwork, crocheting, but knitting has become my favorite by far. For inspiration I look to Ravelry, Instagram, Pinterest and yarn store owners who know how to market their wares, like Allison!


My mother who lived a very creative life.

Jeanne Bush

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was in high school, and I knit a couple of ski patterned sweaters that I still have but don't wear any longer. Since then my inspiration has come from friends, patterns, wonderful yarns, and the need to fill this addiction!

Susan Ipavec

I owe my knitting abilities to my 4th-5th grade teacher. During our silent reading time, she taught knitting to those of us who wanted to learn. Our skills enabled us to help create an afghan for the mother of our French teacher, who was in a nursing home. Without my teacher's guidance, who knows if I ever would have wanted to learn? But I love to knit and give my teacher all the credit for that:-)


I have several sources of inspiration so there is no favorite. I love Ravelry, Elizabeth Zimmerman. My knitting stride is due to Barbara Walker's wonderful treasury of knitting. I am inspired by all that yarny-goodness everywhere!

I look forward to knitting again, once this wrist cast (b/c of a hard fracture) is removed. The web, magazines and books really helped during this period!

Sally G

Not sure who started me on my knitting journey - I don’t recall anyone in my family who knitted - but I do remember making scarves as a teen. Perhaps it was a project for the Girl Scouts that got me started. I knitted well into my 20’s but then knitting fell out of vogue. Years later, yarn shops began to pop up and I got started again. This time, however, new yarns from dyers like yourself began to hit the market and I was hooked! I love the yarn especially the feel of it as it glides through my fingers - it is so soothing. Now I knit constantly - never too many shawls, cowls or socks - right!

Deb Coy

I don’t think I can credit anyone for it, it’s love, I love everything about knitting. I love when I see something I have to knit. Then I love picking out the yarn and the feel of it, if it’s a happy color or maybe holiday color or safe color. . Then knitting it, time sitting just knitting is comfort time. Then the best it when it’s a gift and you get to give it to. Give it and see and feel their reaction. So I’m going to credit LOVE for my inspiration.


I just love to knit and am always looking through magazines and Ravelry.


For me, it was a coworker who helped me move past the garter stitch scarf rut that I was in!


Crafting and creativity seems to be in my blood. Pretty much everyone on both sides of my family has some creative, hands-on hobby: knitting, woodworking, gardening, sewing, etc. I think the biggest credit would go to my Mom and Dad; Mom for teaching me to knit, and Dad for his mottos of 'there must be a better way' and 'test everything'.

Wendy Chase

Susan B. Anderson is the designer who really got me started knitting for others. A display of hats from her book Itty Bitty Hats was in my local yarn shop. I was hooked from there. Her sock and mitten patterns are the ones I use most. Her instructions are so clear and she designs such cute stuff! A nice side note is that my gauge is almost always spot on with her patterns. Not true with others, I tend to knit a bit tight. We must have the same tension lol. I'd love to attend one of her workshops some day but I live sooooo far away it's doubtful to happen.

Ann Knepper

I saved up my babysitting money to take a Saturday AM class when I was in the 6th grade and I loved it! So, even though I can't remember her name, the fact that I remember a class from 52 years ago means she must have made quite an impression.

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