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December 11, 2017


Teresa McP

No KALs for me, I guess I am more of a solo knitter.


I beling to a knitting group(4 of us, if we all make it) that meets at a Starbucks weekly. We haven't done a MKAL but we all bring knitting.


This year I have done multiple knit alongs for hats, shawls, and cowls. My favorites have been mystery knit alongs because I have tackled projects and learned new techniques that I might have been afraid to tackle. However, my most favorite knit along this year was with my Friday Meet Up Group and I made mitts and learned magic loop.


I participated in the Shawl Society Season II KAL this year, and knit all six shawls! I also knit with a few co-workers during our lunch hour on Wednesdays.


I have been in the hospital multiple times this year, so no knitting groups for me this year..looking forward to a better year next year

Carrie Thompson

I did the Starting Point KAL. I absolutely love it! I used Colors that are my favorites so I use it a lot!

Marianne Griffith

I did the mystery KAL Starting Point by Joji Locatelli


I went solo this year. I've discovered I don't like the pressure I impose upon myself if I sign up for a KAL.


I did one KAL years ago that I didn't care for the end result, it was a mystery, but I had a friend that loved it. She got the scarf. I love knitting projects that I don't know where they will end up. The perfect person always comes along to give the gift to. I keep very little of what I make for myself. I knit for the pure enjoyment of knitting.

Laura Ricketts

I’m doing an advent mystery knit along now. It’s my first one!


I participated in a Game of Thrones mystery KAL hosted by Jimmy Beans Wool earlier this year on Ravelry. We knitted a beautiful shawl. I also meet with some friends on Sundays to knit. We are all knitting something different though.


I've participated in multiple KALs this year. 5 shawls/ several cowls/ 5 hats/ 3? pr socks finished. As well I'm working on 2 Estonian Lace scarves + Cascade Yarns afghan. Though I'm rather behind on the last 3 items!!! All KALs were thru Ravelry. It's quite fun to share online I find.

Stephanie Risotto

For the second year in a row, I am participating in a temperature blanket KAL/CAL on Ravelry. During the year, there is an ongoing KAL at my lys for preemie caps for our local hospitals. I also did a Mother's Day Shawl for a KAL in Flekenstein & friends from Ravelry. On my needles right now are a pair of Winter Wonderland socks for a sock group on Ravelry. I belong to a lovely knitting group that meets twice a week at our local Starbucks and a few of us are planning to start a KAL for the So Faded sweater after the holidays. Also on my 'to do' list is to make up a few red preemie hats requested to acknowlege the babies born with heart problems.


No KALs - I like to work on projects at my own speed.


This year I’ve solo. I would like to participate in a KAL next year.


No KAL for me! They make me feel pressured and the project becomes more of a duty than a pleasure. I do knit some of the projects but on my own time.

Kimberly Townsend

I did a KAL with Fiberwild for a pair of socks and then one thru a local fiber store Woven Arts for a knitted otter. I love KAL's, it's time that I know I can dedicate to knitting and myself!


I belong to a spinning/knitting group, we get together on Thursdays no matter what. I also like and participate in Thru the Loops' Mystery sock KAL. it pushes me to make a sock I might not tackle on my own.

Amy Hesting

I did the Find Your Fade Shawl knit along on Andrea Mowry's Ravelry group.


I've started several KAL's on Ravelry this year, but only finished two. Guess I'm more of a solo knitter.


Yes, I have a knitting group that meets weekly at Barnes and Noble, where we have lots of laughs and caffeine. A wonderful group to be associated with :)

Robin Jamerson

I did Beyond the Wall (Game of Thrones) KAL. It was a lot of fun and I love the shawl. I would love to do more. It pushes me to keep up with the project.

Carolyn Zewe

I have not participated in any KALs. I feel like I’m too slow of a knitter to keep up. I don’t work well under pressure. 😁


I've never done a KAL or group but hope to change that this year!

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

I participated in several KALs this year! I always do Knitter's Brewing Company's Mystery sock KAL in January. I did the Starting Point KAL as well and I'm in Miss Babs World Knitting Tour and we are about to start the 4th and last one of this year. I'm sure there are a few others. I'm also doing the Project Peace one right now and the Craftvent with Jimmy Beans Wool. I obviously love KALs!!


I didn't participate formally in any KAL's this year,I prefer to go at my own pace and KAL's make me feel too pressured. I do belong to a knitting group that meets one a week at our LYS that I thoroughly enjoy.


I did! Fibernymph Dyeworks did a year long KAL through their Rav group and it was a ton of fun!

Geri Heagy

Lots of solo knitting but on occasion I do get together with a group of ladies. It seems we do more laughing than knitting!

Debbie Coy

I haven’t done kal before but our knitting group did learn Brioche knitting and everyone made a cowl together, for our first project, it was a great time. Want to try to do a KAL sometime.

Stephanie Schenker

I don participate in a knitting group but we have not done a KAL. We have talked about it many times. Maybe someday soon!


I am currently in the Project Peace 2017 KAL. I

Leigh Anne

I did to a KAL on instagram with @theshitiknit and made the Sloane Detroit Cowl. I love it so much and wear it all the time. Two of my knitgroup gals also did it, but they didn’t finish theirs yet. The best part is the yarn I used ... Miss Babs color-ways Naked and Bat Shit Crazy. Perfection. And it’s beautiful.


I like to follow some of the KALs but I don't participate. I am a slow knitter and I like to work on several projects at a time, so I don't want to feel like I MUST work on a particular piece.

Rhonda Atkinson

I haven't done a KAL. I would like to do at least 1 sometime. Our local knit store has knit goups that are very propular, one day I'd love to have time to join.


I have mostly been flying solo and resigned myself to Knit-along-wanna-be. I have a few friends who knitor crochet occasionally and sometimes we will all bring what we are working on when we meet for coffee. Generally it is an after thought. However my daughters (15 and 12) have both dabbled in knitting and crochet. So, one night a week when Dad goes out with our boys we put on Once Upon A Time and pull out the latest project. It is very exciting and we all look forward to having our own girl’s night.


No KALs. I started one last year but dropped out. I guess I like the idea of it better than really participating.


My LYS was close to my home (8 minutes away), so I sporadically joined in a Wednesday morning group and wanted to get more involved over time. But in July, they moved and are now at least a half hour away and I’ve only been once! I’m hoping to go this week, but if we get the snow that’s predicted, I will probably be knitting solo, listening to an audiobook in front of the fireplace! Grrr....

Colleen Clarke

I did, in fact, actually complete a KAL this year. It was a Marly Bird/Red Heart Shawl KAL. I gave the completed Shawl to my sister.

Laura Gabler

I did two sweater knit alongs this year - Girls From the Grocery Store Zadie on Craftsy and Mason Dixon Knitting Granito by Joji - loved both of them. I also participated in some sock KALs on Knit & Chat on Facebook. For me, the best thing about KALs is the incentive to finish!


Mostly I knit while watching TV with my family. So it could sort of be a group............

Mary A

The advent 25 color shawl right now but may be my last mystery yarn, I love Miss Babs usually but theses colors are not as good as I hoped.

Jan Ball

No KAL but a small knit group that meets a couple times a month to knit ,eat and socialize. I highly recommend it. Good for the soul.

Brenda B

I like to participate in mystery sock KALs and have done a few of them this year, I'm doing one now actually.

Lisa Loback

I didn’t do a traditional KAL but my aunt and I choose projects to work on together. She lives in Michigan and I live in Wisconsin so we keep each other motivated to complete our project. Most recently, we completed the Sushi Scarf. We have so much fun working together and seeing each other’s progress!


I did not do any organized, specific project KALs, but I did do some socks KALs (pick your own project, around a theme).


While I have done KALs in the past I did not this year. Hopefully 2018 will be more productive


I wanted to try a few KALs this year, but only actually did one. It was a baby sweater, that had sheep on it, but I cannot remember the name. I did a few baby sweaters this year! I hope to try the Starting Point project soon.

Abby M

I did the 90% Knitting Podcast Year in the life of a knitter KAL for a couple months, The KnitGirllls Falloween Craft all the things along, The Knitgirllls summer Stash Dash, a Spinning Guild challenge (spin + Knit), Tour De Fleece (spinalong really) and I'm doing the Craftvent Calendar KAL for JBW.

Where did I find that time?


Hi! I do belong to 2 groups. In one, we havent done a KAL just yet. But the other, we are knitting blankets and hats for newborns at a local hospital.


I've done a bunch of KALs this year -- I think MadMay is probably still my favorite. It's a huge, monthlong KAL devoted to All Things Tosh, with daily contests and prizes! I've been one of the thread hosts for the past two years, and I love it. I'm already plotting projects for next May!

Kelli L

I have never participated in a KAL, but hope to soon...I tend to go on my own and try to knit in evenings. I always have to have a pair of socks going...but I’m a slow knitter. I’ve got some projects I really want to start and use up some stash!!


I was not part of a KAL this year. I ahve in the past. I think with all that was going on in my life I was not able to co-ordinate myself with others. I knit project alone but they were what I needed to do to get thru some hard times.

Nancy J

I love the idea of KALs but I just always feel like I need to work on my queue. I hope to try it some day though.

Jane Dean

Is there ever enough sick yarn in the world? I think not. Right now I am debating on a 3 color shawl to be my Christmas cast on. A design NY Jojoi Locatelli maybe?? Then there are actual socks to make. So many choices!


I did What The Fade KAL in a gorgeous gradient of LITLG. It was fun and the final project stunning.


No KAL this year. Did participate in one last year, with my local knit group. It was a fun experience and felt no pressure. Would like to do another.

Victoria Worley

I have done KAL but have a hard time keeping up. Life gets in the way.

Helen King

I have not participated in a KAL this year nor do I belong to a knitting group, but I do participate in a monthly knitting club.


I keep trying to do informal knitalongs with friends but they never seem to work out.

I do participate in the Sock Knitter's Anonymous montly sockdowns on a regular basis.


I love doing KALs and MKALs (mystery). I usually do several throughout the year.
Currently I am working on "Dec MKAL" by Bunnymuff. (
One of my favorites this year was "Don't Panic" by Nim Teasdale. (
And of course my all time favorites are sock kals & mkals! (on Ravelry: Sock Knitters Anonymous)

Amy Hansen

I tried a few online KALs, but the one I enjoyed the mist was Tour we Sick, if you can consider that a KAL. I would dearly love to find a local group of knitters. I miss knitting with friends since our move 2+ years ago.


I did the Joji Locatelli MKAL for her Starting Point wrap pattern, as well as some unofficial KALs with my knit group :)

The unofficial ones with just a few of us are always fun for me, and there's generally a lot of banter and chatter in the Ravelry threads.

Pam Hunter

I didn't do a KAL this year. Couldn't find once that I thought I would like. I love doing them, just finding the time with working 2 jobs.

Hillary Halsema

I continually start a KAL but rarely finish by deadline 😂 I did the Find Your Face and Mom I meal. Both finished, just late! Bahahhaa currently in DCS pigskin party, 🤞 I keep up lol

Jutta Kramer

I went solo and stay connected to other knitters by belonging to a couple of online groups.


I knit for charity with a group once a week and once a month, I meet with a knit-whatever-you-want group.


I've had a great time watching many of the KALs that have gone on this year but haven't personally participated in one where everyone is knitting the same thing. I am participating in the Procrastinate No more Knit and Crochet along with Brenda and Heather yarns to get my gift knitting done in a timely manner :)

Leann Demeduk

I love KALs! I’ve only been able to do them online, but they are such fun! I really enjoy the mystery KALs, but they also make me a little nervous!

Susan Kirkland

I’ve never done a KAL before. I tend to Knit on my own. 😊

Sandra Sprouse

I belong to a knitting group “the Fab 4”, we get together every Thursday night. We have done a few KALs this year, the most recent was Rustic Shawlette.

Julie Marshall

I’ve never done a KAL before...I think I’ll give it a try next year. No knitting clubs or meet ups in my area.


Although we are not a formal group. I have 4-5 friends that try to meet 1-2x/month in the evening. We eat supper and we knit. It is something I really look forward to. I have done online KAL groups before and it is fun!!


I love the Stephen West MKALs, though this year's Speckle & Pop is still on my needles. I also do several other KALs with my knitting group through the year.

Donna Kuehl

Woolly wormhead does a mkal every year - 2 hats this year! So fun and always learn something. I get together with my friend Teresa every friday night to knit, no special patterns, we just work on individual projects.

Jessica Macon

Because of my work schedule this year I had to fly solo. Its a bit sad because I normally do KAL's, but I just couldnt get my life together enough to join one and actually finish. Here's to hoping next year is full of them!

Sylvia King

Solo this year.


No kals for me this year. Not the fastest knitter but I did just get a pattern with some yarn from poststitch if I finish something else I am gonna join the kal.


I did not but it is one of my goals for 2018!!


On my own but still meeting goals of getting things done

Holly Beam

This year for the first time I participated in mkals. I did Find Your Fade, What The Fade, and Starting Point. I loved doing each one. The online groups were fun to be a part of and the mystery was the best part. I used fabulous yarns for each one, so they were a joy to knit. I say that now, but learning to brioche was a challenge but once I learned it I loved doing it!


Sadly, I don't have a knitting group in person. I did however, greatly enjoy the online Joji starting point MKAL. It was my first MKAL and I had a great time choosing my yarn, guessing at the construction, and watching others progress.


I went to a knitting retreat where we all did the same shawl. A local yarn store put on the retreat. It was great fun working on the same project together and I love the finished shawl.


I have such a long list of projects to make that a KAL is not that interesting to me. Especially the mystery KALs. I get ideas from them for later after I see the results.


I did the Find Your Fade KAL at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects. Usually I am a solo knitter but discuss projects with my knitter mother.

Stephanie Worden

I don't like to put time constraints on my knitting so I don't normally participate in KAL'S with deadlines. I wish there was a knitting group that meet in the evening in my area. I work full time so can't participate during the day.

Norma Smith

No Kals this year but maybe in 2018. I have knit with friends though - we meet once a month.

Rose Birchall

No KALs, a solo knitter. I can't talk and knit, wish I was able to.


I participated in the Starting Point KAL. I knit with a knitting group as well and some of them participated in the same KAL. Knitting with others helps keep me on pace because it gives me a goal and keeps me focused on one project.

Karen Aguilar

Solo knitter. Maybe one day.

Tammy Mitchell

This is my year for KAL's I guess... Usually I do my own thing, at my own pace. But this year I KAL (at my own pace.)
Still working on my Find Your Fade Shawl, KAL was extended. Bought yarn for, but haven't started, A Dark and Stormy Night sweater, KAL extended 6 months past Rhinebeck. Also did a KAL with local knit group friends. A Shoreline Shawl, finished that. Our next is socks. :-)

Nicole Acuna

I went solo this year but next year I’m joining a local knitting group.

April R.

I recently completed my first KAL with the Bread and Roses MAL I would probably participate again. I understand about the pressure to get it done in time. I usually knit solo. No knitting groups. It would be nice at times especially to get opinions or help when I am stuck. I use a lot of YouTube!


No knit alongs and no knitting groups

Trina Mechling

I have done KALs for mittens, hats, socks, and shawls on I am almost finished with a tester for Fogbound Knits mystery Just For You 4 MKAL that starts this Friday on raverly.

Hillary Bertoch

Technically I had a KAL but I didn't end up doing it because life happens (homeschooling 2 of our 4 boys) so I have saved the blocks I liked the most and will make my own version of the blanket later.


I prefer to knit at my own pace and change no knit alongs.

Rebecca Snyder

I'm a solo knitter, though I informally join knit-alongs from time to time.

Barbara W

I went solo this year...


I didn't get much knitting time earlier in the year, so I went solo so I could knit when I had time.


I don't usually do KALs because I hate knitting on a deadline. But this year Laura Aylor ran a very loose cowl-a-long thru her Rav group - just needed to complete 2 of her cowl patterns - so I made one for me that had been in my queue for a while, and one for a gift. It was very motivating to see others working on their cowls, and it helped me stay on track. I might try another KAL, but only if it's not too tight a time line...

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