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December 10, 2017


Manette Crawford

I enjoyed knitting socks for my sisters. The one sister has many pairs of my knitted socks and those are the only ones she wears because they keep her feet warm and they are easy for her to put on. She has had a mild stroke that left her with limited use of her left hand.

Trina Mechling

I enjoyed knitting my first adult size sweater and finishing it! I gifted it to my mom for her birthday in March. It was a test knit on Raverly for the designer Laura Aylor(new name Fogbound Knits), the Charlemont Pullover.


I made a couple of jumpers for a friend's first baby. I really enjoyed knitting them which surprised me as I'm not a sweater knitter! It really helped that he looked so cute in them.

Molly McGinnis

I enjoyed knitting a shawl for myself- which I ended up making two and giving one to my Grandma!


I took a risk and knit a matching speckled hat and fingerless mitts set for my oldest child's best friend's 11th birthday. The child wouldn't take them off! She wore the wool hat to school **every day** through October, and when I saw her and her mom, the mom said the child won't let her wash it- she doesn't want to take off the hat! Ha! So I knit up another matching set plus one more hat, so the young lady can still have a beautiful hat on and the mom can wash them once in a while!

Cathy Hosek

Socks and more socks. Best part this year is some of my knitting friends have started to enjoy my sock addiction and I am helping them get started!

Teresa McP

I mostly knit for myself this year. Sometimes you just gotta be selfish! :)


We welcomed a sweet baby girl to the family in February. She is our 7th, but the first baby born since I picked up knitting again. (I have crotcheted for a long time, so the older ones have some Mommy-made blankets.) It is so much fun to knit for her. Baby things are cute and tiny and quick to knit. It’s a good thing too, because whatever free (read knitting) time I had before has been swallowed up by baby girl. Baby smiles and snuggles are a pretty good trade for yarn worth it!


I knitted a lace shawl for a friend, who just loved it. So gratifying.


While I continue holiday knitting some small projects, I did spend most on my time this year on "me" projects; a fabulous cardigan, a great big cozy hap, my first beaded shawl, warm socks with kid mohair...all for me! And on January 1, I'm casting on a cabled sweater I've had my eye on for years!


I enjoyed knitting for myself this year. I finished the Milky Way Shawl which I just love. And I finished a pair of toe up socks.


I knit lots of hats, along with fingerless mitts and mittens, for charity. They will go to a group that sends them to Syrian refugees.

Ann Knepper

I knit a scarf for my daughter in law and I am struggling to learn how to knit socks!


I actually have only knit for others. I started with making baby gifts for friends. And then selling my baby gifts online. Now with all this beautiful yarn and amazing patterns I'm finding, I have plans to make several things for myself but that will have to wait until my 3 arm warmers(Teachers) Poncho(Sister In Law) 2 Arm warmers for my boys and the Find Your Fade Shawl I'm still working on for my sister gets done! But I truly love to knit for other people. AND just finished 2 Find your Fade's for a friend and Sister in Law. SO MUCH KNITTING! Not enough time!!

Jan Ball

I knit a variety of things for others. Wedding garters, baby blankets and prayer shawls. I did finish some UFOSs too.

Rebekah W

I only made things for myself this year - I got really into knitting fingering weight sweaters for some reason so that became my main focus. I do have a pair of mittens promised to a friend, but may not get to them until the new year.

Paula Vail

I've had such fun knitting mobius cowls. They are a fast easy project to knit for others and great for a little warmth around the neck.

Paula Newman

I knit some hats for charity. Then spent most of the year knitting for myself. Shawls mostly like Walk in the Woods and Find your Fade.


I’ve not had the greatest knitting year...I haven’t managed to finish anything. I’ve been working on a sweater for myself, which I have enjoyed when I’ve had the time to complete a few stitches.


I have given away so many socks and shawls the last few years, I decided I needed to keep some for myself. So most of my projects this year were shawls and socks that I will enjoy wearing. But I always give my sister-in-law something from the items I've knit in the past year, her choice. She told me she looks forward to this every year, which makes me feel happy!

Debbie Coy

I knit for my girls and grandkids. The grandkid are getting older and my granddaughters get so excited whenever I start something. I started socks again this year and as soon as I start a pair he first thing is who are they for, I really like them grandma. I also learned Brioche knitting this year and my oldest granddaughter who is 9 fell in love with the cowl so I just started another one for her. I did knit my mom the sleeves pattern for her 88th birthday this year and that was really special for both of us.


I knir socks for the first time for my two grown sons.


I have not had a lot of knitting time this last year but I’ve knit for myself(socks), my daughter(fingerless mitts), my son (socks), and my husband(felted slippers). Now that my son has bigger feet than his dad, knitting them anything for their feet seems to take forever :)


Although I have done a lot of knitting this last year, little was done for me. I love knitting for others, especially my grandchildren. Both of my grandkids wanted Pokémon hats this year. They picked out their yarn and patterns. I finished them late summer. They were so excited I couldn’t wait to give it to them. My grandson (6 years old) was so excited he couldn’t stand it. He wore it around the house even though it was too warm for a winter hat. He even slept in it! That is what it is all about. Knitting love for others ❤️❤️


I knit mostly for myself this year...mostly socks!


I enjoyed knitting a baby blanket for a co-worker who will be having her baby soon.

Andrea Mundt

I conquered sweater knitting for myself! I also knit a bunch of socks that were initially for me, but alas, my children now have them! 😉

Karen Caron

While I have made a few things for others this year, I mostly knit for myself. I enjoy everything I make for myself! lol


Have spent the last half year knitting such cute baby things for our grandson that is expected in February 2018. Such satisfying knitting - fast and size doesn't matter. Babies eventually grow into things.

JoAnne B

My brother got his first pair of knitted socks from me.


I knit socks for myself.


2017 has been the year of selfish knitting. I have loved knitting for myself! Granted i gave a couple FOs away but while I was knitting I intended to keep them.


Charity knitting was the name of the game this year and a few gift blankets thrown in for good measure. My therapy is knitting for others.

Anna Hensley

I had my first baby in August so this year was all about knitting sweet little sweaters and hats and blankets for my son. Getting to wrap him up in all those knits is so satisfying!

Katie R.

I’v enjoyed knitting for myself this year.

Janet Duff

I haven't knit as much this year as I would have liked to. It was mostly for myself.

Becky Gray

Myself! I was a test-knitter for a friend and made myself my first sweater!


I mostly knit for myself, but holiday time calls for gift knitting. I’ve been pretty productive in that department, and am excited to give the gifts, and hopeful that people like them :)


My twin sister and I are super close (and she’s very knit-worthy). Her wedding was this past September, so much of my knitting time this year was making shawls for her special day. She helped me pick the yarn and patterns. Three bridesmaids’ shawls (Oceanspray), one for her (Squall Line), and one for Mom (Old Toll Road). I’m also making a blanket for her and her husband as a wedding gift, but they’re more than likely going to get it as an anniversary present next year. :)


So most of my knitting has been for myself this year, I am just now working on holiday knit gifts. Hopefully those get done in time. I DID make my husband a couple hats and he seems to like them, so that was nice. It was also my first time doing stranded colorwork (I chose a basic pattern) and it turned out better than expected.


I will knit a couple of hats or shawls for my mom and mother-in-law. I think they like what I make. Other than that, I primarily knit for myself.


Completed my Drachenfels shawl. It was a pleasure to knit and fun to wear.


My knitting MO was a little different this year. My mom, 5 of my daughters, and I all have the same size feet now, so i just knit the pattern and yarn that moved me at the moment, and each pair of socks was eventually claimed by one of us! There was really no thought as to matching people with specific projects, so I just enjoyed it all.

Mary Jo Rathe

I have been able to teach one grandson(10 years old) how to knit. Working on a scarf now. I taught the other grandson (20 years old) how to crochet. He is working on Pikachu.y


I did 13 sample knits this year so I really enjoyed knitting for me. My favorite right now is my What The Fade? out of my handspun yarn.


I knitted several cowls for new co-workers. I've changed jobs this year, and they have not been recipients before so I've enjoyed surprising them.

Eileen Bator

I knit a lot of charity hats this year. Never know who gets them. But I also do therapy work with my dog at a senior facility so I knit a beret and mitts for a resident who gets out on her scooter once in a while. She needs to be warm out there. Can’t wait to give it to her next week!


This year was a year to knit for others, and as always I am rushing to get the last one done in time for Christmas.


I love knitting for my five year old granddaughter ( don’t tell the 4 other grandchildren!). She still finds knitting so magical, well I do too! It’s just string and sticks and you get all these awesome socks, mittens, sweaters, hats etc!!!!! Others include my daughters and myself!
I don’t waste my time on non knit worthy people!


Socks for my niece and me. Hats for West Penn Hospital's Angel Heart Program.


I only knit for someone if it is requested. Not everyone appreciates hand knits so I am selective.

Tabitha Burks

I have just been knitting for myself this year! But who knows what the end of the year will bring? Sometimes I like to knit gifts for my family for Christmas too.

Julie Marshall

I most enjoyed knitting for my sister in law. I made her a shawl. For Christmas. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October. She really means a lot to me.


I have knitted for myself this year, until now when it’s gifts, gifts, gifts. I’ll be glad when th season is over and I can go back to knitting for myself!

Jessica McConnell

Babies! Babies! Babies! I have found here in Massachusetts that baby hats are very much appreciated. I had a mom tell me her baby fussed every time she tried to put a hat on her until she used one of mine. You just can’t beat wool!


I knit mostly for myself this year. A sweater and a shawl. A couple of hats and a shawl for daughters. But, the sweater was the big project and it's done!


I started early on Christmas gifts - lots of shawls and scarves this year. I did manage to fit in one Fade shawl for me!! That wa so much fun to knit and I just love it!

Joyce Betz

OK, so I'm selfish, knitted for myself which I enjoyed immensely.

Holly Beam

About half and half, some for me, some for others. I love to knit so I find projects that I find interesting to knit. The only criteria that I use for giving away my knitting is that you use it and appreciate the time it took to make it.


This was the first year ever that I've made multiple projects to give to a friend as gifts. Usually I only knit for me, but since she moved to a snowy climate for the first time, I decided it was high time she got some wooly goods!


I have most enjoyed knitting for my mom. She moved to colder clinate so I knit her a hat to match her jacket. She will get the matching scarf for Christmas!


Two members of my husbands family are expecting baby girls at the beginning of 2018. So I am joyfully knitting two baby blankets! Yeah!!!!

June Costello

I have enjoyed knitting socks for family and enjoying all the various beautiful yarn!!


I knit a cowl for one of my aunts. I'm currently working on a shawl for another aunt but I'm starting to get attached to it, so I may need to make two, so I can have one also! :)


I have been knitting socks for birthdays this year. My friends at work are each getting a pair of socks too.


I mostly knit for myself this year but did knit a special baby blanket for my best friends new baby and I'm currently trying to work on as many holiday projects as possible before Christmas.


I like knitting for "knit worthy" people. I have a few in my family and some that I work with at school. Many of them will be receiving knitted items this year. Many of them are cowls. I usually focus on bigger projects for myself.


I am actually making that same Chevron blanket for my college friend's baby right now! I think the favorite people I've knit for this year are my future mother in law and grandmother. They are so knit worthy!


I knit gifts for others throughout the year, but by far, I knit the most for myself. In 2017 I made myself 3 stranded pullovers, a vest, and 13 pairs of socks!


My father passed in the last two months and in the month between the diagnosis and the passing I made prayer shawls for my mother and my two sisters. I know this is a strange answer but it gave me comfort to make these for my family members.
I have made scarves for others and I am trying to makes hats to match.
At the same time I have been trying to knit a duster sweater for myself.

Kelly Albrecht

I think this year charity got more hand knits than any one person. My thought is warm someone no matter who.

Cathy S

I knit socks as a thank you type gift. Socks don't disappoint!


I have knitted some cute baby girl sweaters this year, for my four great nieces. It has been alot of fun, as I only raised boys. Having 4 baby girls in our extended family is very unusual, but very fun!


My 6 year old, because he appreciates it so much. He always asks for new knitted items, and he loves picking out yarn for things for me to make him. And he wears them all the time when they're done. It's hard to say no, but I can't quite keep up with all the requests he has! Trying to get a sweater done now for him in time for Christmas.

Adele D

I knit more for others this past year. My daughter was on the receiving end and friends from my Bunco group.

Lisa B

I guess I'm the special/selfish person because 95% was for me :) My family and friends don't want anything so except for a request from my 81 yo neighbor for a Women's March Pussy (cat) Hat, it was all for me. I do plan on starting some charity knitting for our local animal shelter though.


My niece has 3 boys and just over a year ago she finally had a baby girl. So for her first birthday, I knit her a pink sweater. After knitting lots of boy stuff it was fun to knit something soft and pink.

Hilda Clegg

This year I've knitted mostly for charity -- "knitted knockers" for those who have experienced breast cancer and hats for the homeless.


This has been a busy year. All my projects were for me and few were finished. Next year I have a few gifts in mind.......... so my sticks better get busy.


I found out that I was pregnant early in the year (March), and I've really been enjoying knitting for my son. I figure we only have so much time to dress him in what we want before he starts having Opinions, so I am taking advantage of that!

Megan B

I've been crocheting a lot of hats & messy bun hats, and knitting a few pairs of matching fingerless gloves


I decided to make everyone in my family a sweater this year. I made a hooded sweater coat for myself and a cabled cardigan for my new daughter. I am getting ready to start a cabled pullover for my husband.

Heather Anderson

Ive knitted mostly socks for myself this year, but I enjoyed making socks for a sweet lady I met through FB as well... the one other project I have cherished is the blanket (chevron pattern) that I knit for my "other Mother"... who is now struggling with dimentia. I hope that she will remember how much she is loved every time she uses this blanket to keep warm. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Emily Chandler

While I mostly knit for myself, I enjoy knitting things for my mom. She’s always so appreciative of the work and craftsmanship that goes into a handmade item!


I’ve been knitting socks for friends for their birthday. It’s been fun to stash dive and find a yarn to suit them, find a new to me pattern and knit something that brings people joy.

Mary Kay Ross

Four co-workers expecting babies in the new year, so trying to get a little something done for each. Love the chevron blanket!


The person I most enjoyed knitting for this year was my eldest daughter. She lives in a city that has very cold winters, so she very much appreciates warm woollens. Whether socks, cowls, sweaters or hats, she always makes me feel that my knitting is important to her.

Rose Birchall

Lots of hats this year for U of M Cancer Center, and friends with this terrible disease. On a happier note, my granddaughter loves getting socks, hats and mitts and she did!


I mostly knit for my grandchildren this year—socks, hats, and fingerless mitts. I also had a great time knitting two baby surprise jackets for my niece’s twin boys born three months ago.


Me. I have not fallen into gift knitting for others this year. I’m okay with that! Having said that, I did offer to repair a scarf for a friend. That’s good too.


I have mostly knitted for myself. It is so cool to wear a pair of handknit socks or a scarf. I have knitted a pair of socks for a boss and coworker. That was cool too because I know the socks will be treasured. 2018 maybe more of the knitting for others. Not sure.


I love knitting for my boyfriend. He tells me every time he wears something I made him plus he is in awe of it lol. He thinks everything is so magical from self striping yarn to the simplest design with girls. I did start a blanket for myself this year but it's gonna take a while lol


I have been making the Building Blocks afghan by Knitpurlhunter for my daughter this year. She chose the yarn and it has been fun watching it come together.

Katie Marsh

My favorite person to knit for is my mom, because she truly appreciates all the work that goes into it and really enjoys wearing handknits. Also had an adorable new nephew to knit for this year.


Tons of socks; mostly for the grandchildren but some knitting was done for the kids and some for charity.

Bonnie Wright

I really enjoyed knitting a sweater for my sister. Plus I made socks for all 4 of my sisters.


After years of knitting gifts for other people who don't seem to really appreciate them I have been a very selfish knitter this year, focusing on patterns I want to make and yarns I want to play with. I did make hats for all my children and am working on finishing up their mittens!


While I love knitting for my kids and grandchildren, this year I had the most fun knitting for two of my coworkers. Each of them celebrated milestone birthdays and I knit each of them different cowls that they loved. It was so much fun surprising these very knit worthy ladies.


I purchased a vintage circular sock machine this year and after the BIG learning curve, I started selling socks at craft fairs. This has been such an adventure!


My sister and great nephew

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