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December 07, 2017


Leigh Ann Brown

A Charlie Brown Christmas always since I can remember


🎄🤗I love the first snowfall of the season! I also love watching White Christmas and getting snuggled up with a cup of cocoa and my pink flannel nightgown and my Christmas knitting and my glittery slippers! It's kind of funny, because that is exactly what I did two nights ago, and when I decided to check my Facebook post tonight, that is what you are giving away...cocoa and yarn! Haha! We got so much snow today in Rolling Prairie for our first snowfall!


Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song. I play it every year while decorating the tree.

Teresa Cochran

I love John Michael Talbot’s Advent Suite on YouTube. I can listen to it over and over - it’s truly a song of Christmas. So beautiful.

Teresa C

Colder weather. And we finally have some this week. yeah!!!

Lynn N.

I love Elf. I usually put it on while decorating.

Nancy Rodriguez-Bell

It’s Xmas Everybody.


we love watching 'Christmas with a Capital C', a movie filmed in Seward Alaska, the town where I was born and raised. gorgeous scenery!

Nancy J

"I'll Be Home for Christmas". The tune is a bit mournful but the lyrics take me back to my childhood home and Christmases. It also gives thought to the military who are far away and "if only in my dreams".


The song - Winter Wonderland - reminds me of the times my parents and I would visit Rockefeller Center and skate around the big Christmas tree.


White Christmas! Oh how I love that movie. When I was a kid we didn’t have cable TV. Our neighbors did and hired me to babysit their boys quite often at Christmas. I must have seen it half a dozen times and I was hooked! ‘Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters’. I’ve already seen it twice this year and plan to watch it at least once more!


For me it really doesn’t feel like Christmas until I listen to the Christmas music of my childhood. The Promise by Michael Cardis a favorite.


Away In a Manger always gets me Christmas minded. And O Christmas Tree.

Georgia Green

What holiday movie or song always puts you in the celebrating mood?

Two holiday movies that put me in a celebratory mood are "Elf" (Will Ferrell as a human raised by elves and then reintroduced into human society) and "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure" (mischevious St. Bernard helps stranded elf recover Santa’s magic bag stolen by criminals to generate endless riches).

Songs by acapella groups (Pentatonix's "It's the most wonderful time of the year" and Manhattan Transfer's "It came upon a midnight clear") and traditional choral groups have the same effect.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Renee Sawyer

As far as Chrismas Music - some of my favorites are: Peter, Paul and Mary, Judy Collins, Jewel, Michael Bolton, Amy Grant and Clay Aiken - and then there are the classics like Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis and Andy Williams. Listening to Christmas musics helps to set a wonderful mood...takes me back to being a child and also reminds me of the days when my daughters were young! Ahh - such joy!


I love traditional Christmas carols and have my CD changer full of many different artists' CDs that are playing most of the time. Another thing that starts the season for me is to go to the singing Christmas Tree: love it! I don't have a fav movie but just watched Scrooge starring Patrick Stewart and it was really good.


We don't really have any traditions or favorites when it comes to Christmas music or movies. Prefer more traditional when it comes to music, but like more modern Xmas movies. And I've never met a Christmas romance novel that I didn't like!!! Maybe because they always seem to end "happily ever after"??? Most people seem to try harder to be NICE this time of year.... when they aren't over stressed anyway. I think that shows in the books.


I love watching It's a Wonderful Life And Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby. My favorite song of the season is The Little Drummer Boy--the original.

Sue N

I love watching A Christmas story, too. A few years ago a friend introduced us to "We're No Angels", which we also watch every year.


All the Christmas music gets me in the mood, but not before December! It still amazes me that some radio stations start right after Halloween!


We have fun watching Elf and my favorite carol is O Holy Night. But my favorite thing is caroling at our local developmental center for the residents and their families.


The Grinch because maybe Christmas is more than things ..
Every year I get caught up in the hype and it reminds me what’s important

June Costello

It's not just one movie for me. I love watching the Hallmark Christmas channel and Dr Who Christmas specials,


The Christmas song by Nate king cole. It’s doesnt feel like the holidays until I hear it.

Renee Shipe

Love to watch the Christmas story every year, one station has it on a marathon! Really puts you in the Christmas spirit!


Mannheim Steamroller!


I think hearing nat king cole singing does it for me!!!

Janet McFarren

The original Charlie Brown Christmas -- Linus really puts Christmas into perspective.

Christine Milway

Trimming the tree while listening to Christmas music get me in the spirit.


The grinch, but not the new ones. The old animation that is about 30 minutes long. I love the colors and the whimsy. It takes me back to the days when those shows were on one time each year. No recording them or dvd or dvr. It’s 6:10 am here so idk if I’m within the time cut off or not but it was still fun to think about!


We always watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, while drinking nearly a barrel of hot cocoa and eating gingerbread cookies - pajamas mandatory as well. <3

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