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December 07, 2017


Cherille VanWinkle

I watch “White Christmas” to get in the holiday mood.


It’s a Wonderful Life but a Charlie Brown Christmas is a close second 😊


I love them all. We play movie bingo and watch a few classic movies and Hallmark type movies. We have bingo cards with things like snow fight, Santa, first kiss, and wrapped presents. We enjoy the movies, snacks, and play along pausing for bingos and prizes. Even the men enjoy it!!

Melody Baker

I love all the Christmas songs and have a small advent tree that I enjoy opening the drawers and putting a new ornament on the tree each day of December, even though my kids are grown and gone.


Love me some Christmas music, I have Christmas tunes playing all month long! And It's a Wonderful Life, such a classic.

Mary Evers

It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.
It is wonderful to see what people can contribute to this crazy world of ours!


Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree is my holiday jam. When my children were small, we would dance to this song while baking cookies.

Colleen Meyer

A Charlie Brown Christmas. One year when my brother was about 5 and I was about 7, my brother tripped bringing the tree in. Almost all the needl s fell off. (We got a new one thanks to the tree man). But this movie helps bring back all those wonderful memories of my childhood.


We have a whole list of family favorite movies but it usually starts with Charlie Brown and continues on to A Christmas Story, Polar Express and Elf. The boys have also watched all the Home Alone movies already. Really looking forward to the live televised version of A Christmas Story on FOX. I think it's on Dec 17. Favorite music are any of the good old classic carols that's haven't been adulterated by some modern worship leader who adds in extra words and choruses. Personal favorites are The Little Drummer Boy and I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. Check out the story behind that song by Longfellow. It's powerful.

Anne Reaves

One of the good versions of The Christmas Carol!


Any version of Carol of the Bells (withOUT the words, the versions with lyrics are just... no) is my go to Christmas tune. Movie-wise, it's the standard favorites: White Christmas, Elf, and Vacation.


A Very Brady Christmas! i love it


Definitely Charlie Brown Christmas!! And music, ALL the Christmas music 🎶

Sandy Rice

It is Dec. 7th, and I have already watched "Elf" 3 times. But, I love White Christmas. Growing up our favorite was A Christmas Story, and they even have a museum near Cleveland, OH. (We are from NE Ohio). Memories are just great.


Although it seems they start playing Christmas movies and music earlier and earlier, the original version of the Grinch is the one to put me in the mood for the holidays.

Hillary Bertoch

The Carpenter's Christmas CD is my favorite and totally makes it official that the Christmas season has started.


Definitely Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses!


Harry Connick, Jr’s Christmas albums

Tricia Norris

So many! But we always watch Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving night after dinner!

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

I never get tired of "It's a Wonderful Life".

Julia Gregory

My favorite Christmas movie is Scrooged, with Bill Murray. Also, Elf. Also It's a Wonderful Life. They all make me cry. Which I suppose can be a nice release at the end of a stressful year.


Christmas cookie-baking wouldn't be the same without The Carpenters Christmas album playing in the background! It really sets the holiday mood.


A Christmas story is my favorite movie. As for music, petatonix Christmas album is amazing on the car.


It's a Wonderful life always get me into the Christmas spirit!

Kelly Albrecht

I love going to see a local church doing the Live Nativity always a reminder of the reason for the season. Afterwards we go for hot cocoa

Diane Nocivelli

I love to spend a quiet evening wat ching White Christmas.

 Jennifer Kruse

I'm a single mother of two grown ladies. The other night we actually got together and watched the Muppets Christmas movie. (They loved the Muppets when they were little). After we drove around looking at Christmas lights.

Rachel B.

I love Straight No Chaser's Christmas albums! The Christmas Can-Can is definitely a favorite.

Lunda yinger

All of the home alone are funny and a good laugh w the family. Youngest son is watching polar express over and over right now.


Definitely White Christmas!


White Christmas with all the schmaltz!


I grew up watching horror movies around Christmas. We were weird that is for sure. With my girls we like to watch Frosty the Snowman.

Cathy Hosek

The Grinch always puts me in the Christmas mood. It was one of my dad's favorites and it reminds me of him!


I love all Christmas Music, but give me some Nat King Cole and I'm ready to bake all the cookies and wrap all the gifts!

Dana Lovitt

The Charlie Brown Christmas special...every year!


"It's a Wonderful Life" is always a favorite.

Janet D

I like to watch Holiday Inn. There are so many good ones. I am hoping to learn about more from the other posts.


My boys discovered home alone and it totally gets me in the mood the last few years!

Robin Jamerson

For me it is Elf. It is a silly movie but I love watching the family laugh and giggle while they watch it.

Nancy Hooper

We have a local Christmas parade that I marched in when I was in the high school band, and now my daughter marches in it with her dance studio every year! It always gets me in the Christmas spirit!

Jackie Pearson

All the old Christmas carols; especially the old church songs we only hear once a year.


I love the song the First Noel. I hear that and I am a happy camper

Teresa McP

Definitely the Charlie Brown Christmas show!


My go to is usually music, that gets me in the Christmas spirit! I've been enjoying Train, Christmas in Tahoe and I'm a Rod Stewart fan so that's usually playing.

Charmaine Q. Taylor

I like White Christmas but it's The Polar Express for me.


Muppets Christmas Carol! Love this giveaway! Thanks!

Diane Jespersen

As my now 24-year old was growing, we started the season with NSYNC Christmas CD. I now find I want to hear Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays first every year. Happily, Pentatonix came out with a remake that's awesome! Movie is Miracle on 34th Streeet, the original black and white version.

Brenda Lewis

I have to sing Stille Nacht to get the season going.

Christine Frostenson

We love Christmas Vacation in my house and watch it every year!

Sandra Wells

My favorite Christmas mood Movie is It’s A Wonderful Life.


We love to watch A Christmas Story. It always puts our family in a Yuletide mood. We also watch all the children’s Christmas specials.


As a kid, I looked forward to watching the movie "White Christmas" every year. We didn't have Netflix back then or even DVDs or VCRs so we had to wait until they showed it on TV to be able to watch it. Then we knew that Christmas was coming!


It would have to be watching Christmas Vacation.


I love Christmas music. Anything by the Boston Pops but my fav is Winter Wonderland. I also love the version by Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics. My favorite movie is Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, but we all watch Christmas Vacation every year.


We set up the Christmas tree while watching White Christmas every year.


Love Actually is my go to Christmas movie every year. Love the song "ALL I want for Christmas is you"


Normally I dislike sappy movies, but Christmas movies are different. My favorite is The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Carmen Diaz with Love Actually a close second.


Hearing the Nutcracker music always puts me in the Holiday mom used to play that on the stereo when we decorated our tree.

Vicki Wilson

For us it's Christmas Vacation. I've watched it twice already this year.


I watch all the great Christmas specials during the season but Christmas
Eve I always watch The Christmas Carol with George C. Scott!
I may have to watch it many times this year!

Margaret Cox

White Christmas is my favorite, but it isn't the Christmas season until I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Dreama Craddock

Oh, I love White Christmas! So traditional and gives the warm fuzzies! It's a must for us each season. Ranks right up there with Its A Wonderful Life: One of my favorite Christmas traditions each year is going to see this classic at our local landmark theater in downtown Tampa. This historical venue is so beautiful, lots of carved ornate woodwork, beautiful chandeliers, "pop-up" on stage organist playing the huge, vintage pipe organ for audience caroling participation pre movie. My family all dress up in our finery and have an old fashioned "let's go to town" trip complete with hot chocolate and pie afterward. We look forward to this all year, even the grandchildren are excited! And the movie is beyond sufficient words to adequately describe to do it justice. My grown kids still quote various lines from the movie when they are together, especially the part when the little girl talks about Clarence getting his wings when a bell rings. Love it! Have a Merry Christmas!

O. Sunrise

The Santa Clause trilogy and Elf put me in Christmas spirit. Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

Luanne Garcia

It’s definitely White Christmas for me. We used to sit at my friend’s house, with her family, drink got chocolate and sing all the songs with her Mom!!! She and her sister acted/sang “Sisters” for their parents 35th anniversary-blue dresses and all. Her parents are both gone now, but I love to watch and remember!!!

Katie Marsh

Movie-wise, it's Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas. Music-wise, any Christmas songs by Bing Crosby or Johnny Mathis.


Many favorites, Mary Did You Know is the first one that came to mind.


I have so many on my list! But one of my favorites is an old, 1972 made for TV movie starring Jason Robards, The House Without A Christmas Tree. I was a kid when it first aired and it has stuck with me to this day (I'm now nearly 52.)

Joetta Devore

I prefer Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. We sang that with the children.


I like be to watch the Christmas story and Christmas vacation.


I've got a long list! It's a Wonderful Life is my very favorite Christmas movie of all time. I've seen it more times that I can count and always manage to tear up at the same scenes every time!
Do You Hear What I Hear and Little Drummer Boy are my very favorite Christmas songs.
Thanks so much for the opportunities to win these fabulous gifts.


Oh wow, just this morning I was thinking about breaking out the Christmas Playlist! I like a traditional rendering of Adeste Fideles.


I love Spirit of Christmas by Ray Charles (it's actually played in Christmas Vacation!). Hard to choose one favorite. I love almost every Christmas song for one reason or another. My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim version), but I also love It's A Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, etc. We watch them all, any time of the year!


White Christmas.


Our family watches A Christmas Story. The television usually runs a 24 hour marathon of it. So we watch it a lot. Haha.


Smells of pine and cinnamon put me in the holiday frame of mind!Add a little nip of cold in the air and we’re set! 🎄

Margaret Pipp

Would have to be any version of A Christmas Carol. Gives you so much to think about!

Nicole W

I love to listen to all versions of ‘You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch’ while decorating cookies!


I love to watch the older Christmas movies like the Grinch, Frosty, Rudolph. Those are classics.


We're Jewish, and you can always tell Hanukkah is coming when we all start humming the dreidel song ("I have a little dreidel"). We have a Hanukkah tradition of sitting in front of the fireplace and playing very competitive dreidel games with M&Ms, with lots of stealing, distractions, and silliness. That said, we also watch the video of the house with lights set to the Trans Siberian Orchestra song every year.... :D

Linda Morse

I love to put on my Mannheim Steamroller CDs and decorate the tree - then I know Christmas is here!


I love the original Miracle on 34th Street movie (1947) and watching a few of the Golden Girls Christmas episodes. :)


I have to watch the grinch that stole Christmas, both versions every year and sometimes multiple times!

Laura Gabler

We love to watch Home Alone every year - the pizza delivery scene always cracks us up “ you filthy animal”!

Leigh Anne Staton

Elf. Hands down. Silly and fun and wonderful!


Love all carols! The anat King Cole album is a favorite. Charlie Brown Christmas is a must, too.

Leann Demeduk

Watching Christmas Vacation is tradition in our family!! Usually we watch it on Christmas eve after our meal. Such fun!!


A Muppet Christmas Carol is a family tradition that always puts me in the holiday spirit.


Must Be Santa by Bob Dylan! It is over the top crazy and I love it. It reminds me of my 3 kids Christmas pre-k play. They all had the same wonderful teacher and she taught them that song! I love it.


Christmas Vacation is the best for getting me in the spirit

Rebecca Jensen

Turning the car radio to the Christmas music gets me in the holiday mood. It's a good reminder to be merry when I can easily be distracted by work and too many errands. O Holy Night always helps me slow down and appreciate the little minutes.


I grew up listening to a lot of Christmas music, so it doesn't feel like Christmas until I hear CeCe Winans's Christmas album "Gift". And the version of The First Noel she does in a duet with her brother BeBe Winans is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Meg Caulmare

So many great suggestions for movies and music! Weirdly, my favorite Christmas movie isn't about Christmas - it's Big Miracle, about the fishing captains of Barrow, Alaska, and the odd collection of American and Russian military, PR people, reporters, and a Greenpeace activist, who work together to save three gray whales who didn't migrate on time and got iced-in on the edge of Barrow. There's a ton of snow and a happy and unexpected ending, so maybe for those reasons I think of it as a Christmas movie. The cast is great and I well remember the story from the 80's - it's true! Give it a look, it'll cheer you up about mankind.


White Christmas : every year I can remember for 20 years!


It's a Wonderful Life is a movie we always watch at Christmas is so inspirational, and who doesn't love Jimmy Stewart?


The Grinch! Best holiday story after the classic Dickens.


For me we always watched The Sound of Music although not a Christmas movie, I watched it every year with my Mom and Sister, Dad was not into it. And my Dad blasting Christmas music by Bony M ( a band only Canadian’s seem to know about) guess they didn’t make it across the border. Julie Andrews is a big part of my Christmas 🎄:).


I must watch White Christmas, Love Actually, The Ref and The Family Stone. Listen to Trans Siberian Orchestra, especially Christmas Canon, and Christmas with Boney M. I used to live going to see The Nutcracker but as I live in a very small town north of 60degrees this is not so easy.


I love A Christmas Story - actually need to get it queued up for this year's watching! Also fond of Christmas Vacation, though it's not one I've watched for years and years, like A Christmas Story is - my parents hated that movie, so when I was a kid, I could only catch bits and pieces during the all day marathons of it that would be on TBS, ha!

Danielle Wejtz

Transiberian Orchestra or Mannheim Steamroller

Beth Hoffman

Definitely It’s A Wonderful Life!

Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏽

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