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December 06, 2017


Colleen Grogan

My favorite cookie is my mom's Pecan balls - melt in your mouth butter balls with finely chopped pecans fresh from her home state of Georgia. Fond memories.....


My family's favorite is any type of Chocolate chip. But my favorite is my mom's homemade peanut butter cookies. they are the best!


Gingerbread cookies! A coworker shared her secret family recipe over 10 years ago in strictest confidence. I don’t make them every year, but they are always a hit and definitely my favorite.


Basic shortbread cookies and ginger snaps from recipes passed down through four generations. Of all the cookies i make at Christmas these are the friend and family favourite and the ones i have to make again and again.

Lisa Beaufort

My favorite cookie this time of year is a Chinese chew. My mother-in-law passed down the recipe. You have to mix everything by hand or it doesn't come out right.

Barbara Seiver

My favorite cookie recipe is Cherry Winks. I believe it originally appeared in the 1950's on the back of a cornflakes box. Christmas baking time was the only time my family purchased corn flakes! Here's a recipe link:

Sarah Oster

Cookies!!! I love cookies, unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m working on healing my gallbladder so I’ve eliminated nearly all cookie ingredients.... until it’s back to good I’ll just daydream about these lovelies.


My favorite is krumkake, a Norwegian cookie/wafer I've made since I was a little girl with my Grandma. She's 96 this year and still had me over to make them!


My all time favorite cookie is Oatmeal Raison from the Quaker Oats box. I also add chocolate chips, nuts, M&Ms, or anything that sounds good at the time!

Kim Napier

My favorite has to be the overnight, or forgotten cookie. My son discovered this when he was in cooking in 4-H. We have modified it by adding green, or red food coloring, for the season but otherwise why mess with perfection. So good.

Jane Kyle

Chocolate Chip Crunchewy Cookies! They are A-Mazing!! We make them every Christmas and everyone loves them! :)


We take a shortcut and use this gingerbread cookie mix

Then we top it with buttercream frosting. Who doesn't need a shortcut during the holiday season?


My mother-in-law gave me the recipe for Million Dollar Sugar Cookies -- worth every penny :-). The recipe is easy to get on line -- I use real butter, vanilla bean paste and ground pecans -- they just melt in your mouth!


We love the orange creamsicle cookies. Sounds odd, but they really are great:


This time of year is mostly about homemade candy for us, but my mom’s ladyfingers are one of my favorites that she always makes for the holidays. We’re from the South, so ladyfingers to us are kind of like a pecan shortbread rolled in powdered sugar. They just melt in your mouth! This recipe is pretty close to my mom’s:


I love ginger cookies. I like them soft, not snappy! Generally I use the recipe in my tried and true Company’s Coming Cookie cookbook.


Our favorite Christmas cookie recipe is the good old fashioned sugar cookie. My kids love making these into different shapes and then decorating them. It’s definitely a yearly tradition.

Robin Fisher

Toll House cookies because they are my husbands favorite, and he likes to make them. Win, win!!

Sandy Rice

Our favorite cookie is the peanut butter cookie, with the chocolate Hershey's Kiss on top. I grandpa does not eat all of the kisses we have great cookies. The grands have to keep an eye on him.

Kelly Jun

My husband found a recipe online for copycat of potbelly's sugar cookie. It's pretty yummy.


Our family loves Cardamom Cookies...they are so rich and delicious and I could eat the whole batch in one I only make them at Christmas time!


I have been making my oatmeal chocolate chip cookes since I was a little girl. Now, at age 66, I'm still making them. They are my go-to "I've got to bake something now!" recipe.

Diane Warning

My version of an authentic Scottish Shortbread recipe that we got when we bought a wooden shortbread mold in Braemar, Scotland on our first trip in 1977. We've made these shortbread cookies for our family ever since and highly valued by one and all.


Love the regular choc chip right off the package recipe or chocolate crinkles made with cake mix. Both so yummy and I can never eat just one!

sarah trabue

I like thumbprint cookies, especially since I make my own jams. Cool to know it’s all really homemade.

Dayna Lee

I have a tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe that I have used since I was a kid. I assume I must have gotten it from my mother, but she doesn't know where it came from. It makes delicious cookies that stay soft but that is from my own little trick...I use Becel margarine instead of butter! It is a versatile recipe too and tastes great with any number of additions - peanut butter or butterscotch chips M&Ms, all kinds of yumminess going on!

Melissa Cox

I'm with you on classic Toll House cookies. I've used Ghirardelli dark morsels to jazz up the chocolate before.

A knitting guild friend brought her take on them to our annual Sit, Knit, & Snack meeting last night--organic sugar, small mill flour, local butter, etc.--and they were really good!


My favorite have to be Pepparkakor--my mother's side of the family is part Swedish, and we embrace the traditions at Christmas (and the link below also has a recipe for Lucy Bread, traditionally served on Dec 13th for St. Lucia's day).


My favorite has always been my grandmother's Danish Sugar Cookies. They were so pretty! A basic round sugar cookie, but she put colored sprinkles, sugar and chopped walnuts on top and then a dribble of egg white that became shiny and bubbly when they baked. MMMMM!

Geraldine Scott

The favorite Christmas cookies around here comes from my old Betty Crocker cookbook. Just looked at the website, and now it is called the 'classic sugar cookie'. It is made with powdered sugar instead of granular and makes a great roll-out cookie.


I really do not care for baking at all, and have been actually searching for a recipe for my favorite cookie I've had -- a former coworker made it and I haven't been able to get the recipe. Drunken cherry chocolate cookies. Soft, chewy, chocolately, cherry...amazing.


My favorite Christmas cookie is the tried and true peanut butter blossom. I like to use dark chocolate kisses and smooth them flat while they are melting in the peanut butter cookie, then you get a taste of both flavors when you take a bite!

Elizabeth Ley O'Brien

When my kids were little, I was known as the cookie mom. The neighborhood kids knew that there were always fresh baked cookies in my home. Now I bake cookies for the homeless. Since I bake all the time, the holidays are no different. My favorite cookies are the peanut butter blossoms with a Hershey kiss on top.

Diane Gladstone

I love to bake cookies at Christmastime. The recipe I have to make every year is actually a no bake recipe. It is my grandma's Bourbon Balls. I also like to bake Speculaas and Springerle. My dad's favorite cookie was a raisin filled cookie, but my husband dislikes raisins, so I make them date filled.


My favorite cookie recipe is one I found in my Betty Crocker cookbook when I first got married (many, many years ago). It's a sugar cookie recipe for cutout cookies which are then frosted with buttercream frosting. So good! The recipe calls for powdered sugar in the dough instead of regular sugar and is flavored with vanilla and almond. They work for any holiday, just switch out your cutters!

EJ Michel

My favorite cookie recipe is one my sister makes ... she lives in New Mexico and its a favorite Spanish cookie however i cant remember the name.. its shaped like stars and is spicy and sweet .

i will have to ask her! but the tin that she mails to me each year is guarded and doled out very slowly.


I am also a fan of traditional chocolate chip cookies. We just made a batch to share last night.

carol fun

I make a cookie we call Chocolate Snowflakes...they are a brownie like cookie rolled in powdered sugar that cracks when you bake them... I'm off to the store this morning to get more flour to bake a batch.

Lugarda Cappetta

I have so many favorites that it’s hard to pick just one. I think it would have to be the tried and true Buckeyes; simple, fast, and no-bake.

Jennifer Walker

When I was younger my Mom and I used to make these simple snowman cookies. I may have to have her find the recipe again!


Three Ingredient peanut butter cookies are the best!
I use the version...
Perfect and easy!

Chris Wells

My favorite is because it's easiest! Take a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough and cut into slices an inch or so thick. Cut each slice into 4 quarters. Place each quarter into a lined mini muffin tin and bake. After removing from oven, place one unwrapped miniature peanut butter cup on cookie and push in. Let cool. Sometimes we decorate the tops with wreaths for Christmas using piped frosting. Super easy!


My special recipe that the kids and hubby love everyday is my chocolate chip cookies. I've made this one so often, I could do it in my sleep now. But for Christmas it's always Finnish pipparkakkut. A spicy crispy gingerbread cookie.

Bonnye Bulla

At christmas my family loves sugar cookies which the grandchildren and their friends decorate.

Lugarda Cappettay

Buckeyes; fast, simple, and no-bake.

Susan Ritchie

Peanut Blossoms, and chocolate cookies with cherry cordial & mint truffle kisses. But my oven died yesterday!!!

LP Starr

Mint surprise cookies a firm buttery dough with a chocolate mint inside and half a walnut on top.

Debbie Hallamek

Pillsbury sugar cookies in a roll then decorate them. Yum

Debra Davis

my favorite is my mother's Ice Box Cookies. You mix up the dough which includes home grown pecans, pat into long rolls which are wrapped & refrigerated. When it's time top bake, slice into thin discs or rectangles, sprinkle with colored sugar decorations & bake. So crispy & yummy!

Dana Lovitt

My grandmother's thumbprint cookies. She always made a box just for me when I was a little girl. She put a dollop of red or green frosting instead of jam. Yum!

Rosemary Moore

It's hard to go wrong with Nestle Tollhouse cookies. At this time of year, homemade pfeffernusse are the best! Here's a recipe I like:

Donna Wingfield

Our favorite Christmas cookie is so easy and so good. We press peanut butter cookie dough into mini muffin tins then place a miniature Reese’s cup in the center and bake according to the cookie dough directions. After we (barely) let them cool, we scarf them down.


Love the good old fashioned toll house chocolate chips

Kathy K

Years ago my daughter’s care provider baked the most delicious and moist cutout sugar cookies I had ever tasted. I believe that the secret to these cookies is the use of sour cream in the recipe. The frosting uses Crisco shortening (this is NOT a Weight Watcher’s dream😊) and is flavored with vanilla or almond extract. I have baked and decorated these cookies along with my daughter EVERY Christmas since first enjoying them at the babysitter’s house. Unbelievably, my daughter is now 34 years old!

Teresa Cochran

We make Peparkakers, an old recipe from Denmark! They are a spiced (Pepar) cookie (kaker) The dough is rolled out very thin and cut with cookie cutters, sprinkled with colored sugars and baked. For maximum flavor, my mom made them the Saturday after Thanksgiving and stored them in Tupperware containers until Christmas. However, we could not stay out of them. That recipe is Christmas to my family - now the second and third generations are baking them!

Cathy Kostka

My favorite is an plain sugar cookie made with butter. These cookies melt in your mouth & have not found a person who doesn't like them.


Hands down favorite in my book are Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies. I got them from a Quaker Oats cookbook in the early 80s. Through the miracle of the Internet, I found the recipe again:

Sandy C

Toll House and snickerdoodle ring the bells at this house.

Catherine Barberine

Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, she uses Malted Milk powder in her cookie recipe, which IMO, makes the difference in this recipe. Also, Snickerdoodles are very popular with my kids!


Shortbread that was published in the NY Times year ago. It uses a small snount of brown rice flour in the recipe that makes them light as air

Gina Pike

Love cookies. My Grandmother always made no bake skillet cookies with chocolate, oats, peanut butter and more set out on wax paper. They always remind me of her and all the wonderful things she made all year round. At our home, we really don't make cookies as much as we make pumpkin bread and are on the Pumpkin kick. I don't know the recipe as my husband even won't let me watch him mix the wet ingredients. Family secret recipe and we've been married for years!


Our hands down family favorite Christmas cookie is Peanut Butter blossoms, which are basically peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's Kiss mashed on top as soon as they come out of the oven.
Peanut butter? Chocolate Kiss? What more could you want?

April R.

My mom would make English cookies. They are made with a small amount of coffee with a layer of thin white icing. I don't know where she came up with this recipe, but they are delicious and I don't drink coffee!




My favorite is the classic tollhouse chocolate chip, with snickerdoodles a close second. But really any cookie is eaten quickly in this house ;)

Caitlin Kennedy

We make "ugly christmas cookies." It entails me baking up a batch of sugar cookies and then spreading out all the toppings on the table and my toddler son gets to go wild.


Mine is peanut butter blossoms. My MIL makes them using a standard recipe so nothing special but I like the chocolate and PB together and also that I can share the base of the cookie (non-chocolate part) with my dog!

Katie R.

My favorite are caramel apple cider cookies, which I found through a post on Ravelry a few years ago. Snickerdoodles are my second favorite.

Gina Kanouse

Peanut butter cookies are the favorite in our house. I’m not the best baker, so I just cheat and buy the pre-made dough.😆 Thi gives me more knitting time!


Toll house chocolate chip cookies are good but I like the nuts not m and ms
I think snickerdoodles are good too. I am not a fan of cookies that are all chocolate. Soooooo my favorite cookie is my mom's recipe for crescent cookies. Some call them Mexican wedding cakes or Greek cookies but it's that buttery cookie with pecans and doused in powdered sugar....yum

Holly Beam

Peanut butter blossom cookies are what I remember most from my childhood. My mother loved chocolate, so unwrapping the kisses was fun and you could sneak a couple as you worked! My mom was not a great cook but she was the best knitter, so these cookies were around on the holidays as she finished knitting Christmas gifts! Great memories!


My favorite by far is snickerdoodles! I started making them in junior high. Still have the recipie in a worn and falling apart.

Susan Mullins

Chocolate chip cookies are my go to. I make them all year long! They’re great to take to work or to someone who might need a little pick me up. I’ve used the same recipe for the last 20 years.

Nancy Wenberg

I have been making Polka Dot Meringue cookies at Christmas since I was a small child. My mother cut out the recipe from our local newspaper, and I still have the whole page from the newspaper. These cookies are made with chocolate chips and cornflakes folded into the meringue. You can also add nuts if you would like.


Easy choice for me! Love cutouts, even unfrosted and unsugared. Taste best with a cup of coffee.

Rebecca Snyder

My favorite cookie to make is a chocolate chip cookie with well-drained, diced maraschino cherries added, just because they're so well-received. My favorite to eat is an old-fashioned molasses cookie, soft and spicy.


My favorite Christmas cookie is called Santa’s Whiskers, originally found in Better Homes & Gardens cookbook and modified over the years! An icebox cookie with pecans and candied or dried cherries, coated with coconut, giving a toasty whisker effect after baking. You can keep the rolls of cookies in the icebox and slice a few for baking when you need/want them!


From Finland, Finland, Finland come Lusikkaleivat or Spoon Cookies! I adore Lusikkaleivat! These are a browned butter based sandwich cookie. They take a couple of days to prepare and then set, but they are crisp, sandy, and a bit salty against your favourite jam or sweet spread. A wonderful texture, complex flavour, and a lovely way to take time, pause and enjoy over the busy festive season.
Recipe here:


My new Christmas favorite cookie is a recipe from the Good Housekeeping Holiday Cookie manual. My son came home from school ecstatic that he had checked this giant recipe book out from the library and was anxious to try one. The recipe called for melted semisweet chips to make a chocolate dough. We followed it almost exactly. While stirring in the rest of the chocolate chips, we added 1/4 cup of chunky peanut butter because what goes better than chocolate and peanut butter? So this is a new traditional recipe for us.

My mother has made peanut butter balls since before I can remember. The basic recipe is Rice Krispies, chunky peanut butter, margarine or butter, powdered sugar, and coated in chocolate. I love these because everything except the chocolate is mixed in a giant bowl and rolled into balls. Really great for Holiday stress relief. The balls are cooled and then coated in a combination of milk and semisweet chocolate. They are popable and I can never eat just one. Thank you for this opportunity. I love your shop!


Sand tarts, a delicious buttery cookie with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a walnut piece on top.

Melissa Martinez

My husband is the baker in our family. He has a KILLER soft ginger cookie that we all just LOVE. My friends at work look forward to them every year!

Nicole S

My favourite Christmas cookies (and a definite candidate for favourite in general) are crescents, which are basically shortbread with pecans and chocolate chips. They’re better if you make them a week or two in advance and let them age, but it’s hard to wait that long.


Sugar cookies with frosting

Sandra Jeffers

I love making cookies with a cake mix as it is so quick and easy! Stir ingredients according to the directions on the box a cake mix but use 1/2 cup peanut butter instead of the oil. A yellow cake nd makes great peanut butter cookies, a chocolate cake mix makes excellent chocolate peanut butter cookies. Add chocolate chips, nuts, raisins ,etc for an even tastier treat!

Corlene Forde

My mother used to make us the chocolate chip cookies using the recipe from the Toll House chocolate chip bag but we haven't had those for a few years since she moved out of the country and isn't around at Christmas time anymore.


I have several favorites and it varies from year to year. The recent winner is not really a cookie at all. It's an OREO truffle -- the recipe is all over the internet. Crushed oreos, mixed with cream cheese, dipped in chocolate. Fast easy delish!

Deborah Pogue

Great minds think alike! LOL. My DIL makes the Toll House cookies, and I make the Snickerdoodles!

Jessica Macon

My favorite is Mookies (muffin/cookie). Every time I make them, they are crazy popular and go fast.

1 small can of 100% pure pumpkin
1 vanilla cake mix
1 small bag of choc chips

Pour pumpkin into bowl. Pour cake mix (POWDER) on top of pumpkin.

Mix on high for 3 minutes.

Mix in choc chips

Spoon out onto cookie sheet. If the sheet is flat- bake on 350 at 20 mins
If sheet is lipped- bake at 18 minutes

Stella Fouts

White chocolate with red raspberry jam on top. This is a soft, buttery cookie with melted (quality) white chocolate in the dough and then white chocolate drizzled on the tops when the cookies come out of the oven. Best cookie ever!


Our favorite is a Potato Chip Cookie. It's basically a butter cookie but the chips add a salty, crunchy goodness! They never last long!

Andrea E

We have always made a Greek Sugar Cookie that was heavy on almond flavoring and rolled in colored sugar. I don't have the recipe as its a page copied out of a magazine and probably older than me. Off the top of my head I remember that they are heavy on butter and have just enough flour that they don't melt into a pool.

Meg Caulmare

Happy Holidays! In my family, the answer to the question "Cookie?" is "Chocolate!" I made Martha Stewart's Outrageous Chocolate Cookies several years ago, and now they're in demand.
Invite the kids to take part and plan on a mess! Everyone has a good time making these in my kitchen, and I have a ball making them alone, too. Just as an aside: if you're like me, have some extra chocolate chunks on hand. Sometimes they require tasting, you see, and you don't want to short-change the cookies. :)

Nonny Dee

At my house we make Christmas Butter cutout cookies and Anise cookies. the Anise cookies were one of my Father'sfavorites. He's been gone for 5 years (he died just before Christmas) but we still make them every year.
Here's the recip:
1 1/3 cup butter
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/4 teaspoon anise extract
2 eggs
6-8 teaspoons milk
4 cups all purpose flour
3 teeaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
Thoroughly cream butter, sugar, vanilla and anise. Add eggs; beat until light and fluffy. Stir in milk. Gradually add dry ingredients until blended. Chill several hours. Roll out dough to 1/4" thickness and cut into shapes. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 375 degrees F for 9-11 minutes.


I'm a snicker doodle girl too!

Heather Anderson

My favorite cookies are actually bars. My aunt made these every Christmas for us, and an extra little batch for me, cuz she knew I loved them so much. She has been gone now for nearly 20 years, and I can still smell them... Ive not made them, but this year... Im going to! The most perfect bar in the world.... The Scotcheroo. (link included here) Merry Christmas everyone!


I'm a snickerdoodle cookie girl too!


Mine is a white chocolate orange recipe from the 500 Cookies book.


These salted chocolate chunk cookies ruin all other chocolate chip recipes. These are amazing and always get rave reviews:


This is amazing!

Ana Sweet

I have a nobake fudge recipe that is unique by including graham cracker crumbs. So easy and nofail.

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