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December 06, 2017


Raquel Chole

So fun to read about everyone's traditions. We like Toll House modified. I add toasted pecans and inc the chips by 25%. I also usually mix in a diff type of chip as the extra 25%. Then, I drop them by the 1/4c so they are extra large. So good.


My favorite cookies are called Lebkuchen, a recipe my mother made every year. I simply cannot have them in the house without eating them. It is a relatively common cookie, I think, but requires a taste for candied fruit. There is no fat in the recipe, perhaps why my mother liked them so much.


I make between 20 and 25 kinds of cookies for the holidays every year. Hard to select an absolute FAVORITE, but I do like miniature pecan pies and almond shortbread checkerboard cookies.

Doreen Righter

Rosemary Butter Cookies. Link is Something a bit different for the holidays!

Lisa Nelson

I make Nestle's Ultimate Chocolate Chippers, but, I substitute dark brown sugar for the light brown, and no nuts (the men in my family are not fans of nuts). SO good. The regular recipe is better is you sub the dark brown sugar, too. I got the idea from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook. Now I'm craving cookies, and my oven is out! Argh!


It has to be gingerbread cookies. Cut out in whatever shape takes your fancy from the classic person shape or an elaborate candy covered cottage. It's all still cookies at heart.


I still love good ol' toll house.

Jan Greenberg

We love making Gramma's cutout cookies -
simple, plain and always delicious!
Happy Holidays.

Shelley Gilbertson

My favorite Christmas cookies are the ginger creams my mom makes every year. They are soft and so full of flavor. She blings them out for the season by tinting half the frosting red and half green and then adding sprinkles or edible glitter. I'm sorry! I don't have time to write out her exact recipe here, but here's a link to something similar -


You can't go wrong with classic chocolate chip cookies! I won first place at the county fair when I was a kid with these...


At this time of year, I usually make a cake with a recipe passed down from my grandmother. However, I would love to make sugar cookies in the shape of knitted sweaters. So, I'm on the hunt for a great revie and lots of icing colors.

Marie H

I love making gingerbread cookies and drizzling them with white icing. You!


I also love snickerdoodles the most. Lots of baking goes on in our house. I would love to win todays prize. Merry Christmas!!


Linda Cram

Snickerdoodles were always THE holiday cookie in my house as a kid. Not much to the ingredients and pretty simple to make. I will always remember the first bite! Now days the Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe signals the beginning of the Christmas season.

Cheryl zuccaro

Spritz shaped like Christmas trees from Betty Crocker and Blue Bottles ginger cookies


My family's favorite cookie is Martina shortbread. It is very like regular shortbread but made with confectioner's sugar which makes them delicate and yummy.


My absolute favorite are soft-ginger molasses cookies. I have been making the King Arthur flour recipe for years and it's so good!


My favorite is my mother's cut out sugar cookie. We bake them every year. The recipe has buttermilk and the frosting is flavored with a couple of drops of almond extract. The recipe is from my mother's dear friend who passed away many years ago.


I love these light and yummy cranberry orange cookies. I'm going to make more this weekend.

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

I love tasting other people's Xmas cookies but we are Jewish have other traditions. Instead of just potato latkes every year, I like to try fried foods from other places and even other ethnic groups since the point of food on Chanukkah is that is it fried in oil ( the miracle of the oil, nothing to do with potatoes from Eastern Europe. One year it was Dutch style donuts. Last year we made Native America style fry bread. Also, last weekend for a kind of nerdy bake sale I added little eyes (like googley but they do not actually move) to some lemon bars and it was a big hit. You cannot tell but they are edible made of sugar. Wilton brand. I found them in the grocery store cake deco section


Not sure if making peppermint patties count. If not, love me a peanut butter cookie and live making them.

Marilyn Hunley

My favourite cookie recipe is Martha Stewart's Cowboy Cookies. I convince myself they are healthy because they have oatmeal in them. Everyone loves them.

Deb J

Hands down, my favorite cookie recipe is my Gram's recipe for frosted sugar cookies. Once someone eats one cookie, it becomes their favorite recipe too! I'm not quite sure what makes them so different because in theory the ingredients are similar to other cookies but she put them together in the most incredibly edible way! Everyone in our family loves this recipe!

Pamela Morgan

I miss my grandmas filled cookies. They had a little lemon in the dough and a lemony raisin filling! So good! I wish she was still here to bake the. I could never quite make them the same.


One of my favorites is called Chocolate Crackles. We called them Jewish Cookies as children because Mom got the recipe from a Jewish friend. Funny that when I shared the recipe with my Jewish friend, it became one of her favorites!

They are a soft chocolate cookie that you shape into 1” balls, then roll in confectioners sugar before baking. The tops crackle during baking.

Shirley Macemon

Dark chocolate macadamia nut!


We love toll house chocolate chip cookies with walnuts added! I just received your holiday kits and I can't wait to get started!


I love what are called Cowboy cookies. I haven't found a good recipe yet but they have oatmeal, chocolate chips, & coconut in them

Jan Ball

I make my Mom's refrigerator sugar cookies with red ad green sugar. I don't have the recipe with me but I did see a similar recipe in this months edition of All Recipes

Sheila Foery

My favorite go to cookie was passed down from my maternal grandma a cookie called ROCKS a spiced dough cookie filled with dates,raisins,coconut and chopped nuts they are hard to stir thus I do believe that`s how they got the name or when cooked they look like little rocks! My Kitchen aid mixer makes light of the stirring now


Well, at this time of year I generally try to make as many different kinds of treats as I have time for and can stand. 😄 They might include party mix, Spritz cookies, Christmas wreaths (made with melted marshmallows and butter and green food coloring) , chocolate covered pretzels, etc.. But my favorite cookie type treat is peppernuts made like my mom made them, not the traditional anise-flavored peppernuts. Mom made them like spice cookies and added raisins and coconut that had been ground very fine. These cookies take a lot of work, but they're worth it!


we love sugar roll out cookies cut into fun shapes

Sally Goodman

Our favorite Christmas cookie recipe is for Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies found on the back of the Nestle’s Chocolate Chip bag. My Mother would start the Christmas season by baking lots of cookies but this was always the favorite. I followed in her footsteps as did my daughter and now my granddaughters use that recipe to make chocolate chip cookies often!


Butter cookies. Not the thin type. Baked till golden brown and in the shaps of Christmas things. Made with organic butter, the flavor is outstanding.


My favorite cookies are these Chai Tea cookies my dh makes. It’s kind of a combination of a couple recipes and I’m not even sure where it is, he’s the baker in the family and I don’t mess with his recipes, lol.

Mary M

This is a recipe we made at home with our mother when we were kids. It's been modified a little over time.

I am thinking about dipping some of them in dark chocolate this year. Maybe try them with and without the coconut.

No bake Coconut Orange Juice Cookies

1 (12 ounce) box Nabisco Nilla Wafers 
3/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
1 pound powdered sugar
1/2 cup butter, half melted
1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
1 1/2 cups sweetened coconut

1. We did not toast the chopped nuts as kids but it helps keep them crunchy. Spread chopped nuts on a plate and microwave in 30 second increments until toasted. Set aside to cool. Nuts could also be toasted in the oven.

2. Crush Nilla Wafers until fine. We did this in a bag but a food processor would be easy.

3. Mix wafer crumbs, orange juice, powdered sugar, butter, and chopped nuts together. Shape the mixture into walnut-size balls, and roll in the coconut pressing gently. You made need to put the mix in the refrigerator to chill it if it gets too sticky to handle.

4. Store "cookies" in the refrigerator in a covered container. Layer cookies between sheets of wax paper if you stack the cookies. Enjoy!

Kris C

Our family has an Italian sugar cookie recipe with caraway seeds that we all love. So good!

Nancy McBride

I love Snowballs (or sometimes they are called Wedding Cakes)! I always request them from my husband. Several years ago, i found a recipe for these that my mother-in-law had. I made a batch last year and thought of her as I ate most of those that I baked. Special memories.

Geri Heagy

I recently came across cake mix cookie mixes on Super easy! Cake mix, candies or chips, 2 eggs and a 1/2 cup vegetable or canola oil. They are delicious!


My favorite cookies are brownies. I have several Maida Heatter cookie/dessert cookbooks and any recipe in them is fantastic. My favorite are the Santa Fe brownies which have a cheesecake batter swirled into the brownie batter, but my husband prefers the plain. Any brownie, warmed and topped with vanilla ice cream is also my favorite.

Wendy Chase

My favorite Christmas cookie is a gingerbread one for cutting out all the fun figures. I got it from my son-in-law. His great grandfather was from Germany and owned a bakery in Heber City Utah. I had to beg for the recipe. I'm allowed to share it only if credit is given to his grandfather. So here it is. And if YOU share it, please keep his name with the recipe. He was well loved.

Walter Seiter's Gingerbread Cookies

1/2 C. butter 3 1/2 C. flour
3/4 C. sugar 1 tsp. baking soda
1 egg 1 1/2 tsp. ginger
3/4 C. molasses 1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. grated orange 1 tsp. cloves
rind 1/4 tsp. ground cardamom

Cream butter, sugar, then egg. Add molasses and orange rind. Sift together dry ingredients and add gradually. (Last cup may have to be kneaded by hand.) Chill overnight. (Can be kept in fridge 1 week.)
Roll dough out onto floured board. Cut with cookie cutters. Bake on ungreased cookie sheets at 375 for 8-10 minutes. Doneness is measured my pressing lightly and they have a little resistance.

Frost with any generic frosting recipe you like.


My favourite Christmas cookie is gingerbread biscotti by Smitten Kitchen. A dozen cookies make a great gift for the coffee-loving adult in your life who also has a sweet tooth.

Wendy Chase

I should have previewed my post for format. It should be 2 tsp. grated orange rind. The rest should be okay to figure out.


Of course - peanut butter cookies with a kiss on top, but I usually make cookie platters for my neighbors and my new favorite this year to make is chocolate salted caramel cookies using Hersey's salted caramel chips - recipe on bag.


The family favorite is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. My girls always said they taste like little cakes. Found the recipe in a magazine ad for Nestles chips a lifetime ago. My girls make them now.

Shawn sweeney

Mine is similar to this:

You can mix up a starter for up to 8 batches of cooies, they make your different varieties when you are ready.

Patricia Richardson

My favorite cookie is Macadamia Nut Cookies but my husband likes Chocolate Chip. If the great- grandchildren come over, it's Sugar Cookies so they can frost and add their favorite toppings (sprinkles, chocolate chips, M & M's, etc.).


My fav is almost flourless chocolate cookies with walnuts. the best for all chocolaholics!

Tricia F

My favorite holiday cookies are a family recipe called Krispy Kritters.


It isn’t an occasion for us unless we make Toll House cookies, too. We use the recipe on the back of the Nestle’s chocolate chips bag. We don’t do anything different, but there are some basic things we never change:

1. Real butter and real vanilla. ‘Nuff said.
2. Without walnuts, they’re just chocolate chip cookies. (None of us have nut allergies.)


I think it's more about the variety of cookies...the fact that we have LOTS to choose from. Sugar cookies, rolled really thin are a fave!


Peanut Butter Blossoms. My dad's favorite cookie was peanut butter, so I would always make him the blossoms at Christmas. Why I don't make these at other times is beyond me. :)


Granny Sheilas Shortbread!

This recipe was given to me by Sheila Prudhomme, originally from York, England. Sheila met a Canadian Serviceman during WW11. They were to be married in England, but he was called home and the wedding had to be postponed. Sheila’s family was not wealthy, but her father knew the Captain of the steam ship Queen Elizabeth and managed to get Sheila a berth on the first sailing after the war. Sheila was met at the dock, when she arrived in Canada, by her fiancé’s sisters, all French speakers, and was brought to Windsor by train. There followed many happy years, 2 children and several grandchildren. This recipe came from Sheila’s mother. I met Sheila when I moved to Windsor. In January 1988 I began to play badminton at Oakwood Community Centre and met Sheila there. After my children were born Sheila became a ‘surrogate’ Grandmother to them, as their actual grandparents all lived in the UK. Each Christmas ‘Granny Sheila’ made shortbread and decorated sugar cookies for my family. Sheila continued to play badminton with us until well into her 80’s, a gracious lady, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us.
This is the story of how I received this recipe, I hope you enjoy as much as we do.

1lb butter – soft
½ cup brown sugar-packed
½ cup white sugar
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup rice flour

Cream butter and sugars until soft.
Add flours and blend with wooden spoon, then by hand until smooth and satiny.
Knead lightly on a floured board.
Pat smooth to ½” thickness
Cut and shape into desired shapes.
Place on an un-greased baking tray and stab with a fork
Sprinkle lightly with sugar
Bake low and long.

(I usually bake it at 275-300 for 30 mins.)

Mary M

This is a recipe we made at home with our mother when we were kids. It's been modified a little over time.

I am thinking about dipping some of them in dark chocolate this year. Maybe try them with and without the coconut.

No bake Coconut Orange Juice Cookies

1 (12 ounce) box Nabisco Nilla Wafers 
3/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
1 pound powdered sugar
1/2 cup butter, half melted
1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
1 1/2 cups sweetened coconut

1. We did not toast the chopped nuts as kids but it helps keep them crunchy. Spread chopped nuts on a plate and microwave in 30 second increments until toasted. Set aside to cool. Nuts could also be toasted in the oven.

2. Crush Nilla Wafers until fine. We did this in a bag but a food processor would be easy.

3. Mix wafer crumbs, orange juice, powdered sugar, butter, and chopped nuts together. Shape the mixture into walnut-size balls, and roll in the coconut pressing gently. You made need to put the mix in the refrigerator to chill it if it gets too sticky to handle.

4. Store "cookies" in the refrigerator in a covered container. Layer cookies between sheets of wax paper. Enjoy!

Diane Nocivelli

My favorite cookie recipe is an old-fashioned butter cookie. Years ago, I bought aluminum cookie pans with holiday shapes pressed into them. The recipe was printed on the plastic they were wrapped in.


Without a doubt, Chocolate Crinkles! Brownie like cookie dough shaped, rolled into powdered sugar, then baked. Serve warm with a cold glass of milk....Santa's favorite for sure!

Sara Hart

Absolutely it would be shortbread cookies...what could be better than butter, sugar and flour?


The favorite cookie recipe in our house is Lemon Press cookies. It is my husband's mom's recipe.


German Xmas cookies. It’s an old family recipe, pretty labor intensive and makes a lot of cookies! Usually my mom helps me, but not this year :( she won’t be making the trip as she normally does. Perhaps I can convince my daughters to help!

Richelle Krotts

My favorite cookie recipe really did come from my grandma! It's an oatmeal cookie, usually with chocolate chips and nuts, but all sorts of nommy things have been substituted for those over the years. My dad loves them with just raisins, I'm partial to white chocolate chips and cranberries, and my husband loves them with peanut butter chips to go with the chocolate ones.

gerri farrell

I wish I had the cookie recipe for the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey Kiss in the middle!!
My favorite!!


The two cookies that always make me think of Christmas are Russian Tea Cakes and peanut butter cookies. Here's a link for the tea cakes.

My mom used to make both of these at Christmas when she was still with us. I have the OLD Betty Crocker cookbook with the recipe she used to use.


Our favorite cookie here is a chocolate chip cookie. The recipe is made with flavored pudding, so you can change it up and have chocolate cc cookies, or chocolate with pb chips, etc. Very versatile and can be changed to fit your mood or whatever you are craving at the time!

Rachel R.

I actually haven't made cookies at all in a few years - I need to rectify that situation! But my favorite recipe is pretty simple - its the oatmeal cookie recipe that's on the Quaker Oats can (they're called Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and the recipe is here:, but I leave out the raisins and substitute a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and a 1/2 cup of butterscotch chips!

Kathleen Haynes

My favorite cookies are Oatmeal Raisin. They bring memories of my first attempts as cooking as a child, the warmth of the oven and spending time with my mom.

Geraldine Nehl

My favorite Christmas cookies are Kringles. I helped my German grandmother bake them every year. The receipe is very simple but I would need to post a video to demonstrate how they are rolled into pretzel shapes and they take forever! But worth it.😺


White Velvet Cutouts from a recipe from Seventeen magazine back in the 80's... we make it every year. I was able to find similar recipes on google, but this one is really good!

Inez Finley

We make potato candy - 1/2 cup of cold mashed potatoes, 1 tsp. of vanilla, and mixed with enough powdered sugar to make a rollable dough. Coat a ball with powdered sugar and roll between waxed paper until about 1/4" thin. Spread peanut butter over all of it and roll it up like a jelly roll and slice. No one EVER would guess there is potato in there. The recipe came from my mother in law and I had never heard of it until I met my husband.

Brenda B

This recipe, always this one. I've been been known to make it in the middle of Summer too, because it really is that good!


Shoot, I buy the pilsbury surgar cookie dough that's already rolled into sheets. Just have to grab the cookie cutters, bake, then decorate.

Cindy h.

My moms sugar cookie with butter cream frosting.

Liz Awsumb

My grandmother's cinnamon molasses link, just a tattered recipe card.


My family makes chocolate mint sticks, which is a closely held recipe. However, the internet being what it is, this is similar:


I always make Holiday Oatmeal Cookies. I don't know where I got the recipe.


My mother-in-law always made the best nut horns for special occasions. Christmas is the usually the only time I bake them anymore, but I love them!

Patty McDonald

I'm with you! I never met a Snickerdoodle that I didn't love, although Peanut Butter cookies are a close second.


Love all cookies! I don't bake so bakery cookies are the way I go. Anything with chocolate in it!

catherine mccourt

the oatmeal cookie one, inside the lid of the Quaker Oatmeal can. I think it's Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Cynthia Saar

My favorite is my mom's cut out sugar cookies.

L Susan Morton

I love making molasses cookies. The recipe is an old one that I traded a portable vacuum cleaner for the recipe. My boyfriend's friend is an elderly lady who used to bring the cookies in to the pub for everyone to enjoy. She was so sweet and these cookies remind me of her and her generous nature. They smell like Christmas when baking , and generate many happy memories.

jodie ross

Stone Jar Ginger Cookies are my favorite cookie for any time of year. The recipe was in a cookbook I got shortly after I got married some 53 yrs ago. I still have the cookbook, but it is a LOT the worse for wear. It came as a bonus for magazine subscriptions, and my husband was so mad that I bought that many magazine subscriptions it almost derailed my marriage. The cookies are rolled very thin, cut into any shape you like and are crisp and extra gingery. Thanks for the giveaways!

AmySt Amour

A favorite cookie recipe we make at Christmas is the Russian Teacake cookie recipe. In recent years I’ve seen it also called Mexican Wedding Cookies. Yummy with a hot beverage...but what cookie isn’t???😁


Molasses ginger are my holiday go to cookie!


Our favorites are the wedding cookies with pecans and coated with powdered sugar.


My grandmothers sugar cookie recipe is my all time favorite!

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

My absolute favorite is what we called "Snow Ball Cookies". My mom made these every year and eventually we made them together. She died 32 years ago and I miss her so much! She never got to see her granddaughters and now she would have a great granddaughter and great grandson. Christmas can be bitter sweet sometimes.


My favorite cookies are koirabiethes, a greek cookie with powdered sugar.


Since we have gone grain free, best cookies ever are simply Pecan Cookies. Runner up is Casserole Cookies. Both would easily be in contention with traditional baking.


Well I can't provide a link to my favorite cookie recipe or I'll be kicked out of my husband's family! The funny thing is it's quite possible this recipe came from the side of some box or package and has just acquired a mystique over the years. It includes Rice Krispies and oatmeal and brown and white sugar, and butter or shortening, and comes together in a perfect combination of crisp and chewy. I'm so glad the holidays are near so I know I will get to have some soon!

Alison T Badger

I make a traditional sugar cookie recipe and use Christmas cookie cutters with Santa and reindeer and tree shapes, angels, etc. Then I buy a couple cans of white frosting and separate it into 6 bowls, add a different food coloring to each bowl, and paint the cookies with different backgrounds and trim with the colored frosting I also use sprinkles and colored sugar for sparkle and pop.


Cream cheese drop cookies.


Nanaimo bars are a favourite in our house. My husband especially likes Grand Marnier flavoured version!


There are two cookie recipes that are my favorites. The first is one that my mom made many years ago called the Mexican Wedding Cookie. A beautiful short bread with finely chopped pecans . Baked to a perfect golden colour then rolled into icing sugar .... oh so good! The other one is a Burnt Butter Shortbread . The special flavour from that nutty sweet burnt butter makes these cookies so moreish! They are even more decadent if you top them with a burnt butter icing...... oh yummmmm!

Pat Neumann

The cookies I make are lemon, bars, drop and a swirl cheesecake which is enjoyed and loved by family, friends and the ladies at the nursing home. I look all year and try to find a new lemon recipe which I add to the mix of lemon desserts.

Patricia Mego

Our new family favorite is vanilla biscotti with dried cranberries. They are easy to make and look very festive. Great for gift giving. We use the King Authur Flour recipe and add 1-2 cups of craisins.


My absolute favorite is classic shortbread because no one ever does shortbread cookies. And if you bake it using a BrownBag ceramic shortbread pan, it makes a super easy, really decadent gift as well.

Donna R

I make no cookies. But I do candies. Easiest and first to go is mini pretzel twist topped with a Rollo candy. Melted a few minutes in oven and half pecan pressed into it. They are yummy!

Kelli L

Typical Toll house recipe - but instead of doing typical cookies, we do the "jelly roll" pan to make bars. So much easier and chewier!


We bake vegan cookies to accommodate an egg allergy in the family.. and this recipe for Fudgy Oatmeal cookies is a hit at ANY time of the year:


The last few years I've started falling behind on our family tradition of making tons of Christmas cookies to share with family and friends. My favorite is my great,-grandma's coconut cookies, but my family usually prefers great-grandma's sugar cookies that are thin, crispy and decorated with colored sugars instead of frosting. Sometimes it's difficult to find fine yellow sugar for candle flames, but red for reindeer noses and Santa's suit, and green for trees are usually easier. Need to get started baking...

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