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December 04, 2017


Alecia Helton

Multiple shawls out of a variety of yarns. The yarn for my fade is purchased and wound, but I seem to frog more frequently than I make progress. I still love it and will give it more attention in 2018. Maybe a little less Netflix when i’m working on it.


Finally finished a "travel " sock. Guess we haven't traveled much because it was started a long time ago!


The current sock I’m working on now...nothing fancy, but I didn’t like the way the gusset looked, and dropped 2 stitches...ripped out the whole thing and started over...hope I get them done for Christmas


I knit my grandson, who is 8 and growing!, a pullover sweater. I used a simple pattern from Green Mountain Spinnery and a simple very soft acrylic yarn (surprised me it was nice ). Fit him really well and he wears it often!


The first thing I designed this year on my annual Yoga & Knitting retreat. I hadn't designed any colorwork before and I did a cowl with a carrots & beets motif. It turned out so cute and I realized how easy it is to chart out my own colorwork designs.


I am especially happy with my improvised version of the Sunset Highway sweater, done in Tosh Sock. I turned it into a hooded cardigan with a cabled edging and added pockets. Every time I wear it I feel quite proud of myself!


I made a Party of Five cowl with five different fingering yarns that I got from a Maryland yarn crawl to different indie yarn dying studios. Great fun to coordinate the variegated colors together.


Socks were my thing this year. I just couldn’t stop making them! 🧦🧦🧦


What The Fade by Andrea Mowry in LITLG. I love how the dyer’s pastel hues blend together so beautifully. Stunning project!

Sandy C

I made Christmas stockings for the great grandkids. Not your traditional Christmas Colors as the kids in love with camo. Camo it is.

Mary Anne

I started a shawl for my daughter and then put it down. In February I found myself in a rehabilitation facility for a broken foot - an unpleasant stay that lasted 2 1/2 months. My daughter brought the unfinished shawl to me and I finished it during my stay - made the stay bearable.


I completed a Dale of Norway toddler dress. It is the most complicated colorwork I have ever done, and I LOVE to way it turned out!


I knit a zick zack scarf that I rescued from a friend that was fed up with it. The colors just sing to me and it was a perfect combination of pretty mindless and pretty colors.

I look at it , waiting for it to be cold enough to wear, and it still brings me joy.

Deb Weaver

I'm not a very good knitter, though I REALLY want to be. And no one was more surprised than me when I started making socks for my daughter-in-law...AND THEY WORKED!!!

Buoyed by my success with socks, I tried mittens, baby lovey, scarf...alas, not so good.

So, I'm going back to socks!!!


Finally started. back to sock knitting after a 2 year hiatus.


I meant this to be the year of sweaters, but it's been the year of shawls. I made a Drachenfels while on a great trip in Feb/Mar, and have been working on the Betangled Shawlette (which is an awesome cabley scarf) lately.

Carrie Bissett

I finally finished the Eternidad scarf using a beautiful burnt orange Manos del Uraguay yarn that I have been working on (on and off) for about 18 months. 296 stitchs for about 100 rounds. I worked on it for a couple of weeks and then had to pick up something else to work on for awhile. Now that it's done, I am very happy with it.


Lovely yarn giveaway. I finished my first shawl this year. Thank you Selene

Brenna Delosier

I'm currently collecting yarn for a fade sweater and it has me obsessed. I love all the possibilities.

Julie Dufault

Having taken early retirement from work after surgery earlier this year, I've rediscovered my love of knitting. When working I did more crochet projects as they went faster. I finally conquered the fear of knitting cables. I made a matching cabled hat and cowl which my daughter-in-law will be getting for Christmas.


My favorite knit was the one my husband made for me this year. He is a new knittter and made me a Zuzu’s Petals Cowl. It’s perfect for cool days.


After having the yarn caked and staring at me for almost 2 years, I finally cast on a Lilli Pilli to bring with me on my Paris vacation this summer. Needless to say, I didn’t make much progress while in France, but did on the long plane rides each way. I finished it about a month after returning and love wearing it!!


A pair of vanilla socks. The body of the sock is knitted in mint green and the heel and toe are knitted in dark green. I loved knitting the socks!!!


I made two Baby Surprise Jackets for a niece’s twin boys. It is such an interesting pattern to knit, and a aweet present for the little boys.


I learned how to knit socks and made two pairs!

Sonja Sokol

I love knitting socks and always have a pair going on my double points! My grandchildren love choosing which pair to wear from their collection!!

Jana Ames

What the fad MKAL and yes I’m still plugging along


I am enjoying taking a basic fingerless gloves pattern and modifying it. I knit them with leftover yarn from a shawl or cowl and then have a coordinating but not matching set.


Working on a gradient shawl. May take some time.


They're hibernating at the moment due to Christmas gift knitting, but I have a pair of Modicum Mitts in Madtosh Merino Light that I plan to finish before the end of the year!


Hyacinthus Armwarmers from 'A Year of Techniques'. I loved learning the helical stripe technique, and I really like the finished project.

Genia Planck

I was "gifted" with twin granddaughters this summer and have been knitting cardis, hats and leggings for these lil beauties!


I started a very special baby blanket for whenever my first grandchild comes. My son got married in April and I want to get ahead in my baby knitting?


I made quite a few small projects but my favorite was an elf hat in red and white Santa style for my daughter that is now 6 days old! I wanted to make an heirloom be and spent quite a bit of time on a detailed pattern. I just love it and look forward to using it on the Christmas tree every year at once she outgrows it!


I knit Lagertha’s Cowl, designed by Jill Bickers, a friend and LYS teacher. It was Worsted weight, a fun and fast knit. She now has a Tam to match and I’m going to do another set.


It was probably Joji's Starting Point. I did a lot of knitting but that is the one that stands out.

Katie Marsh

My 2 favorite projects from this year: Slow Fade socks by Kate Atherley (free pattern!) and the Back to School shawl by Sarah Abram. I usually knit plain vanilla socks, and the slow fade socks were a really easy pattern once you got into the rhythm of them. Not much more thinking than my usual socks, but super fun to watch the cables "eat up" the ribbing as you knit. I made 2 pairs and would love to knit more. The Back to School shawl is the 1st thing I've ever knit in the exact same colors the sample was knit with. I loved the colors and while most of it was super simple (stripes and basic shaping), it also had a giant chevron stripe that used some interesting shaping techniques and taught me a new-to-me type of short row.


I finished a top that I had started a year ago, Leora from the book Warm Days, Cool Knits. I knit it in Zoey, in a spring green color and I love it! It fits perfectly and could not have turned out better.

Kelly Pettijohn

I am trying to finish up a toe up pair of socks. First time I have tried toe up. Also starting a fun shawl.

Gina Kanouse

The project that stands out to me is the So Faded sweater that I knitted for myself. It was such a calm and relaxing knit that flew off the needles.

Janet Duff

I'm working on the second sock of the Starry Starry Night Socks. I bought the kit and am long overdue to finish them. I would love to by the end of the year. Thank you for offering this contest! I love reading the posts. A chance to win is great too!

Nancy Eckel

Double stranded great sock yarn to make up a lovely hat - and it matches two pairs of socks! Thanks.

Norma Smith

I knit a shawl with beads. First time I have added beads to a shawl and I was very happy with the end results.


I haven't been a very productive knitter this year - spending more time with my young ones - but did finish a Cascade cardi ( with some lovely green malabrigo.

Sally Goodman

I finally made JOJI’s Three Color Cashmere Cowl. I’ve had this pattern in my queue since I first saw it on JOJI’s Ravelry page. This year I decided it would be my pattern for the JOJI Fall Knit Along. I love it and will definitely be making more - a great travel pattern!

Amy Hesting

I knit the Find Your Fade shawl from Andrea Mowbry (?). I stuck through it and kicked it out during a stint of pneumonia.

Susan Towne

My niece requested infinity scarves for her 5 bridesmaids (wedding in January). She picked Wooly Wonka yarn Murky Depth and I just finished the last scarf! I am ready to move on to a new project!


The project that has been my constant companion in 2017 is a blanket made from leftover sock yarn. My leftovers were getting a little out of control so I decided to dive in on one of those mitered square blankets. I will seam at the end, which keeps the project portable and means I can finalize square placement when I know exactly what I have. It's been fun to revisit every sock when I get to its leftover yarn!

Linda L

I finally tackled a sweater for my dog Molly


I made socks for men! I don't know why they intimidated me before, but they did.


My sister got married this year and I knit 5 shawls for her special day (one for her, one for Mom, and three for the bridesmaids. The project that stuck with me was the bridesmaids’ shawls. They were the Oceanspray pattern knit in a beautiful gold laceweight yarn. I started in January and finished in September, about 2 weeks before the wedding. They were a labor of love, but I am so glad I was able to knit them.


Finally started and finished my Girl Friday sweater with Cascade super wash. It's a fabulous for me merlot color that really flatters my skin. Totally selfish knit, and I adore it. Now if the weather would settle down I'll be wearing alot of it. 😂

Margo Chang

I used roach sock yarn to knit Martha Wissig’s Mckittrick canyon in Baltic and court & spark.

Denise Farringer

My last project is always my favorite, I finished find your fade wrap in my favorite colors of blues to green.


I️ would say the project that I️ love the finished product is my Fade. I️ love the finished product and wear it a great deal.


I made almost 60 sock cats from my own pattern with over 12+ colors of sock yarn. :3 Going sock crazy for sock cats I guess, haha.

I've also crocheted dozens of doilies so far, with new emerging designers that have been making textured doilies, but it's knitting or sock related.

Beverly Shearon

I have been in a slump this year with my knitting. The only thing I have stuck with is knitting the Ball Band Dishcloth. I'm ready to up my game for 2018.

Laura Gabler

I made Tin Can Knits’ Flax Light out of charcoal grey Opal sock yarn for my college age son’s birthday. It fits him perfectly and one day on the phone he told me how much he liked it. Now to find another sweater pattern in fingering weight yarn to make him another one!

Liz Fox

My grandniece had unexpected open heart surgery at 7 months old, I couldn’t be there in person but I quickly made and sent a rainbow colored octopus. When I saw it in photos of her in the hospital, it made me feel like at least a little piece of me was there with her. After a very successful surgery and recovery, I followed the octopus up with a bucket of rainbow sea creatures for her when our family celebrated Christmas at Thanksgiving!

Diane Nocivelli

In August, started a Smoke sweater by Ankestrick. Finally finished knitting it this past weekend. Let's not talk about weaving in those pesky ends . . . . . . .

Geri Heagy

My favorite project this year was a cute lacy baby sweater made for a special baby to a cute couple at my church! It turned out beautiful and she looks precious in it!

Margo Chang

Okay I really used Tosh sock yarn in Baltic and court &spark for my mckittrick canyon shawl. Favorite of the year.


I started knitting the Stephanie shawl by a little knitty Jen on Ravelry with king cole drifter in the new york colorway. its for my mom but I might cast on one for me too.

Erin More

I knitted my very first stranded colorwork project. A pair of Day of the Dead mittens. They turned out awesome! 💕💀🌼


A double knit hat in tosh dk. Nice and warm.

Tara Paine

I'm (hopefully) almost done with a fingering weight version of the Persian Dreams blanket.


I got out my oldest wip and have been working on it - a christening gown I started when I was pregnant with my son. I didn't finish it before he was born so now that he is 29 I want to finish it for his children.

Susan Jennette

My mother started a baby afghan for her 2nd great grandchild before she passed away. Unfortunately she never got to finish it. So I finished it for her and her great grandson will always have a hug from his Grannies.

Natalie Kennedy

I made a sweet baby blanket for a cousin and personalized dishcloths for family members and friends for Christmas presents. I love knitting a project for a specific person.

Barbara Rude

I finished a MKAL, this was a first, it was Moroccan Magique. I usually start a MKAL but never finish, this was a first.

Geraldine Scott

I joined the Knitmore Girls KAL and knitted Romi Hill's Harmonize Shawl-special edition. And I actually finished it....yay me! Now it is sitting in the closet waiting to be blocked and ends woven in.....I had an ankle fusion and am grounded from doing much of anything for 12 weeks....


For me, it was a project I made right at the beginning of the year. I decided to make a modified 'All the shades of truth' by Laura Aylor using Cascade Eco plus. It was thoroughly enjoyable to knit, and has been wonderful to wear too, both as a blanket and a shawl.


I used yarn left over from other projects to make the Peeping Cowl by Joji Locatelli. A lovely pattern with great results. It's now cold enough to wear it!


I made a vow to make socks with single skeins and leftovers this year and have had so much fun making socks with leftovers that don't look like that. My fave was a pair of stashbuster spiral socks where I did 2 rows with the same heather black and used all my teeny tiniest scraps for the third color. loved them!


Finished the Harvest Cardigan and I love it!


I made a Darwin Shawl this year, and it was my first time using a gradient set. I really enjoyed the process, and immediately wanted to make a second one! My first one is here:


I'm just about done with an extensively cabled sweater. The pieces look great but am a bit nervous about seaming it up!

Deborah M

Finally a successful project with silken straw. Beautiful ending; never again

Alex wang

I had such fun knitting scrappy socks this year. I’ve never done it before. I just loved all of the different colors, using up my leftover sock yarns. It was so fun!


I finally knit myself a (terribly named) #03 Heart Yoke Cardigan ( from Vogue Holiday 2009. I think it's been in my Ravelry favorites since the pattern came out, and it's great to finally get it knit! I love the way it turned out, although it did strengthen my resolve never to knit another yoked cardigan unless it has a steek. Purling colorwork is awful.


I knitted a shawl for my DIL, for the wedding, but not to wear at the wedding. She chose one of Jen Lucas's patterns and in Oxblood red. She said it was perfect for her!


I finished 2 sweaters whose yarn was purchased at fiber festivals with friends. It was a challenging year so using that yarn helped me feel closer to those friends who are not local.


I finally finished the Sea Urchin Shawl that I have been coveting every time I visit my daughter's LYS. It's made with a gorgeous rainbow skein of Eftegarn, now I just have to block it!

katie metzroth

I knit a Curl (pattern by Hunter Hammersen) in some Squish DK by Spun Right Round and I cannot stoop thinking about it. That yarn is SO YUMMY! and it was a perfect pairing with a wrap. So squishy!

Marguerite Mayhall

I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘stick with you.’ There’s the sweater (my first) where my row gauge was off, so that the sleeve isn’t matching the rate of increases. I need to rip it out and recalculate. 😒but I did finish a shawl after a year and a half on the needles, thinking that the edges would be too tight, and they’re not! It’s beautiful, and I love it!

CJ Jones

I started knitting a beautiful short rows shawl out of Noro sock yarn that has been in my stash for several years. I am now obsessed with it. It is oval with a border of short row leaves. Combine the pattern with gorgeous color changes in that yarn makes it so much fun to do!


Four pairs of socks in the Poste Stripe Wizard colors to send to Purdue for Payton and her roommates. Payton immediately hung them on her "Free Dobby" sign, and then her boyfriend requested a pair of Slytherin socks in a men's size 14. Make that five pairs of socks.


Finally finished a sweater that had been sitting around for a couple of years needing the sleeves done.


I knit cabled Christmas stockings for the new additions to our household this year (a kitten and a baby).

Amy Hansen

I finished a pair of Mosaic Marbles socks during Tour De Sock that are a perfect fit, AND made the deadline for them!

Gretchen Paul

I have been using leftover sock yarn to make short socks and have quite a collection that I will use as Christmas gifts for the girls in the family.

Angela Medina

I finally finished the mermaid tail blanket that I'd been working on for my sister and she loved it!

Stefanne Yingling

I fell in love with a shawl called rosewater. I made one for myself and then for my best friend.


Made quite a few things trying to use stash that I had. Made cowls, shawls and socks for gifts. This month I am making hats and mittens for gifts. I also bought a couple of kits at Rhinebeck last year (2016) that I finished too.

Annette Poole

I made my niece a pair of socks for her birthday with Yarn Love in the colorway of Unicorn Poop. Now I have made my niece at least two pairs of socks a year for the past 20 years (at her request)and she has like them all. But this pair she e-mail me once and texted me twice to tell me how much she loves them. I think it was the Unicorn Poop that did it! :)


I knit 3 Grey Loops for gifts. This is such an easy knit and it's perfect for one skein of Malabrigo Arroyo.

Juliann King

I finished a pair of socks a friend had started. She cut her fingers badly, and put her knitting in an UFO pile. I rescued the socks and finished them in time for cold weather. I don't know what the name of the yarn was, but it was lovely greens.

Amy Hubbard

Thanks for this giveaway! Yes, this year I finished my first ever sweater I knit for myself - the Flax Light in Malabrigo and it came out great. I felt so accomplished even though it's a simple sweater. I'm now almost done with my second sweater for myself, a cardigan this time. Not sure I'll get it done before the end of the year as I have other commitments, but whenever it gets done is fine. Happy Holidays!


I knit my first sweater this year! However, it's now got me wanting to knit all of the giant things forever, because it was so rewarding...but my sock drawer still needs socks. 'Tis a struggle to manage my time ;)

Lucy Kesler

I just finished a manta ray shawl that has been on my needles for at least 3 years. So glad it's finally done!

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