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December 04, 2017



I discovered the Old Romance cardigan pattern was perfect for some Mineville Wool Project yarn I had in stash and you guys recommended an awesome Madelinetosh to go with it for the lace sleeve inserts. I cannot wait to see this one worked up.


Mine is a simple Hitchhiker with a row of yarn overs worked into each pattern repeat. It's the only pattern I stuck with this year that is close to being finished, mainly because I'm using a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock and I love the color changes. I hope to have this done soon!

molly mcginnis

I told myself this Fall I'm going to finish a really difficult project. I'm somewhat of a beginner, and I've always just knitted simple scarves- never going out of my comfort zone. This Fall I fell in love with AndreaKnitta's Birthday Cake Shawl on Ravelry and I started it. It took a long time, and lots of questions, but I finally got it finished! I've already started on another one to give as a gift this Christmas. I used a mix of Madelinetosh yarns and it turned out beautiful!

Danielle Sime

Started a Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning in honor of the movie; it’s such a simple knit but the end results at spectacular! The first was in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece but it’s too heavy for my warm-blooded body. Already planning my second in a fingering weight...

Kelly Albrecht

The item that comes to mind that stuck with me was a long scarf done in lace, many times while working on it I wanted to frog and start over. Each color I added was the same thought process... just frog it. A Co-worker told me to just keep working on it. In the end... a beautiful fall accessory was added to my wardrobe, that I am happy with!


I made my first sweater! It is a test knit for a friend. Made it out of Jamieson’s fingering weight wool. 🐑🐑🐑When I finished it, it was too long and wide in the shoulders, so I learned how to snip (yes, I took scissors to my first sweater😬) and shorten it by pulling out 4”. Terrifying and liberating all at the same time. It’s so lightweight and cozy with a beautiful fairisle border. I love it!💗


I made gigantic... I mean, GIGANTIC Christmas stockings for my children and husband. Santa had better have deep pockets to fill those stockings with goodies ;) I hope these will last my kids a lifetime!


I participated in the Starting Point MKAL and had a great time and was proud of finishing. It was a lot of knitting. All the yarn was from my stash and was also from Simply socks. Stash diving was a lot of fun and picking combos was a blast.

Candice Hope

I knit quite a lot this year compared to the last 6 since my children came along and want to be fed and clothed and all that. I made up a slip stitch pattern to break up some sock yarn that wasn't quite stripey and not quite random either. Those turned out great, but right now I'm obsessed with a skein of Lion brand Mandala yarn. I'm making a scarf for me and I had forgotten how fast things can knit up when using big yarn plus big needles.

Rhonda Atkinson

I wanted to do a Find Your Fade Shawl. I went stash busting and found 7 skeins which I loved individually. They were all different with one color leading from one skein to the next. I love it as it is knit by me, of yarn I love, and it is unique. And I would definitely do another.

Leigh Anne Staton

I finally finished “Stilla Poncho” by Nellknits made from the discontinued KidSilk Aura that I found on Ravelry. It sheds like know that mohair mess, but it is absolutely beautiful. AND it matches my LLR Christmas leggings. Big bonus surprise!!


I did a MKAL for the first time--Joji's Starting point. So much fun, even though I couldn't really keep up with the weekly clues. And, best of all, all from long-term stash yarns!


Mine was this Sweet shoulder cozy I made my 6 year old.
It started as a stash busting project in the spring and my sweet girl, who never really wears more than three outfits, really took to it and asked for a festive version. That she's coming around to let Mama knit for her means so much!

Jan Ball

I made a mother of the bride shawl for myself from Tanis Silver Plume Mulberry Silk that has been in my stash for maybe 5 years. It turned out so lovely.

Laura Beutler

My favorite knit of the year was Close to You by Justyna Lorkowska. It was easy, but beautiful and I love the finished product, which I have yet to photograph because I'm me. But it's pretty!

JoAnne B

This is my favorite project this year. I had to plan but reknit the sleeves several time to make the stripes line up to my satisfaction. It was very satisfying. Look at the bubbles from the goldfish on the buttons!

Barbara W

I'm a new knitter and after practicing on some basic projects, I made the Reyna Shawl with On The Round's Blue Moon yarn. It was so much fun and when it was finished and blocked, I couldn't believe that I actually made it! I took pictures and showed it off at Thanksgiving!


Kind of hate to admit this .........I have been working on my Central Park Hoodie that I began in 2010. First sweater with seaming. It had been neglected due to a mistake in each front panel that included cables. Got help with that and up next was button bands- never picked up so many stitches. Now I am seaming, which is a new technique for me. Hope to have it done by Christmas! I have to say that it has been quite the learning curve. However, I love knitting.


Looking back, it was a lot of socks, cowls and charity hats this year - despite lots of planning and "mental knitting," I didn't get to anything big or complex this year (yet...). I'm proud of my Starshower cowl though - I used the pattern not long after getting it (most things sit in my library for "some day") and a gradient that could have very easily languished in my stash so I could admire it rather than use it. Theme for next year: just use it!


I finally did socks for everyone for Christmas, and got them done. I had so much fun thinking about the person and picking out colors for them. Knitting up the first sock to see how the pattern and colors looked, but the second sock syndrome keep trying to grab me! Thanks for having so much sock yarn to choose from.

Jessica McConnell

I have perfected a dog sweater of my own design for my mother’s dog. Sounds silly but it’s likely to be a go to pattern once a year for awhile.


I made the So Faded sweater and loved it so much. From choosing the yarn colours for the fade to knitting it, I really enjoyed making it. I’m debating making another one next year!

Julie Vance

I enjoyed making my first linen pullover - Linho. It felt good to complete a garment that fit and I can wear during warmer weather.


Socks! I picked up socks again. I love how quickly I have a finished project. It's portable and as long as the pattern isn't too complicated I don't even need to carry the pattern with me.


I finished a sweater out of some yarn I was generously gifted - and it's become my favorite! :)


2017 was the Year of the Stash-Busting for me. As I acquired more and more delicious new yarn, I realized I needed to do something with the yarn I'd already had for quite a while. I'm especially proud of my Harlequin Scrapghan ( I was able to use up odds & ends of Stylecraft Special DK from 3 different projects - 24 different colors!


I saw a pattern early in the year but thought it might be a bit too much and intricate but it stuck with me. I bought the pattern in March and the yarn in July or August. It is a longer sweater coat that has lace going down the back and around the collar. I am about 1/2 way finished. I am enjoying it but it does take some time.


I finally made a shawl I had been obsessing about - Celedon by Ambah. I thought it would take forever, but it went much faster and came out great (until I blocked it, and the tosh dk I used ran all over the other colors and ruined the gradient!)
So, a win and and a not-win, I guess...

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

I knit a sweater for my grandson with a sheep on the back that was so cute and fun to knit. I love seeing him wear it. Now I need to knit him another the next size up. :)


I have long been fascinated by Fibonacci numbers and almost feeling guilty for almost as long about buying yarn at Maryland Sheep and Wool each year but then simply admiring it but not knitting it. In May I designed and cast on a shawl based on Fibonacci using Spirit Trail fingering-weight yarn that I bought last year. It's almost done--I'm just starting the fourth skein. It's a big shawl to wrap around me.


I made a blanket for my new grand-niece. Disney Princess squares in crochet bobble stitch. It was a massive project and I very pleased with it.

Kimberly Townsend

I have made several baby blankets, experimenting with different patterns and yarns. I need a break from baby blankets...would love to do socks for awhile.

Ann Knepper

I'm still working on 2 at a time socks!! Hope to get them done in time to be a Christmas gift


I made two globe hats - second time is the charm! It was my first time with a double-knitting project, and the first one was too loose on one side, just not right. The second time, though, bam! perfect stitches, perfect tension. Looks great!


Up to this year I have only knitted socks toeup. This year I discovered regia pairfect. This yarn looked so cool to me but you have to knit it cuff down. SO the project that sticks with me is my very first cuff down sock.Figured out how to do kitchener and like heel flap. :)


I finished a fabulous fall scarf that I wear almost daily.


I've mostly tackled smaller projects this year but I'm on the final stretch of my Farmhouse Shawl and I can't wait to hopefully wrap up it in for Christmas!

Debra Davis

I knit 5 pair of work socks for my husband. He has watched me knit literally hundreds of pairs of socks since I learned in 2000, but never seemed very interested in any for himself. This year he mentioned how his cotton tube socks were wearing through so quickly, and I said that I could try to make socks for him and we could see how they would wear, and he was excited. I completed the first pair in Cascade Heritage in Gray in January, and they have done great and he loves them!


I made an Antler hat by Tin Can Knits out of handspun for my husband. It was so much fun that I started another for a friend and now I am stuck on the decreases. I don't think I had any problems the first time. Now I count and count and can't make it come out right. I know this may not seem encouraging, but it really is a handsome hat. I know the problem is somewhere in my head!

Beth L

I finally finished my POP blanket. It was a 100% stashdown project and I can't be happier with how it turned out!

Julie Marshall

If by stuck with me, you mean the one I worked on most, it was my cozy memories blanket. If you mean finished, then I finished more hats than anything else! Most recently I made a 21 colors slouch hat in 4 colors (instead of the minis) at my daughter’s request! Anytime my teens want to wear something I made, it’s a victory!!

Dana Lovitt

Participating in the Joji shawl KAL was a challenge and great experience. She inspires me! Just started the Sweet Georgia Advent KAL which is a fun way to relax with the season each day with beautifully colored yarn changes.

Wendy yoint

Knitting up the Jaye hat for just about everyone. Ive got it memorized now!!


My Mom and I participated in the Starting Point MKAL and had a great time. Even better was the fact that I purchased the yarn for her for Mother's Day and she opened a color a day the week the pattern started which was the Friday before Mother's Day. Then we started our projects on Mother's Day together. Great Fun. I also knit Baseline from Hedgehog Fibers free patterns and absolutely loved playing with colors to make the shawl.


Socks, two at a time with after thought heels. Whew, quite the challenge. They turned out perfect.

Sylvia King

I made a special pair of fingerless gloves for my granddaughter for her birthday without glitter yarn. She is thrilled.

Abby M

This year I would say my sticky project was my spinning guild challenge project. Everyone was given a bump of superfine corridale to spin however they pleased, and work into a project. In the fall we would share our finished works. I had finished my shawl in April/May, and didn't block it until the week before the meeting.... seriously...


I have not knit a sweater in years(I almost always knit socks) but I found a pattern that spoke to me, Arwen (on Ravelry). I am using stash yarn for it and I can't wait to get it done.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have been knitting 2 different sampler scarves knit a longs this year. It has been a different monthly pattern for the last 12 months.It is finally the last months' pattern.


I made warm crocheted blankets for several babies out of acrylic/wool blend striped yarn. Every new little one needs a warm snuggly blanket.

Lisa Beaufort

My project was a find your fade shawl. I was able to use all yarn from my stash . And they were all sparkle skeins. It really was the project that screamed ME.

Jill Connell

I am knitting a prayer shawl for my friend whose son was killed in shot and run accident about a month ago. He was a former student of mine as well. I hope it will help bring her peace when she is struggling. My hope is to have it done before Christmas.

Heather Anderson

I designed and knit an Aran scarf using yarn from Ireland for a dear friend. It took forever, and every stitch was a new adventure, being a new-ish knitter! I will remember that project forever! Made me appreciate the simplicity of sock knitting even more! <3


I started the Terrace Wrap as my second ever scarf type thing last month or the month before. Usually I stick with socks & hats. After ripping it out at least 10 times because I kept having one extra or one too few stitches, I nearly gave up. But I cast on one more time, figured out why bad things were happening, and it's over a foot long now. I still have to unknit every now and then but it's bearable now. Just five more feet to go!

Susan Miller

My favorite project this year was the Oakwood Poncho. A labor of love for sure! 330 pieces of fringe attached at the end. Lots and lots of knitting. Doubting myself that I would ever finish. So happy I did. Just in time for cooler weather too I might add. A project that really took almost all of 2017.

Lisa Portwood

I knit socks for the first time! My favorites this year were the Pumpkin Socks by Sabine Ruppert. They make me so happy.

Faith Ten Haken

I've been working on an ongoing project - a shawl to wear to a semi-formal ball that is a American Cancer Society fundraiser - it is in honor of my aunt who we lost

Linda Bee

I finished the Reyna shawl after a few “tinks” and a few time outs. I know it’s a fairly simple pattern, but I was easily distracted. Darn senior moments!! I’m actually blocking it today. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

Rebecca Snyder

This year was all about expanding my sock repertoire. Rather than always knitting my go-to recipe, I switched up the heels, added leg shaping, played with stitch pattern and color...anything that came to mind for whatever pair I had on the needles.


My stand out project was my dreambird shawl done on a black background with some sparkling green from a previous sock club of yours. I finished it with an icord edge. It is stunning and I get lots of compliments every time I wear it.

Karen Aguilar

I finished a rainbow inspired Find your Fade. I'm very happy with how it turned out.


I finally knit a cardigan for myself! I'm typically a small project type of knitter. Hats and socks are my favorite. But I decided this year I was going to knit a cardigan for myself. I love my Stillwater cardi!!!

Terri Kelly

I am knitting a pair f gloves with Bisn Down I bought in West Yellowstone, Montana. I am using two different patterns. I want a dense knit so I am using size 1 Circulars. Can’t wait to finish them?

Angela Marsh

I finished a triangle shape shawl...i did not want to weave in the ends, but so very happy I did. I just finished a sweater for my niece fire Christmas, and I have not yet tried tosh or primrose yarn yet...but I really want to!!!

Lisa Loback

I have been working on the Outline wrap from Hedgehog Fibres. It has been a super fun project. Not only does it use up all my leftover yarn from other projects but it has also created a canvas of memories. I can look at each section that I’ve knitted and think about the original project and the person or event that I made it for!

Manette Crawford

The project that tickles my memory the most was the socks I made with WYS sock yarn. They were for a friend and were his teams colors. Also finally made the pilgrimage to Simply Sock Yarn in person on one of the open days! It was simply delightful to shop there in person!


I used some yarn that I purchased at MDSW (and ordered a little more after that) to make the Lannister Shawl by Dominique Trad. It was my first shawl that I finished, first major lacey project, and I entered in the fair. I didn't win, but I still love it and am proud of it!


I have had to learn to knit again in a different way this year due to RSI. I am knitting a striped garter stitch scarf with yarn I purchased on a vacation. The scarf represents the reinvention of my knitting career!


I seamed my first sweater! I made a seamed worsted boxy in Miss Babs yowza in the color Coffee break. The seam is uneven but I love the finished object.

Donna Kuehl

I have 3 grandsons now, so making everything in 3's has been my joy! My favorite was 3 barley hats from tin can knits with an added spider for October! 3 Christmas trees are already knit and just need to be embellished!


This year I actually finished several languishing wips and managed to knit one pair of socks every month. I've just started on my Fade Cardi and it's my favorite so far!

Lisa Dykstra

My favorite project this year is the Vintage Crochet Afghan I am making for my daughter and her fiancée. I'm hoping it will become a cherished part of their new home together.


My favorite for the year were 3 hats with great pompoms.

Emily Chandler

For my mom, I am currently knitting a pair of fingerless gloves to match a scarf I made for her from a leftover skein I had in my stash from The Cyborg Craft Room. They are turning out beautifully but also feel sad to remember of the dyer's untimely death.


Mine is more of the knit I seem to be stuck with...I've been attempting to knit Hunter Hammersen's Circumvolute with my Poste Yarn Kingdom of Florin, but I have had to rip it back 8 times. Nothing to do with the pattern or yarn, both are great, mostly stupid mistakes on my part!


I loved my Fairyhill Shawl that I finished this year. I used Mineville Project super sock in the gorgeous Delphinus colorway and put a bazillion beads on it!I have memories of knitting it while on a knitting getaway with a great friend to add to the mix.

Monique Lloyd

I've been knitting a lot of hats for charity. My favorites are the purple ones for the Click for Babies campaign.

Robin Fisher

Last year I was finally able to convince my husband and some of my kids how wonderful handknit socks are. No socks for me this year, but I knit 16 pairs for 7 different family members. They love them, and it makes me so happy.


My favorite this year was the starting point mkal. It was my first wrap, shawl, kal, and mkal. It was the biggest fingering project to date. And it was a gift I was able to give to someone.

Holly Beam

Mine was the Starting Point mystery knit along! I enjoyed it so much, I bought different colors and knitted all over again!


While I mostly knit socks, I did make a shawl this year and love it. I'm not a fast knitter, so it took a while to make.


I knit a Foolproof in HHF Aran weight. I enjoyed everything about the project and the finished objection was gorgeous. Thank you for the change to win!

Katherine Reed

My dice bag pouch. I am very new to knitting and it is a gift that is turning out really good! And is fun to make!!!


I made the Cloud Bay cardigan by Justyna Lorkowska. I used Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherds Wool Worsted, one of my favorite yarns. It turned out so well; great fit, soft yarn, beautiful design.


We are moving to a cooler climate so I am excited to be knitting socks for myself with a cherished ball of Alegria, Tanat colorway.


I have designed a cowl to support a charity fundraiser. It’s a stranded or Fair Isle project using sock yarn ... and I am nearing the half-way mark on my third variation. It’s been an interesting and amusing way to use some of the sock yarn in my stash.

Anne MacDonald

I love the Lena shawl I knit with a navy Cascade 220, for a special lady I know.


This year I knit myself a cardigan out of fingering wool. It wasn’t quite as daunting as I thought it would be and I love it!

Hillary Bertoch

After a year I finally started knitting Christmas ornaments with some gorgeous merino, alpaca, silk blend but of course they are Christmas gifts so someday I'll make some for me :)


So far it has been the latest one. I just knit this sheepie Christmas hat for my daughter and we are both so pleased with it!


Socks and fingerless mitts are my favorite things to knit and I always have several pairs of socks going. A plain vanilla pair and something more difficult as my concentration powers ebb and flow. I desperately want to do a Fade, have several color schemes in mind but until the Christmas knitting is done ...(why oh why don't I just buy last minute gifts?!) the Akita shawl that I began back in June as a KAL is still on my needles and 90% done. Maybe that last 10% will happen in January .


The project that's stuck with me is the sweater I started last winter, a top-down raglan with cables. We adopted two cats last February, when I'd just divided for the sleeves. Since then, I keep thinking about that sweater, but every time I sit down to think about working on it, I wind up with a playful cat in my lap. So the sweater remains half-done, always in my mind, as I work on other smaller, more cat-proof projects.


My project this year that really stands out was a circular vest for my sister-in-law. It was also my most frustrating. I think I took out as many stitches as I knit. But in the end she was very pleased.

Mary Dunphy-Williams

This year I've made a lot of small items. My favorite has to be a crochet hat using a fair isle technique and the waistcoat stitch. I love that it looks knitted since all my attempts to learn to knit have failed miserably.


*Akira* by Tammy Gore, not the breed of dogs , haha. Bless spell-check


Some of my handspun yarn has stuck with me. A dear friend lost her mother earlier this year and a group of us knitted log cabin squares to make a blanket for her, so I spun up some singles and knitted a couple blocks. The finished blanket was given to her at Rhinebeck and since then, it's been heartwarming and bittersweet to see my blocks show up in photos of her using the blanket.

Denise Blackburn

I love my Free Your Fade shawl I knitted with three colors of Hedgehog Fibres skinny singles. I enjoyed it so much I made a second and gifted it to my appreciative sister. Purchased three skeins of Lichen and Lace for a third.


Not just one project but several pairs of mittens for myself since mine looked so ratty last winter. Noe it'll be fun deciding which ones to wear.

Barbara Russo

I finally attempted and finished a stranded sweater. I have done colorwork hats and mittens but never a sweater . Grettir turned out beautifully!!! It actually may be easier with a bigger project . I used Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed which was a first as well. I don't do well with heavy but it turned out very lightweight. Love it !


I knit the Plumage Wrap in a linen blend( the Fiber Co’s Luma)for a friend going onaspecial vacation. Now I must knit another for myself!

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