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December 15, 2017


Karen Kinsey

Life In the Tall Grass DK in Forest Bathing and Joyce look divine. Would make awesome scarves and fingerless mitts!Several family members have been hinting!


I think something from madelinetosh or blue moon.

Danielle Sime

I haven’t snagged any Hedgehog Fibers yet and would love to start knitting anything they dye!

Kimberly Townsend

Dream in Color smoosh with cashmere, love to luxury of that yarn!

D’Anna Coots

I’m totes excited to start the cashmere octopus’s garden I got at the December party! Soo cute!

Barbara Rude

Hedgehog fibers, I have yet to knit with this and I want to see what everyone is talking about since this seems to be a favorite of a lot of people.

Kim Fair

Dream in Color is my favorite!


I have a goal of knitting up twelve pairs of Regia socks from my stash but I would easily increase that number if I won. 🙂

Laura Dietz

I would love a silk blend to make into a long hooded cowl, probably striping so I'll chevron it.

Kathy Davis

I would love any yarn you carry but Dragonfly Sock would be my first one to try. There are so many to choose from, love it.


I would love any yarn but some new mauve/purple/teal/Black. For socks would be awesome!


I really need to get my hands on some Hedgehog Fibres - the crazy speckles don't always do it for me, but there are some lovely tonals that I'd like to play with.

Otherwise, I'm a sucker for gradient sets.


Poste Yarn Patina in Stonehenge - enough for a sweater, probably something by Nicola Susen (Nicolor).


Hedgehog Fibres for sure. Also love your Poste striping sock yarns.

Gabriella Irving

I would love some Hedgehog fibers yarn. Their colours are sooooo awesome!


I would like to knit a pullover sweater in Blue Moon Socks That Rock, maybe on a size 5 or 6 needle. Any suggestions?


I think I'd have to start the year with Hue Loco Phyllis Supernova. I just started watching the Grocery Girls podcast and fell in love with this yarn and they RAVE about it! I love knitting socks but a color this fabulous needs to be on my neck- maybe a willow cowl to show off all the details and variation. There are many other brands Simply Socks carries that I'd adore having added to my stash as well.


For the longest time I've wanted to make Thea Colman's Vodka Lemonade sweater ( and it would look great in Life in the Long Grass, DK Merino in Velvet.

Julie Branham

I would love to knit some Life in the Long Grass yarn. I’ve been lusting over it for so long.

Teresa McP

The BMFA STR in Melusine is calling me - so soft and serene!


Me too, would love to try Bluemoon or Hedgehog fibers, they look wonderful, just a little out of my normal price range. I love Opal and Malabrigo for go to choice.


I'd like to try the WYS or maybe the bright neon minis. I also love Madeline Tosh and Dragonfly Fibers. :)


Oh boy. Too many choices. Something stripey, probably.

amy g

Any of the yarns would be GREAT! But, I need some Christmas socks, so it would be the Christmas stripe yarns. I also need a few solids for mystery sock projects.

This has been fun! I love reading all of the responses and getting great ideas for the holidays. Thank you!

Kathy M.

Oh, it’s SO hard to decide....there are so many wonderful choices! Maybe Madelintosh or Dream in Color? Or maybe something I’ve never tried before...I’d be happy with any one them!

Deb Scholl

Dream in color, smooshy with cashmere. I love the feel of knitting with cashmere.


I'm a Miss Babs addict! But I'm also pretty partial to Poste Striping :)

Amy Bursey

I would love to knit with some House a La Mode yarn!!

Heather Anderson

The TurtlePurl Yarn that you carry... in Trenchcoat, of course!!! lol Its long been one of my "I gotta have that" yarns, and just havent gotten to it. Thank you SSYC for the last 12 days.... and for the reminders of Christmases Past, and the smiles it has brought. I hope you all have a very VERY Merry Christmas, and are blessed beyond compare!


Oh my! Anything by Dream in Color and Madelinetosh will be lovely and I love the colors of Malbrigo and Hedgehog but haven't tried them yet . I've had your Isle of Misfit Toys on my drool list since it first came out; I'd start there and then choose a Fade ~dreamy sigh~. I can feel my brain turning to mush, too many decisions 🤣

Diane Nocivelli

I would love to try Life in the Long Grass or House of A La Mode. Or something with cashmere.

JoAnne B

Hedgehog, Dragonfly, miniskeins - any kind, Malabrigo . .

Must I stop?

Pam Cronholm

I love madelentosh. I have so many of their colors but their new spring stuff. . .wow!!! I want it all.

Gary Sue Roberts

I would like to try Vesper Striping because of the crazy rainbow colors. Just a plain sock pattern to let the stripes shine.


I would really love to try some Hedgehog Fibers! The colors are amazing! I have some Millerville wool that’s been sitting for awhile that I’d love to start up. I just graduated nursing school (my final final was yesterday!) and I’m super excited to get back to knitting!! 😀


I'd love to try Life in the Long Grass yarn. I don't have a pattern in mind but would probably want to knit a shawl. thanks for this chance to win!

April R.

The top of my list would be Fleece Artist Casbah in November Sky or Masquerade, or Bullrush. Some Zen in Serenity 20 Clay Sand. I love the Angry Ocean in Primrose in Luscious as well as the color way for the Mystery Socks that you posted. But then who am I kidding any selection who tickle my fancy! I would try my hand at knitting socks (still have not attempted a pair).And my usual shawls,a hat, and a pair of fingerless mitts.

Bunny Osborne

Oh my!!! I would feel like a kid in a candy store!! Just for a couple, I’d love to have the graduates wild blue lupine and the monks Algeria carnaval!
Thanks for the opportunity and merry Christmas 🎄

Juan Otero

Manos de Uruguay!


Anything Malabrigo!!!


I've had Feberstory Gradient on my list for awhile. And dragonfly is one I've been eyeing for awhile. My fingers are crossed and thanks for all the chances at all the prizes.

Devan Steiner

A big squishy brioche shawl out of House of a la Mode would be a DREAM!


I love Wonderland Yarns but I've always wanted to try Hedgehog Fibers, so either one I would love to start the new year with!


I've never knit with Hedgehog - I'd love to try the Merino DK in Ambah's new Astra hat/cowl/mitts. Maybe a speckle like Heyday with a nice bright like Kid You Not, to brighten up my winter wardrobe!

Cathy Huppert

I love Opal and Regia fingering weight. Hard to pick a favorite color...all are so pretty!

Paula Barbour

FA Casbah is my go to yarn for fingerless gloves like feather and fan fingerless gloves from Kollage. Puffin color keeps catching my eye. I can't wait for the the new colors from Hedgehog Fibres! I wonder if Raku would pair with Fool's Gold. Love the skinny singles for those fabulous fades. I had to retire early due to health issues, nut it seems I will always have more stash than time to knit! If only I could find someone to fund my constant craving! I would so love to visit your store. I'm sure I would be overwhelmed!

Robin S

I'd love a cardigan made with Malabrigo Rios in Paris Night.

Shari H

I'd like to make a pair of socks with a BFL/blend, probably something from the STR Manly line, because my best friend deserves a new pair of socks (he still wears socks I made him in 2010).


Too many choices! I love making shawls so merino/cashmere blends are a favorite. Hoping to figure out socks this year so that means more planning of yarn purchases.


Turtlepurl! Or one of the Knitterly Things self-striping yarns too.

Sandy Rice

So many colors/choices. But, I would have to say; Hedgehod Fibers DK. I just love the colorways and the feel of the yarn.

Clarice Harding

I love the rich colors of Blue Moon Fiber Art, Dream in Color, and yarns with vibrant hues. I am a toe up, two at a time, magic loop sock knitter. I usually do some kind of simple cable pattern on solid colors but will use a simple K2P2 on a striping or multicolored yarn! Thank you for all the beautiful yarns you share with us and Good Luck to me!!! 🍀🍀🍀

CJ Jones

I haven’t tried any hedgehog yet and would love to!!

Jill Botticelli

Hedgehog for me! The colors are so vibrant.

Opal Nelson

It would surely have to be Madelintosh Tosh Sock. It is the BEST! I have knitted shawls and socks with it but if I am fortunate enough to win the gc, I could "spread my wings" and knit a garment!!!!

Megan Labeth

I would love to win and spend it on the Cascade 220 Superwash, as I want to make a new sweater in a worsted weight! It's not for me, but for my boyfriend that is deserving of a handmade sweater.

Good luck to all & HAPPY KNITTING!


Gail Woolworth

The Hedgehog Fiber yarn! Awesome colors! Pick me! Pick me!

Pam McGinty

I love your Poste yarns, and just saw Bourbon Street and love those bright colors. Of course, I would love to have any yarn you decide as your yarns are beautiful and your service is excellent! Merry Christmas!

Katie Marsh

It's so hard to choose, because you carry so many fabulous yarns. I could definitely use a pair of Christmassy socks for myself, so the candy cane stripe is pretty tempting. I also can't wait to see the new hedgehog fibers that you're getting.

Nicole H

Oh there are SO many awesome yarns to choose from. But I might get Opal or hedgehogs yarn but then I don’t know. I’d want it all!

Janet Duff

I've never knit Hedgehog fibres, but I would love to try it. The colors are always beautiful!


I think I'd like to start the new year with a speckled yarn. It's festive, like confetti! Perfect for parties as it goes best with simple stitches.


Oh my I have seen the Miss Babs yarn at the Stitches Market before and have loved the colorways and the texture. I kept going back and looking at the Tarte Beautiful Dreamer. I do not know at this moment what I would knit with it but whatever it is it will be beautiful.


I would like to try the Faded Cardi using the Hedgehog DK yarn.

Robin Jamerson

I would love to make the Lastrange Cloak from the Harry Potter collection. It is a lace pattern. I have just lost 50 pounds so I am fired up to do something for me! As for the yarn, I would like to use black but really unsure. I would love something that drapes nice and is soft. I tend to always buy the same yarn. I find something I like and stick with it. So I would love some suggestions if anyone has any.
Merry Christmas everyone. The Twelve Days have been fun!

Laura Nixon

I would love to try using Schoppel Wolle, Zauberball Crazy: 2095. I have drooled for a long time over Zauberball color combinations. Because of the color combos, I would just do a plain vanilla sock to let the yarn be the focal point.

Jane Penrose

With $100 to spend, I would buy Hedgehog Fibers Sock Yarn. Dove is very pretty. I would buy Lichen and Lace LNL 80/20 SOCK most likely in the colorway Wildflowers. I would have enough leftover to buy at least one skein of whatever struck my fancy. So fun to dream of all the delicious yarn choices.
Happy Holidays!

Christina Farmer

So many to choose from!! Have been wanting to try any of the Opal Sock Yarns. Or Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Multicolor. But I also love Malabrigo, Manos, Madelinetosh... :D


Have enjoyed the past 12 days - the comments are inspiring. My choice of yarn for the new year would be Dream in color, smooshy with cashmere in Awesome Wow.

Betsie Pendarvis

Sock yarn for sure, maybe Knitterly Things because I've never tried it, but what I'm really looking for is something in Mardi Gras colors.


I love would to see more worsted weight yarns from your indie dyers. It makes for warmer socks for those cold nights.

However, thank you for all that you do carry. You've certainly enhanced my sock yarn in a great many ways.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family!

Mariann Flynn

Since you carry all of my favorites, you can't go wrong, but would love to start the year with some Tosh Socl.


I have a skein of Poste Yarn self-striping from one of your kits that I'd love to knit up. The socks I knitted from the Ibiza colorway are wonderfully cozy and so pretty. There are several other striping Poste skeins I'd love to buy, too.

JB Pierce

Am very intrigued by Lichen & Lace, as I am seeing others working with it in online venues. At the same time, I am absolutely enthralled by Zen Garden, and some of the colors like Glitter Flushed and Elated are along the lines of what I have had in mind for a project that I am developing.

Holly Beam

I love your Poste yarn with yak and silk blend. I would make a sock weight shawl with it. Last time I was in the store I bought some and fell in love with it. It knits up beautifully! Merry Christmas to all of you!


Wow — here are my top three, all yarns I haven’t tried:
1. West Yorkshire Spinners — Holly Berry Holiday
2. Miss Babs — Hot Shot Funny Paper Light
3. Hedgehog Fibres — Sangria


I just spent an hour trying to decide and there are so many gorgeous yarns I couldn’t choose just one.
However BMFA BFL SW ANGRY ELF gets my vote for now. I love the color way and it’s not merino. I love merino but I like to knit with something else occasionally. I want to try something from Hedgehog Fibers too and I love Dragonfly Fibers too.


Everything looks so lovely! I am intrigued by the Lace and Lichen, maybe a lovely lace shawl for a change!

Alex wang

Life in the long grass!


Angelus on super sparkle! Absolutely gorgeous!


I've been watching the ZYG "reach for the sky" colorway for months haha! It's one of those special colorways you have to order like 8 skeins of on their official website and I only need one. I'm pretty sure simply socks is one of those only places that carries it. I would love the glitter version especially.


You’ve made me a huge fan of Mineville Wool Project in all weights, and I look forward to knitting some cowls in the new year. Thanks for the opportunity to win a surprise this Christmas, hope Santa brings you a surprise too.


I purchased some Madelaine Tosh yarn for the fade cardigan and am looking forward to starting that. I have the week after the holidays off and look forward to some solid knitting time.

Dari Trout

Lichen and Lace, or Wonderland Yarns; but everything you carry is beautiful!

Gina Kanouse

Turtlepurl is my addiction! Plus, I’d pick up a skein of Flock in a solid to make some Central Park socks.

Emily Chandler

So many choices! Really, I can find skeins in any brand you carry that I would love to knit with!

Terri Kelly

I like the Sundance Socks pattern and the HF didn’t Merino Heyday! And your HF yarn is fabulous!

Patricia Mego

A Blue Moon Socks That Rock lightweight in a fun color to ward off the January blahs!


I bought some Hue Loco Phyllis at the open house so it's at the top of my list! The color is called Outer Space Love but I think of it as Holi.

Angela watts

Fs fav live and mina. I love olive and purle, but any of their collection would work! Happy holidays!

Geraldine Scott

That is the million dollar question....I am so indecisive! Perhaps Turtlepurl?

Kari Stewart

Anything speckled! I have become a speckle addict.

Sue Kurtz

I've been looking at the Opal yarns and that could be a starting place for the new year. Those Hedgehog yarns do look amazing too. Dragonfly, year animal her option!

Beth jupena

Ooh djinni African daisy or fiber artist !


While in the shop I saw the in-house dyed Poste. I saw some perfect colors to start a fade shawl/sweater. Absolutely if I got a $100 gift certificate I would cast on with the beautiful colors y’all created!

Mindy Kinaman

I would love to use the Malabrigo Arroyo Chispas and Flama to make Andrea Mowry's Rose Gold shawl. It would look beautiful!

Christine Frostenson

I would like to try Hue Loco or TurtlePurl yarns. Have not knit with either yet and would love to cast on some new socks for me in the New Year!

Nancy Hooper

I'd really like to try socks from Hedgehog fibers. They are generally a little more spendy than what I like to spend on sock yarn, but a gift certificate would certainly help with that! :)

Thank you for all of these great giveaways. I'm excited to see if maybe I've won anything. Good luck to all of the entrants!

Teresa Cochran

I would use any color of your Poste yarn! Maybe use it to dive into knitting lace - a pretty shawl or wrap!

Chris Wells

I love me some Blue Moon socks that rock!!

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