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December 15, 2017


Lucy Kesler

Oh, it'd have to be something from Blue Moon! Favorite yarn for socks EVER! However, some of the colors are pretty tempting!

Anne Reaves

A Fair Isle Kep with beautiful sock yarn!

Lisa Loback

Swift Yarn tweed in Tropical Vilage!!! I am in love with this yarn and think it would make an amazing pair of socks!

Trina Mechling

I don't know with so many options. Cheshire Cat's off with her head minis and white rabbit are pretty. Maybe Knitterly Things Vesper striping sock in holiday celebration or twinkle lights or peace & love. Or Poste yarn striping in bourbon street or Santa Claus. There are just so many choices! 🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄 & 🎉HAPPY 2018🎉

Neecy Rohrs

Dream In Color Smooshy with Cashmere “ALittle Night Music”!!! I love the feel and drape of this yarn. The colorway is just so calming and peaceful to me. This yarn causes me to relax and enjoy the knitting experience.

Colleen Clarke

Zen Yarn! Shop Canadian. And the alien glitter looks fabulous.


All the sock yarn! I like FIDDLE KNITS, DYE A TONIC SOCK in passion and red pepper because I need a pair of red socks. Although the West Yorkshire Spinners striping looks like fun.


I am going to start the year off with Yarn Love!


Would love to have sock yarn in a color I don't usually wear.


Lately I've had a yen for Hedgehog. No specific pattern, just love the colors.


I love the fleece artist yarn, so I would probably start off with that, maybe in a color that I don't usually pick.

Linda Bazinet

Love mini-skeins. Perhaps, Stitch Together Mini Neptune Navel Lint. Ooh, but I also love self-striping yarns. Lorna's Laces Sock Stripe Crazy with coordinating solid. Why not both!


I've been coveting the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rocky Plumpy Sun Angel for a while now. There's is something about its color combo that just grabs me! I'm still not sure what I'd knit with it, though. I'll figure it out while I'm swatching!

Allison S.

I'd love to make a pair of socks with turtle purl yarn. They have some beautiful color combos. I also like the fact that the yarn is presplit since I knit mine two at a time.

Susan Miller

I love Blue Moon Fiber Arts and I have been really wanting to get my hands on the new stuff that has cashmere in it. Oh wow, that would be amazing to use.


Drooling....nothing beats handmade socks!


Every time you release special skeins of the Poste Worsted that are not striped there is one that I want for a sweater but I just never have the extra cash for a sweater quantity. So honestly I would save it until you released something like that, most likely! I currently am in love with POSTE WORSTED 250G ANGKOR WAT.


So many options! I'd love some Blue Moon Fiber Arts or Primrose

Colleen D'Allura

The colors from stitch together are calling me. I need to hurry up and finish what i have so i can try some.


Blue moon or cascade heritage! I love the colors from blue moon and their yarn holds up so well!! The heritage would be part of a sweater I'm planning in my head based on the Timely pattern with a crazy stripe and solid between. It would be gorgeous!

Sue Kieft

Hedgehog for sure! If I won the lottery, you’d be sold out! 💗💗💗


fiberstory gradient set in marooned. I want to make an Inara.

Linda L

I would love to try Yarn Love, ant color, they all look fabulous!


HF Hula Hoop would make a gorgeous pair or any Blue Moon as I have wanted to try it. Can't believe you have almost finished the socks above in less than a week. Gorgeous pattern and yarn! 🎄


Blue Moon Socks That Rock, of course. My STR stash has its own place. My friend calls it my "top shelf" yarn.

Kim Spolarich

So many things in your shop it’s hard to choose! But when I want to make socks I always go to Simply Socks for yarn. I love Hedgehog Fibers and the Arne and Carlos yarns!

Jill whitson

I love all sock yarns but lately I’ve been liking hedgehog fibers. The colors are amazing. My goal in the new year is to knit everyone in my family a new pair of socks


I would love to be working on my very first sweater for me in some lovely Hedgehog Fibers DK!


i think i'd have to try either Wonderland Yarns or Primrose Yarn... too many great choices! and i have tons of shawl & sweater patterns in my queue that would work well with either yarn. of course the Fade patterns are included in that bunch!

Toni clark

I’ve never had the pleasure to visit your store. If I win this certificate I would love to visit and buy blue moon arts yarn for my next sock project!


Way too many choices!!! I've been wanting to try Blue Moon Euphoria or Yaksi...

Malissa Koenig

Honestly, yours! Because I have some Simply Socks sock yarn I bought to make a hat for my new nephew due in January and it's not even next in my queue yet .... But I'd also like to try Hedgehog Fibers which I've never knit!


Hedgehog Fibres!!

Sally G

I have several all-time favorites, especially Miss Babs, Madelinetosh and Malabrigo. However, you have some beautiful new yarns that I I were to win the gift certificate, I definitely would try. Maybe I’d find a new favorite!

Lori Vandergriff

Hue Loco’s Phyllis in Sassy Narwhal because who wouldn’t want a pair of socks in a color with such an amazingly fantastic name!!!☺️👍🏻❤️🦄🐋 (a cross between a unicorn & a whale was the closest I could get😉)


I’ve been wanting to try a gradient set for a long time. The new Stitch Together sets are beautiful. I’m loving purple rain.

Pat Feher

I am interested in doing a cowl with yarn that will pool into an interesting design. I think I could have a wonderful time looking at all your yarn and trying to decide which ones I could play with!

Karen Caron

I would love to try some Miss Babs and Fiddlekknits. I would also love some new Opal sock yarn which is my absolute favorite!

Manette Crawford

If I were to choose one it would be Turtle Purl Trench Coat. I did buy that when I visited the store last month so it will most likely be on the needles come January.


I've fallen in love with life in the long grass "aquarium".

Lisa Dykstra

I would love to try something speckled. I also haven't tried Malabrigo sock yarn yet. I would probably choose at least one old favorite workhorse yarn like Opal as well. This would be a fun way to try some new things!


I love all sock yarn! But if forced to choose I would narrow it down to Poste Self Striping, Zauberball, and Blue Moon Fiber Arts(my first love sock yarn).

Thank you for doing this and Happy Holidays!

Nancy F.

This is so hard!! I love everything. But since pressed, I'd try Fiddle Knits or Knitterly Things. Picking a color scheme is beyond my abilities this early in the day, however!!

Annette Poole

I would actually like the yarn you are testing right now. It is really pretty! Can't wait to see what yarn that is. I would also love one of the new colors in Hedgehog Fibers or Life in the Long Grass. I love that I can get yarns from Simply Socks that you just can't get anywhere else.

Emily Stahl

Dragonfly Fibers!!! ❤️


I really want some of that unique sheep gradience! Maybe African Vio, ...well any one of them! If I get the certificate I am def buying one of those.

georgene Thompson

Blue Moon! Have used and loved other Blue Moon yarns, but would love to try sock yarn.

Julie Scott

I love all your yarn! How can I pick? But I'd probably pick a brand I haven't knitted with before like Life in the Long Grass, Hue Loco, Litchen and Lace, etc.


Hedgehog fibers skinny bounce to make something bright and energetic for the new year!


Your Poste Worsted speckled neon color has inspired me to knit my first sweater. I have selected a pattern and need to order the rest of what I need (I ordered two big hanks, then decided it needed to be a sweater, so I need two more hanks)! I haven't knitted with your Poste Worsted yet. I have used your Poste DK though, from last year's Christmas kit.


Wonderland Yarns, Cheshire Cat 5-Mini Skein Pack: #30 - Salmon to Yellow.
This is such a cheery combo that in dreary, cold January I would like to knit a baby sweater with this. I would smile the whole time!

Julie Vance

Sweet Georgia for a Girl from the Grocery Store Shawl has been on my list! It's tough to decide. 😁


I’d love some BMFA Euphoria Smoke on the Water! Enough to make a cardigan. It looks so squishy and beautiful. 😍

Geri Heagy

I am wanting to tackle a few fingering weight baby sweaters this next year. Hue Loco seems to be calling my name! I'm loving the Opal Peaches, DJ Glitter Buns (that name makes me smile!) and the Hippo Parade. Pretty yarns! Thanks for all these chances to win some fun yarn. Have a Merry Christmas!

Martha Powers

I really, really love the Dragonfly yarns, especially the Dragon of Bad Moon Rising! I would use it to make socks for myself, instead of just knitting socks for everyone else!!


I'm always admiring your Poste yarn but haven't bought any yet. Love the stripes! That's what I'd want to try. :)


Tough choice! My favorite is the Turtlepurl self striping yarns.

Samantha T

I think I’d like to start with some self striping yarn.


Hedgehog!!!! I’d love to do one of Andrea Mowry’s sweaters.

Nancy J

Looking forward to spring I would choose Life in the Long Grass singles Beachglass or Tidepool.

Megan B

I would check out the Lorna Yarns first, but I would definitely want to come in and feel everything! Honestly, it would be very difficult to decide, but I would definitely pick out a variety of colors


I've been wanting to try Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock. I would pick Tea Party.


I have always wanted to knit with Madelinetosh.

Ann Knepper

I would buy one of the special kits that you put together for various holidays. They always look like fun and they am osh always have chocolate in them!!

Amy Hansen

I've been wanting to try Wonderland Yarns' Mary Ann base. I think I would like More Slumber (Ha! Wouldn't we all this time of year?) and would make my firat pair of Monkwy Socks by Cookie A.

sarah trabue

I love blue moon fiber arts! The names are funny and awesome and the variety of bases makes it a go to for my st my projects.


So many choices, it boggles my mind!! But if I had to pick one, then I would definitely try Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere, Little Night Music and Wicked Royal, to use in knitting socks.


Love Wonderland, Madelinetosh and hard to pick just one color so I’d need three for a Drachenfels shawl!


There are so many indie dyers on SSYS I haven't tried yet, it is hard to choose!

I will knit socks for whatever the Sock Knitter's Anonymous montly contest theme is. This month is Cookie A, so I'm knitting Dizzy and plan to start a Kelp. Next month is stranded, and I have some Biscotte and Cie marked out for an original design.

Bruce Anne Milberger

I love them all! Blue Moon would be lovely or Cascade anything or.........


This one's easy! I would want to make a fab pair of Poste Striping socks in one of the Christmas colors, so I have them ready for next year (I always intend to make Christmas socks for myself and never do), AND I'd use a set of Stitch Together minis in either Dark Unicorn or Murky Paint Palette for a Solaris shawl, with a coordinating main color (black? grey?). This is a fun question!

Julie Olsen

Life in the long grass coy Koi in a cable sock.


I dream of starting the new year knitting up any colorway of the Miss Babs, Yowza DK! But it's a close one, because I'd be happy with Madtosh, Hedgehog or Malabrigo.....or actually any of them, lol.


I'd love to work with Miss Babs Yowza again, I loved the feel of it, but I'm a semi-solid knitter and I don't see one right now...maybe soon?

Jessica McConnell

I’ve been eyeing posted cash in common room for awhile. I want a cowl for the fantastic beasts and where to find them 2 coming out in November 2018. Seems like a long way off but I procrastinate a long time!

Rebecca Snyder

I treated myself to a copy of "Silk Road Socks" and once I'm done with Christmas knitting I've got big plans for some Malabrigo Sock, and some Cascade Heritage, and some Blue Moon....

Mary Ellen Van Winkle

I both knit and crochet...crochet mostly. I love Madelinetosh but would love to try Life in the Grass and Primrose. More than likely would make a color fade shawl. I love neutrals but would love to try some vibrant colorways. Too many favorites!!


I've been yearning for Hedgehog for a while--so many fabulous colors, it's hard to choose. Hmm, $100 would let me choose some for a shawl, some for socks, some for...


So many good choices I haven't tried from Dean on Color to Hedgehog Fibers. But I really want to try stellina. So I'm going with Aria Sock. In siren song with sick Raven as an accent. If probably find a shawl but I love the idea of it on my feet!

Myra Freberg

I just ordered the WYS COCKTAILS 989 CANDY CANE yarn , so I hope to make some socks for myself.




I love smoomshy and soulmate. I am very interested in Sweet Georgia yarns

Amanda F

Life in the long grass yarns look beautiful. Would love to make a comfort fade cardigan with some of its colors

Irene Lenihan

I would love to learn how to knit socks this year. They a!says look so ckmfy

Paula Newman

Would probably pick Hedgehog fibres Merino dk. Thinking about knitting the Comfort Fade Cardi. I'm sure it would include the colors Budgie and maybe Boombox and something gray.


Anything life in the long grass!

Lani Emrich

Malabrigo is my favorite and I always like to start the new year with something that truly makes my soul happy. After all this Christmas knitting, I am ready for some guiltless yarn pleasures. Happy knitting!

Jan Ball

Hue Loco Phyllis sock has a bunch of colorways I like. We Love CUpcakes, Hippo Parade, I Smell Teenagers. The names are so very fun. I need a new pair of Monkey socks. I just realized I do not have any . Might have to make 3 pair!

Laura Ricketts

I love Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Poste Sock yarn! Thanks so much for doing this great give-away. I've enjoyed reading the blog and comments each day.

Allison S

Anything with cashmere

raquel from jc

so many options! But I think my favorite is Knitterly Things Vesper Holiday Celebrate


House of a la Mode! I love the colors but since there is none in stock I wouldn't know what I would knit.

Jenny Spencer

I would LOVE to try Hedgehog fibers and get some more Malabrigo!!!

I HAVE to upgrade my yarn spending in the budget this year because yarn is cheaper than therapy and gosh darn it I deserve it!!!!


It has been fun reading your posts and answering your questions everyday! When looking through the shop, soooooooo hard to pick! Such gorgeous yarn and beautiful colors. I would have to sit in front of the computer a long time looking through all the yarn!! I am obsessed with hedgehog yarn!! But some others that popped out were Fleece Artist, Miss babs, House of a la mode, dragonfly fibers, ohhhh such gorgeous yarn! 🤞🙏🙏🙏 I wish they had a yarn emoji and knitting needles!!!!


I’ve never worked with Miss Babs and would like to try it. I would also like to choose colors I like (greys, blues, greens) instead of my daughter’s pinks and purples.


I'm all about knitting with worsted right now. I have socks for everyone under the tree because they knit up so fast and are so warm and cushy!!

Debra Cohen

I would probably try something I haven’t used before...yarn love looks interesting... but I have a baby blanket to knit so it will most likely be cascade.


I love any sock yarn that is made from superfine merino. Softest of soft. And it would have to be close to Pantone’s 2018 UltraViolet color of the year! Oh gosh I would have to browse all your yarns! And you know I would come out with at least a half dozen more!


I love the Wonderland yarns. Hard to choose which one. They are all so beautiful.

Linda black

I would love any yarn you carry

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