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December 01, 2017



You are so generous! You have great giveaways.


Wow! What amazing gifts. You sure know how to spoil someone. It will be great just to see what your planning and borrow your ideas.


What great prizes!!! You're so good at putting kits together. This is a simple question but I'd love to read the replies: what is your favorite sock yarn & why?


Oh fun! Those kits look beautiful. I would like to know what everyone's favorite Christmas cookie is and what their favorite family / activity to do with young kids is.


So fun! I love reading the responses. I like hearing about knitters favorite projects for the year and holiday traditions

Alloson Smelser

This is going to be fun!

Barbara Russo

What a nice thing to do for the Holidays ! I love your kits so this is a real treat ! Can't wait to see what you put together! Thank you !

Karla Hartzell

Those yarn skeins are simply delicious!!! Can't wait!


These gift ensembles are gorgeous


OMG! Now I can't wait for Monday! Than you, Alison & crew!

Lisa B

I'm pretty sure you have asked this question in the past but I always like to find out what a knitter's fave tips and tricks are. I learn so much that way! Thank you for doing your 12 Days of Sock Yarn. It's a lot of fun but I'm certain it's a lot of work for SSYC :)


The kits look awesome! Loved the questions you had last year, it really was a blast thinking up answers and reading what others shared.


Amazing! Thank you so much for your generosity!

Jan Ball

Great idea. Can't wait


How awesome! You always put together the best stuff, which is why I’ve bought so many of your kits!


So cool!! I missed this in the past....not this year

Norma Smith

What a lovely generous idea! Thank you

Teresa Dickson

Love your kits!

Vicki Wilson

How nice of you! Thanks so much!!


Last years prices all look sooo gorgeous fingers crossed i could win a beuty like that , thank you so much for the opportunity

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