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December 14, 2017


Edith Helbert

I love your description of glitter! I look forward to my friend D's top ten lists of everything she enjoyed in the past year - music, projects, food, etc.


I need some Christmas cheer, if you only knew what I've been through. It would be nice to have someone do something nice for me for a change. Being a caregiver is HARD! Sorry, needed to vent, Merry Christmas. Hugs

Kim Spolarich

I love seeing the pictures of our friends and their kids!

Kim Fair

I love the photo cards

Laura Ricketts

As a handcrafter, I love cards that are handmade, or at the very least, thoughtfully selected and personal. But, I have four teenagers, so I totally get a card with a print out or just a signature!


Glitter!! I love to see it sparkling!!


My absolute favorite cards are the photo cards. My second favorite cards have Santa on them. Both kinds of cards make me smile!

Rose Birchall

I love the photo cards! Why don't I do them too?

Annette Poole

I love photo cards. I love watching kids grow up year after year.

Kris Simcoe

I look at cards like little mini presents. The anticipation! Some friends have beautiful sparkly snow scenes. Some I look forward to seeing because it's always a family photo and I love watching my friends kids grow. Each year is different though. Some friends send crazy funny cards iut of the blue.
Just depends on my mood really on if I make my own or buy them...that and if I have the time and patience (and sanity)
In this world where technology and emails are the new norm I love something about getting something in the mail that someone took the time to send, pick out, slap a stamp on, write's the thought that counts.

Robin Jamerson

I love hearing from those I don't get to see on a regular basis. So Christmas letters and photo cards are the best. My daughter always decorates her card envelopes so I love getting hers too. It is always nice to be thought of at Christmas. I usually buy cards with cute animals on them. Friends and family know I love babies with fur :)

Trina Mechling

Any card that I receive is wonderful cause it means someone thought enough to send one. Sadly, no one really sends cards anymore in this time of texting,facebook,and social media.

Jennifer Maguire

I look forward each yearto figuring out which pictures to put on our photo card. I try to find either one picture or a few that represent our year. I also enjoy writing a Christmas letter-the challenge is keeping it to 1 page! I find it a great way to summarize our year. Since my kids were little I keep a copy of each year's letter for them so that they can have a copy when they get older. I think they will enjoy reading about their childhood through these letters.


Any card with NO glitter and a personal note is wonderful!!!!!!

Kimberly Schutt

Handmade and/or photo cards are nice, but for those special people in your life a good book makes an excellent card too.


Thoughtful and funny and just send them because it means you thought of that person which is so important during this time. There have been some years that I have skipped but I have reached to people on those years just to say I'm super busy but was thinking of you.

Kimberly Townsend

I look forward to my friend Kay’s cards, she has them handmade and they are always gorgeous! I send them out every year because I love sending out greeting to people we don’t see often!

Libba Hicks

Some kind of a personal message is always appreciated!

Teresa McP

I love the photo cards, too. We live far from family so it's nice to get these little updates.


I love them all 💕💕. Your cards are beautiful 🎄❤️🎄🎅🏻🎄⛄️And although I don’t include a letter myself, I love to get them.


Thoughtful cards or humorous ones. I love both. Something personal is nice but then I understand when it doesn't happen as I have a hard time finding the time to do the personal touch myself.


I am a fan of photo cards too - AND holiday letters... especially from long distance family and friends.


photo cards are always fun to receive. The past few years I had to decide whether to send cards or gift knit, so much to do and so little time! I usually choose gift knitting.

Karen Murphy

I like a card with the nativity or wise men to remind me where Christmas started.


I enjoy cards with a note in them, but do I add a note to MY cards...very rarely! I just enjoy receiving cards, but get fewer each year as people decide not to send them.


I like cards that are hand addressed and signed by all the family members. In our day of automation, the extra time let's me know that people care.


i LOVE family photo cards. when i got married, i inherited 6 stepkids, and and since then i gave birth to a little girl who is now 6. there are curretently 5 grandkids, with one more on the way, and getting all of us together for one picture is VERY rare and tricky, so i have been doing collage photo cards the past few years. maybe next year will be the year i finally put together a Brady Bunch grid for our card. just thinking about it cracks me up!!


I like ones with a sense of humor. I had an aunt, who used to write her holiday letter from the perspective of a mouse, who lived in their house. I also have seen a couple, where the families include either a funny outtake from a photo session, or one with the whole family making goofy faces.

Terri Goldin

I have made my cards in the past, like you, before kids. Rubber stamped and filled in with colored pencils. To me, the most important thing about cards is just letting friends and family know that I am thinking of them. For those people who aren't on social media with me, I include a note to let them know what we have been up to all year!


Ever since I've had grandkids, I've designed my own cards featuring photos of them. I'm sharing what's most important to me with those cards. And I enjoy getting photo cards from my friends, as well. Photo cards give me a glimpse into their lives.


I buy them, whatever appeals to me at the time, no theme. I don't mind glitter if it's affixed to the card but really not a fan of glitter/sparkles/sequins that have been added loose inside the envelope for "Christmas cheer"/

PS can't believe how big your boys are getting! Seems like James should be only about 5 *timeflies*


I do like getting cards with photos on them also, but have never done that myself. Sometimes I get cards that are on sale from various stores, but lately I have always gotten a least one set of cards from the Prostate Foundation, they are done by Jean Fogelberg, in honor of her late husband Dan Fogelberg (sound familiar?) They are always beautiful and heartfelt. So the special people in my life get those!

Manette S Crawford

I live cards that include pictures of the sender and/or their family.


I love getting a Christmas card with a personal note or a family picture.

Kelly Albrecht

I too love the photo cards and look forward to getting them from friends and family. It sometimes amazes me to see how fast the kids grow. In the past I would save the cards with Santa on them and insert them into frames on my photo wall at Christmas time.

Lucy Kesler

there are several Christmas letters we particularly look forward to, one because it is full of the people we love. The other because, well, we enjoy reading it for an entirely different reason.


Cards with notes written inside are the best.


My favorite cards are cards with pictures of cats, especially if they're photo cards of people's cats! They always make me smile.

Debbie  (KnitterDeb1030 on Ravelry)

I don't send cards anymore and therefore don't receive many either but I do love a photo card or one with a personal hand written message.

Georgia Green

What makes a holiday card a "keeper" -- one that gets put out on display -- is really variable. Some of them are charming, maybe old-fashioned or handmade. Others are funny, jokes to be shared. A few are breathtakingly elegant, over the top baroque or rococo with gilt silver and gold, with lace and flourishes. Some are downright festive -- skating party scenes, carol singing, tree lighting, etc.

What is written in the card is important too, of course. As more and more people use email to replace letters, the holiday note may be the only year to year written record of highlights from far away friends and family, with or without a photo.

Some years see more cards than others, but it's always the thought that matters.

Dayna Lee

I don't do holiday cards myself, but when I worked in a print shop I always loved the ones like yours that combined photos with gorgeous embossing. When I get cards, I love when the sender has tucked a little something extra inside - a recipe, funny or story - because it remindsme that they have been thinking about me. :)

Fallyn Peters

We generally don't do christmas cards in our house. We are very close (not physically) with our family on both my side and my husband's so they get pictures and updates all year round. And we don't have many friends that we don't consider family. However growing up, the best christmas cards always included pictures. My mother would send out like a yearly newsletter about what we did and each of the kids accomplishments for they year along with a family photo and school pictures of all of us. Later her letters became less of a newsletter and and more of a picture collage hahaha. I think the pressure she pit on us to write our yearly accomplishments for her christmas cards by thanksgiving is why I refuse to send out cards at all.


I love getting cards with family photos and newsletters! We live far away from our family and friends so getting pictures is the best!

Pat Hill

I used to write a letter every year including a family picture. The last couple of years there has been no letter (who wants to ignore or share the challenges) and there has been no time where all of the, now adult, "children" are in the same space. I am adjusting to the new usual. Perhaps this year I will just take a picture of my husband and I and write a brief note.


Photo cards all the wAy!


Definitely a family photo and a thoughtful family letter. For those of us without children a photo with our dog is always a hit. Even outtakes with Santa and the dog are fun.

Barbara Russo

My favorite holiday cards are photo cards ! I love seeing how the kids are growing and new family members !

Patricia Richardson

I used to send out store bought Christmas cards many years ago but no longer do so. Most of my circle of friends no longer send out cards either. I do however look forward to receiving friends C & S annual Christmas letter outlining everything that has happened with their family during the past year.


I like getting unexpected surprises in the mail


I stopped most of the cards. Just to a few close friends. I like to see the picture cards, too, to see how the little ones are growing.


I love seeing pictures of my friends’ families from across the country (and world). One year a friend commented to me that she liked that we included pics of me and DH. I hadn’t realized it, but she was right that a lot of people focus just on their kids, and we want to see pics of each other as well. Now I try to be sure to include everyone. I have seen a lot of debate about whether including a letter or “what we’re up to” is being braggy but I love it when people include that. I still have a few people who take the time to write a personalized note but I don’t hold it against anyone who doesn’t - I know we don’t have time for that when we’re sending out 150 cards. It’s always a sad day when we take down all the cards we received. It’s usually the very last Christmas decoration to go away, and we often wait until late January to do so.

Andrea Sanderson

I used to make my own cards, but once I had kids, I started sending photo cards. I look forward to seeing everyone else’ Photos each year and seeing how their kids have grown.

Nicole Acuna

We don’t use cards much anymore but maybe this year things will be different I mean after all it lets people know you are thinking about them :)

Kathy Haddock

I love any card I receive. It means that someone was thinking about my family. I used to love making my own cards using pictures of my kids. My 2 favorites were a train that I cut from red card stock. In the "driver's seat" was a picture of the kids with Santa. Another was a Christmas tree with an oval cut from it framing the kids' picture.


I like photo cards. Dislike the glitter. If I send cards I try to make on using family photos.

Marie B

I for sure love seeing everyone's pictures from the past year! I can't make my own either, I am totally a snapfish kind of gal.

April R.

I send out Christmas cards with either a beautiful landscape or with animals. I wish I had the time to make the Christmas cards. Sometimes I don't even have enough time to knit their Christmas gift! LOL. I like receiving Christmas cards with pictures of the sender or their family in seeing how quickly the kids grow and change.

Nancy F.

I love receiving Christmas letters...I find it a fascinating exercise by people as to what they find so interesting about their lives that they need to share!


Photo, great paper, and color!!

Sally G

My favorite Christmas card to receive is a family picture with a note included. It is so much fun to read an update of what my friends and family have been doing in the past year. Since my children are grown and have children of their own, I find I don’t do family pictures anymore but instead buy ready made cards to send.


Love that you shared your Christmas cards with us. It is fun to see how families change over the years. I make some cards and I buy some cards. Every year is different, depending on time mostly. This year is again a variety of both... Love getting Christmas cards!!

Stephanie Schenker

I have never made my own cards! I have made gift tags though! Ever since kids came along it is always a photo card. Shutterfly ornament style this year. Really came out nice. I had the kids throw leaves up in the air for the picture but the final result is that the snow around the edge of the card makes it appear that they are catching snowflakes!


I love a good photo card, but no boring letters, please!


I do not make my own card but I write a note in the card that I try to make just mine. I try to find a card that has a good sentiment.
I love cards that have pictures of the family. I love knowing what has taken place in the family over the year.


I too like photo cards that let me see how my family's and friends' children have grown over the years. I much prefer the ones with candid shots to the composed family shots - I like to see a little of the daily wackiness!


We participate in a card exchange with a couple of Goldendoodle groups online. This year I've sent and am receiving 100 gorgeous fluffy dog and family photo cards and have them all displayed on my wall. I look forward to receiving them daily....better than bills. It's one tradition I won't give up soon.


I love to receive photo cards from family and friends and letters that summarize their year.

Joyce gravino

I love cards with pictures to see how the kids have grown. I hate a book on how and what they did from people that I haven't spoken to in years. I have one person who sends a two page letter doing this. Keep it short and sweet.

Emily Chandler

I don't do cards myself, my friend pool is not that bad. Something I enjoy nowadays is electronic cards through email or facebook. Doesn't clutter the house as much!


I love cards with nativity scenes & Bible verses.


Like a lot of people, I used to make my Christmas cards, then I had kids-now I send photo cards. I love glitter cards, even if it does make a mess.


Photo cards are the best! I like seeing the changes in each family from year to year, and they really brighten up the fridge.

Gina Kanouse

The best holiday cards come from my aunt and Gram. While my aunt takes the time to share her passion for card making, my Gram sends simple ones with lots of love in them. This year I stamped and painted cards for immediate family. Each one had a customized color scheme and license plate.

Deborah Gajee

Love homemade cards but I have a problem finding just the right words. Some store bought cards say exactly what I want to say.

Molly mcginnis

I remember my Mom spending hours making our Christmas cards. She would always get so many compliments on how beautiful they were. I loved them! I haven't sent out any Christmas cards of my own. I'm getting married in the Spring, so it may be a project for next year :)

Andrea E

I love the look of homemade cards but I don't have the time. I love to get cards that have pictures over a simple card with just a signature.


I love cards with pictures or an update. I didn't send out cards last year. I sent out an update email instead. Bad, I know but I kept getting worst and worst about sending them on time. It became more of a New Year letter.

Joan Matlack

Photo cards or newsletters as long as they are not all bragging. With Facebook I know more about what's going on with people all year and I feel more in touch throughout the year.

Jutta Kramer

I like photo cards it’s nice to look back through the years to see the children grow


I love homemade cards. We used to get a couple each year and I would get so,excited when their envelopes came. Sadly no more. We send cards every year but the list is getting smaller but they all go up around the doorway between the living room and the kitchen.


I used to rubber stamp and decorate my cards, but no time for that anymore. I love to get photo cards and ones with notes in them about the person/family. I rarely include notes myself though.

Rhonda Atkinson

I do send Christmas cards to a few family and friends. I love cards with Nativity scenes and also photo cards. Both make me happy.

Malissa Koenig

I like getting photo cards but don't keep and feel terrible when it's time to recycle! Dame with handmade/scrapbook style ones ... And I haven't started sending my own yet (Though I guess I should with 2 kids now ...). I'm not really a bah humbug, I swear 🙈

Kelly Pettijohn

I love getting the family photo cards and seeing how much the families have changed. This time of year is very busy for me with work, so I only send Christmas cards out to go with gifts.

Christy Bacon

Also love the photo cards seeing little ones grow up

Patty Morais

I love photo cards and look forward to them every year. I am an on again off again card sender. A few years I sent photos of my dogs on cards. I still have my card up from last year!


Definitely my favorite Christmas cards contain pictures of family and friends!


I used to make my own but the last few years I have been buying them. I try to write a personal message in each every year. It means a little more when you take the time to write something personal rather then just sign your name.


I love cards with pictures of my friends children or family. I love sending pictures of my girls, even though it's always a crazy adventure trying to get a photo when they are goofing around. I love sending and receiving them. I love Christmas!


I love photo cards, but have never done them myself -- not photogenic. LOL!

Mary Tangen-Giger

I love Christmas cards with pictures!

Mindy K

A good holiday card is from the heart. It can be store-bought but with loving, caring intention.


I don’t usually send cards but I like receiving them, especially photos cards. And I love the homemade cards my grandson makes.


The only cards that I actually look forward to are from family out of state -- they include a nice letter every year talking about how everyone is doing.


We've done a mix over the years-- homemade cards, family/kids photos, short letters. My husband was always very supportive and helpful (he wrote the letter and many of the cards). When he stopped wanting to do it after a year of great tragedy in our family, I respected it and we do nothing now. The number of cards we get is much lower since we stopped. We keep in touch with those most important to us in other ways.

Cherri Simon

I love getting handmade cards. Sock knitting and cardmaking are my two most favorite crafts!

Holly Beam

I used to make my own cards but don't have the time now. I love to receive a beautiful Christmas message, a hand written note or pictures. It's fun to hear from everyone! Merry Christmas!


I used to make Greeting cards via my computer but I have gotten away from that. If I do any greetings I do them online. Just not much time anymore for that


I think the best cards are the photo cards so we can see how our long-distance friends and family members are growing and what they've been doing all year. When my children were younger (and much smaller!) I would knit them a new sweater for our Christmas pictures each year. Those are the best memories!

Lisa Portwood

I like cards printed on thick paper. I also like when the envelopes have designs on them too. I agree, I can't stand glitter on cards. That stuff gets all over everything!

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