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November 06, 2017



I've been trying to decide on which colors since they hit your website. I think I'll pick salmon to yellow, paired with a neutral, would be a gorgeous shawl.


I really like several of the sets, but my immediate favorite was Mimsy. I would probably make a Shawl with it, or maybe use it in a Fading Lines cardigan.


I've had both On The Spice Market and The Joker and The Thief in my queue for a while - I think they'd both look great in the So Bright & Sticky colorway!

Rose Birchall

It is hard to pick one favorite. Mimsy


Being a color fan, there are several options I'm a fan of, but probably Borogove tops the list.

Georgia K. Green

Mice in the Tea is my favorite of the Cheshire Cat Mini Sets by Wonderland Yarns.

I'd make a mini-skein stripe version of my popular Flow Wrap pattern (gkgreen designs on

Thanks for the giveaway!

Emily MacMichael

They're all so gorgeous. Slithy Serpent probably tops the list, though.


Minis in a whisper! THanks!


I'd pick Minis Mimsy. I'm trying to branch out into colors I normally wouldn't choose. These are lovely. Thanks. Savannagal on Rav.

Geri Heagy

The Minis Handsome Pig is bea-ti-ful!

grace yaskovic

Minis Dormouse is just what I am looking for!!!! thanks for the opportunity

Jennifer Kaufeld

In a Whisper would be my choice for a new shawl.

Alex wang

I love the colors, it’ll be a great addition to my all black clothing

Alex wang

Oops! I love mini borogove

Lynda yinger

So hard to pick - all beautiful. But I'll chose sea glass. Thank you for the chance to win.


Mice in the tea! Hard to choose for sure.

Ann Kochman

Lots of faves
Going out of my head
If I must choose just one

Socks for me
Or a baby grandson’s sweater
Knitting for others
Is always better

Lorraine Chan

This was a hard choice. They all look so nice together. I'd have to say the one that stands out is "Handsome Pig".

Dana Attwood

They are beautiful. Might need to be a cowl.


Off with her head!


and by head, I mean red :)

Mary Jo Rathe

Sometimes I pick colors based on the names! I love Goats Beard but if I needed to add a little color in my life, I’d do it in baby steps with Minis In a Whisper. I wouldn’t want to jump into the rabbit’s hole of the world of color!

Jenny Spencer

I would LOVE LOVE the Minis Too Much Pepper!!!

Teresa McMahan

I would have to let you pick. They are all soooo beautiful


So Bright n Sticky

Dana Attwood

I mean Borogove when I say "they"


so difficult to choose! I especially love Jub Jub Bird. thanks for this chance to win!


Although they are all pretty, Mini Mimsy is my favorite. I have just noticed that I have a lot of purple tops in my wardrobe, but I have no purple socks so I would have to make a pair.

Samantha T

I love Borogove and rath. So pretty!


Mome Rath is pretty and I'd make a shawl and some flowers to adorn a hat or lapel since there is plenty of yardage.


I like the purpley set.

Sharon E

Doormouse. Feeling the need for neutrals in my life!


I love Handsome Pig. Check out Sagitta Shawl on Ravelry. Perfect show of minis. Thanks.

Nancy Goldstein

I have to go with Mice In The Tea! Love the name and love the colors😍


Yellow to fuschia(top picture). Fuschia is one of my all time favorite colors, but this set would broaden my horizons!

Wendy G

I am loving on Mome Rath. I have a shawl in mind that I believe would be beautiful in this.


Brite n Sticky and Mice in the Tea!! I love the names and the colors are beautiful!


Seaglass, although Mome Rath is a very close second.

Julie Marshall

Love love Wonderland yarns!!!

Jenny m.

I love all of them, but I want to make something in blacks and grays, so too much pepper would be my choice today.

Linda Jackson

I would be thrilled with any of them.
Love them all!


Ohh...Off With Her Red!!!

Cindy h.

Hard choice! They are all pretty but handsome pig and too much pepper would be great for a couple projects I have on the docket.


So bright n sticky is my favorite, OR mice in the tea! I would make Xandra or Joplin shawl! With a coordinating neutral skein.


Slithy Serpent! I feel like it could be used to make so many things!


Seaglass is beautiful. Perfect for a project for our future lake home.


Mice in the tea minis for colorwork fingerless mitts!

Geraldine Scott

Jub Jub many wonderful colors to choose from! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely giveaway!

Raquel from Jc

Bright n sticky!

Katherine Haff

I would normally choose Mimsy, but stretching outside my favorite color zone, i'd choose In a Whisper and make a shawl or cowl

Janet D

Mice in the Tea would be a good place to start. I would probably make a cowl. Thank you!

Rachel R.

I'm torn between Borogroves and Mice in the Tea!

Susan Brogan

Love,Love,Love, Slithy Serpent.

Katie Marsh

Mice in the tea. No idea what I'd make with it, although I do love the Toolbox Cowl pattern for Mini skein sets.


They’re all so beautiful! I think Salmon to Yellow is my favorite, though. Thanks for the chance!


Slithy Serpent! Just got back from a trip to Scotland & all the green reminds me of our time in the Highlands!

Deb Dahler

Sea glass and mimsy are my favorite. Thank you


Mice in the Tea is my favorite, although Too Much Pepper is also gorgeous.


Slithy serpent. Gorgeous!!

Deborah G

For me it would have to be the pinks/purples, because I could just imagine the most dramatic of shawls knit from them, with beads to add sparkle and drama!

Jeaneen Adams

It would have to be mice in the tea. What a glorious color combo!


For me it would be the mauves / pinks in the Handsome Pig colors. I think a color-blocked rectangle wrap would be so much fun in these colors.


Mine rath is my favorite colorway. I would make a batkus shawl with it!

Teresa Knittingdancer

Mice in the tea or minis in a whisper


Solaris has been on my list for a while. I would make it with Borogove.

Ase mckay

Maybe a Paris in Berlin in any case it will be beautiful

Andrea Mundt

I love the "too much pepper"! I did the "mini madness" shawl with the kiri "calming" set and I love it! The "too much pepper" would make a gorgeous shawl!

Sandy C

Hush, quiet, "WHISPER" is my favorite. Just a touch of color so sublime.

Tanya M Bankert

Handsome pig is my fave but I love in a whisper too!

Deb J

Beautiful color combinations. And the yarn looks yummy! I love the Minis Mimsy or perhaps the Mice in the Tea...yep, have to go with Mice in the Tea because that colorway combo name is absolutely the best! I can just imagine my granddaughters at grandma knitting mice in her tea! Smile!


The Yellow to Fushia really calls to me, which is completely contrary to my usual blue/teal/purple preference. I love it! I’m not sure what I would make with it, so I’m checking out everyone else’s comments for ideas.


Mice in the Tea would make a great scarf or shawl!!

Jane Reiter

Too Much Pepper!!! But really, they are ALL GORGEOUS! :)

Dana Lovitt

Seaglass with some white rabbit for a gorgeous shawl! I love this yarn and have used it so often.


Love Salmon to Yellow for a shawl!!!

Wendy Farmer

Oh! Love the jub jub bird! 🤞🤞🤞

Nancy Jo Clark

I love the Dormouse. Rich colors.

Jacquelyn Dominowski

Borogave definately so gorgeous!

Debbie Hallamek

My fav is jub jub bird. Thanks!

Brenda Lewis

Seaglass is beautiful!


Hard to choose. Love the yellow to deep red.

Denise wilscam

I really like the jub jub and off with her red. I like a lot of them. Don't have a favorite. They're all beautiful. I've always wanted to make a shawl with this type of yarn. Thanks for having the giveaway.


I'm digging the salmon to yellow set. I think it would be amazing with a dark gray contrast.

Renee Riles

Love love the Too Much Pepper, beautiful shades of gray which would make an elegant wrap.

Susan Miller

Mice in the Tea! I love it!!! These sets are soooo nice!

Margo Chang

Yellow to lime or dormouse

Pam Cronholm



Those minis in Seaglass are just gorgeous! And I might copy your suggestion of Beastkeeper - I just finished her Close to You shawl pattern and it was a really fun knit and well-written pattern.

Deanna Arnold

I would love the mice in the tea set!! Love mini skeins!

Stephanie R Gordon

I have been wanting to knit Joji Locatelli's Amazing Day - I think this kit coupled work! Just finishing a Solaris - amazing knit!


In a whisper. But they're all gorgeous!

Morgan James

Borogrove is by far my favorite and would make a gorgeous pair of fingerless mitts. Thanks for the opportunity.

Erin Bennett

Oh my gosh I love them all! But Minis in a Whisper I would choose!!! I would make Solaris! Yummy!!!


In a whisper would make a lovely scarf or cardigan if there’s enough yarn.


Minis in a whisper or salmon to yellow 😍

Danielle Sims

I love so many of them but I think Mice in the Tea is my fave because I love jewel tones!


Hard to pick--maybe I'd go for Endless Rainbow with the seaglass mini set

Alecia Helton

Seagrass — Gradient Socks

Sandy officer

I would like the purple,set best because I am an old lady and I can😄!


Wow, hard to chose! I think Yellow to Green would make a wonderful scarf/shawl.

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