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November 08, 2017



Some of those, like the Pocion, are so different they really should be renamed.


boy, is this timely! i sent yarn back to a company last month, because the yarn they sent me looked NOTHING like the yarn in their picture, and what was in the picture was what i wanted/needed for my project. they did apologize, and paid my postage to send the skein back, and they immediately dyed me a new skein that looks a little more like the picture. i understand that the dye lots can be really different, but what i ordered was supposed to be very vibrant and bright, and what i received was dull and almost pastel. sigh.

so anyway, THANK YOU for taking current pictures of your stock!! :)


SO. WORTH. IT. Thank you!


That is fascinating! You guys are very diligent and I bet it pays off. Way to go :)

Michele Rook

It's been awhile since I last looked at/purchased from you. My past purchase I will say I was very pleased because I was able to try a number of brands I had not knitted with previously. Anyway, MWP yarn is perfect for socks. This is more a heavy fingering and holds stitch definition well so I will have to purchase more.

As I look through the photos, there are others I will order as I like the colors, yardage, fiber content. Very nice.

Thank you for the wide range of yarn, colors, prices and your customer service.

Katie Marsh

I know it's a lot more work for you guys to take all the extra photos of each batch, but this post clearly illustrates why it's important, and I really do appreciate it!


Very interesting, thanks for posting this. I appreciate your taking current photos of your yarn.


Thank you!

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