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October 19, 2017


Anny Overton

Blue suede is my favorite color name!


Love the name Quill; the colorway itself, though, doesn't seem inherently wrirtly or bookish

Katie Marsh

Smells like teen spirit!

Joanne Murphy

They're all fabulous, but as a dyehard (get it?) fan of the Muppets, I have to go with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

Lynne Marquardt

Drunken Flamingo - pretty accurate!!

Sheila Parker

Love Smelly Jellies!I'm dating myself now, but the colors remind me of the jelly shoes from the 80s! They didn't make my daughter's feet smell nice!! 😊


Don’t we all need Muppets in our lives


So many great names, but I think I like Crazy Cat Lady best. I think the color does match the name nicely.


I love Rainbow Blip - and the name goes well with the color!

Lucy Kesler

Hard to pick just one. Love the names! Will have to go with Smelly Teen Spirit, but Smelly Jellies is a close 2nd!


Dr. Tooth cracks me up because the way it's pictured the black and white reminds me of classic jack o'lanterns with the teeth cut out and the big open holes next to them. I love the way Grass Stain has just that hint of green spread over the skein.

Angela Wallace

Drunken Flamingo is the best name...and just the right color!

Pam Cronholm

Oh gosh, how do you pick just one??? Indigo Montoya would probably be my absolute first pick

Joyce Selzer

Lipgloss & Chucks!


Indigo Montoya has to be the best.

Sandy C

Pixie stick pucker...and you will when you get to the reddish spots here and there.

Nicole Acuna

I love Crazy Cat Lady! That name is awesome ;)

Dorothy Davila

Drunken Flamingo is by far my favorite! And the name fits the color so well!


I love rainbow blip best - and it totally fits!


Scummy Koi pond! I love the colors and they truly represent the image in my mind of what a scummy Koi pond would look like. Awesome!


I love them all! The names are great!
My favorite is Crazy Cat Lady... it reminds me of a calico cat!

Raquel from Jc

Not my Knitting and Smelly Jellies!!!!!


I like Crazy Cat Lady. The colorway seems to have orange tabby in its bloodlines!


I think Bertie Botts and Grass Stain are both great names and a good fit for the yarn color.


Smooth Peacock is the best!!!!!!

Patsy Coats

Leaf mold perfect name

Sandy officer

Love hands off the honey! Great names for her beautiful yarn colors.


I love "Crazy Cat Lady," which arrived in the mail today, because I am one.

Sandy officer

I like scummy koi pond!

Rose Birchall

Rainbow Blip is a great name. The yarn suits the name.


I really like the drunken flamingo. It does a good job of matching the colors of the flamingo.


Rainbow Blip! Reminds me of Rainbow Brite:)


These names are amazing! My favorite has to be Pixie Stick Pucker. That was my favorite candy as a kid!

Amy DeHart

Dark unicorn! The name is spot on!!!


Be still my sweater heart.


Smooth Rainbow Blip. The color definitely matches the name!


I like Pixie Stick Pucker & I think the colours are evocative of the name.

Janet D

I really like Tide Pool and think it has the perfect name.


Gah so many good names. Permanent Rose is the best name (book in a YA series) Best color is a toss up between Tide Pool and Dark Unicorn


Since I am one: Crazy Cat Lady

RM Garman

Drunken Flamingo tops my list, and it’s spot on! I love it, too!


I LOVE smooth DR. TEETH! What a great color combination!


Neon Smash. Love all the names. And that’s how I pictured Neon Smadh

Julie Marshall

Indigo Montoya is my fav! I think the name is perfect. It makes me think of Inigo Montoya!!


Indigo Montoya.


I love snail trail! I collect snail items...I think it fits.

Darcey Denton

My favorite is Smooth Urban Sprawl! Color and name, I have to admit 😁


Dr. Teeth and Indigo Montoya.

Cyndi Jimenez

By all means it totally fits! Smooth Lipgloss and Chucks! Matches my brand new silver Chucks!


Rainbow blip is just amazing and the name perfectly suits the colorway.

Anna Ridley

I love the name Snail Trail! My two little girls love snails, and this colourway is how I would imagine a squashy, yarny snail trail 😊

Kelli L

Shrimp on the Barbie! (I can’t help but say it with an Australian accent!) it’s oerfectly named for the color! Made me giggle a little.


Neon Smash.

Kat Gatzke

So many great names, it's hard to choose one. So I'll go with a classic - Nevermore.

Ellen Barnett

Toe jam. You never know What You will find lurking between your toes


Scummy Koi Pond has got to be the best!


Smelly Jellies is a great name!


Love Drunken Flamingo and it definitely fits.


When I saw the color I loved it, but I think the name Toe Jam works! The specks of color make me think of colorful sock lint.

Linda Scarborough

Smooth Leaf Mold is perfectly named and I like it.


I love Grindylow and Scummy Koi Pond!

Angela Adams

Pixie stick pucker

Sheila P

Tough one to narrow down. Love the pixie stick pucker.

Sue Hill

Love both Dr Teeth and Indigo Montoya!


Smells Like Teen Spirit!

Anne Marie

I have to pick Smooth Dr. Teeth because I am married to a dentist!

Alex W.

I love pixie stix pucker. And yes, it's just like the pixie stix we used to eat! Heck, we still get them in our xmas stockings because they are just so fun to Eat!


There are definitely a bunch of fun names, which rates high in this knitter's estimation of a yarn. My favorite is probably Lip Gloss and Chucks, but all my Chucks are way brighter than this colorway shows.

Nadine Bongio

I love the Smooth Midnight Prophecy. The color definitely matches the name! It's a beautiful deep shade of midnight blue.


I really like Not My Knitting and Crazy Cat Lady ( I'm currently mom to 4 cats). All the names are great.

Kristin P

My favorite name is Smooth Rainbow Blip, love the color way too!

Gretchen Hofer

Crazy Cat Lady is my favorite name. The yarn looks like my calico cat.

Jeanne Bush

Crazy Cat Lady does it for me. It doesn't look like either of my cats but it does look like a friend's cat. Great names!


I like the Colabt Turquoise. The name aptly evokes both colors in the yarn.


Loce Scummy Koi Pond; a perfect name. The skeins are done up exactly right, with the soothing blues and speckles of the Koi Pond and the shocking green scummy bits right next to that!


I love Dr Teeth! It actually reminds me more of piano keys than teeth, but I just love that colorway.


Dr Teeth is my favorite - though I would not think of black and teeth together. I do think it's funny.


Lave the colors in ToeJam

Lee Cockrum

Drunken Flamingo is great! And the color matches the name!


Definitely Drunken Flamingo for me too. And yes, it matches - I can just see those flamingos stumbling around on their long legs!


They had me with Dr. Teeth but scrolling through Pixie Stick Pucker was right on point!


Smelly Jellies reminds me of my 80s youth, and the numerous pairs of jelly shoes I had! (assuming that's the reference!)

Diane Smith

My name is indigo montoya you killed my father prepare to die....

Lynn Nicholson

Not my knitting fits me because I seldom use that color palatte.

Cindy h.

They are all so pretty but I like the urban sprawl because I don't have any yarn with brown tones.


The name fits the colorway perfectly: ST Smooth Silver Tongue


I love pixie stick punk!! You just don’t see many blue and greens of that hue together and they’re gorgeous!!


Pixie Stick Pucker is my fav name.

Nanci Cartwright

Grass Stains is my favorite name because I always had them on my pants as a kid and I love the sock color too even though I see a little sand, sky and asphalt pavement in the colors.


I love Grass Stains! Exactly what the knees of all my pants looked like as a kid


Drunken Flamingoes, and yes, most definitely.


Smooth windbag speaks to me.. and is soooo descriptive

:)but I think it could have a grey base on it...


Urban Sprawl looks fabulous!

Wendy Chase

Oh my goodness. Dark Unicorn! What a fun name and yes it fits. Crazy cat lady cracks me up too.


Blue suede shoes is a perfect name for that color of blue.


well, there are so many great colors and name to go with them, I cracked up at so many, scummy koi pond is going to have to get my vote through, exactly, love that algae with the koi fish spots peeking through , drunken flamingo came in as a close second though......LOL


Toe Jam is my favorite! I love the clean, crisp white contrasted with the black and bright speckles. It's about as far from actual "toe jam" as it can be!

Laura Gabler

I like Toe Jam - colors seem perfect to me!

Caitlin A

They've really got an eye for turning inspiration into color! My fav is Glow Worm, because I had one of those toys as a bitty thing, and it was exactly that soothing shade of green.


My favorite is Dr. Teeth.

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