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October 04, 2017


Reanna L Roberts

Blueberry girl and desert are gorgeous!

Deb Weinman

Princess Tiger Cub


Flowering desert and larkspur are gorgeous!!!


I like Amethyst and Pixie Dust. Thanks for the chance to win!

Barbara Natali

I like Wishing Well and Puppy Love.

Tami Carlson

So hard to choose! Today I would pick Patina and Antigue Shop.

Geri Heagy

My two favorites are Parrotfish and Princess Tiger. (Wow! That was a lot of pretty yarn to choose from!)


Lakeshore and Robins Egg in take a hike sock yarn!

Marylin Parkin

I like parrotfish and Geranium kisses. Thank you, its a beautiful choice

Aubrey Covey

Flowering Desert & Peach Pit are my picks. Love, love, love!

Julie Barker

Silver Linings, and Snow Leopard

Toni Mason-Booth

Gah- that was tough they are all so beautiful. I'm going to go Pixie Dust and Aquifer. Great give away btw!


Singles bases are always my favorite. My favorite colors here--so hard to choose--are Wishing Well and Robins Egg together.

Julie Vance

I love Take A Hike in Snow Leopard and Weathervane. I would make a beautiful shawl for the winter. And I've been craving a black/neutral shawl for a while now. *crossing my fingers*


My vote for Snow Leopard and Wild Ponies. Good collection.


I love Alpenglow and Patina. ❤️


Honey in the Sun, and Antique Shop. Perhaps they go together for a two skein shawl.


Oooh!! my faves are Coi Koy and Flowering Desert

Traci Schanewolf

Patina (with a close second of Wishing Well) for me, butt since I have 4 yo twins and a 1 yo who would all love Pixie Fist, that would be my second. For my girls. :)


In a heartbeat and flowering desert, but so many are lovely!

Sharlene Cavanaugh

I just love Puppy Love and Blueberry Girl 💕💕💕. Either will look perfect used with The Sockhead Hat 😊

Sarah Holmes

Amethyst and puppy love are awesome!


Blueberry girl and puppy love are beautiful. I'd do some brioche shawl as I think everything looks good in brioche now.

Donna Kuehl

Honey in the sun and princess tiger.

Susan button

Such beautiful colors! After much contemplating I pick TaH Patina and Parrotfish...Robin's Egg is very pretty though....

Clare Gieck

I like Antique Shop and Wild Ponies in the TAH sock. I would use one of Mina Phillips patterns from her New York sock selection.

Lisa Anderson

Only 2? Amethyst and Pixie Dusr

Rebecca Fiorito

Honey in the Sun and Snow Leopard would be beautiful brioched together, possibly as the Marley Shawl by Andrea Mowry. As another idea, Spiced Pecans would make a gorgeous Tegna sweater. Thank you for the chance to win!


I keep changing my mind as to which two are my favorites. I would have to go with Coy Koi and Lakeshore though. My eye kept coming back to those two. Can't wait to come visit the store again in a couple of weeks and pet them in person.

Amanda Zimmermann

Princess Tiger and Aquifier are the best (at least in the sock yarn, which is the only kind that matters for me 😆)!

Luann Miller

Blueberry Girl and Geranium Kisser.


Patina and Flowering Desert

Colleen D'Allura

I love weathervan and wishing well!

Donna Wingfield

Silver Lining and Wild Ponies (since I saw some on Assateague Island last weekend) in Take a Hike would be my choices. They’re all lovely!

Sahenaz Pirani

LP Singles Puppy Love and LP Singles Wishing Well. They are all so good.It was hard to pick these two.

Doreen Righter

Wishing Well and Parrotfish. Beeeutiful!


My faves are Antique Shop and Flowering Desert.


Love the Wild Ponies and Flowering Desert in the Take a Hike sock! <3 <3

Lucy Kesler

Lake Shore and Parrot fish. Beautiful!

Tammee Gardiner

Tulip Festival and Blueberry Girl! Hard to choose just 2. They are all beautiful!

Heather  Anderson

Larkspur and Pixie Dust are my two favorites, but have to admit, they are ALL gorgeous!!! Good luck everyone, and have a most wonderful weekend!


I love most of the colors, but, my favorite 2 are parrotfish and pixie dust! Thanks for the contest!!


Antique Shop & Silver Lining

Joanne Ross

My two favorites and picking just two is very difficult, are Alpenglow and Parrotfish. So much yarn, so little time. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

Laura pounds

Beautiful! I like the aquifer and patina. For a pattern,what about Nostalgia shawl?

Deb J

Pixie Dust and Amethyst...but as so many have written already, so hard to choose! Just scrumptious!

Rose Birchall

In A Heartbeat and Pixie Dust

Anne Marie

Parrotfish and Coy Koi ... fish themed!

Elizabeth Durand

Alpenglow and Amethyst (apparently, like my daughter choosing a college major, I never made it out of the As).


Pixie dust for socks and aquiferfor shawl, maybe hitchhiker, caught my eye!


I love Blueberry Girl and Flowering Desert! Thanks!

Olivia Giuntini

I love Peach Pit and Flowering Desert the best, but they are all lovely.

Liz Awsumb

Sock Snow Leopard and Sock Amethyst!

Susan Kirkland

I would choose Wild Ponies and Puppy Love, but there are so many I like! Not sure what pattern, but there’s a Spring Stream sock pattern on Ravelry that might show the color pattern nicely.

Tanya Edlington

Larkspur and Blueberry Girl - fabulous colours in Take a Hike. So many gorgeous colours!

Kris p

Wow, beautiful yarns. Hard to narrow down, but TaH in Amethyst and Lakeshore are just so pretty.


Antique Shop and Wishing Well. So many beautiful colors and love the generous yardage.

raquel from JC

snow Leopard or Puppy love! Thanks!


Definitely Parrot Fish, and Amethyst! Thanks!

Denise Rosbicki

Rubellite and Spiced Pecan are my two favorites. Thank you!


I think Larkspur and Blueberry Girl would go well together. I like stripy shawls.


In a Heartbeat and Coy Koi!

Rhonda Atkinson

I like Blueberry Girl and Larkspur. Need a 3rd to make Free Your Fade. Would love to win! Thank you.

Julie Witt

Tough choice, but I really like Antique Shop and Honey in the Sun.


how is one to choose from so much yummyness. blueberry girl and wishing well. or one of everything.


Only 2? That's really hard since I like about 80% of them enough to use. I like the TaH Blueberry Girl & Aquifer. I might use them for a shawl. Or my standard mistake rib socks & a hat. I have several fingering weight hat patterns I like.


I like Blueberry Girl and Puppy Love, thanks!

Lisa Palmer

My favorites are pixie dust and rubellite.

Brenda Souders

My favorites are aquifer and flowering desert

Marjorie Millner

Take a Hike Sock in Parrotfish and Robins Egg. It was very hard to choose!

Rose Marie Plitnick

Patina and silver lining. So hard to choose!

Denise Blackburn

Alpenglow and Princess Tiger Cub are calling my name!


Puppy Love and Aquifer, I think. But Parrotfish and Blueberry girl are gorgeous too!!

Elaine Boston

My choices are Blueberry girl and Larkspur. They are lovely colors.

Fern Braverman

Flowering Desert and Pixie Dust speak to me.


I think a shawl knit in Lone Pine Singles Patina and Weathervane would be simply beautiful. I'm a late starter in the Rav group Grocery Girl Shawl kal, and I would love to use this yarn!


I love Honey in the Sun and Lakeshore in the Take a Hike Blend. I would love to use them in a striped shawl pattern, or possibly something shaped like the Color Affection shawl.

Susan Beltrame

I just love antique shop and wild ponies!


puppy love and blueberry girl! Gorgeous.

Barbara Hamel

Lakeshore and Weathervane will make nice gits

Lisa Ruch

Coy Koi (Lone Pine) and Flowering Desert (Take a Hike)


I like the Take a Hike sock in Tulip Festival and Robin's Egg!

Julia Tryon

I love amethyst and silver lining perhaps for Joji Locatelli’s pure joy.


Robin's Egg and Parrotfish are my favorites, but they are all beautiful!

Elizabeth de Burgh

Peach Pit and Lakeshore, oh my!


Flowering Desert and Patina, Lone Pine singles — hard choices!


I love both Amethyst and Flowering Desert


Puppy Love and Wishing Well are beautiful - as are the rest.

Barbara Haberlin

I've narrowed it down to Take a Hike Blueberry Girl and Tulip Festival. They're all beautiful!!!


I love the vibrancy of Larkspur and would love to combine it with Puxie Dust for a 2 color shawl, probably one of Ambah O'Brien's gorgeous patterns.

Marilynn Shears

I'm loving Geranium kisser and can't pass on Larkspur with peach pit right up there too. Love all them,


Thanks for a chance to win some flock fibre yarn. I love many of those colors. Since I've been wanting a girl from the grocery store shawl, I'd choose singles amethyst and silver lining unless you said weathervane is a better complement

Carol Smith

Eek! Only 2?!? Aquifer and Blueberry Girl (and Parrotfish and Princess Tiger). I have not ever Knit a shawl. For some reason the Find Your Fade calls to me but I can never decide/commit to a colour palette!


Alpenglow and Parrotfish.


Wishing Well and Lakeshore--they'd make a fabulous combination used together.


Oh goodness, the colors are all so good! But if I HAVE to pick ONLY two, Blueberry girl and In a heart beat.

Hannah Smith

Pixie Dust and Flowering Desert are my two faves from LP singles are my favorites! They are gorgeous!


Wow how’d I miss the halloween kit???

Ingrid Nantz

Ah the agony of decision!

Blueberrygirl and Larkspur won a nose :))


Antique Shop or Patina or Wild Ponies

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