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October 04, 2017



Aquifer and Lakeshore are my top two choices, with Larkspur running a close third.


This was hard, but I would choose Parrotfish and Coy Koi. I also love the name Wild Ponies.

Brenna Delosier

Roasted pumpkin and silver lining are lovely colors.

Pam Hunter

My favorite 2 colors are Coy Koi and Tulip Festival


Blueberry girl and Larkspur are beautiful! Those are my favorites.

Martha Smith

My favorites are Aquifer and Rubellite.

Kim Helmick

Flowering Desert and Tulip Festival jump out at me today. (Truthfully, they're ALL gorgeous!)

Kathy Hartzog

Pixie Dust and Sock Wild Ponies are my favorites!

Anne Pozerycki

They're all beautiful colors, so it was hard to decide, but my top two picks would be Parrotfish and Amethyst.

Paddy Coan

Lakeshore and Geranium Kisser! Love those two.

Pat Zielinski

I like Wild Ponies and Flowering Desert.


Wild Ponies and Singles in a Heartbeat. Love the colors and the names.


Beautiful colors. I would choose Lone Pine Singles in Puppy Love and Weathervane. I would make Ambah Oโ€™Brienโ€™s new shawlnpattern Arya.


Koi and Alpenglow are gorgeous! Thank you!


I like wild ponies and antique shop in the singles. Very hard to choose my favourite colours.


Coy Koi and Puppy Love! LOVE!!

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

I keep trying to sign in, but nothing works. OK, here goes anyway. How can we possibly pick two? They're all so gorgeous! OK, Pixie Dust and Antique Shop. There. I've made a decision. But it was TOUGH.

LP Starr

I like Coy Poi and Wild Ponies

Sarah Oster

Patina and Parrotfish. ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’™

Abigail Warach

My two favorites in Take A Hike are Antique Shop and Patina.


Blueberry Girl or Pixie Dust but it was hard to choose

Linda Hanford

I love Antique shop and Parrotfish, but it was a tough choice.


Blueberry Girl and Parrotfish are my favs.

sharon hoyer

Take a hike.....yumy...... I would make a pair of "crazy eights" socks...


Coy koi and singles roasted pumpkin although I do think all of them are beautiful and I would be happy with any of them! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway! :-)


flowering desert and blueberry girl

Laura Ricketts

Mm. Flowering desert and pond scum. How lovely!!

Lee Louise

Must just pick two?? Pond scum, which sounds disgusting, but is always beautiful, but... for my favorites today, I choose:

Lakeshore and Patina

Diana McAnally

Alpenglow and Lakeshore are my favorites because they remind me of my favorite Takhlakh Lake on the shores of Mt. Adams in WA state, where the Alpenglow is spectacular. Socks from these two would warm my feet and heart all Winter long.

Debra Sweeney

Pond Scum and Parrotfish are my favorites. Close running is Flowering Desert. They are all beautiful

Jenn H

Oh my gosh antique shop and patina are perfect inbtake a hike! ๐Ÿ˜ (heart eyes!)


I really like Antique Shop and Silver Lining on Take a Hike. I think they'd be great in one of Joji Locatelli's 2-color designs like Pure Joy or Girl in the Grocery Store!

Deb Zurawski

Parrot Fish and Princess Tiger cub!!

Katie Marsh

Amethyst and patina.

Gina Kostoff

I adore Parrotfish and Geranium Kisser. And I have been obsessed for some time now with toe up socks, so I would do a basic toe up with a stockinette foot and a ribbed cuff. That should let the beauty of the yarn shine through!

Kiki Westcliffe

I am over-the-moon about the Tulip Festival colorway! I absolutely love tulips and it is on my "bucket list" to do a bicycling tulip tour of Holland...with a lovely shawl on my shoulders!

The COY KOI is also amazing - I love that they added splashes of pink to the usual blue-green-orange.


Wow-hard choice as they are all really cool. In the Take a Hikeline, I really like the Pond Scum and the Princess Tiger Cub. No pattern, just a "vanilla" sock for MEEEEEEEEEE!!!


I love Blueberry Girl ( for my one daughter that eats more than she picks), and Princess Tiger Cub (for my fierce youngest daughter). All the colors are absolutely loved belt!

Lynn N.

I think Pixie Dust and Parrotfish are my favorites, but it's so hard to choose!

Linda L

Hard choice! But I narrowed it down to Parrotfish an Blueberry Girl


I love Antique Shop and Parrot Fish on sock. So awesome, and unlike anything I have in my stash.

Susan Ipavec

Aquifer and Robin's Egg are my favorites--Take A Hike Sock looks just fabulous! Such wonderful colors.


Patina is lovely, and although I don't usually knit with red, I'd find it hard to resist Geranium Kisser, based on the name alone!


Coy Koi and Pond Scum. Together they look beautiful!

Knit Happenz

Parrotfish & Princess Tiger but ALL are spectacular!!

Carolyn Ensminger

They are all just gorgeous but I think Snow Leopard and Silver Lining would make a lovely shawl!


The LP singles in honey and the sun and antique show would be perfect for Steven west's striped esjan!


Wild Ponies and Parrotfish! Hard to choose ! They are all so lovely!

Debbie Hammer

Antique Shop and Amethyst!

Hillary Halsema

My word that was hard!
Antique shop & honey followed closely by Patina & pond scum!


Wild Ponies and Pixie Dust are my two favorites. I would make a simple stockinette crew or turtleneck sweater out of either one, to let the yarn shine.

Barbara Seiver

I'd be hard put to choose between Alpenglow and Princess Tiger!


So many wonderful colorways! I'd choose Princess Tiger and Pixie Dust. Either would make a wonderful show on my feet.

Hazel Swoboda

In a Heartbeat and Lakeshore are my favourites!

Jeri Jahns

So many beautiful choices, but I'm going to go with In a Heartbeat and Pixie Dust. I just bought Zarya from Ambah O'Brien, and I think these would be perfect in either base.

Kelly Spears

I love the heartbeat & pixie dust!! They're beautiful!


Ooh! Wild Ponies and Spiced Pecan on Lone Pine Singles would be exquisite!

Kelli L

So many to choose from! I would love to add any of them to my stash. It was difficult but I love PUPPY LOVE (something sweet for a baby girl-I seem to know a lot of pregnant people right now) and WISHING WELL. You can never have too many socks on the needles. Would love to see how they knit up!.

Tracey  Clement

All are wonderful. I am partial to atique shop and tiger cub.


Parrotfish and aquifer

Jane Dubbin

My favourites are Wild Ponies and Wishing Well.Thank you for offering this contest!!!


I love Larkspur and Peach Pit in Take a Hike sock (love knitting socks!), and I already bought a different colorway when I purchased my kit this morning!

Rose Z

I love Flock Fiber Studio! Two fo my favorites are Snow Lepord and Wild Ponies; however, there are so many lovely colors.

Anna Jane

Peach Pit & Princess Tiger Cub!! These would be gorgeous in a Finde Your Fade!!!


Take a Hike Sock: Flowering Desert and Princess Tiger Cub


Weathervane and Lakeshore are my favorites!

Della Hartley

Antique Shop and Peach Pit for me!

Hilda Clegg

Snow Leonard and Silver Lining are my favorites -- such beautiful colors.


It would be the Coy Koi and sock Wild Ponies!
Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

Judy Drew

I like all of them, but especially Blueberry Girl and Flowering Desert.

V Leigh

FF TaH Sock Puppy Love and FF TAH SOCK FLOWERING DESERT. All are gorgeous, though!

Liz K

Love Coy Koi and Peach Pit.

Teresa Harriman

Pond scum and peach pit


So beautiful! I love your yarn! How to pick just two: Spiced Pecan and Puppy Love would be my picks, but I love them all (in Churchmouse pattern for myself!)


I really like Blueberry Girl and Pixie Dust.

Amy Hufford

I love a lot of the colors! But Iโ€™m going to go with blueberry girl and princess tiger. The speckles are my go to right now.

Brenda McBride

Mine are Alpenflow and In A Heartbeat. They are all great.

Nikisha Shoulders

I love spiced pecans and antique shop

Diana Hook

Weathervane and Patina!


Flowering Desert and Sock Patina for a win!
Thanks for a chance!

Sandra Sprouse

Puppy Love and Honey in the Sun โ˜€๏ธ

Becky Frost

Loooooove Flowering Desert and Larkspur


Parrotfish and larkspur are my favorites!

Ann Regier

Peach Pit and Coy Koi Kim! Beautiful colors!


Parrotfish & Robin's Egg!

Gwen E Rigdon

It's so hard to decide! I pick TaH Sock Geranium Kisser and TaH Parrot Fish.

Michelle Lange

Princess Tiger and Antique Shop - WOW!


Tulip Festival and Parrotfish are both stunners




Silver Lining and Weathervane on LP Singles are my choice. I'd like to make the Annisa Wrap by Ambah O'Brien or the Zarya shawl. Thanks for the fun!


I love the Coy Koi and Pixie dust in the Take a Hike line. Not sure what pattern I would make though...

Karen Marasia

Princess Tiger Cub and Rubellite are two colors I may not be able to live without!!

Cindy Smith

I like Parrotfish and Antique shop, but there are so many great ones!

Julie JC

I think Singles in Alpenglow and Roasted Pumpkin would work beautifully together in a shawl!

Richelle CK

So many to choose from, I'm sure my choice would change every time I look at them! Today, I'm loving Honey in the Sun with Antique Shope.

Wendy Chase

You're killing me! Well, just my budget and my vow to stop buying yarn for a while lol. Flowering Desert..that is gorgeous. Wild Ponies would go perfect with it in a shawl of some kind. The names even go together! I've never even knitted a shawl yet, although I have yarn and patterns for at least 3 that I can think of at the moment.


Another tough choice! So many pretties! I settled on Snow Leopard and Geranium Kisses.

Thank you for the contest!


I would have to choose Spiced Pecans and Tulip Festival in Take a Hike. These skeins would go to a good home where much love and petting would be incurred prior to project making.. just saying

Katherine Condliffe

I like parrotfish and pond scum. It's hard to choose.

Julie Olsen

I like Coy Koi and Pixie Dust. Thanks!

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